Next Mobiles: For the anniversary of the rental specialist, your iPhone at a really advantageous price – digital, smartphone rental is more interesting than purchasing? Discover the all -inclusive NEXT Mobile offer

Is smartphone rental more interesting than purchase ? Discover the all -inclusive NEXT Mobile offer

But the idea goes even further: you have no interest in keeping the old phone once spent the twelve months, since it is a rental of which you will not keep anything the day when the contract is stopped. So let’s do some tests to see the financial interest of the maneuver.

Next Mobiles: For the anniversary of the rental specialist, your iPhone at a really advantageous price

And if you take advantage of a latest generation iPhone by praising it for a few euros per month ? In order to celebrate its three years of existence with dignity, this is what Next Mobile offers with its non -binding offers, at unbeatable prices.

On the occasion of his birthday, Next Mobiles offers exceptional offers to be missed under any circumstances. As a real pioneer in the rental of new or reconditioned smartphones, this French start-up started from a simple observation. A mobile costs, nowadays, extremely expensive to buy, especially when it is a high -end device like the iPhone. And that is without counting that it must sometimes be replaced prematurely in the event of theft or breakage.

Next Mobiles has therefore set up a non -binding rental service which allows the consumer to have access to the latest models of Apple smartphones, but also those of Samsung or Xiaomi, the most popular brands of the French. The amount of the rental, very reasonable, includes breakage and flight insurance. A single assistance service even ensures in 48 hours the replacement or repair of your precious mobile.

Want to control your budget while enjoying the latest technologies in vogue ? Next Mobile meets everyone’s expectations with the possibility of changing smartphones every 3 months. Better yet, each customer can, after 12 months of subscription, obtain the last model for free and without increased monthly payments !

You are convinced ? So, take advantage of the best offers that Next Mobiles has in store for you for your birthday, with a great novelty in its catalog, the rental of MacBook.

Your iPhone 13 at less than 30 € per month

There are many clever consumers who, rather than yielding to the sirens of the latest iPhone launched by Apple, prefer to refer to the previous model, cheaper, but just as attractive. After a significant price drop, the iPhone 13 remains a telephony star. Equipped with a bright 6.1 inch screen, it is renowned for its solid performance. Next Mobiles offers this as part of a fairly irresistible offer. The iPhone 13 will currently cost you € 29.90 per month for the first six months, Before going to € 39.90 instead of the usual € 42.90.

This is at the moment one of the best offers in the catalog of Next Mobiles, with an unbeatable value for money. Of course like all the subscriptions offered by the Company, this offer is without obligation and will allow you, in 12 months, to go to the iPhone 14 without any additional costs and without being increased by the cost of your monthly payments.

The iPhone 14 range at very low prices

With Next Mobile’s anniversary offer, most of the iPhone 14 range is the subject of irresistible prices that place Apple’s latest innovations within reach of all budgets. In addition to being without commitment and including an exclusive assistance service which replaces or repairs your device by 48 hours, These offers leave you completely free to choose your mobile subscription from the operator of your choice. You can drastically reduce the bill by opting for a low price package.

During this celebration period, Next Mobile provides you with an iPhone 14 against € 36.90 per month for the first six months then € 44.90 from the 7th month. The iPhone 14 Pro can be rented € 49.90 for six months and € 57.90 per month then. Finally, the iPhone Pro Max is offered at € 59.90 per month, still the first six months, then € 62.90 per month instead of € 64.90.

And of course, after 12 months of rental, you can take advantage of the iPhone 15 range which should be announced at the start of the next school year by Apple. The change is free and you keep the same monthly payments as with the iPhone 14.

Rent your MacBook thanks to Next Mobiles

This is the great novelty of this spring launched by Next Mobiles. Smartphones rental is extended to laptops. And not just any since it is initially a service dedicated to rolls of mobility, the MacBook of Apple.

As part of this always without obligation offer, the MacBook Air can be rented for the sum of € 49.90/month and the MacBook Pro at € 69.90/month. The transition to new models at no cost and with the same monthly payments is maintained, after 24 months.

iPhone 14, the reconditioned in the spotlight

As an eco -responsible business, Next Mobiles offers the rental of reconditioned products. The opportunity to take advantage of the latest mobile novelties while preserving the planet. Besides, when you go to the upper model, the company reconditions your old device in France, thus favoring short circuits.

Renting a reconditioned smartphone is also making substantial savings. For his birthday, Next Mobiles offers you an additional reduction. With the rewarded iPhone 14, you benefit from the latest Apple technos against only € 36.90 per month for the first six months, then € 39.90 in the following months. This “green” offer remains of course without any commitment and also benefits from the breakage and theft insurance included. If not luxury !

Is smartphone rental more interesting than purchasing ? Discover the all -inclusive NEXT Mobile offer

Is smartphone rental more interesting than the

Cash, credit, rental purchase … What is the best solution to take advantage of recent smartphones without breaking the bank ? Let us be interested in Next Mobiles, a young Parisian startup, who offers a real alternative to purchase thanks to a unique service in France and without commitment.

Next Mobiles was founded by 3 mobile telephony experts: Alain Zagury, Frederick Gian, former sales director of Samsung and Fadel Bennouna, who spent several years at Bouygues Telecom.

The iPhone 14: Next Mobiles limits the effects of global inflation

The inflation of the last months considerably impacts our purchasing power and the last smartphones do not escape it. The latest iPhone 14 Pro Max for example is sold by Apple at € 1,479 and up to € 2,129 for maximum storage capacity ! It has become almost impossible to buy a recent smartphone today and the situation is not likely to improve soon.

Aware of the current economic context, and because it is necessary to innovate to preserve the purchasing power of the French, Next Mobiles has set up a complete, all inclusive service, which allows you to enjoy the latest smartphones without breaking the bank. The young French company has imagined an offer that allows you to take advantage of new or reconditioned smartphones, from Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, One Plus … at the best price and with a set of unique advantages in France:

  • Accessible new smartphones From € 15.90 per month
  • A protective shell and a screen protectoroffend When ordering, but it is also possible to ask for new ones at any time at any time !
  • Breakdown, oxidation and theft insurance included in the monthly payment.
  • The possibility of changing every 12 months for a more recent model at no cost and Keeping the same monthly payment. In the current context, it is almost difficult to believe in it. For example, if you have subscribed to an iPhone 13 at 39.90 €/month 1 year ago, you can change today for the iPhone 14 at no cost and keeping the same price at € 39.90 per month.

Insurance included that does not care about customers: 100% of claims are supported

As previously indicated, Cancel, oxidation and theft insurance is included in the price. This is an argument that should not leave it indifferent: the most clumsy users and the victims of theft can have peace of mind. Thanks to this service there management is immediate and systematic in the event of a claim. Next Mobiles replaces a phone new by a new phone, and one reconditioned by another in 24 hours to 48 hours. “No asterisk in the contract: the offer is without obligation, with breakage, theft and oxidation included”, specifies Frédérick Gian.

“For 2 years now, we have taken care of 100 % of claims declarations. Our customers received an exchange phone where we repaired it without expenses or deductible if the customer preferred this option “adds Fadel Bennouna.

A shell and a screen protector is free and unlimited !

And so that your smartphone is always protected, Next Mobiles offers an exclusive offer to its customers. If your shell ages, or your screen protector is damaged, you can ask to new accessories for free, and when you want !

A customer service that responds in less than 2 minutes, 6/7

If this service may seem too beautiful to be true, it is nonetheless real. Customer relations are essential at Next Mobiles according to the founders. Next Mobile customer service is easily reachable in less than 2 minutes per cat, email, telephone (increasingly rare) and on social networks. These choices are paid since the Customer satisfaction rate Mobile Next amounts to 9.8/10[1]

Difficult to find faults to this fairly exceptional offer on the French market, except that it is not possible to keep the phone at the end of the contract. The property, which was before compulsory, leaves more and more room for accessibility and use. If you change smartphones every 12, 18 or 24 months, this offer is made for you. On the other hand, if you keep your smartphones 4 years, 5 years or more, we recommend that you study credit offers or save until you can offer you the smartphone of your dreams !

[1] Data collected via the independent certified notice organization, Verified

Is smartphone rental interesting in the face of purchase ? We compared several models

We have been approached by Next Mobiles which offers rental smartphones. The opportunity to wonder if their offer is interesting according to the smartphone that interests you.

Whether out of the iPhone 14, Xiaomi 12T Pro or the future Galaxy S23 Ultra, it is natural to bother to buy a brand new device the year of its release. The cost that this represents, faced with the risk of loss or breakage in discourage more than one. So when Next Mobiles contacted us to tell us about their phone rental offer, we opened an interested eye.

The company launched three years ago is fully surfing the subscription economy. Not to mention ” Smartphone netflix “, Remember that carried by the famous SVOD platform among others, the global subscription market is progressing at full speed. If it weighs 200 billion today, it should evolve 500 billion by only 2025, according to a subcronomics report of 2021 (via Digital)). In this context, not surprising therefore that some try to sell subscriptions to use a smartphone. But is it a good plan ? From what we have seen, the offer seems honest.

With the subscription, I have the right to what ?

Let us quickly explain the formula proposed by Next Mobiles. For the price of the subscription, you obviously have the right to use the chosen phone, it goes without saying. In addition to that, the phone is covered by flight and breaking insurance.

“Very early on, we thought that if we were making a rental offer, we wanted customers to be completely 100 % quiet. We therefore take care of everything: breakdown, oxidation, breakage, whether on a new or a reconditioned smartphone “, Acquires Fadel Bennouna, founder of the company, who says that in two years on the market, the company has taken care of 100 % of cases.

Battery of three smartphones

In the event of a problem, everything goes through the customer area where you just have to describe the problem before being recalled. Of course, in the event of theft, also supported, you will need to provide a complaint. There is no deductible on breakage and oxidation, but not on theft, which requires a deductible according to the model, visible when signing the contract.

In case of breakage or breakdown, the procedure is simple: a delivery man comes with the new phone and takes the old before leaving. The phone recovered, if it is still in good condition, will be rented this time in reconditioned. If it was already a reconditioned, it will be sold in reconditioned.

Is it interesting financially ?

The most attractive promise of Next Mobiles is as follows: every 12 months, you can change your phone to take the more recent model of the same range, while paying the same price. What largely retain its customers and make the combination more interesting.

But the idea goes even further: you have no interest in keeping the old phone once spent the twelve months, since it is a rental of which you will not keep anything the day when the contract is stopped. So let’s do some tests to see the financial interest of the maneuver.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 for illustration

Excluding promotion, count 34.90 euros per month with a contribution of 80 euros for a new Galaxy S22. This amounts to investing 500 euros in the first year, then 418.80 euros per second. If we keep it two years, it is not necessarily the most interesting so. Having spent 918.80 euros, we are far beyond 809 euros basic to have a Galaxy S22.

On the other hand, where the formula can hit the bull’s eye, is that spent 12 months, you can opt for the brand’s new smartphone at the same price and no change costs. Clearly, if you had started using a Galaxy S22, after 12 months, you can take a Galaxy S23 for 34.90 per month, without contribution, or 418.80 euros per year.

It’s a small budget, but if we look closer, for 918.80 euros, you used two devices around 800 euros each. Admittedly, if you interrupt your subscription, you have nothing left, but for all phone fans who do not want to pour their wallets, we may be on a real good idea.

We can also have fun making the ratio between the cost year -round and the cost of the phone on each brand, and whatever happens, it generally remains interesting if you plan to change your phone before the two years do not express.

Model Duration
Galaxy S22 23 months
Galaxy S22 Plus 25 months
Galaxy S22 Plus 23 months
Galaxy Z Flip 4 22 months
Galaxy Z Fold 4 21 months
Galaxy A53 28 months
Xiaomi 12T 24 months
Xiaomi 12t Pro 26 months
Xiaomi 12 28 months
iPhone 14 23 months
iPhone 14 Plus 26 months
iPhone 14 Pro Max 22 months
iPhone 13 24 months

Here you will find a table summarizing the cost of the main models after two years. It represents a certain sum all the same.

Model Cost after two years
Galaxy S22 737.8
Galaxy S22 Plus 923.8
Galaxy S22 Plus 1173.8
Galaxy Z Flip 4 1107.8
Galaxy Z Fold 4 1937.8
Galaxy A53 379.8
Xiaomi 12T 668.7
Xiaomi 12t Pro 747.7
Xiaomi 12 767.7
iPhone 14 1066.7
iPhone 14 Plus 1122.7
iPhone 14 Pro Max 1612.7
iPhone 13 928.7

It’s green ?

From the moment when phones are used several times in this model (up to 3 times over 36 months), one could legitimately think that this practice is green. Do not try to convince yourself that you are doing a good action for the environment through this type of service, since as we have demonstrated above, unless you like to throw money through the windows, the format encourages you to change your mobile regularly. However, the best way of not polluting is still not to consume new products, and therefore to buy a good model that we will keep as much time as possible (as you already seem to do)).

On this subject, Fadel Bennouna defends his model by advancing that it allows the smartphones they buy to know up to three lives. A first in new rental, a second in reconditioned rental and a third, if it is in good condition, for sale on the reconditioned market after 36 months.

Everyone’s free to find their balance in all of this. Admittedly, the model allows phones to live several lives in one, but we can also emphasize that it pushes to a rapid renewal of its own phone, at a time when precisely, the renewal rate tends to slow down.

Let us add that the company aims at a grade in reconditioned “very close to new” and tests itself the phones itself. The batteries are almost systematically changed. All this can increase the energy bill a little and reduce the interest of such a model if you are looking to reduce your carbon impact.

What brands are available ?

The platform only offers Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi smartphones. But Fadel Bennouna assures us that the Google Pixel should arrive from the 1st quarter 2023.

In general, this is a model dating back to two or three years maximum. Next Mobile is of course also affected by shortage problems. It is thus more complicated to find the latest iPhone Pro between September and December for example.

The platform of course considers to extend its range further by offering watches, tablets or PCs in the long term, but the idea is still only in the state of project.

To follow us, we invite you to download our Android and iOS application. You can read our articles, files, and watch our latest YouTube videos.