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Test of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: a gold case … in case of promotion

A great specialist in screens, Samsung wishes to keep its good reputation by equipping its smartphones (all ranges combined) with quality equipment. The Galaxy S21 FE therefore inherits this know-how. He joined a Dynamic AMOLED 2X Full HD+ slab with a 120 Hz refresh frequency.

Galaxy S21 FE 5G test: the sense of bad timing

After the success of the Galaxy S20 Fe, Samsung reiterates with a Galaxy S21 Fe just as attractive on paper. But its late launch may well harm him. We tested it.

Posted on January 17, 2023 at 5 h 33 min

Test Galaxy S21 Fe Design

In 2020, Samsung launched the Galaxy S20 Fe, a lightened and more affordable version of the Galaxy S20. Launched in the last quarter of the year, the smartphone had been very successful, well carried by the offers of Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and other “Day-Day”.

After such a welcome, difficult not to launch a new version the following year. Samsung therefore repaired with the Galaxy S21 Fe. Nevertheless, the health crisis has somewhat delayed its plans, so the S21 FE was not launched in the last quarter of 2021 but in January 2022. A late marketing that positions the Galaxy S21 FE facing the… Galaxy S21.

Our Galaxy S21 Fe test on video

At what price the Galaxy S1 Fe 5G is sold ?

The Galaxy S21 FE 5G was available at a price of 759 euros In version 6/128 GB and 829 euros in 8/256 GB version when it was released. Early 2023 it is found rather around € 500. It comes in four colors: white, black, lavender and olive green.

Galaxy S21 Fe at the best price Basic price: 759 €

What does the “Fe” suffix mean on this Galaxy S21 ?

But by the way, that this “fe” means. This suffix is ​​very recent in the history of the Galaxy S. In 2019, Samsung asked its fans what would be the essential points in using a premium smartphone and above all, what are the essentials to create a high-end model at the right techno-prix.

With the results of this study, Samsung launched the Galaxy S20 FE for “Fan Edition”. This model then resumed the essential of the characteristics of the S20 and were relieved of what fans considered gadget. All for a price (when it was released) revised downwards compared to that of S20. The Galaxy S21 Fe is therefore the logical successor of the S20 FE.

What is the design of the galaxy s21 fe ?

Test Galaxy S21 FE handling

If there is one area in which Samsung was particularly illustrated in 2021, it is that of design. The manufacturer surprised with its galaxy S21 whose integration of the photo module as original as confusing ended up seducing the majority of observers.

Obviously sure of him when designing his smartphones, the Korean has declined this distinctive brand on its Galaxy range. According to our test the Galaxy S21 FE logically takes up this photo module positioned in the upper left corner and marrying the edges of the smartphone.

If we had to summarize our impressions in a few words, we would say after test that The Galaxy S21 Fe is the fusion between a Galaxy S21 and a Galaxy A52. Of the first it takes up the materials (plastic), the lines and the quality of finishes. Of the second, he adopts the matt coating on the entire rear face.

Test Galaxy S21 FE Available

The choice of plastic and aluminum chassis allow it to be among the featherweights (177 g on the scale) in the category of smartphones of 6.4 ″. Because yes, The format of this Galaxy S21 Fe is positioned between the Galaxy S21 (6.2 ’’) and the S21+ (6.7 ’’). A pleasant daily format still requiring two -handed interactions to avoid falling. Although the screen is protected by a Gorilla Victus glass from Corning and the IP68 certified smartphone, it is better to avoid falls.

Without surprising, The design of the Galaxy S21 FE is therefore in continuity What Samsung has offered in 2021. End and elegant, this model has its place in the family of premium smartphones.

What is the screen of the Galaxy S21 FE ?

Test Galaxy S21 Fe Face

A great specialist in screens, Samsung wishes to keep its good reputation by equipping its smartphones (all ranges combined) with quality equipment. The Galaxy S21 FE therefore inherits this know-how. He joined a Dynamic AMOLED 2X Full HD+ slab with a 120 Hz refresh frequency.

We will not dwell on the display quality, always excellent at Samsung. If the bright colors much appreciated by the Korean are not your cup of tea, it is possible to adjust them in the screen settings. These are very complete and authorize an advanced personalization.

Test Galaxy S21 FE Performances

After test Galaxy S21 Fe, the screen is therefore excellent for daily use but also for multimedia. Players will also appreciate the frequency of 120 Hz bringing more fluidity in animations and transitions. We only regret that the frequency is not adaptive (as on the classic S21). Thus, the display is always calibrated on a frequency of 120 Hz which can affect autonomy.

Is the Galaxy S21 FE ?

Galaxy S21 Test Autonomy

On reading the technical sheet you could guess that the Galaxy S21 FE would meet everyone’s expectations. Samsung has indeed opted for The Snapdragon 888 chip (which equips the majority of high -end smartphones from 2021), 6 or 8 GB of RAM and 128 or 256 GB of storage (UFS 3.1).

This will not have escaped the brand’s followers, Samsung therefore swaps the exynos 2100 here (which equips the S21 in Europe) against the Qualcomm chip. A clever choice that allows S21 Fe to display better scores on the various benchmarks.

In use, these best performances are not really noticeable, the integration of the SOC Snapdragon 888 above all to improve the autonomy of the beast. As with the Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra, any user can enjoy an optimal experience, regardless of their level of requirement.

We can do everything with the Galaxy S21 Fe, from the most basic uses (messaging, social networks, web, photo) to the most advanced (photo editing, video editing, multitasking etc.)). The players will also find their account there since The Galaxy S21 FE runs all the 3D games of the moment with the best graphic quality and fluidity. One without fault.

What is worth the Android Onei 4 interface of the Galaxy S21 Fe ?

Test Galaxy S21 Fe One Ui

For the software part, Samsung put here on Android 12 with One UI 4, The latest version of his house overlay. This new update does not provide great upheavals.

It must be said that one ui was already illustrated by its high level of personalization, its complete and well thought out interface. This overlay is optimized for one hand use, including with large -screen models.

The integration of Samsung services (Samsung Pay, Samsung Pass, Samsung Dex etc.) is also among the big strengths of one ui. Finally, Samsung is one of the good students in monitoring updates.

We only regret the integration of too many pre-installed applications. Even if Samsung has calmed down a lot, we would like an additional effort, especially on premium smartphones.

The Galaxy S21 FE is good in photo ?

Galaxy S21 FE Camera test

Definitely very close to the Galaxy S21, The FE version inherits a trio of objectives quite close to the classic version. In reality the Grand Angle (F/1.8) is accompanied by the same main 12 MPXL sensor (with Dual Pixel). Ditto for the Ultra Grand Angle (F/2.2) which is also associated with a 12 MPXL sensor. The difference between the two models is at the level of the telephoto lens (3x optical zoom) which is here associated with an 8 MPXL sensor in place of the 64 mpxl sensor of the S21.

According to our test Galaxy S21 Fi is rather gifted in the exercise of photography. Well clever will be the one who will see any difference between the two models among the clichés captured at the Grand Angle and the Ultra Grand-Angle. The power of the Snapdragon 888 even allows Samsung to improve digital treatment and give a slight length to the Galaxy S21 FE. But then again, this is difficult to perceptible.

Portraits are just as qualitative as those of S21 Just like the night photos that display the same qualities and suffer from the same faults (a little too much noise, some halo effects in light sources).

In reality, the S21 is slightly behind when it comes to capturing pictures from afar. But the results obtained remain convincing, provided that you do not venture beyond a 10x hybrid zoom. Despite the highlighting 30x digital zoom in Samsung, it remains anecdotal.

The S21 also keeps a step ahead of video since it can film in 8k when The Galaxy S21 Fe is limited to 4K to 60 Im/s. But, once again, it does not really affect daily use.

In summary, the camera of the Galaxy S21 Fe is nothing less than a Galaxy S21 camera relieved of its Gadget features. He even pays the luxury of sporting a 32 MPXL front sensor of excellent invoice when his elder must be satisfied with a 10 mpxl sensor. Not bad.

Has the Galaxy S21 FE has good autonomy ?

Test Galaxy S21 FE Recharge

The manufacturers have taken the dirty habit of delivering their premium smartphones without charger. If the reason invoked (“it’s better for the planet”) does not smell bad faith in full nose, we would gladly accept it. We rather see a way to achieve great savings of scale since the prices of high -end smartphones remain the same (when they do not increase) while they are delivered without charging accessories.

If the manufacturers really wanted to worry about the planet, they would limit the number of smartphones launched each year. Samsung is not the worst since it has drastically reduced the number of annual outings. Nevertheless, This Galaxy S21 Fe is the fourth family model. Do we really need so much references ? Allow us to doubt it.

Let’s come to the facts: This Galaxy S21 FE is therefore delivered without charger. It is nevertheless compatible with 25W fast charging, 15W wireless charging and reversed recharge 10W. For the charger, you will therefore have to manage to find the one that best suits, for a few additional money. Samsung offers it on its official website. If that’s not lucky !

With good chargers, The Galaxy S21 Fe recharges rather quickly Without however breaking the records held by the Oppo Supervooc or the ultra fast charging of the Xiaomi 11T Pro (20 minutes for a full load). So count 1.5 hours on average to go from 0 to 100% using a 30W charger. With such performances, the S21 Fe therefore ranks average.

Galaxy S21 Test Autonomy

Same observation on the side of autonomy. In the absence of adaptive refresh frequency, energy consumption is greater than the models that are equipped with it. With its 4,500 mAh battery, the Galaxy S21 FE therefore holds an average day for advanced use and a frequency blocked at 120 Hz. The least greedy can hope to spend the day or even push for a day and a half of use. Once again, the S21 FE “does the job”, nothing more.

Test of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: a gold case … in case of promotion

Almost a year after the formalization of the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra, the FE version finally made its debut in France. But at a price of 759 euros, he has the arguments necessary to seduce the general public ? Answer in this full test.

Source: Anthony Wonner - Frandroid

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Our full opinion
Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

January 14, 2022 01/14/2022 • 19:30

Shortage of components obliges, samsung wingly grateful must have shifted the exit from its galaxy s21 fe, initially planned for the summer of 2021. A summer period which finally gave pride of place to the manufacturer’s foldable ranges, with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 on one side and on the other, the promising Galaxy Z Flip 3.

The health and industrial context made things complicated for Samsung, which releases the Fan Edition version a few weeks before the Galaxy S22, and especially a year after the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra. All to a pricing positioning that raises questions, with regard to the beautiful promotions already applied to the classic S21.

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This test will try to answer the following question: how the Galaxy S21 FE is worth it facing the rest of the range ?

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE technical sheet

Model Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe
Dimensions 7.12 cm x 15.17 cm x 7.9 mm
Building interface One ui
Screen size 6.41 inches
Definition 2400 x 1080 pixels
Technology Super Amoled
Internal storage 128 GB, 256 GB
Camera (Dorsal) Sensor 1: 12 Mp
2: 12 MP sensor
3: 8 MP sensor
Front photo sensor 32 MP
Definition Video Recording 4K
5g Yes
NFC Unknown
Battery capacity 4500 mAh
Colors White, purple, blue, green, gray
Price 399 €
Product sheet

This test was carried out from a model loaned by the brand.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe Design

We will never recall it enough, but the fan edition version of a Samsung Galaxy aims to offer a high -end phone experience at a price pulled down thanks to a few compromises. And these famous compromises are already present in terms of design, in small touches.

The S21 fe imprints the same plastic coating as its big brothers (except ultra), but not everywhere: the photo module formerly in aluminum taste this time in plastic. The printing that emerges is perhaps less premium, but the whole is at least unified. Also, the photo block no longer overflows on the side edge, and stops at the edge of the edge. Also favor a shell: plastic seems fragile and can be easily gripped.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Never mind, the design of the phone remains a frank success despite these slight modifications. Plastic is moreover of very good quality, and at the faculty by its properties of lowering the weight of a product: in this case, the Galaxy S21 Fe weighs only 177 grams, for a thin thickness of 7 , 9 mm (the same as S21).

Clearly, taking control of the smartphone is very pleasant and should suit 99 % of people. For lovers of compact smartphones on the other hand, know that this S21 FE version opts for a slightly larger screen (we will come back later) and subscribe the 6.2 inch diagonal observed on the S21.

For the rest, Samsung puts its honor in its honor with impeccable finishes, an IP68 certification (dust protection, immersion underwater for 1 hour) and a Gorilla Glass Victus glass adorned against stripes and shocks (still favor a shell, if only to hide the fingerprints that appear on the back).

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Also count on a double SIM and a standby button perfectly placed on the right edge. We could not say the same for the volume buttons, a high hair for the little fingers like mine. Nothing unacceptable in short, we get used to it quickly.

Finally, special care has been granted to the edges of the screen, which prove to be relatively fine except for the chin. But overall, a real on -board edge effect is felt when our eyes are landing on the phone. The selfie sensor comes to nestle in a central bubble. Nothing original here, of the great classic.

For lovers of wired audio devices, go your way: the Galaxy S21 FE obviously does not include a jack.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe screen

As spoiled Previously, the screen of the Galaxy S21 FE takes on the size with a diagonal of 6.4 inch, against 6.2 inches on the S21. For those who like to consume content on a large screen, it can be a plus. For those who prefer more compact formats, it is less.

The rest of the characteristics made in the basic with regard to its pricing segment: Full HD+, OLED for infinite contrasts and refresh rate of 120 Hz to bring this succulent fluidity to navigation. The screen is also flat, and not curved. Again, everyone will have their preferences.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

In use, the slab of the Samsung Galaxy S21 is a small treat to use: it answers you the finger and the eye with excellent reactivity and displays flattering colors for your retina. However, let us try to examine his bowels thanks to the Calman Ultimate Displays software.

The Galaxy S21 Fe offers two modes: lively and natural, which we both analyzed. With lively mode, coverage of SRGB and DCI-P3 spectra climb 180 % and 121 %, respectively. Very good scores, which remain lower than those of the classic Galaxy S21 (200 % and 150 %).

The situation is complicated with the Middle Delta, which corresponds to the fidelity of the colors displayed. We obtained a result of 7.12, far from the ideal score of 3. The temperature tends to pull a hair too much to blue (7075 k), when the maximum brightness of 703 CD/m2 is excellent. You will have no visibility problem in full sun.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Now let’s go into natural mode, which does not really meet expectations with an SRGB and DCI-P3 covered spectrum at 95 and 64 %, far too insufficient at this price range. The Delta E Middle Empire with a score of 8.33. The only data saving the bet is the temperature of 6661 K, which is therefore close to the 6,500 k desire.

To summarize the situation: favor live mode, which, certainly, does not really respect the fidelity of colors, but which has the merit of bringing a beautiful plurality. For the most picky, a gauge allows you to play with the white balance to juggle between warmer or colder shades.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe Software

If there is one point on which this phone stands out compared to the Galaxy S21, it is on its software interface when leaving the box. This fan edition is natively based on Android 12 and one UI 4, the latest versions of the bones. Consequences: he will be entitled to an additional major year of update and more security corrections.

In other words, the software life of this Galaxy S21 Fe is therefore a bit longer than its accomplices, despite the same name in its surname. It is therefore a strong point, since it will access more future features to which the other S21 will be private.

Regarding one UI 4 and Android 12, we invite you to consult our full test which summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of this interface.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Simply remember that the bone animations are both very fluid and pleasant to the eye and that the monet mode in the Samsung sauce – which adapts the colors of the system according to the dominant shade of the wallpaper – brings a beautiful Visual harmony to experience.

However, I was embarrassed by forced and unexpected application closings, but it was really rare. Also, the digital well -being function (to be found in the parameters), has never worked, for obscure reasons. The trigger for the camera application can also take time to take up when you want to capture a scene. Damage.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Android interface obliges, the parameters are always fairly cluttered: do not hesitate to put your hands in the kidnapping and take your time to customize the phone and find the small feature that could change your daily life.

Regarding HD content reading on SVOD platforms, the Galaxy S21 FE meets all the criteria with Widevine L1 compatibility. Well placed to fall naturally under your thumb, the fingerprint sensor makes a flawless.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe Audio

The Galaxy S21 FE offers you a stereo sound experience thanks to two speakers: one is placed on the lower slice, the other directly in the phone at the slot provided for calls for calls. Then inevitably, and as the “tradition” wants, their power differs: that integrated into the lower edge is more strong.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

As for the overall quality of the sound, you can go your way. Apart from the right medium management – the voices stand out well – the rest really leaves something to be desired. Between a little warm sound, treble and a definition of mediocre rendering, the Galaxy S21 does not collect a lot of points in this area.

Ll ago and for the same launch price, the Xiaomi Mi 11 broke the barracks.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Camera

The Galaxy S21 FE goes to the essentials and offers us a photo configuration without frills with three sensors as useful as each other. Here, no macro lens or unnecessary depth.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

  • Main 12 megapixel sensor;
  • Ultra Grand Angle of 12 megapixels;
  • 8 -megapixel X3 optical zoom.

Main sensor

Overall, the main sensor produces very good shots that should delight your mirettes: colorimetry management certainly tends to saturate colors, making them more pop, but that has the merit of flattering your retina. For example, the blue of the sky was not as blue as that in reality.

For the foodies In search of beautiful Instagram photos, telephone services should meet your expectations. The overall dive is satisfactory and brings an interesting level of detail. The quality of the sensor and the samsung algorithms combine well together.

Finally, the telephone manages the dynamic overall, even in more complex situations. Only the photo of the park could have been better tackled: the trees, and more particularly the top of the column, seem a bit undefeated. But it’s detail.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Ultra Grand Angle

Great performance of the ultra-wide-angle sensor, which on the one hand remains coherent in terms of colorimetry compared to the main sensor, and on the other, retains an honorable level of details. Apart from a loss of sharpness in corners as is traditionally the case, this objective fulfills his job.

The only downside that can be noted concerns the dynamics: in the second photo, the sun attacks the sky which is simply too exposed. We have voluntarily put him in situations of backlight to see what he had in his stomach. But overall, this sensor will bring you complete satisfaction.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

X3 Optics

The X3 Optics continues in this same line, with an excellent dive which guarantees a good capture of details. You’re going to have fun, it’s a guarantee.

As with the ultra high angle, the management of the dynamics deteriorate even more: in the second image, the trees are under-exposed, Conversely from the sky, overexposed. Chromatic aberrations are also visible at the level of the branches.

Finally, in the last photo, the sensor tends to slightly yellow everything. In reality, the facade of the building was whiter. Again, it’s detail.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

By night

At night, the Galaxy S21 Fe is amazing, in the right direction of the word. Apart from the Ultra Grand Angle Plus “Cracra”, the main sensor and the telephoto lens really good. The first is clear and relevant, without falling into the traps (halo, Lens Flare) Artificial lights. That’s a good point. The second suffers from a more or less marked digital noise according to the captured scene.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Night mode

Night mode has a real interest in faces of people. As you can see, normal mode smooths the skin a lot, when night mode gives depth to colors and facies. There is a real effect before, after.

Without night mode

With night mode

Portrait mode (X1 and X3)

In portrait mode, the behavior of the device sometimes raises questions: the X1 smooths the faces a little too much, but cut out the subjects overall well. A few small strands of hair sometimes go through the hatch.

With the X3 Optics, still in the mode brought, the applied treatment seems to be slightly deteriorating the sharpness of the image, for a mixed result but still usable. Clearly, everything is not perfect, but there is good.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe


Samsung uses as a commercial argument its front sensor of 32 megapixels, against 10 megapixels on the classic Galaxy S21. But be careful not to fall into its marketing traps. This sensor is much more restrictive than you think.

Already, it is necessary to activate 32 megapixel mode in the camera application settings. Yes, it is not available by default. This is binding. In addition, the difference with 10 megapixel mode is minimal, even non -existent.

10 MP mode

32 mpx mode

In reality, the photo of 10 megapixels is even better, because more contrasting and better reflecting the colorimetry of reality. The 32 megapixel mode tends to deflect the image and give my colleague a palot to my colleague. This mode is a failure.


Finally, note that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe is able to film in 4K at 60 fps with the main sensor. The optical zoom X3 must be satisfied with 30 fps maximum.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Performances

With a processor of a different brand, which is more Qualcomm, the Galaxy S21 Fe is necessarily expected at the turn concerning the performance. The classic S21 exynos 2100 manages to hold the tide against the Snapdragon 888 of the FE and its 6 GB of RAM ?
We will try to respond to it with the data recorded on benchmark applications.

For Antutu, difficult to designate a winner. Indeed, the version used last year not being the same as today, the results cannot be compared. As a reminder, Antutu tries to represent the whole experience of a smartphone: it is therefore generally a good indicator to measure its power.

Model Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe Samsung Galaxy S21 Google Pixel 6 Pro
Antutu 9 697365 N/C 478763
Antutu 8 N/C 647131 N/C
Antutu CPU 185764 178483 101893
Antutu GPU 244370 268720 194053
Antutu Mem 123403 115695 80918
Antutu UX 143828 84233 101899
PC Mark 2.0 N/C 12466 N/C
PC Mark 3.0 13472 N/C 11217
3dmark Slingshot Extreme Physics N/C 4288 N/C
3dmark Wild Life 5263 5843 5836
3dmark Wild Life Middle Framerate 31.5 fps 35 fps 34 fps
GFXBENCH AZTEC VULKAN / METAL HIGH (Onscreen / Offscreen) 40/26 FPS 38/31 FPS 25/27 fps
GFXBENCH Car Chase (Onscreen / Offscreen) 48/56 FPS 54/66 FPS 31/55 fps
GFXBENCH Manhattan 3.0 (onscreen / offscreen) 96/103 FPS N/C 74/105 FPS
Geekbench 5 single-core N/C N/C 1027
Geekbench 5 Multi-core N/C N/C 2760
Sequential reading / writing 1458/681 MB / s 1868/1300 MB / s 1197/207 MB / s
READING / READY 45430/55612 IOPS 78431/72742 IOPS 31516/48555 IOPS

See more benchmarks

Let us look rather on the 3DMARK application, which focuses on the graphic performance of an SOC. The idea being to animate the GPU further – here, a Kryo 680, 5 nm, 8 hearts – in order to push it in its entrenchments. And in this little game, the exynos 2100 of the Galaxy S21 seems to be better drawing its faces of the game, but.

On GFXBENCH, which also focuses on graphic performance, the results are balanced. While on Androbench, which assesses the storage performance of a phone, the Galaxy S21 Fe is once again dominated. It is however impossible to compare their pcmark score, the used version not being the same.

Beyond its little digestible technical data, what can we remember from the performance of the Galaxy S21 FE in practice ? Overall and with simplistic use of your phone (Internet navigation, small games, music, video content), everything is bathed. You will have no problem of fluidity and power. The smartphone responds perfectly to your requests.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

If he responds to all conventional uses, he manages to deploy the resources necessary for gourmet 3D games ? In the case of Fortnite, The observation is half-fig half grape. With HD textures, in 60 fps, epic and 100 %3D resolution, the freeze are multiple and prevent you from playing correctly. Avoid.

By lowering the number of FPS at 30, it’s better, but far from being perfect. Slowdowns are still felt during dynamic combat phases, where your character tends to move in all directions. It’s playable, but really not optimal to sign a top 1. For a smartphone of his ilk, it’s a disappointing hair.

We therefore advise you not to activate HD textures when launching the application Fortnite, and limit you to 30 fps to guarantee a fluid experience. Note also a pronounced phone heating after 10 minutes of play: in winter, it can be practical to warm your hands, but that’s all.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Battery

Let us not turn around the pot: the autonomy of the Galaxy S21 Fe is clearly disappointing despite its best battery of 4500 mAh (4000 mAh on the Galaxy S21). Already, our Test software test protocol, which simulates a continuous activity to drop the autonomy to 10 %, recorded a mediocre result: 9:25 am (11:32 am for the S21 Plus).

This is one of the worst scores recorded on the panel of smartphones tested in the past year. This encrypted assessment is corroborated by our impressions during daily use. With relatively intensive use, the percentage of battery has quickly dropped, to the point of falling under 10 % at around 9 p.m.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

If you decide to sip a drink in afterwork And to continue with a restaurant while actively using your phone, expect to be HS during the evening. With more moderate use, the Galaxy S21 Fe is able to hold a whole day. But it will be necessary to pass it with the recharge box before your sleep night.

Speaking of recharging it, know that the phone climbs to a wired 25 W power, but that no compatible block is provided – only the cable is present. It will therefore be necessary to buy this accessory in addition to the smartphone. In all cases, this 25 W peak remains too low compared to competition from the segment, where the 33 or even 67 W are now common. On this point, Samsung remains lagging behind.

Recharge speed level, here are the measurements noted during our tests:

  • 10 minutes: 6 % to 17 %;
  • 30 minutes: 6 to 39 %;
  • 1h: 6 to 70 %;
  • 1h30: 6 to 93 %;
  • About 1h45 per 100 %.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Networks and Communications

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe is obviously 5G compatible. Unfortunately, Samsung has not yet published the detailed technical sheet of the phone to discover with which frequency bands it is compatible. Also note that in terms of geolocation on Google Maps for example, the device is precise and reliable in terms of directions.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe

Regarding telephone calls, it is a faultless: intelligible voice, perfectly erased sound nuisances (even horns are attenuated), natural voice and well cut microphones when no one speaks. In short, you will have no communication problem with your interlocutor with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Price and release date

The Galaxy S21 FE is available on the official Samsung website at a price of 759 euros in configuration 6 + 128 GB, with wireless headphones Galaxy Buds 2 (value of 149 euros) as well as 100 euros of bonus recovery, in the of a promotional offer valid until February 8, 2022. The phone is also available at resellers.

For the greediest, an 8 + 256 GB version of storage is also available at a price of 829 euros.