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The offer Music is made up of channels:

Orange Fiber TV: What are the channels available in the Orange TV offer ?

You have subscribed to an orange fiber subscription and you want to know the extent of the TV offer it has ? The Livebox Orange offer allows you to benefit from more than 140 channels that can be completed with paid bouquets. Discover the whole of Orange TV as well as all the available orange TV options.

You are looking for an Orange Box + TV fiber offer ?

The channels offered with the Orange TV fiber offers

You are an unconditional of television series, an information keen, an enthusiast of cinema, sport, or even games ? Orange fiber and orange fiber pro TV offers are aimed at all those who wish to have a wide choice of programs, especially to watch TV on the Internet.

You want to know how to have orange TV with fiber ? To have access to orange TV with a fiber offer, just subscribe to Orange fiber offer. Orange fiber is available from € 24.99/month. Here is the list of Orange Fiber TV offers:

  • The Fiber Livebox which costs € 24.99/month for 1 year then € 42.99/month.
  • The Livebox Up Fiber which rises to € 32.99/month for 1 year then € 50.99/month.
  • And the Livebox Max Fiber which is the premium offer of Orange, costs € 34.99/month for 1 year then € 54.99/month.

Also consult our page on orange fiber reviews to find out customer opinions on Livebox Fiber offers.

These 3 Orange fiber offers include a basic orange TV offer containing Over 140 channels ::

Fiber Orange TV channels – 05/09/2023

Fiber bouquet included Fiber
List of Orange Fiber TV channels
1 TF1 (HD+)
2 France 2 (HD+)
3 France 3 (HD+)
5 France 5 (HD+)
6 m6 (HD+)
7 Arte (HD+)
8 C8 (HD+)
9 W9 (HD+)
10 TMC (HD+)
11 TFX (HD+)
12 NRJ12 (HD+)
13 LCP/PS (HD)
14 France 4 (HD+)
15 BFM TV (HD)
16 CNews (HD+)
17 CSTAR (HD+)
18 Gulli (HD)
20 TF1 Films series (HD+)
21 L’Equipe chain (HD+)
22 6ter (HD+)
23 RMC Story (HD)
24 RMC Discovery (HD+)
25 darling 25 (HD+)
26 LCI (HD)
27 franceinfo: (HD)
Orange TV services
28 Orange TV news (HD)
29 Orange TV themes *
30 Mosaic of local channels *
32 video games *
34 TV5 World (HD)
Premium channels
49 OCS News: Right now on OCS (HD)
71 MTV (HD+)
72 Bet (HD)
88 Pitchoun TV (HD)
Discovery and art of living
112 museum (HD+)
113 House and TV work (HD)
114 Top Health (HD)
Music and performing arts
150 Urban trace (HD)
151 NRJ Hits (HD+)
152 MTV Hits (HD)
153 Melody of Africa *
155 TV clubbing (HD)
173 Equidia (HD+)
174 Sport in France (HD)
Games, Services & Téléachat
210 Astro Center *
211 Lucky Jack *
Society and Culture
213 Fashiontv Paris (HD)
215 Luxury TV HD (HD)
216 Men’s Up (HD)
219 Tomorrow TV (HD)
220 kto (HD)
221 Souvenirs from Earth (HD)
French information
225 LCP 100% (HD)
226 Public Senate 24/24 (HD)
227 France 24 (in French) (HD)
228 BFM Business (HD)
229 Euronews French (HD)
International information
232 France 24 (in English) (HD)
233 Skynews
234 CNN (HD)
235 CNBC (HD)
236 Bloomberg Europe *
237 BBC World News *
238 Al Jazeera (in English) *
239 Africa 24 *
240 France 24 (in Arabic) (HD)
241 Al Jazeera (in Arabic) *
242 Medi 1 TV *
243 i24 news *
244 NHK World Japan (HD)
245 Deutsche Welle (in English) (HD)
246 TRT World *
France 3 regions
300 France 3 national (HD+)
301 to 324 regional FR3 channels (HD)
327 to 329 channels France 3 by TNT *
Local channels
330 to 338 local channels by TNT *
339 Noa TV *
340 BFM Paris *
341 LCN *
342 BFM DICI South Alpes *
343 8 Mont Blanc *
344 Vi in Angers *
345 Viàgrand Paris *
346 LMTV Sarthe *
347 Viàmatele *
348 TV Grenoble Isère *
349 IDF1 *
350 Vosges TV *
351 Moselletv *
352 TVR *
353 TBO *
354 TV *
355 TV7 *
356 Weo TV La Voix du Nord *
357 BFM Grand Lille *
358 Alsace 20 *
359 Viaoccitanie Montpellier *
360 BFM Lyon *
361 TV Tours *
362 Vendée TV *
363 Tébésud *
364 BIPTV *
365 BFM Dici Haute-Provence *
366 TVPI *
367 TV Bocal *
368 TV78 *
369 Viaoccitanie Toulouse *
370 Viaoccitania Catalan country *
371 Viaoccitanie Pays Gardois *
372 Canal 32 *
373 BFM Large Littoral *
374 BFM Marseille Provence *
375 BFM Toulon Var *
376 BFM Nice Côte d’Azur *
377 Maritima TV *
378 TLC *
379 7 A Limoges *
380 ASTV *
381 Maurienne TV *
382 Mosaik Crystal *
383 via TV paese *
384 TL7 Saint-Etienne *
385 TV8 Moselle is *
395 Canal 10 Guadeloupe *
397 Tahiti Nui Television *
398 TV Antilles *
399 Madras FM TV *
International channels
413 Deutsche Welle (in German) *
414 Arte (in German) *
433 TVE I *
445 News records *
459 TGCOM 24 *
468 Armenia 1 *
487 RTS Svet *
488 TVRI *
490 HABERTürk *
500 beur tv *
501 Al Arabiya *
502 Dubai TV *
503 Al Arabby *
504 al Aoula *
505 Algeria canal *
506 Tunisian TV *
548 New Tang Dinasty TV *
549 Mandarin TV *
550 French CGTN *
565 KBS World *
582 Hlive TV *
589 Vox Africa *
621 to 699 border TNT channels *
701 to 753 channels 1 to 53 in SD only *
801 to 853 channels 1 to 53 in HD instead of HD+ (fiber) *
889 Canal+ via TNT *
990 TF1 4K *
992 m6 4K *
995 Selection of programs *
997 Deezer *
998 Orange Radio *
999 Subscription help *

If you change your place of residence, the fiber optics has designed a page helping you in your orange fiber move.

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Orange’s basic TV offer can be supplemented by paid bouquets classified by themes that we describe to you below.

Fiber TV bouquets at Orange

It exists Several important paid bouquets At Orange:

The Max series cinema bouquet

The bouquet Max series cinema is at the cost of € 22.99/month, It is made up of channels:

The Max Sports Bouquet

The bouquet Sports Max is at a price of € 19/month, it is made up of the channels:

Multi thematic bouquet

The offer Multi thematic Includes subscriptions:

  • Family and Disney (€ 19.99/month).
  • Fiber family bouquet (€ 13.99/month).
  • Intense (€ 54/month without obligation).
  • Youth pack (€ 9.99/month).
  • Disney+ (1 month offered then € 8.99/month).
  • Replay max (€ 4.99/month).

International bouquets

The subscriptions International concern the following languages:

  • Chinese (€ 8.88/month without commitment).
  • Lusophone (9 €/month without commitment).
  • Berber (6 €/month without obligation).
  • German (9 €/month without commitment).
  • African (7 €/month without obligation) and African Max (14 €/month without obligation).
  • Arab (9 €/month without obligation) and Arabic Max (15 €/month without obligation).
  • Spanish (6 €/month without obligation).
  • English-speaker (5 €/month without obligation).
  • Indian (10 €/month without obligation).
  • Lebanese (7 €/month without obligation).
  • Israeli (5 €/month without obligation).
  • Russian (10 €/month without obligation).
  • Italian (6 €/month without obligation).

The Music Bouquet

The offer Music is made up of channels:

  • Melody (€ 4.50/month without obligation).
  • Classical music (11 €/month without obligation).

Adult bouquet

This offer is made up of channels:

  • Adult (€ 12.99/month without obligation).
  • Adult Max (€ 25.99/month without obligation).
  • Gay (€ 20.99/month)
  • Dorcel Club (25 €/month without obligation).

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How to connect the TV with the orange fiber ?

The installation of your TV decoder with orange fiber is simple and quick. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Connect the cable Ethernet at the back of your TV decoder and connect this cable to your Livebox (any location).
  2. Take it HDMI cable and connect this cable at first to the back of the orange TV decoder, then to your TV.

How to connect my TV to Orange fiber ? If you want to connect your TV to orange fiber, just use the Orange wi-fi. In this case, you do not need to connect your ethernet cable to the back of your TV decoder.

Orange TV services and options with fiber

If Orange offers a TV offer of about 140 channels And several bouquets, the operator also provides you with several services and various options adapted to your expectations and your needs.

In addition, with its internet offers, Orange offers you a TV decoder with fiber: the UHD TV decoder also available under its 4K version (UHD 4K TV decoder) if you have a compatible TV and make the request.

The Orange Fiber TV decoder is compatible with the latest technologies such as multi-screen recorder, Dolby Atmos and it is possible to connect it thanks to the WiFi AC at the Livebox Play, the Livebox 4 or the new Livebox 5 Without using Ethernet cable.

What orange TV decoder for fiber? The orange TV decoder for fiber is the UHD, or 4K UHD TV decoder if you benefit from a 4K TV. With this decoder for orange fiber, enjoy the 160 channels as well as several channels in Hd and in UHD 4K.

Orange also offers many other services such as:

This option allows you to control your TV with the remote control of theOrange TV application For live and TV programs replay. You have the possibility of consulting the VOD catalog, renting or buying a video on demand and starting to read it. Note that you can also create alerts so as not to miss your favorite emissions !

You want to be able to use your PC as a second TV ? Go to the TV and identify yourself with your email and orange password.

By opting for this service, each member of the family will now have the opportunity to follow their favorite program. To each its screen allows you to look simultaneously chains and live or replay programs on all the screens of the house connected in wifi to your livebox.

The TV key is an accessory for sale in Orange store, and on orange.Fr. It allows you to watch your programs at home but also and above all on your vacation spot and wherever you access a private Wi-Fi network. It is easy to use: Download the application ” TV key »And identify yourself with your Email and your Orange TV password.

If you have two television stations, the multi-TV option allows you to watch two different programs simultaneously.

The Alexa voice assistant is also compatible with Orange ! To associate it with your decoder you need:

  • Press the microphone button on the orange remote control.
  • Create an Amazon account (or identify yourself if you already have one).
  • Enter the QR code that appears on the TV with your smartphone.
  • And finally press “Continue” then on “authorize”.

With an orange fiber offer you can also access the TV recorder option which allows for 4 €/month register until 100 hours of programs and videos with its 240GB Available (note that the TV recorder is included or offered as an option according to the subscribed offer).

There is also the possibility of seeing the Orange TV Live and in replay from the Orange TV application or from the website simultaneously (within the limits of two simultaneous connections per chain from mainland France).

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Orange TV Ivory Coast 12+

The application is interesting, but there is chain poverty and how is it that we do not have access to our RTI 1 nation channel, enhance our country first. Another negative point is the duration of film rental, 24 hours is not enough. SPT especially think about adding the RTI quickly.

DD Kouto Sisco, 05/26/2019

Thanks to Orange Ci

Very good idea and congratulations to Orange which can do better.
Make more proposals for new films with their prices, regardless of the price, the interested parties will pay.
What matters to us people who think like me is to be able to keep our children at home by all means until they are mature in their actions. Also, through Orange, we get closer more often.
Thanks to Orange, the Hoto family living in Kouto in the Bagoué region loves you and wishes longevity.

Great especially the function to look without consuming the internet

A good application what suits me the most is that once subscribing can look at channels without consuming our connection and it is really good.
A suggestion if you can add Gameone because it is a teenage channel and there is not this kind of channel in yours subscriptions

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