NordVPN review and VPN test: mini price, maximum security, NordVPN test: our opinion on this highly courted VPN (2023)

NordVPN test: our opinion on this highly courted VPN (2023)


We knew this type of bug during our test and wanted to share it with you so that you can fix them in case you meet them. In this case, for some people, the VPN fails to connect. Worse, sometimes it appears to be connected, but, in reality, the Internet is then completely cut. Although our opinion on NordVPN is active, we understand that this kind of situation can annoy users.

NordVPN reviews and VPN test: mini price, maximum safety

You may know what a virtual private network (VPN) is, but the chances that you use one are very thin. What is certain is that you should really equip your devices with a VPN. Because in the end, you could find it just as essential as your own internet connection.

Today, we look at the NordVPN case which offers excellent privacy protection and first -rate customer service. In this NordVPN opinion, we will take a closer look at this PANAMA -based VPN supplier, which has existed since 2012 and which provides VPN protection for a large number of users thanks to very complete compatibility (Windows, MacOS, IOS, Android Smart TV, etc.)).

If you use the Internet for your business, your personal finances, your leisure or your purchases, you put your personal information and your family in danger, as well as that of your business. Internet users face an increasing wave of criminals and government organizations that are not worthy of confidence that seek to access everything that concerns you. This is where VPN (Virtual Private Network or Virtual Network Network in French) are involved, such as NordVPN.


What is NordVPN ?

Let us start this NordVPN opinion with a succinct presentation of the service. This VPN supplier provides security and online flexibility to all of its users by retaining their data and their real IP address sheltered from prying eyes. The service offers a encrypted connection, which makes almost impossible for cybercriminals and your internet access provider to see the data that your computer (or any other device connected to the Internet) sends and receives.

In addition to data encryption, NordVPN also offers the possibility of accessing websites and services that may not be normally available in your region due to government censorship on content or geographic restrictions imposed by the diffuser.

NordVPN is based and operates under the jurisdiction of the country of Panama. There are no compulsory laws on data conservation in Panama, so that the service is not required to store connections newspapers, which is an excellent sale argument for any VPN supplier.

In addition, the supplier claims that, no matter how much a court or a government body can, push them to produce newspapers of the online activity of a customer, they could not provide them, even if they wanted. Simply because he does not collect any newspaper or register. Nothing can be provided because they do not exist. Confidentiality is the major advantage of a no-log VPN.

NordVPN operation

The service offers applications for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android. Chrome OS, Windows Phone, Linux and Raspberry Pi users can use the service via personalized settings. DD-WRT and tomato compatible router users, as well as certain storage devices connected to the network, can also access the service.

NordVPN offers the openvpn protocol on most current devices, as well as PPTP (point-point Tunneling Protocol) and L2TP/IPSEC. Recently, users can also have recourse to Nordlynx, the new house protocol of NordVPN. The technology of this protocol is based on Wireguard speed without the confidentiality problems that we know. It is therefore optimal in most situations.

Note that NordVPN has 5,300 servers stationed in 60 countries when writing this NordVPN notice (2023).

What does it all mean for you, VPN user ? This means that the NordVPN service offers excellent protection for your data and without constraints.

How NordVPN works ?

NordVPN allows users to hide their real IP address when they use the Internet. To do this, the service is sending a user’s internet traffic via its own NordVPN servers, giving the impression that user connection comes from one of the many IP addresses from NordVPN.

By masking their actual IP address, users can then connect to websites and other web services unavailable in normal times due to government restrictions or the content provider.

In addition to hiding IP addresses, NordVPN also figures the data from its users, thus protecting them from prying eyes or too curious government organizations.

The NordVPN website

The NordVPN website is more complete and ergonomic compared to other industry websites. The features, prices, server information, tools, help and account information are all available at the top of the home page.

The website is well presented and most information is easy to find. The site’s features section gives a good overview of VPN technology, the operation of the supplier service and Benefits of a VPN. We also appreciate the fact that the contents are written in French.

NordVPN often offers codes or promotions to test its service, if it is not directly registered on the site, a small search in our good deals section will allow you to find your happiness. Also think of promotions on the occasion of “Black Friday”.

NordVPN installation

This NordVPN opinion would not be complete without talking about the installation of the software. The supplier offers applications for Windows, MacOS, IOS and Android. It also provides tutorials on how to configure the service on other devices, including Chrome OS, Windows Phone, Linux and on Raspberry Pi. The service will also work with DD-WRT routers and various network storage devices.

NordVPN can also be installed directly on Android Smart TV or the Amazon Stick Fire Stick, which is very practical for streaming on the big screen. You will not be disappointed since it is the Best VPN for Smart TV.

Gaming consoles and streaming boxes work with the NordVPN service. However, they cannot be connected directly and should rather obtain their connection via a compatible router or a shared internet connection from a computer connected to NordVPN.

The installation is generally happening by downloading the file directly to its official website or from application stores. Indeed, if Windows and MacOS software are available directly on the NordVPN site, iOS and Android applications are available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store respectively.

Installation of the application on a mobile device

The installation of the NordVPN application on iPhone, for example, follows the usual rigid routine consisting in visiting the iOS App Store to download and install the application. Download only takes approximately one minute, after which it is automatically installed and is ready to be launched by pressing the icon.

The application is used for the first time to connect to a VPN server, it will ask permission to install a certificate to allow the NordVPN service to be trusted. You will need to enter the password of your device or use your fingerprint via Touch ID to allow the installation of the certificate. The configuration takes a few seconds. Note that it is one of the best VPN iPhone that we had the opportunity to test.

NordVPN IOS Application

The installation of the Android version is also fast and easy, with a visit to the Google Play store to download and install the application.

NordVPN is available on a very large number of supports. By coupling its multi-platform compatibility with the 6 simultaneous connections included in each account, this allows you to have a 360 ° experience on many devices.

Characteristics and use

Once the installation is completed on your computer or smartphone, just launch the NordVPN application and enter the login combination and password created when registering for.

The application requested permission to install an aid application, which makes the use of the VPN service a little easier, because it allows the application to put a quick access icon in the menu bar office, offering quick and easy control of VPN connections.

The NordVPN application presents a clear interface, displaying a rather caricatured map of the locations of the available servers. Users can click on the locations represented to immediately connect to a NordVPN server. Users can also quickly connect to a server by browsing the “list of countries” at the top of the application window, which lists all covered territories.

NordVPN Windows Application

Users can define any server as “favorite” by clicking on a heart next to the server name in the list. It is practical to save servers that prove to be particularly reliable, for quick access from the list of “favorite servers” of the application.

Presets are a new very useful function because it allows you to define precise connection parameters adapted to various situations. When you download, you will not necessarily opt for the same server or the same protocol as during your usual usual navigation sessions. These shortcuts are there to save you time by connecting not to a country, but directly to the preset determined according to your criteria.

The NordVPN service also has other additional connection options that are rare at other VPN suppliers that we will see just after in this NordVPN review.

Note that a subscription allows users to connect up to 6 devices under a single account. However, if you connect several devices to the same server, you must choose different protocols for VPN connections. This means that 5 devices can be connected to a single server. The other device can connect to a different server. That said, with the more than 5,300 servers available, this situation is not likely to arrive.

The company proposes to set up a router with their services, which would only count for a single connection, but would allow multiple connections.

Double VPN

NordVPN has a “Double VPN” connection where user data is sent via 2 VPN servers before reaching their destination. The company claims that Double VPN offers improved encryption, safety and anonymity.

Double VPN NordVPN

NordVPN provides customers with more than 90 “Double VPN” servers. We have tried the United States/Canada and United Kingdom options and we found that it slightly slowed down our connection-always usable, but significantly slower. The results are of course variable according to your basic connection and the server load.

In our opinion, this option is ideal for Internet users who need reinforced anonymity, especially those living in countries where online surveillance is common.

Onion over VPN

NordVPN says that their Over VPN Over VPN connection option brings confidentiality and safety to the next level. When a customer connects to an Over VPN Over VPN server, the latter then sees all traffic via the Tor network. The traffic is first encrypted in the northern layer and then sent to the Tor network.

This allows access to websites “.onion ”, which are only available via the TOR network, in complete confidentiality. Since your data is encrypted before you even go there, no one will know that you are not on the public internet. However, the service recommends caution when accessing using onion over VPN, due to the various questionable activities for which The Darknet network is known.

Obfuscated servers

Any good VPN service offers you a quantified connection. But the latter is recognizable by your Internet access provider. He will not see your activities online but he will know that you are using a VPN. In some countries, the connection can be blocked as soon as the operator detects that traffic comes from a VPN. It is to avoid these kinds of situations that NordVPN offers obfuscated (or obscured) servers.

There are approximately 150 obfused servers. Thanks to them, data packets are modified and blurred so that internet service providers identify traffic as normal. This function is particularly useful for those who need to get around the blockages or who live in highly regulated areas.

Dedicated IP servers

Dedicated IP servers provide users with clean IP address. They will be the only ones to use it. The company offers IP addresses dedicated to the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and France. In one or other of these countries, a dedicated IP is accompanied by an additional price of $ 70 per year.


Once a customer is registered with the NordVPN Dedicated IP option, he becomes the only customer using this particular IP address. It is therefore less likely to be blacklisted by the sites. The dedicated IP thus avoids CAPTCHA for example. This makes a dedicated IP server an excellent option for customers who need a static and constant IP address to access certain networks, databases, servers and other online services.

P2P file sharing (torrents)

NordVPN allows the use of P2P and Bittorrent connections on its network, but only on servers specifically reserved for this purpose (more than 4,700). Connection to a server which is not marked as being intended for P2P use will lead to the re-re-enactment of traffic to P2P servers located in Canada and the Netherlands. In our opinion, dedicated servers are a real advantage to optimize your connection and benefit from the best possible speed.

Anti-menaces protection

Anti-menaces (formerly Cybersec) is another option supported on the NordVPN application. Concretely, it is a powerful all-in-one tool capable of blocking advertisements and preventing phishing attempts. Anti-menaces protection also makes it possible to detect sites hosting malicious software and DDOS attacks. Even if this functionality does not replace an antivirus, it is already very useful for increasing its protection on the net and it is a real plus in this opinion on NordVPN.

In short, NordVPN applications are easily and quickly installed. This VPN is suitable for everyone. Connection to a VPN server is done in a few clicks, and you are quickly connected. The application has only a minimum impact on system resources. The application offers a quick way to connect to “favorite” VPN servers and access the Tor network. With “double VPN” protection, special servers and even the possibility of using dedicated IP addresses for a supplement, NordVPN has excellent features.

Split Tunneling

In the NordVPN application, you will also find a Split Tunneling function. What is it exactly ? Split tunneling is a feature that allows you to choose the applications for which you want to use the VPN, and those that can connect without protection.

The goal is to be able to better control how you want your VPN to be used. Thanks to the Split Tunneling, each time you launch one of the added applications, you also activate VPN protection.

To configure the Split Tunneling, go to the application settings then click on “Split Tunneling”. From there you can activate the functionality and decide the applications to protect or not.

Northern Tunneling Split

At a time when we write this NordVPN review, this feature is available on the Windows, Android and Android TV version of the application. You will not have the opportunity to take advantage of it on MacOS, Linux and iOS, which is a shame.


One of the last additions of NordVPN is the mesh network. This feature is also called by the supplier “Meshnet”.

What is the objective of this ? Create a secure private network for many devices located anywhere in the world. This allows you to access it remotely and have your full online traffic transit through another device.

You can thus:

  • Connect several of your devices between them
  • Invite friends who use NordVPN to create a LAN (local network)

The performances we were able to note by testing the Mesh network of NordVPN were very good. This is not a surprise because the company is based on its Nordlynx protocol (a derivative of Wireguard) to make it work.

Meshnet NordVPN

You have trouble seeing the real use cases of this meshnet function ? Here are some concrete examples: create a local game server (but allowing people to play around the world), access the files stored and shared on other devices, or allow other devices to transport the Traffic through your device.

Meshnet is currently available on Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS and Linux applications from NordVPN. One last small clarification: with Meshnet you can connect up to 60 devices (10 devices to you + 50 devices from other people you can add by sending invitations).

Connection quality and speed

Let us continue this NordVPN 2023 opinion by interesting to its speed. When we test a VPN supplier, we do the following to test the quality of the connection. We are testing the ping (reaction time), as well as the download and upload speeds via the Speedtest site. We do this to make our normal internet connection become a reference.

Then we carry out the same tests using a VPN connection in the United States, then a VPN connection to the United Kingdom. All connections are made by selecting the name of the country and allowing the VPN supplier to make the server selection.

When it comes to internet connections, “the faster it is” better “. But it is also an undeniable fact that you will suffer a loss of speed when you use a VPN connection.

When we examine the results of our speed tests, we see that in general, the more you are far from a VPN server, the higher the ping and the lower the download and loading speeds measured are low. But, how does it affect your use of the Internet ?

When it comes to ping, the lower they are, the better your internet experience is. You will not notice that your daily use is greatly affected by higher pings, but if you are playing resource gourmet shooting games like Call of Duty, you will then be eliminated before you can return and shoot if your pings become too much students.

The number of downloads and loads on most VPN servers will be lower than that you will measure with direct connection. The figures indicated during my tests for the American and British VPN connections via NordVPN do not show an unacceptable drop in the two sets of measures.

The connection quality of a VPN server can be affected by a number of factors. Server loads can considerably affect the quality of the connection. The higher the number of users connected to a VPN server, the less reactive it will be.

Many VPN suppliers can help you avoid this problem by offering you a “best connection” option, which connects you to the most effective server of the service at that time. If security is everything you need, this option is always the one you should, at least try.

VPN protocols can also slow down a connection. Modern popular protocols, such as the 256 -bit OpenVPN option, are very effective. However, as a rule, the more good the encryption, the slower the connection. But also keep in mind that the slight performance penalty for better encryption is a small price to pay to protect your personal data.

Finally and above all, remember that any internet connection is as fast as the slowest point of the course. Any “sub-optimal” connection point anywhere between you and the VPN server will slow down operations.

When we test a new VPN supplier, we try to include all the usual online activities to which a user can submit their VPN connection. This includes video streaming, games, usual navigation on the web, email and publishing of documents. We therefore perform all these tasks via American, British and French VPN connections.


YouTube worked well, without visible problems on connections in the United States and the United Kingdom. We were able to read full screen HD videos, which were continuously broadcast on the two connections.

Skype and FaceTime

We carried out usual Skype call tests, both audio and video, on American, British and French connections. The three types of calls were dealt with, rang and presented themselves as if they had been made on an internet connection without restriction.

For facetime under Mac, this can be more complicated because Apple requires a particular connection. But recently, the app available on the App Store has used the IKEV2 protocol as default connection to VPN servers, which no longer poses a problem.


We have already mentioned previously in this northern opinion that the online game via a VPN could undergo some concerns, especially in terms of ping, primordial to play. Finally, connections with the United States and the United Kingdom were more than at the height of the task, but we suggest that you test for 1 month for example, to try the connections before taking a subscription on length term.

General use of the Internet

Using the NordVPN connection during our normal working day, we found that connections in France, the United States and the United Kingdom were more than addequate for our needs. Despite many tasks, access to different sites and services, the connection was more than at the height of the challenge. We didn’t feel like we’re slowing down in our working day.

Mobile app

The NordVPN application is a great way to protect the Internet connection from your mobile device. It quickly establishes a connection and provides access to all types of connections that NordVPN offers to its customers.

While connections to the United States and the United Kingdom offered much longer ping times and considerably lower download speeds, in both cases, connections were more than in accordance with what we asked them.

By testing NordVPN on a mobile device, we were able to perform the usual tasks without problem. Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Messenger, Whatsapp, etc. – All this without problem. Overall, NordVPN worked well on our smartphone.

World servers coverage

NordVPN Offer 5,300 servers in 60 countries When writing this opinion on NordVPN. On its site, the supplier even allows you to see more precisely the number of servers per country. Most of their VPN servers are located in Europe. This could be considered a plus for users located in other parts of the world, while Europeans may like to seek elsewhere to have access to other services.

NordVPN Network Servers

Overall, NordVPN offers decent world coverage of servers, although their coverage is concentrated in the European area of ​​the world.

Confidentiality, security and legal notices

Encryption levels vary depending on the type of connection and the application used. These include IKEV2/IPSEC, Nordlynx, OpenVPN – 256 bits, L2TP/IPSEC, PPTP and SSTP encryption, PPTP and SSTP.

The last 3 levels of encryption above are not recommended by NordVPN for use with their service unless OpenVPN, Nordlynx or IKEV2/IPSEC simply do not work in your situation. NordVPN explains that L2TP/IPSEC, PPTP and SSTP are older encryption protocols, and that they simply do not offer the best possible protection for your connection.

As mentioned at the start of our opinion on NordVPN, the company is based in Panama City (in Panama), and as such, it benefits from the absence of compulsory retention laws. NordVPN is not forced to store logs, which is an excellent work environment for a VPN supplier and its customers. On this subject, you should know that independent audits have been carried out to verify the declarations of NordVPN vis-à-vis its security device. It turned out that the institutes have confirmed the veracity of its remarks, in particular concerning its No-Log policy.

As NordVPN says on its website:

“From the moment a NordVPN user.Activates NordVPN software, its Internet data is encrypted. It becomes invisible for governments, ISPs, third party ferrets and even In addition, we have a strict policy of non-logs when it comes to seeing the activity of online users: being based in Panama, which does not require data storage or reports, we are allowed to refuse Any request for third parties. Period.»

NordVPN does not record any online activity of a user. The only information they keep on their users is their email address (used to connect to VPN, as well as for marketing and troubleshooting) and their billing information (used for reimbursement procedures).

NordVPN applications do not work “normally” from restrictive countries like China, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. However, the supplier explains that a manual VPN configuration of the L2TP protocol with certain specific parameters will allow a connection to the services in these countries. The NordVPN assistance team will help you set up this system if necessary. Note that it is preferable to do so before going to one of these “restrictive” countries, at the risk of not having access to the supplier site or the registration page.

Finally, NordVPN accepts cryptocurrency as a means of payment for VPN subscriptions. It is a must for any user really interested in protecting their online private life because the transaction will not appear on your bank account statement.

NordVPN subscription options and prices

Now let’s see in this northern opinion the various formulas and the prices of the service provider. NordVPN offers a variety of subscription options. The options include a monthly, annual or two years plan.

The subscription conditions and costs are as follows (2023):

  • 1 month package – € 12.99 per month
  • Package 1 year – € 4.99 per month, billed € 59.88 in the first year
  • Package 2 years (and 1 month offered) – € 3.35 per month, billed € 83.76

As you can see above, it is only when you are ready to commit for a minimum period of a year that you are starting to see a reasonable price level. For example, the two -year offer is currently saving 59% and enjoying an additional month of free subscription. The fixed price of € 12.99 per month of the service is a little high in comparison with its competitors.

NordVPN Subscription Price

The whole subscription and payment procedure is done via a secure HTTPS connection. The company accepts Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Paypal, Alipay, Union Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as some cryptocurrencies.

IOS and Android users can register on their devices via in-app purchases, which are managed respectively by Apple and Google Play iTunes, and will be attributed to the user’s payment method in their file. However, we do not recommend it because the reimbursement conditions are more strict and the warranty period is shorter. The subscription to the official website of the supplier is much easier.

Note that the service accepts cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. It is a really anonymous payment option available on the web, and helps protect details from payment of prying eyes.

Is the NordVPN package canceled ?

Before subscribing to one of the NordVPN packages, it is important to note that you will have the right to retract for the 30 days of your purchase. Indeed, thanks to the satisfied or reimbursed mention of its offers, users have the possibility of being reimbursed in full of their purchase. It is enough to contact customer assistance in order to explain to them and to respect the 30 -day period.

After this period, the package will be canceled (you will cancel the recurring payment) but not refundable.

To conclude, the service offers a 30 -day reimbursement guarantee “for accounts in good standing”. However, users who bought the service via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store cannot obtain a refund.

Client service

NordVPN is another VPN supplier that seems to work on the proverbial rope between customer service excellence and cost control. Thus, the only two means of customer support are live cat and an online form to contact the support service.

We were dealing with receptive people. We have sent a request for information on how to operate in front of the Mac application via the contact form on Wednesday morning, and in a few minutes, we received an answer asking me for more information and offering me a list D ‘Steps to try to operate this system.

During our tests, we also used the online cat option to ask a question about a feature that appeared on the website, but on which we had found no other information. The sympathetic correspondent instantly replied that the specific functionality that had been requested had been included on all their servers, and was no longer specific to certain servers only.

The supplier also offers an excellent knowledge base for start -up and troubleshooting, which is an excellent resource for resources, especially since the pages are translated into French and illustrated by copies of screen.

In short, NordVPN offers excellent customer support with quick responses, an online cat and an extended knowledge base. Our opinion on it could hardly be more positive.

Conclusion of this NordVPN opinion

NordVPN is a quality supplier who makes every effort to protect the privacy and anonymity of its users, in particular by offering more than 5,300 servers distributed in 60 countries of the world. Double VPN or onion over VPN dedicated servers on the TOR network are also very appreciable to meet all the needs of Internet users.

The application is very quick to install and handle thanks to a pleasant interface, without frills and translated into French. NordVPN prices are slightly below average. The 30 -day reimbursement guarantee valid without condition is a real plus for a purchase without risk. Without a doubt, NordVPN is one of our favorite VPN suppliers because of its undeniable qualities and its many features.

The only elements that tarnish our northern opinion relate to the slightly disappointing connection speed for certain countries as well as the streaming experience which is not always reliable depending on the platform. At this level, ExpressVPN and Cyberghost do better.

If you are not yet sure of the choice to make, we have made an ExpressVPN or NordVPN comparison which will surely help you see more clearly.

NordVPN test: our opinion on this highly courted VPN (2023)

With more than 10 years of experience and 14 million Internet users who trust him, NordVPN is the reference in the field of Virtual Private Network. It must be said that the supplier does not do things by halves when it comes to advertising. But his advertisements are not the only responsible for his success. The quality of its VPN service is the reason why it is so known. Equipped with the latest safety technologies, its application offers users private internet access without limitation.

If you are looking for a powerful VPN, but very ease of use, NordVPN may be the product you need. To try to discover it, we tested its product. Here is an honest and detailed return of our opinion on NordVPN.

NordVPN, a supplier committed for cybersecurity

The origin of NordVPN dates back in 2012, when it developed its software. Its main concern is then to guarantee freedom on the Internet. Since its beginnings, this VPN supplier, which denounces surveillance and online censorship, has worked in favor of digital rights by financially supporting many projects.

To combat intrusive spying on governments or advertising advertisers and thus offer a freer internet, NordVPN has designed a VPN application to hide what we do on the Web and our identity.

Note that the company which holds NordVPN is not limited to providing a virtual private network and also offers other services, such as:


  • Nordpass, a password manager
  • Nordlocker, a cloud file encryption tool
  • Nordlayer, protection software for the company network

This test is carried out on the NordVPN service, but we still wanted to evoke its related services which only increase the seriousness of this speaker.

How does NordVPN protect the privacy of users ?

Let’s start our northern opinion with a crucial point: security. The NordVPN application will encrypt incoming and leaving the user’s device by means of the 256 -bit encoding standard. This encryption algorithm is considered to be the most robust. Many government institutes and large world banks use it to secure their data. It is therefore very reassuring to know that NordVPN also uses it.

Many VPN protocols supported

NordVPN servers use different protocols to transmit your encrypted data in a secure manner, namely OpenVPN, IKEV2/IPSEC and NORDLYNX. Nordlynx’s care is more recent. This protocol was developed by the NordVPN teams in 2020 which based on the speed of Wireguard, bringing it an additional layer of confidentiality. It’s a good compromise between speed and safety.

It should therefore be noted that by activating NordVPN, all of your navigation data is encrypted, that is to say illegible. Even if you have nothing to hide, it is appreciable to know that your online activities are not spied on without your knowledge by your ISP, advertising advertisers or hackers.

Leak tests: IP, DNS, Webrtc

To complete this security system, the real IP address of users is camouflaged when activating NordVPN, in the same way as their location. We have verified several times during our test and our IP has never been revealed. It is the IP address of the VPN server and the attached location that were detected.

Now as part of this northern opinion, we wanted to go further by carrying out additional tests. And this involves carrying out tests to check if there are DNS and/or webrtc leaks to report.

DNS is the acronym of Domain Name System (domain name system in French). It’s a bit like the yellow pages of the Internet. It is indeed a repertoire that converts domain names into IP and vice versa addresses. The goal ? Make the link between the URL you will provide in your web browser and the IP address of the site to which you are looking to access.

To carry out the DNS leaks test, we used the IPLEAK And as you can see on the screenshot that follows, no leaks are to be reported. The DNS address that you can see following does not betray the slightest information about us, nor our real location.

NordVPN DNS leak test

Webrtc (for web real-time communications) is a real-time communication protocol. It is notably thanks to him that we can use less bandwidth for everything we do online, like watching movies on Netflix, making a video call, etc.

Now webrtc has a drawback: devices know the private IP addresses of each other. As soon as NordVPN is activated, it is therefore necessary that the IP address granted corresponds to that detected for the webrtc leakage test. If our real IP appears, it is that there is a leak.

As you can see on the screenshot that follows, the two IP addresses correspond, which means that there is not the slightest webrtc leak.

NordVPN leak test

We can therefore confirm you in this section of the NordVPN opinion that all leak tests have been conclusive.


After carrying out some research with this supplier, it was difficult for us not to mention the security flaw that took place in 2019. It is important to emphasize that NordVPN rented its servers to an external service provider, in this case a Finnish company, to whom he accuses not having informed him of piracy in time while the provider blame the VPN. The file is still a little vague but one thing is certain, one cannot completely reject the fault on NordVPN. Since this incident, he claims to no longer work with this company and having implemented an audit revising in depth his security system.

In our opinion, NordVPN offers an effective solution to hide its identity and its navigation history on the web.

NordVPN’s privacy policy

It is a fact, NordVPN provides a highly secure and anonymous connection to its users. Nevertheless, it is important to know if the user data which transit on its servers are really sheltered. Some suppliers – free VPNs in particular – have no qualms about reselling the latter for commercial purposes.

By taking a look at NordVPN’s privacy policy, you can see more detailed information on data processing.

NordVPN retains a minimum of information on its customers: email address, payment data (for subscription and/or refund) or even the country of origin (for the calculation of VAT). These elements are mainly linked to the registration in the service.

We especially learn that he claims to be VPN no log or “without register”. In other words, the users of use and activity of its customers are not kept on its data centers. And nothing obliges it since NordVPN is registered in Panama. The jurisdiction of this territory is more flexible in terms of the conservation of user data. No law obliges companies to collect its information. For those who would find it difficult to believe, know that in recent years, NordVPN has been subjected to two independent audits. The tests were passed high and demonstrated its reliability in terms of its non-conducting of activity registers. This is the guarantee that the personal data of users are safe.

Network coverage and infrastructure: servers for all uses

Let us continue this NordVPN opinion by now leaning on its network. It has more than 5,800 remote servers distributed in 60 countries around the world. It is much more than the average even if ExpressVPN and Cyberghost do even better. It is good to note that NordVPN constantly enriches its infrastructure. The number of covered territories could therefore grow more in the coming years.

Nordvpn network

NordVPN has the distinction of providing standard servers as well as others more specialized who meet the various user needs. At the bottom of the list of locations, so we find servers:

  • P2P, optimized for torrent downloads
  • Obfuscated, designed to bypass the strict censorship of certain countries
  • Onion over VPN, useful for protecting yourself when navigation on Tor
  • Double VPN, capable of transitting traffic by two servers instead of one to increase confidentiality
  • Dedicated IP

The dedicated IP address is intended for Internet users who wish a regular IP, used only by them. Those of NordVPN are in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands or France (the cost is $ 70 per year, or around € 62).

Know that the availability of servers depends on the protocol used. For example, only specialized servers for P2P are available through the Nordlynx protocol. If you can’t find a specific server, try to change your protocol.

NordVPN Specialized Servers

We tested these servers and all proved to be rather effective. In the example above, we connected to an onion over VPN server. However, we noted a lower flow when connecting the double VPN servers. Since web traffic is redirected twice via two servers in different countries, this observation is completely normal and is not alarming. We therefore advise you to use double VPN servers only when you need maximum anonymity.

Also, for users who live or travel in countries restricting Internet access, obfuscated servers are not always enough to bypass censorship. In this case, we recommend selecting the protocol recommended by the app then choosing a conventional server. This is what worked for us.

NordVPN is one of the few VPN suppliers to offer as many specialized servers and, therefore, a great freedom of navigation.

Connection speed

Beyond the number of servers, their quality is also an aspect to be taken into consideration. At this level, NordVPN describes itself as the fastest VPN in 2023. So we wanted to check it after several tests. To obtain a result closer to reality, we connected to different servers. Then we made an average of the ascending rates (upload) and descendants (Download) as well as latency times obtained.

The performances are quite remarkable on a French server since we obtain 181.32 Mb/s in France in Download and 167.87 MB/s in Upload. The ping is about 9 ms. It is very close to our reference speed. The flows are a little slower for a connection to a more distant US server, which is not surprising. The speeds are however more than suitable and the streaming works very well. We have detailed the results more precisely in our article on the fastest VPNs.

For users looking for speed at all costs, NordVPN offers an instant connection option. This functionality selects the most suitable server available for you. So you avoid overloaded servers and keep an optimal bandwidth. Note that you will not have your word to say on the location in this case.

NordVPN instant connection

In addition, the connection is stable on all the servers. We have experienced disconnections from VPN only when putting our computer on standby.

In short, the connection of the VPN has never affected our basic speed – or at least not significantly. The flow is constant. NordVPN therefore ensures that security is not done at the expense of navigation comfort. This is an essential point of this opinion on NordVPN.

Streaming and download

Let’s continue this opinion on NordVPN by testing the performance of its application when it comes to streaming and download.

Streaming activities often require access to geo-blocked sites that are based on the IP address of Internet users. This is the case if you want to go to TV channels or foreign platforms not available in the country where you are. When we used the NordVPN servers for this use, we were able to go to the site and launch the video flow without detection of the VPN.

The result was also there from abroad to unlock French TV programs. The connection failed only once, but by changing server the problem was quickly solved. The loading times are negligible, the video has launched in a few seconds and was not interrupted. The software allows us to internationalize web content in a few clicks by assigning a new IP address to users and thus bypassing firewalls. In other words, this is a 100% VPN adapted to streaming.

Regarding download, NordVPN is not to be outdone. As mentioned above in this northern opinion, it provides servers dedicated to P2P. They are found in the “Specialized Servers” section of its application. They are 4754 and are located in various places in the globe. These servers guarantee your confidentiality and deliver a broadband connection as well as a low ping. That said, remember to choose a P2P server closest to your geolocation in order to optimize the connection.

NordVPN is a complete application and the supplier still proves it by offering perfect compatibility with streaming and download activities.

NordVPN application interface

On the side of its application, clarity and aesthetics are the watchwords. On the main window, there is a world map as well as the list of available countries and specialized servers. The grip is therefore very intuitive. We can even click directly on a country to establish the connection. The geolocation icon goes green when you are connected.

Nordvpn Windows App

Some aspects of appearance can be modified in the settings: dark or light mode, display of the application in the dock or the menu bar. These elements may seem insignificant, but for having tested several VPNs, we appreciate NordVPN’s efforts to improve its application. We also appreciate the French translation efforts that have been made recently.

There is no doubt that this careful interface contributes to a good user experience.

NordVPN’s many features

NordVPN software incorporates a large number of advanced features. Note that certain options differ according to operating systems. For example, the Split Tunneling is present on Android and Windows. This option excludes certain applications from the VPN tunnel which is very practical to protect certain sensitive data while maintaining access to local networks.

Kill Switch

On all versions of the app, we find the Kill Switch which is integrated by default. Thus, in the event of a momentary cut -off of the VPN connection, users will always be protected from data leaks. NordVPN even goes so far as to offer the advanced kill switch for an additional safety layer. It should be noted that the Kill Switch is disabled with the IKEV2/IPSEC protocol.

Nordvpn functionalities

Blocker of malware and trackers

Another interesting feature, anti-menaces (formerly called Cybersec). This safety shield aims to protect Internet users from malware and online trackers. Anti-menaces also blocks targeted advertisements and pop-ups. This advanced functionality is activated in the “general” preferences panel. It makes it possible to streamline navigation and guarantee confidentiality.

Finally, NordVPN differs from its competitors by proposing to personalize a certain number of elements to simplify the connection. In presets, we can define system preferences during different online activities: VPN protocol, server, activation of anti-menaces protection. It is possible to add new presets and delete existing. To find their way more easily, the supplier even thought of allowing users to rename each preset. Here are some examples to illustrate this: “Daily navigation”, “Download”, “Connection place of work”, etc. Each has its connection characteristic. This novelty is very appreciable because it allows you to connect in one click.

Nordvpn preregulages

Mesh network

The “mesh network” feature gives you the possibility of using NordVPN in order to establish a secure connection between your devices and/or those of your friends, your family.

What is the point ? Being able to access remote files or join other people in games in LAN (local network) without having to be physically next to each other.

Thanks to the Mesh network, you can also transport your traffic via different devices. For example, by making the necessary configuration, you will be able to pass all the traffic of your smartphone by your computer (and thus use the IP address of this machine).

Mesh NordVPN network

NordVPN allows you to connect up to 60 aircraft with the mesh network: 10 devices belonging to you and 50 others that it is possible to add by sending invitations.

To summarize, the additional options included in the NordVPN application make it possible to maximize user protection and to benefit from a more pleasant and personalized navigation experience. In our opinion, this VPN really manages to differentiate itself by offering more than most of its competitors in terms of features.

Compatible supports and simultaneous connections

NordVPN is available on the majority of equipment connected to the Internet. There is a dedicated computer application (macos, windows, linux), smartphone and tablet (iOS and Android), Android TV and Fire TV Stick. VPN extensions on Firefox, Chrome and Edge web browsers are also offered for more complete protection.

An account at NordVPN gives access to 6 simultaneous connections. This protects multiple devices with a single subscription. For those who have many devices including home automation objects, it is possible to configure NordVPN on Wi-Fi router. NordVPN offers detailed tutorials according to different models of router. Security is then permanent on all devices connected to the Internet in your home. In addition, this installation has only one connection. So you have 5 others left. On the other hand, there is no user interface so expect less flexibility in managing your VPN settings.

NordVPN packages price

Over the years, the subscription prices in NordVPN have significantly increased. It is not really surprising since its service has improved with more and more features and servers. If you want our opinion, its prices are nevertheless reasonable and are in the low average of the market. The supplier currently offers three plans:

  • Offer 1 month at 12.99 euros
  • Offer 1 year at 4.99 euros per month
  • Offer 2 years at 3.35 euros per month

Note that these prices will be able to evolve significantly during the year 2023.

NordVPN Subscription Price

It is possible to pay by credit/debit card, Paypal, Google Pay and Crypto-Monnaies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple). This last option is to be favored for an anonymous transaction.

Annual or biannual formulas are to be paid in a single payment but they will be much cheaper over time. In addition, all plans are accompanied by a 30 -day “satisfied or reimbursed” warranty. What to cover if you finally decide to go back following your NordVPN test. To benefit from it, a request must be made to customer support. Although this guarantee is valid for no condition, the technical teams may ask you for the reason for your informative cancellation.

Does the supplier offer a coupon ? It depends on the periods of the year, but it is possible. To find out what it is currently, we advise you to read our article which lists the promotional codes currently being valid at NordVPN.

Customer assistance

To complete this test and opinion on NordVPN, let us look at its customer assistance. Advisers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the online chat system. Connectivity problems that can occur at any time, this is a first good point for the VPN. The answers are fast and useful. In addition, the advisers answer you in French. You have to admit, it’s very practical if you don’t talk about English. We also note the very good file follow -up.

The articles in the aid center are very complete and will also be able to help you out. And in addition, they are available in several languages, including French.

NordVPN customer opinions

Little room for suspense in this article, at this stage you already know our opinion on NordVPN. But before concluding, let’s take stock of the testimonies of other customers.


On the Trustpilot reference platform, the NordVPN service benefits from an excellent reputation and obtains the average 4.4/5 out of more than 18,000 opinions. Customers are satisfied with the reliability of the tool, especially when it comes to getting around the geographic restrictions of websites. There are also many positive feedback on the speed of VPN and customer service efficiency. The weaknesses mentioned by customers have been resolved by customer service.

The verdict of the NordVPN test

NordVPN’s reputation is well established. During updates, the NordVPN application has evolved and has enriched new unique features. With this VPN, there is no question of sacrificing speed for the benefit of confidentiality. NordVPN manages to provide rapid flow rates on most of its servers and advanced anonymity functions. The bypass of censorship works well. We particularly appreciate the anti-menaces filter, the integrated Kill Switch, the double VPN servers and the connection preseglages.

In addition, the NordVPN prices are in the norm, especially since the 6 connections authorized in parallel per account make it possible to secure several devices. Finally, we don’t have much to complain about its service except that the connection to certain servers is quite long. The other regret that we have concerned the covered countries which are 60 to date. We can expect a VPN of such a scale that it is present in a little more territories.

In our opinion, NordVPN is therefore an excellent VPN application. With advanced options and its own design, the NordVPN application offers state -of -the -art performance without complicating use. We recommend this VPN to those who want a powerful VPN, as effective for streaming and downloading as daily navigation.

NordVPN opinion (2023): is it as serious as it is said ?

NordVPN opinion

In recent years, the number of VPN suppliers exponentially believes. It must be said that the demand is real. More and more Internet users are looking for an accessible tool that can guarantee them a good level of safety and anonymity on the Internet. VPN is therefore the ideal candidate. That said, not all VPNs are equal and you have to know how to sort. Some are even dangerous.

Recently advertisements from NordVPN have made a place on TV and on the Internet, so that many people advise this VPN. Before being tempted so easily, a more in -depth analysis of NordVPN is essential. Is it up to its reputation ? Discover it without delay in our opinion on NordVPN, updated in 2023.

Presentation of the NordVPN VPN

NordVPN is a company that was founded in 2012 which offers its own VPN. Originally, 4 friends, during several trips, realized that the Internet lost its meaning because of censorship and surveillance in certain countries. They then developed a network of servers to no longer undergo these limits and access all the content available. Following the positive echoes of those around them, they continued their efforts and NordVPN was born some time after.

The NordVPN company is legally based in Panama and it employs more than 600 employees. As you will see below in our NordVPN opinion, the country of its head office allows it not to keep the connection data of its users, which ensures perfect anonymity. This model pleases and today more than 12 million people use NordVPN on a daily basis.

NordVPN has clearly displayed its vision: to make Internet better and freer. To do this, it provides a VPN service focused on strengthening online security and privacy protection of its users. Other tools meeting its objectives have also been developed by NordVPN over the years: NordVPN Teams, a solution to help companies secure the connections of their employees; Nordlocker to encrypt all your files or Nordpass, a tool to manage your passwords.

Now let’s move on to this northern opinion at the very functioning of VPN. The software is easy to use and that is why it appeals to the general public. To help you choose (or not) this software, we will give you a step -by -step tutorial with the main steps. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us by email.

How to install this NordVPN software ?

The NordVPN application is installed on a large number of platforms: Mac (Maos), iPad and iPhone (iOS) but also Windows / Linux computers, and Android tablets and smartphones. NordVPN is also available for Smart TV and on the Fire TV Stick, the HDMI key of the Amazon giant. Whether it is a mobile application or software on the Internet, the interface is the same.

Whatever your device, the first step is to create an account for you by subscribing to one of its subscriptions. Then you should not encounter any major difficulty since the installation is similar to any software you would install. If necessary, the NordVPN VPN provides a tutorial to install the software in French in its help section.

As for us, we were on Mac during our test. If you also have an Apple device, you can download the application from the App Store. For Android tablets and mobiles, you will find it in the Google Play Store. Only Windows computers must download the file from the supplier’s website in its “VPN Applications” section.

Once the application is downloaded, it will appear in your applications and you can access it. From the first opening, you will have to:

  • enter your account identifiers (e-mail and password address)
  • allow the addition of the VPN configuration
  • Always allow access to your trousseau by registering your administrator password to avoid having to do it with each connection

Below in our opinion on NordVPN, an illustration of this message. This is a message that will only be asked. Once NordVPN installed, you will be quiet.

NordVPN configuration

These are the only steps to be performed before you can enjoy the VPN. As you can see, the installation is really fast and simple. This is already a good point to start this NordVPN opinion.

How to use the NordVPN application ?

Like its installation, the use of NordVPN is as simple. On the interface (see image below), you will see a list of 58 countries on the left and the world map on the right. Finally, we understand intuitively that by clicking on a country from the list or directly on the map, the connection will be made in this country. In one click and in a few seconds, your VPN will be activated and you will then be moved “virtually” in this region. From then on, you will have an IP address in this country, and you will become untraceable.

NordVPN app

You also have another way to connect to one of the 5800 NordVPN servers: the Quick Connect button (located at the top right of the application). The latter will establish a connection according to an algorithm aimed at optimizing the speed of the VPN. In general, it is the closest to your geographical position and the least overloaded. The Quick Connect useful if you do not have a specific need in terms of location.

On the application, NordVPN also provides specialized servers (at the bottom of the list of countries). There are P2P servers for downloading, Onion over VPN, the double VPN function and the Obfuscated servers dedicated to bypassing the strictest geo-restrictions. This is the case for example in China or Russia. In this section, there is also the possibility of using a dedicated IP address, but this requires a monthly supplement.

Are your data safe ?

NordVPN insists on number 1 priority, namely protecting personal data from its customers. To find out if this is the case, we have looked at different aspects of its security, both external (through its privacy policy) and internally in its application, through its features. This is a crucial point in our opinion on NordVPN, since it is the very principle of VPNs to ensure the confidentiality and security of its users.

NordVPN promo code NordVPN alternatives NordVPN free trial Netflix NordVPN NordVPN Prize NordVPN customer service

VPN privacy policy

It is essential to consult the privacy policy of a VPN before purchasing. It is a crucial source of information that will allow you to know if your data is safe – and which will be really collected.

In that of NordVPN, we learn that your personal data and your connection activities are not subject to any. Only a few data relating to the creation of your account is collected for a maximum period of 2 years. This is your e-mail address, your account password and your information for payment. Beyond, they will be deleted.

Rest assured, this is simply basic data that does not allow you to hack your bank account, and which do not allow you to go back to you. This information is however necessary so that NordVPN can reimburse you in the event of a retraction on your part or order cancellation. If you want to be 100% anonymous, you can pay in cryptocurrencies. That said, you can very well enter temporary contact details to be really anonymous.

In its privacy policy, we learn that NordVPN also retains technical information such as servers’ performance, certain conversations between customer support and its users as well as cookies. The objective of this data is simply to better understand customer navigation to optimize the user experience of the VPN interface. In no case will you be identified with this information.

Finally, NordVPN informs us that it is obviously not responsible for the consequences of the fraudulent activities of its users. Everything is clear. What is just a shame is that the text available on the VPN website is only available in English. If you do not master the language but want to know everything, you will have to call on an online translator.

Log non-conservation guarantee

The log is the VPN battle horse. If many of this cyber-security software claim that they do not keep any connection data, this is not the case for everyone. It is extremely important for a user to ensure that, because it would make him visible and traceable on the web. The most premium VPNs on the market are today “No-Log” and do not keep absolutely any data.

In an activity journal with the logs, we would find:

      • Connection registers (IP address, connection duration, number of data transferred)
      • User registers (Visited website, downloaded files, software and applications used)

      Faced with the information mines that these business newspapers include, we understand the importance of subscribing to a VPN called “No-Log”. For its part, NordVPN highlights its strict policy in terms of log: it does not keep any user business newspaper. NordVPN has the chance to take advantage of the Panamanian jurisdiction which does not force to record the data, which allows it to guarantee a real policy of non-conducting the log.

      To have the certification, four independent audit firms have carried out various examinations. They concluded that NordVPN’s policy was well guaranteed without an activity register. You can therefore be serene, no one will know what you have done when your VPN was activated: neither your ISP, nor even NordVPN himself who keeps any information. Now let’s move on to our NordVPN test and advice to confidentiality.

      Confidentiality and security in the foreground

      In addition to AES 256 encryption practiced on northern servers, the supplier goes even further in terms of security. It takes into account the need of each user to increase the online security of those who need it. For example, this is the case for journalists, of certain employees manipulating sensitive data or individuals monitored by a government.

      For these people, NordVPN therefore integrated the following features:

          • Double VPN, To encrypt data twice through two different servers (available only for openvpn protocols). Faced with this slightly more complex process, you must expect a slightly slower flow.
          • Onion over VPN, To access the ONION Network or to use the TOR browser through a NordVPN server.

          These free features included in the application add an in addition dose of confidentiality which may be necessary in some cases. This really allows you to add a safety layer (not necessarily useful, but reassuring) to the NordVPN service. These are two functions that we do not find elsewhere, and it is a point still very positive in our northern opinion. Note that depending on the protocols you use, all the options are not necessarily available.

          On the screenshot below, we used the OpenVPN protocol (UDP)

          NordVPN specialized servers

          Cybersec is also an interesting option you can activate to block advertisements, suspect sites and malware. Although this function does not replace that of an antivirus, it has the advantage of making the tool even more complete. In the end, the NordVPN VPN is positioned as an all-in-one cybersecurity solution, making it possible to ensure the anonymity of all on the Internet.

          In our opinion, NordVPN really makes every effort to ensure good safety for all its customers. And remember that even without using these specialized options, all your activities are encrypted and transported by a secure tunnel from the moment you are connected to NordVPN. Furthermore, this VPN can also congratulate itself for never having had a flaw so far – proof that its efforts are working.

          Nordvpn does he bypass censorship ?

          The use of a VPN is particularly effective in bypassing the clogging internet, whether they are linked to censorship at the scale of an authoritarian country or an internal network. This is when our opinion on NordVPN is a little more mixed.

          Indeed, NordVPN is not the best VPN with regard to the bypass of censorship on the web. In China, Russia or in the Middle East countries, for example, NordVPN is not as effective as we would like it. Although it has servers dedicated to bypassing firewalls, connections to the servers are very long and the software often stops unexpectedly.

          Even by following the supplier’s recommendations, that is to say by opting for manual connections with the IKEV2 certificate, the result is not always there. If you plan a trip to a destination drastically restricting its online content, NordVPN may not be the best ally.

          We rather advise you to turn to ExpressVPN, a VPN that we have tested, which is the only really renowned for its stability and reliability in sensitive areas. That said, NordVPN still remains a solution if you go to censored countries, just like Surfshark VPN. On the other hand, the only one to be impeccable everywhere is ExpressVPN. That said, it is 2 times more expensive than NordVPN.

          On the other hand, if you simply want to access sites blocked by the administrator at your workplace or in your university, the NordVPN VPN will be ideal for you. You will not even need to choose a country different from yours. The simple fact of going through a NordVPN server will encrypt all your data and the internal network not knowing what you are doing, it will not be able to prohibit any access to you.

          Speed ​​at NordVPN: what you need to know

          With an unlimited bandwidth and no buffer memory, NordVPN claims to be one of the fastest VPNs in 2023. This is important to understand for users: going through an intermediate server lowers (in part) your connection speed. It will never be that fast as if you were connected to the Internet from your box. That said, some VPN publishers offer similar speeds, with maximum comfort.

          To check the speed offered by this VPN, what could be better than putting it on a test ? Below, our opinion on the NordVPN VPN in terms of speed. We did a specific test using our default router, and a VPN still above.

          Speed ​​test with NordVPN

          At first, we recorded our ping (9 ms) and our speedless speeds for download (232.40 MB/s) and shipping (205.60 Mb/s). We have renewed the operation, this time by connecting to different servers (in France and the United States) via the most frequently used protocol: OpenVPN. To guarantee consistency in our results, we have connected to several servers in France and the United States in order to establish an overall average.

          Since the French servers, the results have been pretty good – whether in download or upload with 149.63 Mb/s and 165.02 Mb/s respectively. Our ping was slightly higher: 13 ms. That said, these are speeds that are very honorable and which ensure ultra fluid navigation. You will therefore have no inconvenience with the NordVPN VPN on this location.

          With American servers, things get complicated a little more. We expected a drop in speed (given the geographic distance), but probably not as much. Indeed, our download speed increased from 232.40 to 62.41 Mb/s and upload from 205.60 to 55.80 Mb/s and our ping was 19 ms. It is still very correct, but we have seen better elsewhere.

          NordVPN speed tests

          In conclusion of our tests, we do not share the opinion of NordVPN which claims that it is the fastest VPN on the market. Even if the flows are good and that they will not prevent you from watching films, we have obtained much better results with ExpressVPN or Cyberghost VPN. This is a detail, because these three VPN suppliers are also the best 3 on the market.


          NordVPN has developed a house protocol to improve connection speeds, it is Nordlynx. We wanted to talk about it in our opinion on NordVPN because this peculiarity may well change the situation at the level of the connection.

          Indeed, Nordlynx is based on the Wireguard protocol, renowned for its speed but less for respect for the confidentiality of Internet users. To counter this problem and not endanger the privacy of its customers, NordVPN has developed the Double NAT (Network Address Translation) system capable of assigning dynamic IP addresses to users so as not to compromise their anonymity.

          To date, Nordlynx has proven itself in terms of speed. On the other hand, if you live in an imposing country restrictions on the Internet, it will be difficult for you to really enjoy it because this protocol does not work everywhere.

          Our opinion on streaming and download

          Following our tests, we could see in our opinion that NordVPN was able to access all the major streaming platforms without any proxy detection error message appears. On Netflix, NordVPN therefore provides you with secure navigation and thanks to its various servers, it gives you access to several libraries: American, Canadian, German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Australian, Spanish or Indian or Indian.

          We tried and for the majority of catalogs, access was done without incident: we were able to connect to the US and Canadian catalogs of Netflix, thanks to our subscription … French. It is practical since it therefore gives access to a catalog of films / series much larger than that available in France. It’s a good way to continue dreaming on Netflix, even if you’ve already seen everything in France.

          Netflix Canada NordVPN

          In addition, we did not need to wait very long during loading, although it depend on servers. If you encounter a problem to access the platform, do not hesitate to change the region by hand by clicking on the three small points to the right of the country. For example, American servers from NordVPN are located in different places in the United States. It’s up to you to test different and select the region that manages to unlock Netflix correctly. To find out more about Netflix compatible VPNs, it’s here.

          If you do not have a Netflix account, know that other platforms like Disney+, Prime Video and Hulu are also accessible according to the same principle. With them too, you can therefore access much wider content. This is a positive point in our northern opinion, and that is also why the VPN is also popular with the general public.

          The supplier also unlocks live and replay foreign TV channels, provided you choose the right server. To see English channels, you will have to choose a server in the United Kingdom to benefit from an English IP address. The same goes for other geographic regions. This is done in a very simple way.

          You will still have to arm yourself with a little patience because depending on the server, loading times are more or less long. In very extensive territories such as Canada, the United States, or Australia, we advise you to choose the region closest to your real location to optimize speed and reduce latency time. The shorter the distance, the better.

          Regarding download with NordVPN, these are the specialized servers for the P2P that you will have to choose. There are 4,588 in all and they are classified by country. With such a quantity of servers, the risks of overload are considerably reduced and you can enjoy good speeds.

          VPN customer service

          Our test and our NORDVPN opinion confirm this to us, the use of NordVPN does not require specific IT knowledge. This means that even the most beginners in computer science can benefit. If you want to have a VPN to access specific services, NordVPN will do the trick.

          On the other hand, all users can encounter a punctual problem and, in these circumstances, it is essential to be able to count on the support teams to resolve them. We could not give you our opinion without trying to contact the supplier’s customer assistance, which is why we also tested the NordVPN support.

          NordVPN customer service can be reached 24/7 from the live cat window on their website or by email. Before you can be put in touch with an advisor, you will have to enter your name and your email address. After a few seconds of waiting, the answer arrived. We really appreciated the short response time and the fact of not being in contact with a robot.

          NordVPN customer support

          NordVPN © Iphon screenshot

          Note that you can now express your complaint in French by directly selecting the language of your choice, which is very appreciable. In addition, many pages are written in French in his faq. For a minor problem or a question, do not hesitate to take a look at it. This is a real asset that we do not often have in VPN publishers: most are available in English. If you do not master the language, our opinion is that NordVPN is a good choice.

          What to do in the event of a problem with NordVPN ?

          NordVPN may have more than 12 million users worldwide, it is sometimes criticized for connection bugs, especially on Windows computers.

          We knew this type of bug during our test and wanted to share it with you so that you can fix them in case you meet them. In this case, for some people, the VPN fails to connect. Worse, sometimes it appears to be connected, but, in reality, the Internet is then completely cut. Although our opinion on NordVPN is active, we understand that this kind of situation can annoy users.

          If you encounter this type of problem with NordVPN, it is recommended to go to your computer network settings to clean up a bit. If, like us, you have several VPN applications from installed, you will have to remove all the VPN connections that you no longer use. Otherwise, the risk of conflict is important. We still do not know why, but NordVPN seems to be conflict with some of applications (especially competing VPNs, voluntarily or not .. ?)).

          By cleaning up your device’s network connections, you should be able to run NordVPN properly. You will be able to test it correctly and make your own opinion on NordVPN.

          How much is the NordVPN VPN ?

          You can imagine, the NordVPN service is not free. For everything it offers, prices are correct – although we can find even cheaper. There are different packages that are distinguished by the duration of engagement and the monthly price. Compared to the world leader Expressvpn, it is still twice cheaper. You have the possibility of committing yourself to:

          • the 2 -year subscription to € 3.35 / month
          • 1 year subscription to € 4.99 / month
          • the 1 month subscription to € 12.99

          Note that the amount will not be billed to you monthly but in one go at the time of your subscription. This is a competitive argument in our NordVPN opinion since you avoid monthly samples. Faced with these different plans, we advise you to commit to a period of 2 years to benefit from the best prices.

          Since this is a certain amount to pay, the supplier adds a 30 -day refund guarantee valid for each of its formulas. You can therefore test the VPN without risk (to give you an opinion on NordVPN) on this period and demand a refund if you are not happy. In the end, with its offer over 2 years, the price is close to the most competitive premium VPN.

          Payment can be made by classic bank card, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Paypal, by Alipay, Union Pay and even by crypto-monnaies for additional anonymity. Rest assured, even if you pay by Bitcoin, you can take advantage of the refund. This will allow you to remain 100% anonymous and not to reveal your payment information.

          Number of connections in parallel

          For your confidentiality and those of your loved ones, NordVPN offers 6 simultaneous connections from a single account. They will allow you to equip all your devices (computer, tablet, smartphone, TV) and even your family. This simply requires downloading the application and then connection via the connection identifiers of your account when opening.

          Thanks to the use on 6 aircraft in parallel, you will be able to watch films in streaming each on your side without having to wait for someone to disconnect, which would make things much more laborious. It is therefore a positive point in our northern opinion. That said, the majority of players offer similar service.

          NordVPN offers the possibility of obtaining a dedicated IP

          As we mentioned above in this northern opinion, the company gives the possibility of acquiring a dedicated IP.

          But what is an IP address dedicated to the right ? That’s a very good question. Above all, be aware that by default, VPN suppliers all offer shared IP addresses. You will share these with other customers. Conversely, and as its name suggests, a dedicated IP address is a static address that you will not have to share with anyone else.

          In some specific cases, having access to a dedicated IP address is a real plus. Here are some advantages:

          • No need to enter captaches all the time
          • Possibility to do telework
          • Faster email shipment
          • less luck to see the IP address blacklisted by certain sites.

          If you want to enjoy a dedicated IP address, know that NordVPN offers it in a lot of countries. This includes countries like France, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Japan and the United States.

          And how much this option will cost at Nordvpn ? The price of a dedicated IP will vary depending on the duration of engagement chosen. By paying months after month, you will have to pay € 8.99/month for the dedicated IP. On the other hand, this price will drop significantly by engaging over 1 year (€ 5.39/month) or 2 years (€ 3.89/month).

          Note that the supplier satisfied or refunded warranty also applies if you decide to pay a dedicated IP.

          What about use ? To take advantage of your dedicated IP address, simply start the NordVPN application. Then deploy the interface to choose a country (1), click on the three small points to the right of the “dedicated IP address” line (2), choose the location where your dedicated IP (3) is located and click Finally on the “Connect” button (4).

          NordVPN dedicated IP

          Conclusion: Let us recommend nordvpn ?

          Following our full test, our opinion on NordVPN is very positive. As a reminder, NordVPN is a virtual private network supplier created almost 10 years ago which provides a solution to navigate online in a secure, anonymous and free manner. Its infrastructure brings together more than 5,500 servers located in 58 countries. As a comparison, this is not as much as its main competitor ExpressVPN which has 94 (but which is 2x more expensive), but this remains excellent compared to all other competitors.

          In terms of security and confidentiality, NordVPN scores points with its advanced features such as double VPN and Over VPN Over. On the side of its application, it is very intuitive thanks, in particular, to the world map. The grip is very quickly. For all your questions, its customer support (in French) is listening to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from instant messaging.

          There are a few points on which the northern supplier can still improve in our opinion. We think for example of the speed of its servers which is not the fastest. However, the Nordlynx protocol should be able to fill this weakness and increase the connection rate. We were also disappointed with the stability of the application, including in countries restricting internet access in which many bugs have been reported.

          Depending on your use, this VPN could very well suit you and the best to know it is to test it: you have 30 days to make your own opinion on NordVPN, with its guarantee of refund. It’s a good way to take no risk while enjoying this excellent software.