BOX BOX offer | Bbox fiber and adsl | The comparison, what are the mobile offers Bouygues Telecom?

What are the Bouygues Telecom mobile offers


VDSL: This is an option on short ADSL lines, it allows you to offer downloads up to 50 Mb/s;

Bouygues Télécom Internet box offers (options and prices)

It is difficult to Choose an internet operator as the market is full of possibilities. The operator Bouygues Télécom offers 4 Internet box subscriptions adapting to all needs. Thus, there is a Dual Play without TV, complete triple play plans, ADSL, VDSL, optical fiber, an internet box in 4G and even a box 5G subscription ! Once your eligibility has been confirmed, you can discover the different prices and options included in your subscription.

Fixed unlimited calls

18.99 € / month 31.99 € / month

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  • General
    • 12 -month commitment
    • Fixed unlimited calls
    • Up to 400 Mb/s for download
    • Up to 400 Mb/s in sending

    1 € / month 338 € / month

    Fixed unlimited calls + mobiles

    24.99 € / month 41.99 € / month

    32.99 € / month 42.99 € / month

    Fixed unlimited calls + mobiles

    30.99 € / month 50.99 € / month

    The Bbox Sensation is no longer offered by Bouygues Telecom. It was replaced by the Bbox Must offer.

    Bbox prices: comparison of Bouygues Telecom Internet offers

    The Bouygues Internet boxes offer subscriptions that are suitable for all types of profiles and/or budgets. Indeed, the operator offers 3 Bbox available in fiber or ADSL as well as a 4G offer operating with the mobile network.

    Beyond the unlimited internet, you will find in these mobile phone services subscriptions. There is a Dual Play without TV offer, and even the triple play.

    Bbox Fit: Internet subscription and Bouygues Telecom phone

    The boxfit is the Dual Play Internet box, the most operator’s economic. Indeed, it adapts to small budgets by proposing that the essentials at affordable prices: Internet and fixed telephony. This offer completely excludes television, even as an option. On the other hand, it is important to note that the internet speed can reach up to 400 Mb/s with optical fiber.

    18.99 € / month 31.99 € / month

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    • General
      • 12 -month commitment
      • Fixed unlimited calls
      • Up to 400 Mb/s for download
      • Up to 400 Mb/s in sending

      It is available in two versions: ADSL/VDSL and in optical fiber at the same price as ADSL (€ 16.99 per month).

      The Bbox Must: The right value for money

      It’s the consumer box. Indeed, it is the most famous of the ISP in particular thanks to the plurality of the offer: Internet, telephone and television via the web. In addition, it allows either to benefit from the ADSL/VDSL, or from the optical fiber (descendant 1GB/s and ascendant: 700 Mb/s, testable via a speedtest bouygues).


      24.99 € / month 41.99 € / month

      You can also associate it with mobile sensation packages to enjoy many advantages.

      The Bbox Must is also available in two versions: ADSL/VDSL and optical fiber at the same price (€ 24.99/month).

      Bouygues Telecom’s Bbox Ultym: a high -end internet service

      This is the most complete internet offer offered by Bouygues. This box offers basic services (internet, telephone and TV) but also Many entertainment options and services. On the other hand, the monthly price is much more substantial than other BBox subscriptions. It is also compatible with the Mobile Sensation Packages.

      The pack also includes a Wi-Fi repeater as well as many services to improve the television experience.


      30.99 € / month 50.99 € / month

      The Bbox Ultym also offers both versions: ADSL/VDSL (€ 29.99 per month) and in optical fiber (€ 29.99 per month).

      Comparison table of different Bouygues Fiber Internet boxes

      • ↓ 400MBIT/S (downward flow)
      • ↑ 400MBIT/S (amount amount)
      • ↓ 1gb/s/s (downward flow)
      • ↑ 700MBIT/S (amount amount)
      • ↓ 2gbit/s (downward flow)
      • ↑ 900MBIT/S (amount amount)
      • Wi-Fi 6th latest generation extended with rehearsal

      Unlimited calls to fixed in France and more than 110 countries

      Unlimited calls to fixed and mobiles in France and fixed to more than 110 countries

      Unlimited calls to fixed and mobiles in France / Europe / Switzerland and fixed to more than 110 countries

      • Over 180 channels
      • 4K decoder
      • 128 GB recorder
      • Over 180 channels
      • 4K decoder
      • 128 GB recorder
      • “Reading start” function
      • Bouygues internet internet packages: the essentials before subscribing
      • Bonus inclusive
        Or another bonus of your choice: 4G key, playzer or bbox youth tv bouquet
      • Press bouquet included with cafeyn

      Zoom on the Bbox TV offer: what is included and optional

      Television is a flagship point of Bouygues Telecom boxes, at least this is a point on which the supplier wishes to bring his communication. Regarding packages benefiting from the option, There are 180 channels included.

      However, you can also subscribe to additional TV options if you want to complete your offer.

      Additional Bbox TV options

      Multi TV: for € 6.99/month, the subscriber has a second TV decoder with his Internet box;

      Many specialized bouquets, such as BeIN Sports, Canal+ or the specialized bouquets of Bouygues Telecom (family bouquet, youth bouquet, etc.);

      Access to VOD services such as Netflix, Prime or OCS.

      All are without obligation of duration.

      Bouygues has also set up its own mobile telephony application to watch TV On phone or tablet: B.TV.

      What are the options offered by Bbox Internet Bouygues ?

      Bouygues packages are very complete And they adjust to user demand. Indeed, if television can offer many options of options, that’s not all. The operator also offers additional services to meet all needs.

      Each user is free to choose each option individually. He can then benefit from an offer that is completely suitable for his needs. For this, Bouygues offers two main categories:

      Bouygues packages options concerning telephony

      • The mailbox: @bbox capacity.en increased to 5 GB, for € 2 per month;
      • Calls: 6 hours to Algeria fixes at a price of € 9.99 per month;
      • Maghreb/ Africa calls: 1 hour of calls to fixed and mobiles of the Maghreb and Africa for € 9.90 per month.

      Bouygues box options to browse the internet

      • Anti-virus: Norton by Symantec safety pack at € 5 per month;
      • Security: the Premium parental control system for € 3 per month;
      • Entertainment: Playzer, music clip applications, included with the Bbox Ultym.

      TV + box and console + box packs

      In addition to its Internet box offers, Bouygues Telecom also offers TV packs and game console packs to offer even more entertainment options to its customers. Bouygues Telecom TV packs include options such as access to additional TV channels, bouquets of thematic channels, or options to record and review your favorite programs. The game console packs, for their part, allow customers to play online video games with friends or strangers via their console, while benefiting from an ultra-fast internet connection.


      1 € / month 338 € / month

      These packs are available as an additional option with Bbox Must and Bbox Ultym offers. These additional options allow Bouygues Telecom to offer full entertainment experience to its customers, while providing them with quality service for their internet and fixed telephony needs.

      If you want to subscribe to one of them, just go to your customer area or the Bouygues Telecom application. You can also go to the store to make the request to an advisor.

      Fixed unlimited calls

      18.99 € / month 31.99 € / month

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      • General
        • 12 -month commitment
        • Fixed unlimited calls
        • Up to 400 Mb/s for download
        • Up to 400 Mb/s in sending

        1 € / month 338 € / month

        Fixed unlimited calls + mobiles

        24.99 € / month 41.99 € / month

        32.99 € / month 42.99 € / month

        Fixed unlimited calls + mobiles

        30.99 € / month 50.99 € / month

        Bouygues Telecom Internet + Mobile offer

        For those who want more simplicity, The grouping of a Bbox + mobile subscription offer is a great option (Internet + Fixed telephony + TV + Sensation mobile package). It is a unique subscription that saves money and benefit from certain advantages.

        There are 12 possible offers ranging from € 2 to 55 € the first year. The 12 -month commitment, or 24 months if you subscribe to a sensation package with smartphone advantage.

        You can also subscribe to a B & YOU package but it should be noted that this non -binding package is a reserved offer for Bouygues Telecom subscribers.

        Fiber or ADSL offer: test your line to find out your eligibility

        First, it is important to understand that Bouygues offers several Bboxes, they are available in Fiber and ADSL technologies. In addition, if you want to know what type of offer you can claim, it will then be necessary take an eligibility test. The latter will tell you if your geographic location allows you to subscribe to the package that interests you.

        So they all work with a Bbox, which offers different services depending on the formula. Some are simple, without television and others are more complete: fixed telephony, television, as well as several additional services that can be included in the offer.

        All packages that can be adjusted, you can then subscribe to several additional options. Once the contract is signed, you are undertaken for a year, except for the 4G box offer.

        The Bouygues supplier offers several Internet technologies from which you can always benefit from the result of the eligibility test:

        Advantages of Bouygues technologies

        The optical fiber : Very high speed network, with a theoretical speed of up to 1 Gb/s on a computer window or your tablet;

        ADSL: Take advantage of high speed up to 15 Mb/s;

        VDSL: This is an option on short ADSL lines, it allows you to offer downloads up to 50 Mb/s;

        The 4G mobile network: It allows accommodation that cannot benefit from the Internet by other biases from having access to a quality connection .

        The 4G Bouygues box offer

        Bouygues’ 4G offer allows homes, which have a slow or non -existent ADSL connection, to be able to benefit from a fast internet line. Indeed, the accommodation allows access to broadband through the 4G mobile network of FAI.

        This offer is without obligation.

        How to terminate your Bouygues Telecom Internet box package ?

        You want to terminate your BBOX engagement ? It’s very easy. You can end your subscription when you wish, after the first year (excluding 4G box).

        However, remember that despite everything, you will not be able to escape the termination costs that correspond to the fence of your account. This is valid if you do not provide proof of a legitimate reason.

        The amount of termination costs amounts to € 59 By adding the remaining monthly payments linked to the engagement period (if you resilled before the first 12 months).

        Thus, Sandra wishes to end her Bbox Ultym Fiber subscription when she is still committed for 3 months, she will have to pay € 59 + 3 x 24.99 €.

        What is a Bouygues Telecom Internet box ?

        The Bouygues Telecom Internet box is equipment that allows you to access high speed, television, and fixed telephony. It allows you to receive a broadband internet signal in your home, to share it with connected devices, and to enjoy a bouquet of TV channels as well as many services.

        What are the options and prices offered by Bouygues Telecom for its Internet box offers ?

        Bouygues Telecom offers different offers of Internet boxes, each with its own options and prices. Here is an overview of the Bouygues Telecom Internet box offers and their options and prices: Bbox Fit: This offer includes high speed internet access up to 100 MB/s, unlimited telephony to the Fixes de France and more than 110 country, as well as access to a bouquet of 180 TV channels. It is offered from € 19.99/month. BBOX Must: This offer includes high speed internet access up to 1 GB/s, unlimited telephony to the Fixes de France and more than 110 countries, as well as access to a bouquet of more than 180 TV channels, some of which are in 4K. It is offered from € 27.99/month. BBOX ULTYM: This offer includes high speed internet access up to 2 GB/s, unlimited telephony to the Fixes de France and more than 110 countries, as well as access to a bouquet of more than 180 TV channels, some of which are in 4K. It also offers a bonus of your choice between the Bbox Smart TV, a Subscription to Canal+, a subscription to Netflix, or a Google Nest Audio. It is offered from € 36.99/month.

        How to subscribe to a Bouygues Telecom Internet box offer ?

        To subscribe to a Bouygues Telecom Internet box offer, you can go to the Bouygues Telecom website and select the offer that suits you. You can also contact Bouygues Telecom customer service by phone or by going to one of their physical shops. You will be asked to provide basic information such as your address, telephone number, as well as your payment information. After validation of your order, you will receive your Bouygues Telecom Internet box in the following days to install it at home and take advantage of your internet connection.

        For further !

        Bbox Fit offer

        Discover here everything you need to know about the offer Bbox Fit. The entry -level fiber or ADSL subscription from Bouygues Telecom is only € 14.99/month the first year, then € 28.99/month in fiber version or € 25.99/month in ADSL version.

        Netflix Bouygues ISE

        Films, series, documentaries, enjoy all the contents of the Netflix video streaming platform directly from your Bouygues Internet box. Find out how to access Netflix on Bbox.

        Bbox Ultym test

        On this page you will find our test about the Bbox Ultym. This Bouygues internet subscription is the most complete offer of the supplier. Find in detail the description of the offer and developments in relation to the Must box.

        BBOX Must

        Find us here to find out everything about the full offer BBOX Must triple play. Possibility of fiber, ADSL or VDSL subscription for a competitive rate. Take advantage of the internet, television with 191 channels and unlimited fixed telephony for only € 19.99/month in the first year.

        Miami Bouygues Internet box

        There Bbox Miami is a box by Bouygues Telecom. Available in ADSL/VDSL and fiber, it allows you to benefit from many services.

        Bouygues Internet box offer and mobile offer

        You want to combine internet and mobile telephony. Bouygues Telecom offers Bouygues mobile internet package which allow you to benefit from many advantages.

        Adsl Bouygues box

        Not eligible for fiber ? Take advantage of the high speed of the ADSL by opting for a Bouygues adsl boxes. Make your choice from the offers Bbox Fit, Bbox Must and Bbox Ultym. Services, options and comparison.

        Bouygues fiber box offers

        Opt for a Bouygues fiber offer And enjoy a very high speed internet connection. Bbox Fit, Bbox Must or Bbox Ultym, discover the different offers and services Bouygues Fiber.

        What are the Bouygues Telecom mobile offers ?

        free call

        Bouygues Mobile

        Our call center is currently closed. Subscribe online.

        Bouygues Telecom markets a wide range of mobile packages. The operator offers the choice between three types of mobile subscription: package + telephone with a 24 -month commitment, package with 12 months or non -binding package. Discover without further delay the Bouygues package made for you !

        • The essential
        • Bouygues Mobile markets Two ranges of mobile packages : Bouygues Telecom and B & You packages.
        • THE mobile packages are subject to a commitment (12 or 24 months) unlike the B & YOU packages commitment.
        • Bouygues Telecom applies a reduction valid for one year for customers subscribing to a Bouygues Mobile subscription + a Bbox subscription.

        Bouygues Telecom contents, services and prices


        To communicate with your loved ones and connect to the Internet on your mobile, several solutions exist: by subscription or by prepaid card. Bouygues Telecom offers the two solutions. Bouygues Telecom’s mobile subscriptions are grouped in two separate ranges: Bouygues Telecom packages and the B & YOU packages. The prepaid cards are distributed in three ranges: the classics, the XL and the internationals.

        Bouygues Telecom specifies that mobile packages are reserved for users residing in mainland France. A use outside of metropolitan France of more than 4 months is prohibited and leads to roaming costs.

        Bouygues subscriptions: Bouygues Telecom mobile packages with commitment

        THE Bouygues packages match The main range de Bouygues Telecom, starting from € 2 €. By subscribing to a package of this range, the subscriber can Buy a mobile at a reduced price at the same time.

        Therefore, the Bouygues subscription with smartphone includes a 24 -month commitment. It is also possible to subscribe to it without mobile, the commitment is then 12 months and the price of the package is the same in both cases. SMS and MMS are unlimited in mainland France, DOM and Europe in all packages.

        Discover in the table below the detail of the Bouygues Telecom packages ::

        The first 5G Bouygues packages appeared in December 2020 and several Bouygues offers are now compatible 5G. Bouygues 100GB, 130GB, 200GB and 240GB packages can thus connect to the 5G Bouygues network.

        To take advantage of 5G, it is essential to have a Compatible smartphone and be in an area Covered by 5G Bouygues.

        The many advantages of Bouygues packages All packages give the right to a 30% reduction on any smartphone repair with Wefix and allow you to obtain the free loan of a phone in case of loss, flight or breakdown. The 100GB and Plus packages also benefit from the resumption of the phone at guaranteed prices and the renewal of the Bouygues smartphone at a preferential price every two years.

        Bouygues mobile packages without commitment: B & YOU packages

        Unlike the Bouygues range, the B & YOU mobile packages Do not allow you to buy a mobile at reduced prices. On the other hand, the subscriber is not linked to the operator by a commitment and the B & You subscriptions are cheaper for offers similar to the Bouygues packages.

        The bonuses are nevertheless absent and you cannot take advantage of the advantages linked to the Bouygues packages with a B & you package. However, as for Bouygues packages, B & You offers unlimited SMS and MMS in France.

        We detail you in this table the B & YOU range And its Bouygues mobile packages without obligation:

        Bouygues Telecom prepaid cards

        According to the different uses, Bouygues Telecom offers Different prepaid cards ::

        1. A prepaid card for uses exclusively in France: the classic card.
        2. A prepaid card for use in France with certain communications abroad: the XL card.
        3. A prepaid card with more international communications: the international card.

        Prepaid cards can be recharged by different means, Depending on their amount:

        Bouygues prepaid cards

        5 € 10 € 20 € 40 €
        By calling the 630 (from mobile with a bank card or charging ticket)
        By connecting to its customer area
        With a plug -in card *
        By charging ticket *

        *On sale in the Bouygues Telecom club stores and in the majority of tobacco offices, supermarkets, press shops, specialized shops, service stations, bakeries and post offices

        Bouygues Telecom’s classic prepaid card

        The classic range of Bouygues Telecom only allows use in mainland France.

        Bouygues classic cards (at 03/28/2023)

        Content 5 € 10 € 20 € 40 €
        Calls in France until 13 min 26 min 52 min 1h45
        SMS in France € 0.09/SMS Unlimited
        MMS in France € 0.30/MMS
        Mobile Internet in France € 0.30/MB
        Recharge validity 1 month 2 months 3 months 6 months

        The XL prepaid card of Bouygues Telecom

        In addition to communications and a data envelope usable in France, international communications are included.

        XL Bouygues prepaid cards (at 28/03/2023)

        Content 5 € 10 € 20 € 40 €
        Calls, SMS and MMS in France Unlimited
        Mobile Internet in France 500 MB 1GB 2GB 5 GB
        Communication credit offered (call and send SMS to the international) 3 € 5 € 10 € 25 €
        Calls to the fixeds of Algeria and Morocco, until

        Or calls to the fixed Europe and DOM until

        Bouygues Telecom’s international prepaid card

        The international prepaid card includes more numerous international communications than those offered in the XL prepaid card.

        Bouygues International Prepaid Cards (at 03/28/2023)

        Content 5 € 10 € 20 € 40 €
        Calls in France 13 min 26 min 52 min 1h45
        SMS in France Unlimited
        MMS in France € 0.30/MMS
        Mobile Internet in France € 0.30/MB
        Calls to the fixeds of Algeria and Morocco, until

        Or calls to the fixed African, Europe and DOM until

        Bbox client: why subscribe a Bouygues Mobile package?

        Bbox question

        The grouping of a mobile subscription and a triple play internet subscription (Internet, Fixed Telephone and Television), called Multi-line delivery At Bouygues Telecom, allowed subscribers to enjoy a reduction on the monthly invoice of their mobile plan. At Bouygues Telecom, this discount corresponded to a 10% discount, between € 0.50/month and € 9/month. This form of discount is no longer available today at Bouygues Telecom.

        Nevertheless, the operator still offers box + mobile bouygues advantages to his subscribers. Indeed, by subscribing A Bbox Fit, Must or Ultym offer and a Bouygues mobile plan, You benefit from a Discount between 3 € and 6 € per month, valid throughout the duration of your subscription.

        You want to take out a Bbox + Bouygues package offer ?

        What is the Bouygues Telecom mobile network coverage ?

        Find below the Interactive 3G/4G Bouygues mobile network.

        3G and 4G Bouygues mobile coverage card Legend: 3G network 4G Network 4G Big cities: Paris – Marseille – Lyon – Toulouse – Nice – Nantes – Montpellier – Strasbourg – Bordeaux – Lille

        Despite a late arrival on the telecoms market, Bouygues Telecom has a Very good 4G cover. Indeed, according to the arcep observatory of September 1, 2021, the operator covers 99% of the French population Just like the network of the Historic Orange operator. Bouygues Telecom also covers 92% of French territory in 4G. All Bouygues Telecom mobile subscribers (a mobile plan or a prepaid card) can benefit from the 4G network and a higher navigation speed to 3G. For those who have subscribed to a Bouygues 5g package, It is possible to have access to the latest generation of mobile network since December 2020. The 5G Bouygues being being deployed, it is mainly urban areas that can access 5G coverage for the moment.

        Bouygues Telecom mobile customer service

        • 614 From a mobile Bouygues Telecom.
        • 1064 From another fixed or mobile position.

        Subscribers abroad can compose the +33 660 614 614 To reach a Bouygues Telecom advisor.

        Unable to call, the subscriber can contact his online operator via social networks (Facebook and Twitter) or on its website (online chat, online assistance and forum).

        A subscriber can also contact his operator by mail to the following address:

        Bouygues Telecom
        Customer service
        TSA 59013
        60643 Chantilly Cedex

        Unable to reach Bouygues customer service ? Contact a Selectra advisor and let yourself be guided in order to take advantage of the partner offer best suited to your needs.