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Follow the memorable routes, wherever you go

Need to find courses adapted to your level or your desires ? Around your home to vary your routes or during your vacation when you do not know the surroundings ? Download Runnrz and discover an infinity of routes available in seconds !

Runnrz / Running 4 course+

You are looking where going to run ? Where to go ? Where to go for a bike outing ?
Runnrz you quickly find running, walking or bike paths from the place you are !

Runnrz is a new free application for running, walking and cycling practitioners, whatever their levels (from beginner to confirmed athlete).

Tired of always practicing on the same course ? Annoyed to get lost during your outings ? You are on vacation or on weekends and you don’t know where to go run ? You want to find new running routes ? Want to get started in running or walking but you don’t know where to go and do what course ?

Runnrz has been designed for you !

Runnrz creates tailor-made routes around you from your personal criteria and guides you throughout the practice thanks to its vocal and visual GPS ! Depending on your geolocation and your wishes (desired duration or distance, type of terrain, level of practice, etc. ), Runnrz offers you up to 5 different routes to carry out your activity !

Runnrz facilitates and secures your sports practice thanks to:
– Course proposals adapted to your level (indicate a duration or distance, the type of terrain desired, your level or your pace and Runnrz offers you tailor-made routes and curls)
– Vocal and visual GPS guidance to avoid getting lost (follow vocal or visual instructions, and you will be guided throughout your journey !))
– A “SOS” button to warn your loved ones in the event of falls or problem on your journey (a concern on the journey ? Activate the “SOS” mode and your loved ones will receive an SMS with your exact GPS contact details)

An application thought for all, whatever your level or your desires !

Without forgetting the access to features such as:
– The statistics of your routes carried out (duration and distance of the course made, your average look, the calories spent, the number of steps made, etc. ))
– the history of your activities classified by type of practice (running, walking, cycling) and all your routes made

You are already an experienced practitioner ?
Diversify and discover new courses around you thanks to Runnrz !
Stop your long hours of location to find routes when you are on unknown terrain and let Runnrz offer you cut routes for you !

You start in running ?
Start with routes adapted to your level !
Specify the duration or distance you want to perform, indicate your level and view the courses offered !
Once your journey has been selected, let yourself be guided by our GPS !

You need to feel safe ?
Visualize the routes you can make thanks to the different card funds (cartographic view, relief view and satellite view)
Vary the routes regularly around you
Do not get lost thanks to our GPS guidance
Alert your loved ones in the event of a problem with the “‘SOS” button

You want to go for a family walk while walking or by bicycle around your home or during your vacation ?
Inform our filters and discover in less than 5 seconds of the courses adapted to your desires and your level !

You are on a business trip ?
Don’t waste any more time looking where going to run ! Save time using Runnrz and discover up to 5 courses adapted to your wishes from the place where you are !

Runnrz Uses Healthkit Number of Steps Data When Using the App to Record Workout Data to the Health App.

Follow the memorable routes, wherever you go

Find, follow and create superb routes to run thanks to navigation by voice


IPhone, Apple Watch, Android and Web -rated applications





Rungo is the #1 application to run to discover the best lessons in the world with voice navigation step by step. Create your own lesson or select one of the 400,000 courses or courses verified in the world and follow a guided tour with voice, including each time there is an interesting turn or point of interest, or an encouraging reminder that You are halfway.

Rungo also follows your race statistics such as time, rhythm, distance, altitude and the estimated arrival time.

We do not proudly include any advertising in the application, and a paid premium upgrade is available for additional features.

“Execution of the application only with detailed routes . More than 30 turns on new roads that I was not about to memorize.” – iphone user reviews

“Rungo was a great way to get an idea of ​​the areas and feel more safe while running by myself.” – I ss

Run famous routes and participate in virtual races with virtual mode

The new virtual modes of Rungo allow you to perform famous races or tourist routes in the city of anywhere in the world and in any way, outside or inside.

For racing organizers, create vocal guidance courses that your virtual participants can execute alone, by exploring your journeys (in real life or virtually from anywhere), including its districts, points of interest and the Sponsors activations. Learn more


Digital operating programs for concierge cartography hotels and cartography tools

Allow your guests to explore the surroundings of your property as a room with vocal guidance routes.

We have established a partnership with some of the most emblematic hotel properties in the world to offer customers superb running experiences directly in the hall of the hotel.

With the Rungo concierge cartography tools, the front office teams can annotate cards with directions, points of interest and personalized notes to create tailor -made cards for their customers. Replace static and useless paper cards with interactive digital cards. Learn more

Where to run in the cities of the world

Navigate new cities like a room. The pages on the cities of Rungo help you find the most popular routes, hotels adapted to runners, flagship races and other unique adventures.


Most powerful and customizable route designer

Our creator of route -based route.rungoapp.Com has the most complete set of features and integration to help you trace your next race or race:

  • GPX download
  • 5 types of cards
  • Image superposition for unrecognized trails or GPS art
  • Turn point and personalized points customizations
  • Points of interest (Po) with details
  • Segments, routes and Strava activities
  • Without advertising
  • A single line of code to integrate on your site
  • A resulting card that you can follow with voice navigation

Why voice navigation?

Voice navigation means to store the phone. Eyes raised! Take advantage of the experience! Follow a route transparently in a new place!

Rungo offers more than 400,000 routes, more than 1,000 verified, hotel programs and races around the world, and hundreds of new routes added daily.

Explore routes with clear vocal instructions as each turn approaches. Receive a notification when you leave the route and have the possibility to share your exact position in real time with other people. Rungo is accessible and supports Voiceover for visually impaired users.

Tailor -made courses
running, walking and bicycle
In 3 seconds chrono !

Find a route
has never been easier !

Need to find courses adapted to your level or your desires ? Around your home to vary your routes or during your vacation when you do not know the surroundings ? Download Runnrz and discover an infinity of routes available in seconds !

  • Inform your wishes: duration, distance, terrain, pace ..
  • Discover all the courses corresponding to your criteria from where you are
  • Choose your journey and let’s go !

Practice the free spirit and benefits from the moment

Practice without risking losing you thanks to guidance and directional instructions given in real time during your journey ! Go calmly exploring your surroundings and discovers new landscapes !

  • Voice and visual guidance
  • Real -time directional instructions
  • No chance of getting lost

Maximum pleasure in complete safety

Thanks to our “SOS” functionality, easily and quickly warns your loved ones in the event of injuries or problems during your journey. They will instantly receive an SMS with your exact geolocation. Simple, efficient and reassuring for all.

  • “SOS” functionality
  • Automatic SMS sent to your loved ones
  • Display of your exact geolocation


At the end of each course, find all the essential statistics: duration of the route, distance traveled, average speed, average pace, elevation of the course, calories spent ..


Find the history of your journeys made with detail, the statistics and the date of each of them. You can also easily seek them by type of activity and per month.

… and all that for free !

Facilitate and secure sports for all: this is the mantra of the whole Runnrz team ! We are therefore very proud to offer you all these essential features for free !

Finding a course for your favorite outdoor sports has never been so fast !

Simple, easy and 100% free !

Because we are all different,
Welcome to the era of Ultra-personalization


You are looking for courses adapted to your level ?

Quickly find your happiness with custom routes created from your criteria !

Regular practitioners

No more monotony of the usual course !

Regularly change a course around you to live a new experience each time !


Stop long identification for your intense training sessions !

Duration, distance, elevation, let Runnrz quickly create your routes and save yourself from the search time.

In unknown land ?

No more blind departures, round trips without flavor and the fear of getting lost !

Find custom courses in 3 seconds chrono ! And enjoy the moment !

A revolution in the search for a course !

Runnrz is based on his unique algorithm Rungenius © which generates tailor -made courses at lightning speed

First of all, your geolocation allows Rungenius © to know your position in real time, ensuring you routes from where you are and allowing you to guide you throughout the route.

Then, the personal criteria you define, such as duration or distance, your field preferences or your pace, allow Rungenius © to design courses in total adequacy with your objectives.

Finally, Rungenius © uses an ultra detailed mapping to explore your surroundings, thus guaranteeing the creation of suitable and secure routes.

They talk about us

French half-marathon champion or sports coach, they tested and validated Runnrz !