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Another popular series is the French series Lupine With Omar Sy which was part of the top 10 of the most watched content on Netflix, not only in France but worldwide, only a few days after its release. The second season of Lupine is now available with theNetflix Bouygues offer.

Netflix Bouygues: How to take advantage of Netflix on Bbox ?

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Netflix Bouygues

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You are (future) Bouygues customer and you want to subscribe Netflix Bouygues to take advantage of its vast catalog ? No worries ! Netflix, the Californian legal streaming giant, is available on your Bbox, as on your tablet or mobile. We tell you how and how much to take advantage of Netflix with Bouygues.

  • The essential
  • Netflix is ​​available with 2 Bouygues offers: Bbox must and Bbox Ultym.
  • It is possible to take advantage of Netflix on Bbox from € 8.99/month.
  • Netflix Bouygues is available without commitment.
  • L’Netflix Bouygues offer includes a large catalog of original films and series.

Netflix available directly on your Bbox ?

Netflix Bouygues is available with all Triple Play offers in Bouygues. That’s to say : BBOX Must And Bbox Ultym (The successors of the Bbox Miami and Miami+), in ADSL/VDSL or fiber FTTH.

Bbox Sensation Netflix Netflix on Bbox Sensation is no longer available. Bouygues allows access to Netflix only with the internet boxes currently present in its offer.

How to access Netflix Bouygues on all your devices ?

If you have a Netflix compatible Bbox, you can immediately create your account Netflix Bouygues on your Bbox, by choosing one of the three subscription formulas offered. Once your account has been created, you can access Netflix Bouygues in several ways depending on the device you use:


  • on your TV : there Netflix Bouygues channel is the number channel 97 of your Bbox. On your remote control, just press the OK key. From the Bbox Miami, then press the TV key (the green key) of your remote control and go to the “TV bouquets” section> “Bouquets”> “All”.
  • On your computer : by connecting to the Netflix website and by making up your identifiers / password.
  • On your portable Or iOS, Android tablet, Windows Phone : You just have to download the Netflix app for iPhone and iPad / for smartphone and Android tablet / for Windows Phone according to your needs for your needs for your needs. Then, to access Netflix, to enter your identifier / password.

Netflix on Bbox: 3 packages from € 8.99/month

One of the reasons for the international success of Netflix is ​​its very accessible price Compared to its simply monstrous and unlimited access catalog ! In fact, all Netflix Bouygues programs are available from € 8.99/month only. Today, Netflix Bouygues offers 3 monthly packages:

  • THE essential package at € 8.99/month allows you to connect 1 only screen to Netflix.
  • THE standard package At € 13.49/month includes HD and allows you to connect 2 screens to Netflix simultaneously: so, each program, no problem !
  • With the Premium package At € 17.99/month you benefit not only from HD but also ultra HD or 4K HD (that is to say in pixels, a format of 3840 x 2160). And that’s not all: you can connect up to 4 screens simultaneously: interesting to share the family programs !
Netflix Bouygues price – September 22, 2022

Essential package Standard package Premium package
1 screen
€ 8.99/month
2 screens
€ 13.49/month
4 screens
€ 17.99/month

Netflix subscriptions available with BBOX offers, classified according to their price. Free SEO.

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Netflix Bouygues subscription: without commitment !

Apart from programs and prices, another reason made of Netflix Bouygues an irresistible offer, this is the great freedom from which subscribers benefit. Indeed, the subscription works in a very simple way: the date of your registration at Netflix Bouygues serves as a starting point for a monthly package, lasting 30 days. The subscription Bouygues Netflix is a monthly subscription is without engagement, cancellable at any time. Just choose the price that suits you: you can also change it very easily online, 24 hours a day.

With Netflix on Bbox, You can instantly watch your favorite series and movies on your computer, smart TV, tablet, smartphone or any device connected to the Internet. Thanks to the Netflix multi-screen, you can also start viewing a program on a screen, then resume reading at any time, on another device. You also have an “offline” mode to download your program in advance on your equipment and watch it Bouygues Netflix then where you want.

Finally, you take advantage of a suggestion engine that learns from your preferences: the Netflix Bouygues catalog is fully personalized according to your tastes, the latest videos, the evaluations you have given.

Bouygues Netflix: Take advantage of the trial period !

You are tempted, but you still hesitate ? Know that you can benefit froma month of free trial to discover Netflix Bouygues Telecom ! Here’s how to take advantage of it, creating a Netflix account from the Bbox:

  1. From the Netflix home screen on your Bbox TV, select “Start your month free” to create your account.
  2. Follow the indications online: Enter your names, first names, email and enter the password of your choice. Then confirm your email.
  3. Choose the subscription formula that suits you, using your remote control, and click OK.
  4. Enter your payment information and then validate the conditions of use of the service to activate your Netflix subscription on Bbox TV. On the confirmation screen, the free end of the trial date is displayed: here you are subscribed to the Netflix VOD service ! You can instantly watch your TV series and your favorite streaming movies on your Bbox.

Free trial with Netflix is no longer available Netflix ended in free trial months in February 2020.

Bouygues Netflix offer: how to manage your subscription ?

You can manage your subscription Netflix on Bbox or directly on the Netflix website, where you have a personal space as soon as you register. The Bouygues Netflix subscription is billed each month on the date of your registration. However, you remain free at any time to Edit or terminate your subscription, From your personal space on the Netflix website.

To change the package, go to the “Your account” section then click on “Change price”. To terminate, go to the “your account” section then click “Cancel the subscription”. Taking into account your termination is effective at the end of the current billing period.

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Netflix Bbox and new subscribers

Family and TV

Should we still present Netflix, World leader of SVOD ? Among the original creations of the American firm, there are some of the striking television creations of recent years: The Crown, Gilmore Girls: A New Year, 13 Reasons Why, The Haunting of Hill House, The New Adventures of Sabrina, Umbrella Academy, The Witcher, La Casa de Papel.

Another popular series is the French series Lupine With Omar Sy which was part of the top 10 of the most watched content on Netflix, not only in France but worldwide, only a few days after its release. The second season of Lupine is now available with theNetflix Bouygues offer.

New on Netflix of beautiful news arrives on Netflix in 2023 ! Series fans can now look at the fourth season of the You’s series or the third season of Outer Banks soon (released on 02/23/2023). All this thanks to Netflix with Bouygues ! But that’s not all. The year 2023 is also reserved following the series The Witcher, Sex Education, The Crown, Emily in Paris, or the Chronicle of Bridgerton.

Bouygues Netflix: from the Bridgerton chronicle to the Marvel heroes

Among the more recent series that are a hit, we also find The Chronicle of Bridgerton, which immerses us in the world of London High Society of the 19th century. The series is based on the set of books of the same name of Julia Quinn, American writer, specialized in historical novels and tells us the story of the Bridgerton family whose eight children try to find happiness, love and their place in high society. The release of season 3 is scheduled for 2023.

Marvel fans also have their series (s) with Daredevil, The blind superhero, fighting against crime in the streets of New York, as a lawyer during the day and in super-justice at night. But he is not alone: ​​on Netflix you can also meet Jessica Jones, a private detective haunted by its past; Luke Cage, An ex-Malfrat who fights to whiten his name and save his Harlem district; Danny Rand, An heir to the iron grip returned to New York to accomplish his destiny; Frank Castle, a former navy determined to punish the criminals who murdered his family.

Without forgetting the first 4, Murdoch, Jones, Cage and Hiking gathered, a little against their will, in the series The Defenders to fight against a demonic plot orchestrated by. Sigourney Weaver herself. Brief. We let you discover their superpowers, if you do not already know them !

Bouygues Netflix offer: movies and docs in the shade of the series

The series cut the lion’s share on Netflix Bouygues, but the company is evolving by giving an increasing importance to the cinema. Among the best films on this platform, we can cite for example: The 7 of Chicago, Malcolm and Marie, The woman at the window, Okja, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, UNCUT Gems... We must not forget the animated film Klaus From Sergio Pablos, the first original animated feature broadcast on Netflix. In addition, many documentaries are also available on Netflix.

Popcorn and 3D glasses

In 2023, Several new films are planned to be put online on the platform, under the name Netflix Original (that is to say, a Netflix production). And there will be something for everyone ! Films like MURDER Mystery 2, The rest of the action comedy with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, or Unlocked, A South Korean thriller directed by Kim Tae-Joon, are also planned for this year.

As you can see, Netflix Bouygues offers a large catalog of films and documentaries in addition to an offer of breathtaking series, without forgetting a Kids space adapted to children. And most of the time, these are original creations. Thus, Netflix constantly offers new features. Finally, amateurs will appreciate, all programs are available in French version or subtitled.

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Discover new films and series every week

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● With a large catalog of films and series, original Netflix programs awarded and a kids space adapted to children, there is something for all ages and for all tastes.
● With Netflix, you can instantly watch your TV series and your favorite streaming movies from your Bbox or any device connected to the Internet with the Netflix application, such as Smart TV, PC, smartphones, tablets, streaming players and game consoles.
● Look at what you want, when you want it and in all simplicity. No masked costs and the subscription can be canceled at any time.
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