OCS or Netflix: which one to choose for series fans?, The Netflix OCS pack arrives from € 19.99

The Netflix OCS pack arrives from € 19.99

To benefit from the Netflix subscription to September 15, 2022, you must subscribe to:

OCS or Netflix: which one to choose for series fans ?

Fan of series, you want to watch them at will ? Between demand video service, options from your operator or application, you don’t necessarily know what to choose. We help you see more clearly, between OCS and its large channels or Netflix and its wide choice of films and series. Which will have your preference ? A look.

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Nowadays, it is very easy to watch your favorite series and films thanks to the bouquets of your operators like Ocs but also thanks to the creation of the video on demand service or other sites such as Netflix.

The Bouquet OCS: 4 channels and an SVOD platform

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The OCS bouquet channels

Ocs (or orange cinema series) is a bouquet of large television channels devoted only to films and series. Created in 2008, it was then offered by Orange TV by satellite and ADSL. Orange cinema series has officially become OCS to extend this offer to other bouquets than Orange TV.

The Bouquet OCS includes 4 large series and cinema channels: Ocs max, OCS City Generation HBO, OCS shock, Giant ocs, and the video on demand service OCS Go. All these channels offer a wide choice of series and great films in quality Hd and US+24 broadcast (the possibility of watching a 24-hour series after its broadcast in the United States). With OCS Go, the replay is available up to 30 days after the first broadcast and download movies and series directly on your box or computer.

How to receive ocs ?

It is possible to subscribe to OCS by going directly to the OCS site. Two rates are available on September 15, 2022:

  1. € 10.99/month (2 screens simultaneously)
  2. € 12.99/month (3 screens simultaneously)

You can also take out an OCS offer from an operator. For Orange Livebox subscribers, you must go to the Internet or call the 3099. You can also go to Canal 46 of your box. You must have an adsl or fiber box to be able to benefit from ocs.

Customer SFR, call him 1023, Go to Canal 35 or in the SFR menu of your SFR box. You can also subscribe the OCS bouquet on the Internet.

At the house of Free, There are two ways to subscribe OCS: by calling the 1044 or 3044 (for freebox subscribers) or by going to channel 51 of your box.

If you wish to subscribe to OCS by being a customer of the Bbox of Bouygues, You can go to the 145 channel of your box, or call it 3106. You can also go on the internet.

Depending on your operator, you will not pay the same price (price at September 15, 2022):

  • At Orange: € 12.99/month
  • At Bouygues: 12 €/month
  • At Free: € 11.99/month
  • At SFR: € 12.99/month

Thanks to an agreement with HBO, the Bouquet OCS consists particularly of American series which have just been broadcast. This is the argument for selling weight for all people fans of series who do not want to wait a year or two that a series is broadcast on a French channel. The films offered are sometimes a bit dated. The OCS catalog is neither very full nor very recent, especially for films. For series, we will especially remember the Diffusion of the HBO flagship series, Game Of Thrones.

You wish to take advantage of the OCS services with an operator ?

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The advantages of OCS: OCS Go

Nice little thing : it is possible to download the episode of the desired series to be able to access it offline later, on PC or tablet. OCS Go, The service that allows this feature, retains where you are viewing the program for the episodes you have downloaded.

The site OCS Go is also very readable, clear and easy to access. Navigation is pleasant and has no major difficulty. In short, it is not necessary to have major computer capacities to access it. When watching your video, you can change your tongue and go from VOST to VF for example. When you download your videos and start watching them, the next time, you’ll get back where you stopped.

A downside however : when you move the time cursor to a video, it moves but does not display the corresponding time. It is not very practical, especially if you do other things on your computer at the same time as you watch your videos.

Netflix: SVOD market leader

Netflix is an American company that offers vast content of films and series in continuous flow on the Internet. Founded in 1997, the group now has more than 140 million subscribers. This SVOD platform is available from different devices: smartphone, shelves, TV, TV TV devotee. The catalog includes all genres, however it can vary depending on countries. Among the best Netflix series, we can cite for example: Stranger Things, La Casa de Papel, You, Sex Education, Black Mirror, Orange is the new black, Our planet, Narcos Or 13 Reasons Why.

How much is Netflix ?

To benefit from the Netflix subscription to September 15, 2022, you must subscribe to:

  • € 8.99/month For an SD screen,
  • € 13.49/month For two HD screens,
  • € 17.99/month For 4 HD screens and even in 4K if it is available.

Netflix increases its prices in France in August 2021, Netflix sets up the new pricing. Concretely, the essential price is available for € 8.99/month, The standard price passes from € 11.99/month to € 13.49/month And finally, the premium rate increases by € 15.99/month at € 17.99/month.

You can also subscribe to an operator. Netflix is ​​available as an option with Orange Livebox, SFR boxes and Bboxes from Bougyues. Free is the only operator who integrates Netflix directly into some of his free offers (Freebox Delta) at no additional cost but also as an option paid.

How to take advantage of Netflix for free ?

What advantages with Netflix ?

Netflix has a fairly large catalog, although mainly composed of foreign series. On the other hand, the programs are quite diversified in terms of gender, with SF, thriller, etc. We can find some new series in France as Fargo For example. Netflix is ​​not content to broadcast series. There are some Original Netflix Creations Like the event series Orange is the new black.

The website is simple, refined and efficient. You can personalize the search engine according to your expectations: by genre, by type of intrigue, by year, etc. L’Netflix application uses the same video player as the website. It is possible to change the language during viewing. Unlike OCS Go, when the cursor is moved, the timecode evolves in real time. It is even possible to display the list of episodes so as to change it quickly. If you leave a video in progress or suddenly, when you come back, Netflix has held the past time and place you right where you stopped.

Another advantage of Netflix is ​​the possibility of Watch Netflix with others, Remote with Netflix Party.

Netflix’s little downside : the video launched appears directly in full screen, which is not necessarily very practical for the user.

Notable differences between OCS and Netflix

The choice of series

If you are looking for recent content, OCS will better meet this need for a time at least. The catalog remains quite limited, even if it is regularly renewed. The Netflix catalog is wider and includes films, series, documentaries and especially Original programs Netflix.

OCS and Netflix headlights

OCS flagship series Netflix headlights
The Walking Dead, Chernobyl, Game of trones, True detective, Silicon Valley, Westworld, The Handmaid’s Tale, Room 104, Euphoria, The Undoing, Devils, Mrs. Fletcher, Ad Astra, The Wire: Listening, Soprano, Sex and the City ,, Girls, Banshee, True Blood, Tin Star, Big Little Lies, Succession, I May Destroy You, The Undoing, Mare of Easttown, The Unusual Suspects, polar poers, scenes from a marriage, the white lotus, the girlfriend experience, opera, young and GOLRI. The Crown, The Haunting of Hill House, Narcos, 13 Reasons Why, Black Mirror, Orange is the new black, Stranger Things, Casa del Papel, You, The new adventures of Sabrina, La Chronicle des Bridgerton, Le Jeu de la Lady, Ratched, Lupine, My friend Adèle, Riverdale, Elite, Lucifer, White Lines, Emily in Paris, Sex Education, Unorthodox, Dark, Maid, Valeria, Locke And Key, Anne with an e, squid game.

The price

As for the price, Netflix (€ 8.99/month) is more attractive than OCS (€ 10.99/month). However, if you want you family subscribe, You have to consider paying a little more expensive. It takes € 13.49/month or € 17.99/month for Netflix, while OCS is available from € 10.99/month for 2 screens.


It is important to recall that OCS is not a real video on-demand video service but broadcasts films and series according to a linear mode, that is to say the classic diffusion on 4 channels (OCS Max, OCS City, Giant ocs and shocking ocs). This allows you to watch television in a more traditional way. Netflix is ​​indeed a service of video on demand And everyone may not be familiar with that.

Outside connection mode

It is possible with OCS to look until 5 movies And 20 episodes from standard in offline mode, having downloaded them beforehand. The download functionality (and therefore offline) is also available at Netflix. You can store up to 100 titles on one device simultaneously.

The trial period

You hesitate between two SVOD platforms and you don’t know which one to choose ? Take advantage of trial period To familiarize yourself with the catalog and the various options whose SVOD chosen platform has. OCS offers his future subscribers a 7 -day trial period. Netflix offers you the same possibility but its operation is different. With OCS, the use of the platform is not billed for the first 7 days while with Netflix yes. However, you have 7 days to request a refund if you are not satisfied with the Netflix services.

Netflix or OCS: what is the best service ?

OCS VS Netflix – September 15, 2022

Catalog OCS Max, OCS City Generation HBO, OCS Choc, OCS Giants, OCS Go Films and series of all genres, documentaries, original Netflix programs
Commitment without engagement without engagement
Outside connection mode
Trial period 7 days
Prices € 10.99/month (2 screens)
€ 12.99/month (3 screens)
€ 8.99/month (1 screen)
€ 13.49/month (2 screens)
€ 17.99/month (4 screens)

The choice between OCS and Netflix therefore remains yours and depends on your ease with the various services and the options you absolutely want to have.

You want to take advantage of the OCS or Netflix services from an operator ? Contact Selectra so that an advisor presents the best internet box partner offers:

Benefit from free OCS with Amazon the Prime members benefit from OCS for free thanks to the free 30 -day trial at Prime Video Channels

Updated on 03/13/2023

Alexandra joined the Selectra Telecom pole in 2018, she wrote freelance on SVOD subjects and mobile packages.

The OCS+Netflix pack arrives from € 19.99

From October 8, Orange will offer packs including OCS and Netflix, from € 19.99/month. The OCS+Netflix Standard pack has a promotion at € 9.99/month.

Orange has decided to create an SVOD service pack with OCS and Netflix on Livebox Orange TV.

From October 8, Orange will offer OCS+Netflix packs, A pack bringing together the 4 OCS channels, the OCS GO VOD service (OCS at € 12.99/month) and the Netflix VOD service in one of its 3 formulas:

  • OCS+Netflix standard (€ 11.99) at € 19.99/month
  • OCS+Netflix Premium pack (€ 15.99) at € 23.99/month

For the launch, Orange offers a promotion with a reduction of € 10/month for 2 months on the OCS+Netflix packs, i.e. € 9.99/month (standard) or € 13.99/month (premium) during the 2 first months. This promotion does not apply to Orange TV subscribers having already OCS, whether with the bouquets cine series (max), entertainment (fiber) or intense, or in the OCS services offered (ocs advantage of old livebox offers or OCS included in Livebox Jet offers). Promotion is lost in the event of a change of pack.

The OCS+Netflix packs will also be available on the Sosh box. The next Livebox Up offers should benefit from the standard OCS+Netflix pack at promotional prices.

Updated on 05/10/2023

Passionate about the field of telecoms, Benoit has real expertise in this sector and takes pleasure in writing the news articles that are published on Livebox-News as well as other sites dedicated to telecoms.

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For 20 € per month, you can have Canal+, OCS, Netflix, Disney+, Starzplay and others ! Here’s how to enjoy it

20 euros per month, this is the price of this subscription that will save you almost 40 euros per month by offering you an offer giving access to (almost) all SVOD services !

Posted on April 22, 2022 at 11 h 41 min

Netflix, Disney+, OCS … The platforms are more and more numerous and many people are recalcitrant at the idea of ​​subscribing to each of them. Even if it is a good thing to have a choice, it represents a big budget for the consumer, especially that each service now offers original content that we cannot find elsewhere. But there is a solution that can allow you to take advantage of (almost) all SVOD services with a single subscription without exploding your budget ?

Without commitment, this package is unbeatable on you are under 26 years old

This offer will allow you to subscribe to Canal+, OCS, Netflix, Disney+ and Starzplay for only 20.49 euros per month and without commitment, this is the limited series Canal+ Ciné Séries which currently benefits from a reduction of 50 % but who is rerehaged at under 26. With this superb offer, we are still far from 58.95 euros per month if you were to subscribe to all these services individually: Netflix (standard formula) at 13.49 euros per month, Disney+ at 8.99 euros per month, OCS at 9.99 euros per month, Canal+ at 20.99 euros per month and Starzplay at 4.99 euros per month, and the others.

In this offer, you will obviously have access to the various services mentioned (Netflix, Disney+, OCS, Canal+, Satrplay), but also to channels channel+ series, Canal+ Grand Ecran, Canal+ Cinema, Ciné+, Canal+ Docs, Canal+ Kids and Canal+.

Can I subscribe if I already have a Netflix, OCS or Disney subscription+ ?

You already have a Netflix, OCS or Disney+ account and you want to take advantage of this offer ? Note that by choosing the Canal+ Séries offer, your Disney+/OCS/Netflix/Starzplay accounts will automatically switch to your channel account. You have nothing special to do except make the link between your different accounts from the MyCanal interface.

If you already have a premium package on Netflix, at 17.99 euros with 4 simultaneous screens, this Canal+ Séries offer gives you the standard formula with two different screens at the same time. But if you want to keep your 4 screens, it’s possible. However, you will have to pay a monthly supplement of 4 euros.

Finally, nothing prevents you from taking advantage of this canal+ cinema series offer at enticing prices, but do not wait too long to subscribe because the offer is limited !

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