All about NFC technology: operation and use., What is the NFC and why use it?

What is the NFC and why use it

The list of NFC compatible smartphones is available here

The NFC and NFC technology business card: what is it and what is it for ?

From your smartphone to your bank card through your key door, these devices are most certainly compatible NFC (Near Field Communication). Thanks to an NFC chip, technology allows data exchange, but not only !

NFC: how it works ?

THE NFC or Near Field Communication works thanks to a chip that allows an exchange of information between two equipped devices. The definition is not more complex.

This contactless rapprochement is sufficient, no application is necessary. Between two smartphones, between a smartphone and a payment terminal, a speaker, a TPE, or a watch.. Everything is possible, just bring two compatible supports closer.

This technology cannot be carried out that very short distance, with at most 20 centimeters between the two chips. But what is it for everyday ?

NFC on a daily basis

When we approach the NFC, we often think of contactless payment. Because for once, it is the banking environment that is a technological precursor.

Bank card: NFC technology for contactless payment

Contactless payment thanks to NFC technology

Contact -less payment allows you to switch more quickly to stores of stores and without physical contact. It works thanks to short -range wireless communication technology – called Near Field Communication (NFC) – which allows two peripherals to communicate with each other.

To set your purchase, no need to type your confidential code, you just have to approach your bank card from the merchant’s terminal. Today, this technology is completely democratized. To the point that we no longer need a bank card.

The smartphone: new NFC device

Today, 98% of smartphones in circulation are equipped with NFC technology. And yes, Apple and Android phones are equipped with contactless technology.

The list of NFC compatible smartphones is available here

But why do we use this technology with our smartphones ? The answer is more complex than it seems. But we can summarize it in 2 main categories:

  • Information program
  • Reading mode

The two modes of the NFC on smartphone

1. Information transmission

It is the most common mode. And especially the one that allows us to pay with our mobile phone. We will transform our smartphone into a NFC chip and transmit information. The main use case is Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Apple Pay and technology Near Fied Communication

But, the use cases are much more numerous:

  1. Files transfert : NFC allows sharing of files, photos, videos, contacts, etc., Between two NFC compatible smartphones by approaching them with each other. This facilitates the rapid sharing of content with friends or colleagues.
  2. Navigo pass and ticket office : In some cities, public transport systems use the NFC to allow travelers to validate their transport title using their smartphone.
  3. Loyalty cards and coupons : Loyalty cards applications can use NFC to scan cards or promotional codes in stores, allowing users to benefit from special offers or discounts.
  4. Secured access : NFC can be used for secure access controls, such as door unlocking or access to limited installations, using the smartphone as a badge.
  5. Bluetooth pairing : The NFC facilitates the rapid and automatic pairing of Bluetooth devices by simply approaching them from each other.

2. Data reading

Here we are talking about nfc tags and chips. These small electronic labels which are sometimes present on panels in cities or at bus stops.

By passing your phone in front of these tags, you will collect practical information which will be displayed automatically on your phone.

This kind of use looks like QR code. But not only. It is also possible to use this NFC technology to Check and use connected objects. So you can configure your smartphone to interact with intelligent domestic devices.

NFC in a few figures

In 2019, there was 2 billion devices NFC compatible in use, and 9 of the 10 best -selling smartphones in the world had nfc native capacities. These impressive increases are probably due to the fact that the NFC is the motor of mobile payments.

During the first half of 2021, Plus half of bank card payments were made by means of NFC technology.

NFC business card, data and professional environment

But how to put NFC technology at the service of our professional daily ? This is the question that we asked ourselves with Wemet in 2020. We answered it with the Wecard.

A Connected business card, With an NFC chip and QR code technology, to transmit your data in a single gesture on any smartphone.

With our NFC business card : no need for readers. Your interlocutor’s smartphone is the receiver of your information. And above all, without application to download. In addition, NFC fleas are secure, and your data also. For more information on information security via this technology, it’s here.

The essential professional connected object: the Wecard

An NFC business card okay, but how it works ?

The use of these contactless business cards in NFC is simple: you approach the smartphone card of your interlocutor and this triggers the appearance of your contact sheet or your professional profile.

And in this case, a video is worth a thousand words.

But above all, who never had a heartache when he had to throw thousands of paper cards in the trash ? All because the position is no longer the right one or the number has changed. But rest assured, it’s over ! The NFC business card is there for that.

What is the NFC and why use it ?

NFC: What is it and for what use? Tech Story

Have you ever heard of NFC ? This data transmission technology can make your life easier. Discover what is it.

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Nowadays, new data transmission and contactless payment technologies are available to allow you to send your files, pay your purchases and make your payments by bringing your mobile phone to another compatible device, equipped with Specific terminals. This principle of contactless transmission is called NFC, Near Field Communication. Discover in this guide what NFC technology is and what are its uses.

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What is NFC technology ?

NFC technology, or Near Field Communication, is a high frequency wireless data transmission technology that automatically and quickly transmitted information from one device to another without needing it matching. The Near Field Communication, CCP in French (Communication in near fields), allows two terminals which are less than 10 cm apart to communicate very quickly between them, and to transmit data in less than a minute by radiofrequency, to a frequency of 13.56 MHz. It therefore does not require the Internet to function.

Unlike Bluetooth, NFC does not need manual pairing or devices recognition to transfer data. The connection starts automatically when another NFC compatible device enters the frequency range previously specified. These devices can be two mobile phones, a smartphone and another device, such as payment terminals or a speaker that works remotely.

What are the operating modes of NFC technology ?

By the operating principle, NFC is similar to Bluetooth, but synchronized devices using NFC technology do not need identification. The connection is established in an automatic and almost instant manner. For data transmission, NFC uses coding with a different modulation factor depending on data flow. At the same time, NFC devices are able to receive and transmit data simultaneously.

NFC technology supports three operating modes with very different applications:

The reader mode transforms your mobile into contactless readers when it is put near a tag NFC. This allows you to obtain information in an automatic way or to launch an application on your phone. This operating mode can be used, for example, to learn more about works of art in museums by approaching your smartphone from the tag. It also allows you to have more information on the composition of drugs or the origins of food products, the user manual of a toy, or what time comes the next bus to an arrested stop.

The card emulation mode allows you to use an device fitted with NFC as a contactless smart card. Coupled with a smartphone, the NFC connects to the SIM card to store encrypted data. In this way, your mobile device turns into contactless payment card for your shopping, transport or show tickets. He can even help you manage your discount vouchers as well as your loyalty points.

Peer-to-peer mode allows you to quickly exchange data between two devices equipped with NFC technology. With this mode, you can exchange photos, videos or any other file from one mobile to another device by bringing them closer to each other. Your smartphone can also be transformed into home automation remote control, which is used to control the various equipment in your home remotely or even unlock the doors of your car.

What are the uses of NFC technology ?

NFC technology is not only used for contactless payments and reading labels. It is also useful for sharing data, access control and identification, to control your car, etc.

NFC to make contactless payments

To give them less than 50 euros, simply spend your mobile phone, or your bank card equipped with an NFC chip, near the contactless terminal. This does not require any confidential code to enter. Payment will be accepted after a few seconds and a payment ticket is granted.

To give them above 50 euros, if you make your payment with your smartphone, you must first enter a confidential code specific to the payment of payment by NFC on your mobile phone, then pass your smartphone in front of the contactless terminal to validate the payment.

The merchant’s smartphone can also become a contactless payment terminal, if it has a NFC chip and with a cash application. This new contactless payment system is under development, both by banks and by start-ups and companies operating in the field of new technologies.

NFC to share data

One of the assets of NFC technology is the transfer of simplified data between two devices. If the NFC function is activated in the two terminals, no pairing needs as with Bluetooth. One of the devices will detect the other automatically. Now just open the content to share, then bring the two devices closer to each other. Finally, click on “Press to share”. The files will be transmitted quickly, at a transfer speed of 424 kbit/s.

NFC for access control and identification

NFC technology is used for access control or identity verification. In addition to the usual access control, this technology makes it possible to pay services and accommodation in hotels, to create pass. For example, customers of an equipped hotel do not need a physical key. They can enter their rooms or visit other areas using only their smartphones. Their identifiers are generated in real time, and all transactions are safely treated.

How to activate NFC technology on a mobile phone ?

Today, most Android are equipped with the NFC and some Apple devices too, proof that NFC technology has won the market. To activate it on your Android, nothing could be simpler, just follow these steps:

  1. Access your Android phone settings
  2. Go to the “wireless and networks” or “connections” section
  3. Click on the “NFC” rocking switch to activate it

It is not necessary to activate NFC on XS iPhones and subsequent models since they have an NFC chip always active. If your iPhone prior to the iPhone XS, here are the steps to follow to activate NFC:

  1. Access the “settings” of your iPhone
  2. Go to the “Control Center” section
  3. Go to “Other orders”
  4. Click on the “NFC” icon
  5. Approach your iPhone from the tag nfc

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