OCS: What are the films and series to see in September 2023? Le Parisien, OCS Avis 2023: catalog, price, interface

OCS Opinions 2023: Catalog, Price, Interface

In both cases, if you subscribe to these offers directly from the OCS site, a 7 -day trial period is offered.

OCS Catalog

OCS: What are the series and films to see right now?

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OCS Opinions 2023: Catalog, Price, Interface

OCS Opinions 2023: Catalog, Price, Interface

You plan to Subscribe to OCS ? The orange platform is positioned as a competitor of Netflix, Video premium, Disney+ and others on the streaming services market. But does it have the resources necessary to fight, especially since the loss of the HBO catalog ? Let’s take stock of its strengths and weaknesses.

Zoom on ocs

Rumors circulate suggesting that Channel+ plans to fully integrate ocs into mycanal (OCS is currently there as a simple external chain) thanks to a fusion with Cinema+, who would then be renamed OCS+. This decision would seem rational, since certain chains of the Orange offer and those of the bouquet Cinema+ are the same. While waiting for the realization of this project or not, let’s focus on the orange platform.

Orange Cinema Series – said OCS -was created in 2008. The offer has undergone many transformations over the years, despite a fairly long period of stagnation. To distinguish itself in an increasingly dense and varied competitive landscape, the SVOD platform has long bet on its partnership with HBO, the American channel behind some of the most popular series in recent decades.

Alas, this solid asset – which hardly exists today – and some original series no longer seem sufficient to justify a reduced price. As you will discover in this complete guide, OCS is below on many points and does not seem to want to make big changes.

OCS offers

Since 2008, OCS has evolved a lot. Originally, cinema and series channels were exclusively intended for Orange subscribers (via satellite and ADSL). From 2011, under the double influence of Orange and the Canal+ group (recently become a shareholder), the distribution has extended to other operators.

By following this evolution, OCS has initiated OCS GO, a SVOD platform, which remains active to date (OCS on demand)). Here is a brief overview of its current offer:

  • OCS Max: It is the most diverse channel of the bouquet. It offers the most popular films and series in the OCS catalog.
  • OCS Pulp: As of January 12, 2023, the OCS City and OCS Shock chains bind to create OCS Pulp, the channel dedicated to thrillers and independent cinema. A channel which therefore favors series and feature films of all types.
  • Giant ocs: this is where all the great classics of cinema are scheduled, without period restrictions.
  • The OCS Go platform: this is the streaming service included in the OCS subscription. Like Netflix and other platforms, it brings together all the films and series of the service catalog. All are available in replay (at least 30 days after the first broadcast) and, of course, there is a specific application to access it (for browser, Android, iOS).

A varied but unconvincing catalog

As mentioned above, OCS presents an offer of classic SVOD, made up of original productions and international programs. Sometimes in US +24, which is a real plus for impatient users. There are also three thematic channels that broadcast the same content as the Streaming section, but live: OCS Max for family entertainment, OCS Pulp for action, horror and suspense, and giant ocs for “legendary” films.

In this catalog, we obviously appreciate what remains of the HBO series, rarely disappointing, but some films or original series, such as Irresponsible, also deserve special attention. OCS has also acquired the diffusion rights of The Handmaid’s Tale and occasionally offers excellent series of this kind from various channels.

If you have not followed the recent HBO series much, the OCS catalog could seduce you for a few weeks. However, once you have exhausted it, and despite some interesting additions over time, the platform struggles to compete with the density of the content offered by its competitors. It therefore seems more judicious to subscribe to it punctually rather than continuous. Especially since the potential acquisition by Canal+ adds additional uncertainty to the situation.

The essentials of OCS

From Series offered by OCS, Some are really essential and are worth a look. Here is a non -exhaustive list:

OCS Catalog

  • House of the Dragon : this is a spin-off of Games of Throne, which takes place 172 years upstream. The series tells the story of the family Targaryen, which is at the heart of succession problems, at the origin of a civil war.
  • The White Lotus : The series takes place in a seaside resort in the postcard landscape. Supported by helpful and pleasant staff, customers enjoy their vacation. However, the dream quickly turns into a nightmare.
  • Mare of Easttown : the series tells the story of a teenager and mother of a little boy who, Easttown, in Pennsylvania, is wildly murdered. The investigator Mare sheehan is then responsible for the case. Herself bereaved by the loss of a son, tries everything to discover the truth behind this homicide and find the culprit.
  • Blinded : the series revolves around a journalistic investigation carried out by Bea Farkas, young financial journalist. The latter, who has a secret affair with a married man, director of the HQ Bank, discovers that this man with whom she fell in love hides a large number of secrets and then finds herself shared between her duty as a journalist and her romantic relationship.
  • IRMA VEP : the series tells the story of Mira, An American film star, who, discouraged by his recent breakup and his career, decides to go in France. She then won the role ofIRMA VEP, in a remake of The vampires, French mute cinema classic. Totally rooted in her character, she loses a little the thread of her life.

Good compatibility of devices but average streaming quality

On platforms like Disney+ And Video premium – or even Netflix, When you pay the price -the image quality is excellent. On the other hand, at OCS, despite a price higher than that of other services, it is difficult to overcome the compression rate: there is indeed a slightly blurred 1080p quality, less clear than what can be found elsewhere , even with a solid internet connection.

Even without benefiting from 4K, HDR or Dolby Vision formats (the titles concerned are not in any case very numerous), we are entitled to demand an HD/5 quality.1/Impeccable stereo. Admittedly, the result is not monstrous, fortunately, but the most demanding users will necessarily be disappointed.

In addition, it should be noted that the UPSCAL 4K by AI of the Nvidia Shield, which often succeeds in producing impressive results on certain services, unfortunately does not bring any improvement to OCS.

Outside the web, OCS is accessible almost everywhere and in a synchronized way to your account. MacOS, Windows 10, Android and iOS applications are available, Sony and Microsoft consoles are also taken into account, just like different Smart TV (Samsung, LG. ) and various multimedia boxes (Orange TV key, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Nvidia Shield. ), which can be used according to your subscription.

Positive point for OCS : Local download on the Windows 10 application works well offline. On the other hand, with regard to its offer of languages ​​and subtitles, it is not up to what competition offers. The platform has only very few audio languages ​​and it is not better for subtitles. These cannot be personalized and only French is offered. Another gap that is difficult to accept.

User interface and navigation experience

Its different versions have certain peculiarities, but this passage on OCS interface will mainly focus on the web version of the service, whose arrangement is significantly the same on other platforms, including mobiles.

After choosing a profile, like other platforms, we find menus and the recommendations of the moment. The carousel presentation of the latter has evolved considerably.

The “My Program” section lists series and films under viewing or favorite thanks to the “+” icon present on each sheet. OCS recently took a step forward, because now, a single click starts the current episode directly, but various Overlay options are now displayed, such as the deletion of a work from this section or access to the file these works.

Finally, selections by genres and thematic allow you to discover content. Its four (soon three) live channels are also presented here.

The whole is therefore quite basic, but a little more functional, complete and visually pleasant than the previous interface.

Let’s finish with the video player, ocs Offer here the basic checks that we are entitled to expect from such a service, as well as a button to jump the introduction for the series. A Chromecast button is also offered on mobile and it is possible to read a summary of the current episode. Here, however, we regret the approximate management of the subtitles.

OCS subscription rates

There are two types ofOCS subscriptions, each having their own price:

  • The first, at 10.99 euros per month, is intended for mobiles, tablets and computers (browser and Windows 10 and macOS application), with simultaneous access on 2 screens.
  • The second, at 12.99 euros per month, targets mobiles, tablets, computers and also television, via OCS channels or the OCS application on demand. The service is also compatible with TV decoders, Apple TV, Airplay, Android TV, Google Chromecast, Smart TV LG and Samsung, Xbox One and Orange TV keys.

In both cases, if you subscribe to these offers directly from the OCS site, a 7 -day trial period is offered.

Recently, OCS has become accessible on Amazon Prime Video, via the “Channels” service. There too, you can benefit from 7 days of free trial.

Each subscription is without obligation, you can therefore terminate it at any time.

It is also possible to subscribe to OCS through your Internet access provider (Free, Bouygues, SFR, SOSH and Orange), with monthly prices between 7.99 € and 12.99 €. The bouquet is also included in the Ciné series series of Canal+, with Paramount+, Disney+ And Netflix.

In addition, the price reduction carried out recently was advantageous when the entire HBO catalog was available. Now that this is no longer the case, it would be wise to further reduce the price or add quality content to compensate for this loss.

Disappointing customer service

Concerning Customer Service, OCS provides the minimum necessary. There is no live chat or dedicated telephone line, the options are limited to a FAQ, a contact form or even Twitter. It is possible that OCS does not have financial resources or a number of users sufficient to justify expenses and improvements in this area, however, we can always wish for a future improvement.

OCS platform

The advantages and disadvantages of OCS

Like all streaming platforms, OCS has certain advantages, but also some disadvantages.

OCS strengths

OCS provides the episodes of the key series barely 24 hours after their first broadcast at UNITED STATES. This is particularly the case for The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu), The White Lotus (HBO) or House of the Dragon (HBO). For content long awaited by fans, it is a real added value and probably a subscription factor.

On the other hand, with Channel+, OCS is one of the actors who benefit from a preferential right of dissemination. As paid television channels, the OCS bouquet only needs to wait 6 months to broadcast films recently released indoors. It is a much shorter period than that of Netflix and other SVOD services, which are required to wait between 15 and 17 months after the dining room exit.

In addition, OCS has the best repertoire of cinema classics. Many memorable films, carried by legends of the big screen, are available, which is excellent news for moviegoers.

Finally, OCS is a television bouquet, not just a streaming service. Its four channels are therefore accessible to subscribers, just like OCS on demand. It is an asset that competition cannot claim, although Video premium gets closer to its new channel offer.

OCS weak points

The end of the exclusive partnership between OCS and HBO left a Empty in the OCS catalog. Over 60 HBO series have left the OCS catalog, making the platform less attractive.

Here is an overview of the HBO series which are no longer entirely accessible on OCS:

  • A black lady sketch show
  • Animals
  • Angels in America
  • Boardwalk Empire
  • Band of Brothers
  • Big Love
  • Bored to Death
  • Big Little Lies
  • Carnival
  • Chernobyl
  • Camping
  • Crashing
  • From Earth to the Moon (from the Earth to the Moon)
  • Divorce
  • Entourage
  • Girls
  • Getting on
  • Game Of Thrones
  • Hung
  • Here and now
  • Hello Ladies
  • Hell of the Pacific
  • Luck
  • Look
  • The soprano
  • Mildred Piece
  • Rome
  • Sally4Ever
  • Show me a hero
  • Six feet under
  • Sex & The City
  • Silicon Valley
  • Spawn
  • Listening (The Wire)
  • The Deuce
  • True detective
  • The Night of
  • The Jinx
  • The Newsroom
  • Togetherness
  • The Knick
  • Tell me you love me
  • True Blood
  • The Brink
  • Thorough
  • Vinyl
  • Veep
  • Main vice
  • Watchmen

In addition, the youth offer of the service is less complete than that of its competitors. However, the catalog still includes pleasant surprises, such as:

  • Niko the little reindeer
  • Vampire
  • Mystery
  • The Addams 1 and 2 family
  • Parvana
  • Oceans
  • Dragons hunter
  • Space zinzins
  • The migratory people

Finally, the Main OCS defect concerns the video player. In the event of insufficient flow, he sometimes tends to “freeze”, which obliges to relaunch his episode or update. Even if ultimately the problems encountered are temporary and quickly resolved, this remains a point that deserves an improvement.

Conclusion: OCS is worth it ?

OCS may not benefit from the same renown as certain other streaming services, but that does not prevent it from being a potential choice to consider before determining the offer that would suit you the best.

With recent films and some original well thought out creations, the broadcast of 24 -hour series episodes after their release at UNITED STATES and three thematic channels, OCS has a number of advantages.

Unfortunately, with the loss of HBO content, the platform is no longer the most suitable choice for series fans, as it has created a significant emptiness in its offer. However, fans of the seventh art who favor quality on quantity will always be charmed by OCS, although its catalog is much less bulky than that of Netflix or ofAmazon Prime Video.

Regarding the cost, nothing exorbitant. It is almost equivalent to the standard package of Netflix, but more expensive than Video premium Or Disney+, Even if the gap is not colossal. On our side, we believe that OCS, although it still tries to distinguish itself on the market, gradually loses its interest.

And you what do you think ? Do not hesitate to share your own experiences with OCS or ask questions in the comments below.