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Install the NordVPN application on macOS

You are now connected to the Internet safely !

NordVPN installation on macOS

NordVPN is compatible with Apple and has a native application that we recommend as the best way to connect to NordVPN servers. Even if we have two versions of the application, they both guarantee your online safety and offer features such as double VPN, Over VPN, Meshnet, Kill Switch automated and the possibility of connecting using the connection protocol Nordlynx.

Instructions to install NordVPN on macOS

NordVPN on MacOS has two different versions. The following articles contain installation instructions for both:

  • The NordVPN application (recommended) (recommended)
  • The NordVPN application (more appropriate to use in regulated areas)

What is the difference between the two versions ?

  • The NordVPN application

    Allows you to access certain additional preferences, such as personalized DNS servers. In addition, when activated, the Kill Switch puts an end to data applications without completely interrupting your Internet connection. This version of the application can be downloaded laterally from our website, and it can work with the previous versions of macOS (the most recent version is only available on MacOS 10.15+). You can also use the anti-menace protection feature to block intrusive trackers and advertisements, as well as malicious software.
  • The NordVPN application (App Store)

    This version of the NordVPN application can be installed directly from the Apple App Store on macOS devices whose firmware is not before 10.12. It also has the Kill-Switch, which cuts internet access if the VPN connection is suddenly disconnected. This avoids any vulnerability of your connection if it falls without putting an end to the app processes.

How to use NordVPN on macOS ?

The connection to NordVPN by the macOS application is easy:

  1. Open the NordVPN MacOS application;
  2. If necessary, finish the connection process;
  3. Click on “Instant connection” or select a given country on the card.

You are now connected to the Internet safely !

Install the NordVPN app on macOS

The first step towards online security is to properly configure NordVPN. Follow these simple steps to install the application and connect to a VPN server.


  1. Download and installation
  2. Configuration and use of the application
  3. Choose between different servers
    • Connect to a specific server
    • Connect to a specific region
    • Manage favorite servers
  4. Preferences

Download and installation

  1. You can download the NordVPN OpenVPN version for MacOS on our website:
    https: //

Access your file Downloads and double-click on Northern.pkg.

A new window Install will appear. It will guide you throughout the process.

Configuration and use of the application

  1. Open your Launchpad and click on the icon Northern.

You will be asked to install Helper, which is necessary to create secure VPN tunnels. Enter the word pass from your Mac and press OK.

When you receive a notification about confidentiality, click on Agree & Continue (Accept and continue).

Choose between different servers

  1. The button Quick Connect (quick connection) In the upper right corner of the screen will automatically connect you to a recommended server based on our smart algorithm.

In the main application of the application, you will see our country list and our map . You can search servers Using the left sidebar. You can also connect to a specific country by clicking on its pin in the card. Once connected, the country’s pin will become green. The state label PROTECTED At the top of the screen indicates that you are connected to a VPN server.

If you want to connect to a specific server, click on the field Search. (To research. )) In the upper left corner of the application. Enter one country, a category or one Specific server number (for example, Germany 761) to find what you need.

The left side bar displays all our servers organized by country and by speciality.

For example, you can access the Specialized servers, Flover the category of servers Dedicated IP (dedicated IP) and click on the Three -point menu To select an obfuscated server specific. Other specialized servers work in the same way.

  • To connect to a specific server, click on it.
  • If you fly over a country in the sidebar, you can click on the three -point menu to select a region or one server specific to which you connect.

    Manage favorites

    1. You can add a server to your favorite by clicking on the symbol of heart next to it. First, fly over a country In the sidebar, then click the three -point menu. Click on Servers (servers) And choose your favorites from the list. Your favorite servers will appear in their own category, called My favourites (my favorites). You can connect like any other server.


    1. Click on Preferences in the upper left corner of the application to manage additional features, such as launch, Personalized DNS, Cybersec or the Kill Switch.

    • Auto Launch (automatic launch) : Lance NordVPN When you start your computer.
    • Cybersec : protect you from intrusive advertisements, malware sites, phishing links and other threats.
    • VPN Protocol (VPN protocol) : obliges NordVPN to use UDP instead of TCP protocols. UDP is mainly used for streaming and download. TCP is more reliable, but also a little slower, generally used for Internet browsing.
  • Auto Connect (automatic connection) : automatically connects you to a server when launching the application.

    • Connect to (connect to) : specifies the country to which the application must connect automatically.
  • Kill Switch : close the programs specified if you lose the connection. For example, if you add Skype to the list, NordVPN will close it with each disconnection. As it takes a few seconds to reach a secure VPN server, this will prevent your data from fleeing during automatic internet reconnection.

    DNS (Personalized DNS) : specifies a private DNS server for the NordVPN application.

    Appearance : defines the location of the NordVPN application icon.

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