Orange and I: The app to manage your orange account, your invoices or its consumption, orange and me follow -up – Application for mobile phone and tablet

The Orange and I application


Two particularly useful features are available in the Orange TV application. They aim to complete the use of the TV decoder for more comfort. First with the one who gives the possibility of Transform your smartphone or tablet into a remote control.

Orange and me: the app to manage your orange account, your invoices or its consumption follow -up

For mobile orange or box subscribers, there is an application called “orange and me”. This application allows you to access several interesting features for managing your account. But what are these features ? How to install and use the application ? What to do in case of trouble ? In this article, you will find everything you need to know about the Orange and I application.

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  • The essential :
  • L’Orange and me application is intended for orange customers (mobile and/or box).
  • It allows you to be able to manage your contract At any time, from your smartphone or tablet.
  • L’Orange and me application can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS.
  • Thanks to the latter you can access the followed Conso, troubleshoot Your mobile, Consult your invoices and access your personal informations.

Orange and I apply, what exactly is ?


The Orange and I application is an extension of your Orange customer area, accessible directly from your phone. It is reserved for orange customers, and allows the same following features:

  • There management of your mobile and/or internet offer.
  • Monitoring your consumption.
  • Adding options to your subscription.
  • The possibility of change and/or mobile.
  • THE troubleshooting of your mobile network and/or your box.
  • Obtaining a online help In case of problem.

The advantage of the Orange and I application is that it offers all these services at hand and at any time.

Orange and me customer area: is there a difference between the application and the Orange customer area ? There is no real difference between the Orange and me application and the Orange customer area. The services offered are the same, there is only the navigation interface that changes (the application is better suited to reading on mobile).

How to download orange and me and how to connect ?

Download Orange App and I: the user manual

The Orange application is me can be downloaded for free from smartphones and tablets, regardless of the operating system and the manufacturer.

To download it on an Android or Apple mobile, simply go to your blind (App Store or Google Store according to your mobile) and enter “Orange and me»In the search bar. Then click on “install»».

Can we download orange and me to pc ? It is possible to install the application on your PC via third -party software (such as Bluestacks for example). Nevertheless, this is not really advised, since of a computer you can access your Orange customer area Through your browser.

Install Orange and I: the first connection

To connect to the Orange and I application, simply fill the field “Orange account», With an Orange email address or your Orange mobile number. Then enter your personal password.

If you no longer remember your password, click on “Forgot your password»». You will be asked a question to verify that you are not a robot. You can then choose a contact means on which to receive your reset code. You will only have to enter it in the box provided for this purpose and to create a new password. Then you can if you wish Activate unlock via ID or your fingerprint.

Orange and I problem: what if the application does not work ? If you can’t access your Orange and me app, Try to uninstall and reinstall the application on your mobile. You can also connect from your online customer area to a computer, and contact Orange customer service if the problem persists.

Orange and I invoice: how to access your contracts and invoices from the application ?

The reception of the Orange and I application allows access to contracts, options and invoices (which you can consult and pay online). In this section “Contracts and options“, You can also bring together all your contracts together, which can be practical if you live as a couple and you are both customers of an Orange Orange offer. Just click on “attach a contract“And enter the customer identifier. You can also give a name to each of your contracts to find yourself easier.

Orange and I follow consumer: how to follow your mobile and box consumption ?

Mobile consumption monitoring


To follow your mobile consumption Since The Orange and I application, You have to go to the section “mobile“From the home menu of your application. Your current consumption is displayed on a barometer. You can access the details by clicking on “See consumption monitoring»». There, you have access to your voice, SMS/MMS and Internet consumption. From this section, you can:

  • Recharge your data envelope by clicking on “recharge», If you have subscribed to a mobile offer with limited data and you arrive at the end.
  • See the details of all your communications by clicking on “see detail»».
  • The application alerts you in the event of a non -package. In this case, you can directly click on “out package»And you access the details.
  • You can also click on “master your uses“In order to avoid as much as possible communications in the offset. This functionality allows you to activate or deactivate recurring uses which are likely to cause off -package.

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Internet consumption monitoring

If you have livebox subscriber, you can also follow your internet and fixed line consumption from The Orange and I application. For this, you have to go to the section “Home»To have all the details of your consumption.

In this “house” part, you also have access to your fixed line number, information relating to your internet access (debit information, shared wifi, etc.), and your TV decoder. In the game “TV and entertainment“, There is all orange TV (your channels, bouquets and vod) as well as your music, your readings, and your games. You can find the details of your various subscriptions (to streaming music services for example).

The “Manage and troubleshoot” section your mobile

Orange troubleshooting

Section “Manage and troubleshoot»Allows you to access simple actions such as finding your PUK code, or blocking your SIM card. It can also allow you to help your mobile in the event of a network problem for example. To do this, select “network problem»And confirm your phone number. Specify the type of problem you encounter and launch troubleshooting by clicking on “launch the reconfiguration»». Once the operation is completed, you will have to restart your mobile. You can then confirm the restoration of services from the section “Manage and troubleshoot»».

If you want to order or activate a new Orange SIM card, it is also by this section that we will have to pass. You can apply for a change by selecting “Change SIM card” Then “renew your SIM card»». You will be asked to enter your personal information, and your new SIM will be sent to you a few days later.

Once received, you can activate it from this same section. To do this, click on “Activate your SIM card“, Enter the 13 -digit number registered on the back of your new card and validate to start activation.

Namely this section also allows you to change mobile very quickly. When you click on “Manage and troubleshoot”, your mobile is displayed. Just press the insert “Change mobile»Just below your phone. Orange then offers you a choice of different models. You can also take the opportunity to change your package if you wish. Once you arrive on the payment page, you choose to pay with your credit card or through a postponement on your next Orange invoice.

Manage and help your Internet box from the Orange and I

The Orange and I application can be useful in case you are having a problem with your Internet connection. Indeed, since the section “Home», You have the possibility to help out your Internet services remotely.

Select “Internet“Then click on”network problem ?»». You will then have to confirm the internet account to test and specify the nature of the breakdown before you can launch the tests. The tests last a few minutes and a loading bar allows you to measure their progress. Once these tests are finished, you get a diagnostic.

Orange will take care of bringing you an adequate solution and you will receive an SMS which will confirm the care of your file by the Orange teams.

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Orange and me my account: how to modify your account information ?

If you have moved recently or want to make a correction to your personal information, you can do it from your Orange and I application. Just click on “account»In the bottom menu. From this section, you can easily modify your personal information, your preferences and also follow your orders live.

To modify the information about you, click on “Manage your personal information»». You can then correct all the information you want, by clicking on “to modify»». If you want to modify your postal address, for example, click the “to modifyWhich is located just below the insert with your address. You will have to check the contract (s) concerned, enter your new address by filling in the proposed fields, then confirm your change request.

What is the “Help and contact” section for ?

If you have a question to ask your package or you need help, you can easily get in touch with an advisor from the application. To do this, click on The small bubble with the “?»», Located at the top right. This small bubble allows you to access the “Help and contact” dialoguing menu, which is the same as that of your online customer area.

You just need to expose your problem, and an orange advisor will bring you an appropriate solution. You will be able to obtain information on Orange’s offers, services and equipment. For example, if you have forgotten a password and you can no longer access your emails or your customer area, the procedure to follow will be indicated to you.

What are the other elements of the orange app and I know ?

Several elements are useful to know:

  • Section “Offer and options“Allows you to access information relating to your package. Here, you have the possibility of adding options to your subscription, see even to change the package and mobile by clicking on “Change»».
  • You can access the Orange online store From the Orange and I application by clicking on the dedicated small icon, located in the menu located at the bottom of the screen. You can inquire about the new offers and you can also make an appointment in an Orange store located near you.
  • The small bell that is in the middle of this menu displays the notification center. It allows you to be alerted and have the information at the right time.

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The application
Orange and me

All your Orange customer area from your mobile

Orange and I, this is the application to manage your contracts, help you out and contact us.
The application allows you to follow the details of your consumption, manage your invoices, your packages, options and equipment of your mobile, Inter-TV-Téléphone contracts.
You are looking for information or encounter a problem ? Help and contact brings you suitable solutions, and allows you to chat with an orange advisor.
If you prefer to go to an Orange, Orange and I store allows you to locate a shop and make an appointment.

I no longer need to juggle between my orange spaces: all my contracts in the same place.

With the Orange and I application you can group your Orange contracts. A simpler way to access your accounts and above all, to manage them in the same place.

visual legend

I can see when I want all my consumption without changing my interface: practical !

Calls, SMS, MMS, Internet data, follow your consumption in real time to always know where you are and no longer have any surprises on your bills. The Orange and I application allows you to view all of your consumption.

visual legend

I manage all my needs related to my invoices !

The Orange and I application gives you access to all the services related to your invoices: visualize, consult the balance sheets, configure the details of each.

visual legend

My laptop lost in the middle of the night ? I was able to block the line immediately.

Whether you need information or urgent help, you can find all the solutions from the Orange and I application. Activate your SIM card, block a line, collect your PUK code.

visual legend

Before going on vacation, I subscribed to the travel pass to keep in touch with my loved ones.

Orange and I offer you offers and options that you can subscribe and modify at any time. Unlimited music via Deezer, calls from your loved ones abroad via a travel pass, all possibilities for a tailor -made subscription.

visual legend

Main features

  • Your customer area:
    – Grouping of orange contracts
    – Mobile, Internet, TV consumption and telephone monitoring
    – Widget for a global vision in real time
    – Accessibility of mobile or internet invoices
    – Possibility to change offers when you wish
    – Subscription and termination of your options
    – Blocked package recharging
    – Selection of your favorite numbers
    – Mobile change

– Services generating blocked off-form
– Mobile Internet credit recharge

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Orange and me app

Orange and I, this is the application to manage your contracts, help you out and contact us.
The application allows you to follow the details of your consumption, manage your invoices, your packages, options and equipment of your mobile, Inter-TV-Téléphone contracts.
You are looking for information or encounter a problem ? Help and contact brings you suitable solutions, and allows you to chat with an orange advisor.
If you prefer to go to an Orange, Orange and I store allows you to locate a shop and make an appointment.

Orange TV application: access, installation and operation

Everything about L

The Orange TV application is available on all operator TV decoders, as well as on mobile and tablet for customers of a fixed and / or mobile offer. This is a platform for watching the television channels offered by the operator, but not only.

Many features are actually available with Orange TV:

  • Live television.
  • Replay for all accessible TV channels.
  • Video on demand that allows you to buy or rent programs per unit.
  • The TV store to extend the range of channels.
  • The application also gives the possibility of transforming your smartphone or tablet into a remote control, and using Google Chromecast.
  • Orange TV application: for which devices ?
  • All the features of the Orange TV app
  • TV category: the heart of the Orange TV application
  • Take advantage of the replay with the Orange TV application
  • VOD to discover even more content with Orange TV
  • Buy TV bouquets on the Orange TV TV TV store
  • Category Plus: Preferences, settings and assistance of the Orange TV application
  • Use the app with its TV decoder: Google Chromecast and remote control
  • Orange TV compatibility: on which supports to install the app ?
  • Other ways to watch orange TV

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The Orange TV application brings together a large number of entertainment for all subscribers, with obviously live television. The various features also include replay, video on demand or a shop to buy more TV programs. This application is first available on Livebox TV decoders, but also on other supports such as smartphones and tablets.

To take advantage of these video content, it is still necessary to have an orange account. In general, subscribers who have an internet box already have access to a decoder. The application allows them to find all their programs. Some mobile packages and their options also include TV bouquets to find on the app.

Orange TV application: for which devices ?

Orange TV application is intended for different types of devices. The first who come to mind are TV decoders provided by Orange, who integrate it directly without requiring installation or download. This is the easiest way to use the application, especially because updates are automatic.

Devices compatible with the

It is possible to take advantage of the Orange TV application on many devices.

Smartphones and tablets also offer this application. It is therefore possible to install orange TV on an iPhone, an iPad or a smartphone or a tablet under Android, regardless of the brand.

Since 2018, Samsung smart tvs also offer the installation of the Orange TV application. However, it is the only brand that allows it. Competitors’ televisions must therefore connect directly to the orange decoder to access all the features of the app.

All the features of the Orange TV app

When opening the Orange TV application, users discover several categories. They allowaccess TV programs in their different forms, Whether live or on demand. It is even possible to extend your TV bouquet and subscribe to new formulas. That allow TV, replay, VOD, TV shop and more ?

TV category: the heart of the Orange TV application

Of the Orange TV application opening, The TV category is displayed. It presents a list of all the available television channels. Subscribers also find several thematic menus there. No need to look further for the live, this is where everything is happening.

For upcoming programs, it is possible to define an alert. It is enough to press the program in question. Customers who have a TV decoder even have the possibility of Provide the recording of the film or the series. It is also possible to do everything remotely via the Orange TV application.

Tabs in the TV category:

  • Now, which corresponds to the direct;
  • Tonight, to see the prime time programs of the evening;
  • TV program, which allows you to view the program grids with several filters.

This category is relatively simple to explore. There is only scroll, classified in digital order (depending on the canal and not the name), to find the desired the one. For the most in a hurry, there are all the same filters to reveal only the orange TV channels linked to a very specific theme: entertainment, film, youth or even info and weather.

Accessibility and subtitles

When subtitles are available, the Orange TV application allows them to be activated even during the direct. To take advantage of it, once the program is launched, you must press the icon at the top right of the screen. It looks like a square dialogue bubble, like the pictogram opposite.

Take advantage of the replay with the Orange TV application

Orange TV replay is included in the application, this is the second accessible category. Here, no tabs or filters. Simply the list of all the available TV channels, as well as those which can be Unlocked via TV bouquets and additional options.

Unlike certain TV decoders, the replay does not redirect to the personalized services of each group of channels. It is a simplified version, for example there is Different access for each channel of the M6 ​​group. There is still a search bar, accessible via the symbol of the magnifying glass at the top right. This is the best way to find a particular program.

Orange TV replay in short:

  • Access to all replays available;
  • Each chain has a dedicated page;
  • A search bar allows you to quickly find a particular program;
  • Voice search is also possible, always by selecting the pictogram of the magnifying glass at the top right of the screen.

Sports TV bouquets

To read also subscriptions available for TV Sports bouquets

VOD to discover even more content with Orange TV

To access VOD, or video on demand, it is not not even necessary to have a subscription to one of the Orange Internet boxes. You just have to have a valid account and identify yourself in the application. This is the third category of this Orange TV application.


The VOD pane of the Orange TV application notably allows you to rent or buy films.

This menu allows you to find All films offered for purchase or rental by orange. Customers already with content can find them in the “My Videos” tab. It is also possible to make a list of entertainment that we want to see in the future, thanks to the favorites symbolized by a heart.

THE series and films made available for free By channels included in bouquets can also be found in this category of the Orange TV application. Finally, some content offers free extracts available exclusively for subscribers from the Internet Access Provider.

That the VOD category of the Orange TV app contains ?

  • This is where users can buy or rent programs per unit.
  • Just create an orange account, no need to have an in progress subscription.
  • Two other tabs bring together the content already possessed, and the favorites to view later.
  • Each film and each series offers information such as synopsis, notes, available supports, etc.
  • Free entertainment available in full are also found in this category.

Advice from mySmallBox

To access other SVOD platforms, such as Netflix or Disney+ with Orange, it is necessary to go to their own applications. Unlike TV decoders, the orange TV app does not centralize all content. That said, there are already many programs just with everything the Internet operator offers via partner channels.

Buy TV bouquets on the Orange TV TV TV store

The Orange TV Application TV shop gives the possibility of subscribing to the various TV bouquets available. Just like the rest of the application, it is possible to access it from its TV decoder, or from any other medium compatible with Orange TV.

This category classifies Different TV bouquets by themes : Cinema, sport, music, etc. Once again, the search tool is available. A quick way to find a particular chain, and to know in which TV bouquets it is offered by Orange TV.

The TV store part allows:

  • to subscribe to additional TV channels and bouquets;
  • to extend the television offer at any time to take advantage of the current promotions;
  • add external programs and services such as Netflix;
  • to know in which tv bouquet (s) is a specific channel.


Also read all about the offer that brings together Canal+ and Netflix

Category Plus: preferences, settings and assistance of the Orange TV application

The last category does not concern the very content of the Orange TV app. Designated by a pictogram representing suspension points, the plus tab gathers All application settings, but also preferences for alerts and recordings.

It’s also the right place for find answers to your questions, Whether it is about the app or its contents. And if the problem is not solved, it is also possible to contact Orange customer service without leaving Orange TV, in particular via a live cat with an advisor.

Finally the part “confidence badge” is dedicated to personal data. In this section, users can manage the information to which the application may have access or not. They can also find all the measures taken by Orange for the protection of the privacy of its subscribers.

What is the category Plus in the Orange TV application ?

  • to adjust all parameters;
  • This is where the definition of preferences takes place for alerts, reminders and recordings;
  • It is possible to consult the use of personal data;
  • Direct contact with Orange customer service is available.

Advice from mySmallBox

Orange TV app does not need location to offer its services. Unfortunately the use of a VPN for Android or iOS on smartphones can disrupt its operation. It is better to deactivate it, or to use the split-tunneling functionality if it is available.

Use the app with its TV decoder: Google Chromecast and remote control

Two particularly useful features are available in the Orange TV application. They aim to complete the use of the TV decoder for more comfort. First with the one who gives the possibility of Transform your smartphone or tablet into a remote control.

The other tool is Google Chromecast. This allows Broadcast selected programs directly on the TV screen From the Orange TV mobile application. It is very practical when it comes to navigating the menus, much more accessible from a touch screen than with the buttons of a conventional remote control. To activate it, it is enough that the phone or tablet is connected to the same WiFi network as the TV decoder.

Additional features of the application:

  • It is possible to transform your phone into a remote control;
  • The Google Chromecast is also available via the app, allowing content to be launched from the application installed on a tablet or a smartphone;
  • It is necessary that the device used is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Orange TV decoder.

Chromecast Internet box

Read also use of chromecast from Android TV

Orange TV compatibility: on which supports to install the app ?

Orange TV application is Available on most smartphones and tablets. For Android devices as for smartphones of the Apple brand, you have to go through the blind as with any other application. Then just download and install the application, before entering your identifiers.

These are the same people who give access to the Orange customer area on the website of the Internet access provider. Note that on the other hand, the application is not available on a computer. This was the case before On Windows PCs, But since then it is imperative to go to the Orange TV site to watch television from this type of device, which is globally to the same.

How to access Orange TV ?

  • The application is available for all up -to -date Android and iOS devices;
  • We must follow the same process as for any other application by going to the blind.
  • After installation, the identifiers to be filled in are those provided by Orange, which also allow access to the customer area.
  • Computers can no longer install the application, even from the Windows Store.

An alternative to the play store

An alternative to the play store is valid with Android smartphones. You must download a file in APK format which allows you to install the Orange TV application, as we install software on a computer. Please note, you must be very attentive to the source from which the APK file is downloaded. Many sites take the opportunity to slide malware.

Other ways to watch Orange TV

To take advantage of orange TV, it is also possible to Go to the dedicated website and to identify. The same content as those of the application are then available. Normally purchases are synchronized, and if this is not the case do not hesitate to get in touch with customer service.

The other option is Much more classic: use a TV decoder. Unless you only have a mobile package at Orange, all subscribers are supposed to have a decoder that gives access to the Orange TV application. The only offers without possible television are those of households that have not renewed their subscription for a very long time.

However, a TV decoder is not always enough to satisfy several users at the same time. For example within families, or when it is difficult to agree on the evening television program. Another more comfortable solution, perhaps subscribing to orange multi-TV. You also have to think about checking that it is not already understood in the offer. He can then activate on request.

Those who wish can go through certain competing applications. Molotov TV gives for example access to a wide range of live channels, with limited free access and the possibility of subscribing to options. On the other hand for Orange subscribers, it is impossible to find the exclusive content purchased via their internet subscription.

The alternatives to the Orange TV app:

  • The Orange TV website remains accessible for any device with access to a web browser;
  • TV decoders, included in almost all Orange Internet subscriptions, include Orange TV app;
  • The Mutli-TV is an option to watch programs on several screens at a time;
  • Some applications like Molotov TV give access to live channels from smartphones and tablets.

Watch out for illegal IPTV sites

There are also websites and applications that indirectly benefit from Orange TV channels, especially through IPTV. However, these techniques are very often illegal, because the Internet supplier has no partnership in France for the resumption of its own television channels.

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