Notice Prixtel Mobile: What consumers think, Avis Prixtel Mobile 2023: should we go to this operator?

Prixtel Mobile 2023 notice: should we go to this operator


We can observe in the Prixtel opinions, a lack of understanding on this operation, which gives rise to dissatisfaction on the part of the customer.

Prixtel Mobile: All opinions to make your choice

Prixtel is a virtual mobile operator (MVNO) present on the mobile telephony market since 2004. This operator only markets adjustable, non -binding mobile packages at low prices. Thus, all the Prixtel packages, adapt each month to user consumption. To date, Prixtel markets two basic packages and a limited series

  • Customer note Pricetel: 3.9/5
  • Adjustable packages : Prixtel offers mobile packages that adjust to the consumption of each user. If you consume little, you pay less and if you consume more, your package adapts without generating expensive package.
  • Non -binding offer : Prixtel subscriptions are available without commitment, allowing customers to leave the operator at any time without termination costs.
  • Competitive prices : Prixtel regularly offers special offers and discounts, making their packages more attractive with packages from 5.99 euros per month.

What are the Prixtel Mobile reviews ?

  • Majority of positive opinions (82.7% of customers recommend it) with a general note of 4.4/5 in January 2023
  • Speed ​​processing speed
  • Good value for money, with very competitive prices and adjustable and flexible packages depending on user consumption
  • Optimal coverage thanks to the quality of the 4G, 4G+ and 5G network of SFR
  • Customer satisfaction concerning the purchasing course, ranging from subscription to the commissioning of the package through the delivery of the SIM card
  • Customer service only reachable online, with complaints concerning a “nonexistent after -sales service”
  • Disappointment concerning the duration of reduced prices available only for a period of 6 months for certain offers
  • Discomfort with the transition from the Orange network to the SFR network since July 2021, with complaints concerning a quality drop

Positive opinions on mobile offers pricetel

Opinions on the Prixtel operator are mainly positive. Indeed, according to the Prixtel mobile notices present on the operator’s website, 82.7% of customers recommend it.

This operator also displays a General note of 4.4 out of 5 In January 2023 according to the opinions collected on the basis of customers Prixtel. To assign this note and an opinion, subscribers assessed the operator according to four criteria:

  • Processing their order.
  • Network quality.
  • The price.
  • Client service.

In order to confront the opinions present on the operator’s website, we also looked at the side of the Trustpilot reviews which attribute a general note of 3.9/5.

In general, Prixtel opinions reveal two main strengths: speed processing speed And value for money. In addition, since July 2021, Prixtel has guaranteed optimal coverage to its customers thanks to the Quality of the 4G, 4G+ and 5G network of SFR.

Reviews on the very good price-price report

Indeed, customers mainly emphasize the very competitive prices applied by Prixtel and in particular theadjustability and the flexibility Packages. Prixtel offers packages inside which three types of pricing are available. This principle allows users to pay the fairest price since they can choose the best formula adapted to their mobile uses. As such, customers express their satisfaction at pay only what they consume, has a attractive price.

Fully satisfied. The principle of the modular package as a function of consumption is practical and reassuring. Prixtel notice signed by a client on 30/12/2020.

Excellent on all points ! The landing system for the price of the package is great. Top price/price ? and the app that is easy to use and intuitive. We find ourselves there and we know what to expect, no unpleasant surprises at least. I will take a SIM for my wife in early 2023. I highly recommend ! Trustpilot review signed by a Prixtel client on 12/29/2022.

Speed ​​processing speed

Another strong point noted by customers Pricetel: the Customer monitoring quality Throughout the purchasing course. If several opinions underline Simple and fast treatment of their order, there is in any case No negative opinion on this topic. From subscription to the commissioning of the package through the delivery of the SIM card, the procedure seems completely satisfactory.

Exceptional experience: Ease of subscription of the package, unique “flexible” package on the market at a very competitive monthly cost, portage of the number of my old operator done in time with multiple information messages and confirmation of the delivery of The new SIM card, extreme ease of termination 100% online from another Prixtel package (for another number), monthly invoicing without any concern and that is forgotten ! A real faultless ! Trustpilot review signed by a Prixtel client on 11/23/2022.

The details of the offers is very clear, procedure of subscription very simple to follow and fast. Trustpilot review signed by a Prixtel client on 01/19/2023.

Negative opinions on mobile plans

This mobile operator also accounts for more mixed customer reviews. Several Awards Acts calling into question accessibility of customer service Only reachable online. Some users denounce an “nonexistent after -sales service”.

Another negative observation for this operator, several customers or former customers express their disappointment concerning the Duration of reduced prices available as part of a subscription to a Special Prixtel series. Indeed, certain low prices with Prixtel promotions are only valid for a period of 6 months. At the end, the pricel subscribers automatically pass on the rates excluding promotion explaining the increase in the price displayed on the invoice.

Last point called into question by Prixtel customers: The transition from the Orange network to the SFR network. Before July 2021, Prixtel offered its customers the opportunity to choose between the Orange and SFR network. However, since that date, Prixtel only offers the SFR network, this change leading to complaints from customers who had formerly subscribed to a package on the Orange network. Some say they lost in quality without having chosen it and complain of a less efficient SFR network.

Mobile packages Prixtel: The opinion of the expert JeChange

The Prixtel mobile operator stands out on the mobile telephony market by offering a unique offer. All mobile pricestel packages adjust to user voice and/or internet consumption.

With a Prixtel mobile package, if you consume little, you pay little and if you consume more, you benefit from a suitable package, without off -package. An ideal solution for Pay the price just according to your consumption every month.

In addition, for those who wish to call without counting, Prixtel also offers an adjustable unlimited package with the giant offer. He understands, in addition to the unlimited calls, THE Unlimited SMS/MMS and of 140 GB at 200 GB. There is something to meet the needs of many consumers with a phone bill from 9.99 euros per month. With both Prixtel offers, the SIM card is charged € 10 when ordering.

Tip: Compare mobile offers for free with jachenge ��

To help you find the subscription that suits you, compare all the offers via our mobile package comparator

Compare easily with an advisor �� 01 82 88 25 22

This low-cost operator also offers at certain periods of the year discounts or limited series packages to seduce ever more subscribers. THE Promotions Prize are most often valid for a period of 6 or 12 months depending on the special offer.

Note, pricel subscriptions are available without engagement. You can therefore leave this operator at any time without termination costs.

The Prixtel Package Le Grand or Le Géant presents a good value for money. Nevertheless, these adjustable packages are aimed at an audience capable of managing its subscription independently.

Indeed, the customer service of this MVNO is largely dematerialized. You can take many steps yourself from your Mobile Customer Pricetel area and enter Contact with Prixtel in the event of a problem via a forum Available in the “Assistance” section on the site of this operator.

⭐ Note from our Jechange expert: 4/5 Prixtel is a mobile operator that offers unique packages adjusting to user voice and/or internet consumption, including an unlimited offer with a wide range of mobile data, making its attractive packages for a wide range of consumers. The operator, who regularly offers limited discounts and offers, offers non -binding packages, allowing users to leave the operator at any time without termination costs. However, Prixtel customer service is largely dematerialized, which requires a certain autonomy from users to manage their subscriptions.

What price for price to choose ?

After you have an opinion on Prixtel, You wish to take out a package with this operator ? Find the details of the mobile packages without commitment Pricetel below.

As a reminder, Prixtel has the distinction of offering Flexible packages you pay according to your data consumption. There is for each package, the big and the giant, 3 levels of Gigas that correspond to 3 different rates.

The plans of the Le Grande range

The package Great, Available from € 9.99/month without obligation, is available according to 3 offers From 100GB to 160GB.

Whatever the offer, are included in the package:

  • 15GB From the European Union and the DOM
  • Unlimited calls and SMS/MMSFrom/to France, the European Union and the DOM

The packages of the Le Géant range

Depending on the same principle as the LA GRAND Package, the Package The Giant is divided into 3 offers but offers Higher internet envelopes up to 200GB.

The packages in the Le Géant range include the following services:

  • 25GB From the European Union and the DOM
  • Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS From/to France, the European Union and the DOM
  • Unlimited calls to fixed and mobile from the United States and Canada

Everything about Prixtel

  • All Prixtel packages
  • How to contact Pricetel ?
  • Reviews on Prixtel offers
  • The Prixtel network

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Prixtel Mobile 2023 notice: should we go to this operator ?

Is Prixtel a good operator ? Why choose Prixtel ? Before subscribing to an operator, customer reviews concerning their shopping experience is an important point to take into account. Find the strengths and weaknesses, as well as customer price reviews in order to know if this operator will suit you or not.

You want to take out a pricetel offer ?

What are the mobile price for customers evaluated by customers ?

Before we devote ourselves to favorable and unfavorable opinion concerning Prixtel, Let’s start with a quick reminder of the offers offered by the operator: Prixtel is above all known for its low prices on mobile phone packages, and an adjustable operation that allows you to pay according to its consumption. Prixtel packages are as follows:

Is there a 5G price ? Prixtel does not offer a 5G package as such, but offers a 5G option To be taken out in addition to your package. This option free 5g is Available only with the giant package priced.

By subscribing to a Prixtel package, it is also possible to buy a reconditioned smartphone. All phones are reconditioned in France, unlocked any operator and 12 month warranty. To know, there are 4 grades: “Good”, “very good”, “like new” and “premium” marketed by the operator.

Prixtel notice on its mobile offers ?

On the home page of its website, Prixtel displays a note of 4.4/5 Regarding posted customer reviews . This note, which reveals a Excellent level of satisfaction Is it credible ? According to the price reviews present on the internet, we can say that yes. On the operator’s website, opinions are mostly positive.

To have a real objective opinion on Prixtel, it is important to consult independent platforms to the operator. On the Trustpilot review platform, the operator obtains the average rating of 3.8/5 (Figures collected in September 2023), a feat in itself in the telecoms sector where major competitors like Red SFR, Bouygues or even are rather noted between 1 and 2 out of 5.

Prixtel packages have evolved in 2023. Certain Awards Acts collected on the Internet thus refer to old offers, the system of which is the same as that of current packages, but whose prices or names may have changed.

Satisfied customers thanks to the right value for the operator

The aspect which is most often discussed in the Prixtel opinions concerns the price of offers. The latter consider that the service is satisfactory, for a very correct price.

I had never heard of this operator

I had never heard of this operator then I subscribed to a package with them because the price was very competitive. Until now and for a few months, I have always been at Prixtel. No problem met.

Notice Prixtel signed Michaël S – Note: 4/5⭐ – September 12, 2023 (Source Trustpilot)

I am completely satisfied

I am completely satisfied with the pricing services for various reasons, the offers during the year, the ease of joining them if it is necessary. Prixtel that I did not know and then I told me in good so I joined a very suitable telephone package, really. thanks to the whole team.

Notice Prixtel signed Marie Lou C – Note: 5/5⭐ – 05 September 2023 (Source Trustpilot)

Proud to be part of the Prixtel community

I found Prixtel on the internet by comparing my package (RED) which seemed expensive. I discovered the concept of Prixtel which immediately seduced me, I ordered my package in stride. They took care of the termination, sent me my SIM very quickly, as well as the access to the app which is fun and update in real time. I save money, I participate in operating a French company that has chosen to limit its impact on the planet I am 100% satisfied. The invoices are clear and the scalable package makes me earn minimum € 80 per year for the same network used. Thank you Prixtel I recommend you to all my friends.

Notice Prixtel signed Déborah F – Note: 4/5⭐ – March 27, 2023 (Source Trustpilot)

An “adjustable” package which can be a source of dissatisfaction

What exactly a pricel adjustable offer means ? The principle is simple: within a single package, there are 3 pricing modes. Each month, depending on consumption, you only pay the price that corresponds to your use. This is done automatically, with the announced aim of optimizing your budget. Thus the price of the “Le Grand” package can vary between 9.99 €/month and 15.99 €/month the first year. To this are added very precise conditions of use, which is important to read.

We can observe in the Prixtel opinions, a lack of understanding on this operation, which gives rise to dissatisfaction on the part of the customer.

Subscription increase

Increase in subscription of 4.99 € at 9.99 € after a year, a priori in accordance with what was planned, and it is written on invoices as well as it was not clear to subscription. Then increase to € 10.49 2 months later. Then invoicing of a call exceeding 2 hours, € 2.50 for 5 minutes for a call of 2h05mn when before it cut after 2 hours, why did you change ? The way of doing things is really limited each time. And now, as unfortunately everywhere else, the packages for new subscribers are half price of what I have, without any means of negotiating. Goodbye Prixtel and I will not come back, which had never happened to me before at any other operator.

Notice Pricetel signed Jerl – Note: 1/5⭐ – September 11, 2023 (Source Trustpilot)

Attractive price but catastrophic network

I was attracted to Prixtel for its price € 5.99 for 20GB, perfect for me. I quickly disillusioned when I saw the quality of the SFR network where when I was in 4G, I did not catch or extremely badly. Although I paid 10 € of SIM card, a little more than a month later, I will quickly migrate for a better quality operator. This day I just received the last invoice and pricestel makes me pay the whole month. This is my experience at Prixtel that I am delighted to leave.

Notice Pricetel signed Flora T – Note: 2/5⭐ – 07 September 2023 (Source Trustpilot)

Interesting offers but which evolve in time

Interesting offers, but which evolve in time without you see it directly informed (you have to read a micro line at the bottom of your invoice for that), the formulas evolve all the time so difficult to find your way, and above all At the moment a more interesting offer is offered but I am not entitled to it. In addition unreachable customer service, only by a forum on their site, really not practical and you should not be in a hurry to obtain an answer.

Notice Pricetel signed LG – Note: 1/5⭐ – January 05, 2023 (Source Trustpilot)

The conditions for the use of Prixtel packages

As mentioned above, to avoid any unpleasant surprises, it is important to take into account all the rules of use of pricetel packages. Here are the uses that are not not included in your package and you will be charged:

  • Calls from the international (outside the EU and DOM)
  • Calls, SMS and MMS to special numbers and short numbers.
  • SMS+ Purchases and subscriptions Third Party Multimedia.
  • Beyond 200 different correspondents per month, invoicing at a rate of € 0.38 including tax/min or € 0.05 including tax/SMS/SMS.
  • Beyond 2 hours per call, invoicing at the rate of € 0.38 including tax/min.
  • Call transfer from France to a French number invoiced € 0.38 including tax/min, or abroad at the rate in force.
  • Mobile Internet outside the EU and DOM.
  • International calls and SMS/MMS (all countries)
  • Mobile Internet in EU and DOM limited to 20 GB/month
  • International calls and SMS/MMS (all countries)
  • Mobile Internet in EU and DOM limited to 20 GB/month

At the time of subscription, line activation fees in the amount of € 10 are invoiced.

Prixtel notices concerning the SFR network ?

Since July 21, 2021, Prixtel has only used SFR mobile network. In addition, greater changes in the structure are underway. Indeed, since July 22, 2021, the name of the CEO of Prixtel has changed to be replaced by that of the CEO of SFR: Grégory Rabuel on the transplants of the court.

What do customers of the SFR network think ?

Prixtel packages are adjustable according to your monthly consumption, and operate exclusively on the SFR network (formerly customers could choose between Orange and SFR). The price reviews left by customers concerning this passage are mixed, some being satisfied and others not. Indeed, the quality of the network depends strongly on the area in which we are (if it is more or less well covered by the operator).

SFR cover

Only problem: SFR coverage rather average

Notice Prixtel signed Christian- Note: 4/5⭐ – September 14, 2023 (Source Trustpilot)

Very bad coverage

Very poor coverage, increase in package without preventing. Obligation to change networks initially contract with Orange network obligation to take SFR. Customer contact impossible for robots.

Notice Pricetel signed thirties V – Note: 2/5⭐ – 07 September 2023 (Source Trustpilot)

Very bad coverage

They depend on the SFR network ! Suddenly, when I contact them for a network problem, everything they know how to answer me is: “depend on the SFR network, we are unable to intervene” this is what pricetel is !

Notice Pricetel signed thirties V – Note: 1/5⭐ – 07 September 2023 (Source Trustpilot)

You want to take out a Prixtel mobile package ?

The choice of the 4G/5G network of SFR

If you hesitate to subscribe to Prixtel, you can consult the cards network coverage 3G and 4G/4G+ for your address on our “Pricetel network” page or on Arcep or ANFR sites:

  • For more information on the Prixtel network and its cover card with SFR, you can consult our pricel network page.
  • ARCEP (regulatory authority for electronic communications and posts) regularly publishes updated data on the fixed and mobile networks of operators working on French territory. For mobile networks, she publishes on the site Monreseaumobile.Fr A detailed map of national coverage. This interactive map is very practical to use: it allows you to zoom in on the part of the territory that interests you and to visualize the network of operators of your choice. The window at the bottom right of the screen allows you to select only those that interest you, namely SFR. By clicking on the corresponding buttons to the left of your screen, you can select the mobile internet in 3G or 4G. Thus, you instantly receive the desired comparative data.
  • Anfr, National Frequencies Agency, publishes an observatory of the evolution of the SFR network and other Bouygues Telecom and Free Mobile operators every month every month. This is therefore another good way to obtain objective and updated figures.

Prixtel negative notice: Customer service called into question

Here we touch one of the sensitive points of the Prixtel offer: the operator has chosen to do without a customer service by phone in order to be able to reduce the costs of its packages as much as possible. If some consumers have understood this and manage to carry out all their online steps, others are more (much) reluctant.

In addition, since May 2023, Prixtel has implemented a new cat system that does not seem to satiate customers. Some do not manage to contact the operator in the overtime to solve their problems.

Customer service unable to respond

Customer service unable to respond during the day it is already an absolute scandal ! But there, several days for an emergency and they do not answer anywhere ! It’s completely crazy.

Notice Pricetel signed Wolof H – Note: 1/5⭐ – 07 September 2023 (Source Trustpilot)

Unable to contact the service

Unable to contact customer service. I sent a request to the cat (the only way to reach them) and she has been unanswered for a week (already).

Notice Pricetel signed AK – Note: 1/5⭐ – 03 September 2023 (Source Trustpilot)

Bad customer service

The network works well, but it is impossible to solve a problem of too perceived in terms of my invoice. The cat does not work (the conversation is fenced without any answer provided, impossible to open a new one) and no phone number, it is impossible to dive into an option that I did not ask for a real customer area a real very annoying headache ! Customer service is therefore very insufficient and I do not recommend this operator. I changed after a month. I do not want to pay an additional 10 euros every month for an option to which I did not subscribe.

Notice Pricetel signed Alice – Note: 1/5⭐ – August 24, 2023 (Source Trustpilot)

Since May 17, 2023, you can no longer post new messages on the site To contact Pricetel, you must connect to your customer area from the operator’s website or the prxitel app, and ask your questions to the cat present. To suspend your line, dial directly the 09 70 808 300.

Overcharging problems source of customer dissatisfaction

Among customers who have negative price reviews, there are quite many of them complaining about overcharging, especially among residents of border areas.

Small price that becomes huge

I started well with Prixtel and I was happy, but they increased by 5 euros my package without informing me. I was € 5.49 and from one month to the next they increased to € 10.49.

Notice Pricetel signed Sara S – Note: 1/5⭐ – 08 September 2023 (Source Trustpilot)

Small price that becomes huge

I price a € 9.90 package, I exceeded 1 time so I paid € 16.90. Since that day, Prixtel has € 16.90 per month without taking into account my consumption which has dropped [. .

Notice Pricetel signed Corinne M – Note: 1/5⭐ – 07 September 2023 (Source Trustpilot)

Small price that becomes huge

Small price that becomes huge as soon as a local number or other number (so -called) is not surcharged. Very slow flow. I stayed 3 months to try and I quickly returned to an operator certainly more expensive but qualitative and without surprise.

Reviews Pricetel signed Rémi – Note: 1/5⭐ – August 29, 2023 (Source Trustpilot)

We simply touch there at theDisadvantage of the adjustable package : Indeed, it can switch to a new price “without warning”. For example, as soon as you make a call or SMS outside national borders, can go directly to the pricing level above. This is of course indicated on the operator’s website in the details of the offer, but it is not necessarily clear for everyone.

On its assistance forum, Prixtel directs its customers to the solution: to avoid any change in untimely rate, it is possible to deactivate roaming services in the settings of your smartphone. It can also happen that when a phone does not capture the Prixtel mobile network, it switches to a foreign network or a satellite network (especially in white zone). To avoid this, simply go to the device settings and deactivate the automatic choice of the operator, which allows you to manually choose the Pricetel network.

Echosdunet Expert note on Prixtel: 4/5⭐

  • Simple and adjustable offer depending on consumption
  • Mobile packages at low prices with a large amount of Go
  • Mainly reactive customer service
  • Package adjustability not always well understood
  • Complicated pricing
  • Hors-for-formed problem in the EU zone
  • Change of orange to SFR for some customers
  • Cat with customer service that cannot be reachable by phone

Yes to a simple, basic and ecological offer


So what to think of Prixtel opinion ? Obviously, Prixtel has managed to seduce a clientele anxious not to spend too much and that can be satisfied with basic use. Nevertheless, we can see that the prices that automatically adjust are not unanimous: many customers seem to have encountered unpleasant surprises.

After all, who wants to dissect the tariff conditions line by line ? Thus, many customers complain that they do not always pay the basic price of their package. It should therefore be noted that adjustable packages have a major drawback: that of not being able to provide the price to pay at the end of the month. However, for classical use in mainland France, you should not encounter any problem !

Another problematic case frequently encountered in Prixtel opinion Negative: cross -border workers who have not taken care to deactivate homelessness in the settings of their smartphone and who sometimes see their price climb without warning. It happens that the latter connects to a network abroad, which automatically triggers a price change, to the chagrin of the subscriber !

No to customer service inaccessible by telephone and network problems

Another reason for dissatisfaction often noted: customer service. Indeed, it is not available by phone (a choice on the part of the operator) but only online on a dedicated forum. However, the Prixtel opinions are divided because if some regret not being able to speak to an interlocutor, others praise the responsiveness of the responses on the forum. One everywhere, the ball in the center !

Another point is raised by customers: network problems. Some customers formerly at Orange declare that the SFR network is not as effective, and that it is difficult to use its package sometimes even at home. A word of advice, check the operator’s mobile network coverage where you want to take out a package in order to be sure to take advantage of your offer.

Updated on 09/15/2023

Hervé is a experienced freelance editor who writes on all subjects related to telecoms

Prixtel 2023 reviews: should we go to this operator ?

Prixtel is an unknown operator, but its cheap mobile packages deserve the detour in 2023. In this Prixtel opinion, we therefore offer you a turn of everything that makes this operator an interesting choice.


In 2004, Prixtel landed on the mobile telephony market – the operator, from the outset, bet on the proximity and flexibility of its offers. In almost 20 years, Prixtel has thus managed to attract 300,000 subscribers, making it a relatively large MNVO.

Located in Aix-en-Provence, Prixtel offers unique plans that seriously compete with historic actors. In recent years, it has become a must on the mobile package scene. After having long capitalized on two plans (the Giga Series and the Complete), the operator announced in 2022 its current range still available in 2023: Oxygen, the Grand and the Giant.

Success is there since the operator has recorded phenomenal growth for several years. Before giving you our opinion on Prixtel in the smallest detail, we should come back to the specificities of this operator. Indeed, this unique flexible mobile package model allows prices to offer very different offers from competition. And they are much better in tune with the times: eco-responsibility and anti-gaspillage.

Today, Prixtel is based on 3 offers of mobile plans: one called “Oxygène”, the other “the big” and the third “the giant”. The particularity of Pricetel subscriptions is that they adapt to the actual consumption of their customers. In other words, the price will evolve every month (however, it remains contained) thanks to levels linked to the use of data. At each of the bearings is associated a price. The cost of the subscription can therefore vary over time, upwards and downwards.

Discover on this page our Prixtel opinion which will help you answer your questions about this telecom operator. Before going into the detail of this mobile plan, know that it is without a commitment to duration and that it is based on one of the best French networks. In this case, the MVNO offers the SFR network for all its communications. The giant formula is even compatible with 5G.


Unlimited calls & SMS

Data in Europe: 15 GB
Option (s): modular package


Unlimited calls & SMS

Data in Europe: 15 GB
Option (s): modular package


Unlimited calls & SMS

Data in Europe: 15 GB
Option (s): modular package


Unlimited calls & SMS

Data in Europe: 25 GB
Option (s): modular package

Prixtel notice: Presentation of its flexible package

Prixtel appears to be outsider on the market of mobile plans. Faced with competitors like B & You, Red by SFR or Sosh who have millions of customers, Prixtel plays the innovation card with original formulas. Its growth over the past few years has been thunderous with an increase of 67 % of its customer base in 2020. Before knowing our opinion on Prixtel, let’s dive into its specificities.

“The 100 % useful mobile operator” Based on two fundamentals: an optimal network for the customer, and a flexible offer. Since 2021, he has also put himself forward as a “Operator without commitment but committed”. All the carbon emissions from its customers are offset. He is the only operator ready to go so far to give himself a greener image.

Like all MNVOs, Prixtel buys minutes of communication and data from an operator before composing their formulas. Depending on the MNVO, customers therefore connect to orange, sfr, bouygues or free mobile antennas. Prixtel for its part has established an agreement with SFR.

This means that Prixtel customers can expect the same flows and the same coverage as that of SFR and Red by SFR subscribers. Including 5G. Mobile data is precisely the second peculiarity of the Prixtel operator. This immediately makes our opinion Price very positive: all the mobile plans (oxygen, the large and the giant) are “à la carte”.

Their price evolves according to your consumption. All always guaranteeing the lowest rates. In this way, customers always pay the “right price”. Calls, SMS and MMS are always unlimited. Recently, Prixtel offers in addition to its mobile packages, an offer of smartphones directly on its site. Prixtel mainly offers entry or mid -range models of major brands like Huawei, Honor or Samsung. The latest iPhones are not highlighted on the store.

Telecom operators find it difficult to compete with e-commerce giants (Amazon, Cdiscount) in terms of discounts on the latest smartphones. Prixtel therefore made the choice not to position yourself. That said, you have every interest in going through Amazon to get a smartphone at an advantageous price and then take advantage of the MVNO mobile packages to save.

That the Prixtel mobile package contains ?

As we have seen, the Prixtel package has an amazing particularity: its price changes depending on what you consume. You wonder what it can give in daily use ? Explanation.

Since its creation, Prixtel has always made the same promise: deliver mobile package whose price varies according to the real consumption of the user – without commitment of duration. The Prixtel offers in 2023 respond to a desire not to waste and master your budget. That said, whatever the formula, all SMS, MMS and calls are included in unlimited.

A person with a professional line will have to use many more data with their personal phone during the holidays. With the Prixtel offer, this customer can therefore pay the minimum during the months of work and more expensive because of his increased use of data during the holidays. It will always pay according to its use, without risking off-formation or sub-consumption.

In the end, the customer always pays the right price. Hence our opinion on Prixtel. The customer can follow his use in real time, which allows him to anticipate his mobile subscription. Below, we have detailed each of the packages. Month after month, the MVNO looks at how much you have consumed and it sends you an adapted invoice.

Here is the detail of the three pricetel packages available in 2023:

  • Oxygen (special limited series available from the end of 2022), up to 70 GB of data, unlimited calls and SMS/MMS, from € 6.99*
  • “Le Grand”, between 100 and 160 GB of data, unlimited calls and SMS/MMS: from € 9.99*
  • “The giant”, between 150 and 210 GB of data, unlimited calls and SMS/MMS: from € 15.99*

* Promotional rate that can vary over time (figures May 22, 2023)

Oxygen package

Today, the smallest mobile package at Prixtel is called Oxygène. It is a limited series, and a call product since it starts from € 6.99 per month. By default, it includes all calls, SMS and MMS unlimited. It is then the consumption of mobile data that will influence the price. If you use less than 3o go per month, the price will remain at € 6.99.

If you use between 30 and 70 GB per month, the cost of this subscription will then be € 8.99 per month. Finally, the last level at Prixtel remains in our opinion still very well mastered: it will cost you € 10.99 over the period if you use between 50 and 70 GB of data. This is one of the best packages of the moment.

Each month you only pay for what you consume with the Prixtel mobile package, which is a great feature and can be useful for subscribers already having a good opinion on Prixtel. In other words, if you consume a lot of data and the following month you are more moderate, the cost will then decrease. You can assiduously follow your consumption to have no surprises.

To finish this part of our notice on Prixtel, we must mention the discounts. Indeed, like other operators, Prixtel frequently makes discounts on its product. Above, you have the price on promotion currently. The price of the Oxygen limited series remains stable even beyond 1 year.

Rixtel does not ask for any commitment on its mobile package, so you have no notice. Again, Prixtel is today the only one to offer mini prices in the long term, you will not find this with a Red by SFR, B & YOU or SOSH – who invest massively in the deployment of 5G to the detriment of the discounts.

“Le Grand” and “Le Géant” packages

If the oxygen mobile plan is the most affordable of all early 2023, it is not necessarily the most suitable. If you have a more regular use of your smartphone, it will be better to go on the two upper formulas. They follow the same principle as the first with a system of data stages. Again, they are the ones who will influence the final monthly price. Calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited.

As part of a promotion, Prixtel displays an advantageous price on these. For example, the levels of the “Le Grand” formula which are 100, 130 and 160 GB are at the respective rates of € 9.99, € 12.99 and € 15.99 per month. In this offer, you also have 15 GB of data that you can use every month in the EU and the DOM.

“The giant” is for the biggest data consumers. With this formula, Prixtel leaves you the choice between all the networks (from 3G, 4G and 5G included) for your data. Here too, we find the operation with the Data levels: 150, 180 and 210 GB (including 25 GB Europe/DOM). If you watch movies and use your phone intensively, you will have to take this mobile package. The prices are € 15.99, € 18.99 and € 21.99 per month.

For those who have a 5G compatible smartphone and who want a good mobile package, Prixtel is an excellent choice, mixed if connecting to 5G will cost you an additional € 5 per month. He is also the only market operator to offer a 5G subscription that is still below 20 € per month at the turn of 2023. From a value for money, you will find your way. Note that you have to be in an area covered by SFR 5G to take advantage of the ultra-fast network.

To conclude this part of our Prixtel opinion, you should know that everyone follows the same principle: zero commitment of duration and advantageous price. Prixtel remains one of the most attractive operators on the market. No more telecoms actor is trying to make so low prices for a mobile package.

Prixtel notice on the price of the package

To do this a real opinion on Prixtel and its mobile package, it must be compared to competition, especially in terms of price. During promo periods, Prixtel is clearly in the top of the most attractive operators.

For standard prices, the operator’s strength lies in the price of the package that adapts each month. This is the best way to save money, without juggling between the different offers. Regarding the oxygen package, it appears as a reference among the best inexpensive mobile packages on the market. Whatever the level you choose, Prixtel is in force on all levels of data.

At best, competitors display the same prices. Otherwise, they are less competitive. This is the same principle for its more complete formulas: the big and the giant. You are free to compare the different levels with the competition and you will quickly realize that the MVNO is ultra attractive. On 5G, he is still a notch in front of all the others.

The real point that differentiates prices for offers is that its offers are flexible, à la carte. This allows him to compete with giants like Red by SFR, B & You, Sosh or Free. Prixtel may act as outsider on the market, it is nonetheless competitive. Now let’s go to the network since this is where the operator is really very strong, especially at this price !

Prixtel opinion on network quality

Prixtel offers the SFR network to its customers. In other words, by subscribing to a mobile package at home, you will benefit from the SFR network (as if you were an SFR customer). The difference lies in the price since the MVNO is cheaper. So you have every interest in taking advantage of the Pricetel subscription because it will cost you less than if you were going live.

And, like all operators who offer it, if you are not satisfied and your price price is negative, you can terminate at any time, all of the operator’s offers being without commitment. In order not to have to do the procedures, you can consult our complete guide on the method to change mobile operator.

Prixtel is a committed operator

As you have seen above, the price for price aims to limit waste. Rather than having an over-dimensioned package as in competition, you have a package whose price is closest to your use. This is a kind of 3-in-1 package that pleases. You will therefore not pay for calls/SMS/data that you will not use. And despite this personalization, in our opinion Pricetel is not more expensive.

Beyond his fight against waste, Prixtel is also an ecologically committed operator. Indeed, and this is what confirms our positive opinion on Prixtel, is that he is the only operator to compensate for all carbon emissions. In other words, for each CO2 emission from his client park, he will compensate for this by planting trees with a partner. Since the beginning of the year, dozens of hectares have been planted for this.

In the end, making the choice of a mobile package at Prixtel is a true eco-responsible choice. While telecoms are actors who have a fairly heavy environmental impact, this operator marks a turning point. In addition to the convincing value for money, you have a second argument to get there. You have no risk, you might as well make an opinion on Pricetel yourself.

Conclusion: our price on pricetel

In our opinion Prixtel would deserve to be at the forefront of French MNVOs. This amazing operator offers original formulas compared to competition. The modular packages, in particular, with their price that changes depending on the amount of data you use may certainly make you pay more for some less.

But you have to keep in mind that the basic price of the subscriptions is very low. In fact, you will always pay much cheaper than in competition. And as a bonus, you will never be able to say that you undergo your data envelope. The icing on the cake: the SFR antennas network on which Prixtel is based is simply excellent, especially at this price. You will almost never find yourself in an area where the Internet or calls are bad.

Prixtel also dares to offer the cheapest 5G offer on the market. It is difficult to do better, even if it should be noted that, Network SFR obliges, the availability of 5G is mainly in large cities covered by the operator. Access 4G/4G+ available in other areas nevertheless delivers a very close speed so that most customers will not really see a difference in most of the territory in mainland in France.

Prixtel is also an operator committed in favor of eco-responsibility and against waste. Consequently, the pricetel offers are made for you if you want a mobile offer that fits perfectly with your needs – rather than delivering services which you will actually benefit very little.

Prixtel may not yet be as popular as Free Mobile or B & You, it is nonetheless a solid player on the market and its more than 300,000 customers attest. In a period in which the whole competition raises the prices of the packages, the operator appears as a very interesting solution. In any case, the telecom operator is without obligation so you will not run any risk. You can learn more in our mobile package comparator available here.

To discover the whole range of Prixtel packages, it’s here:

And you, what is your opinion on Prixtel in 2023 ?