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Namx Huv

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Namx will present his car in Morocco

Namx, another premium French brand of hydrogen cars, announces that it will exhibit its SUV during an event that takes place in Tangier. It will be a first for Africa.

Franco-Moroccan entrepreneur, Faouzi Annajah will meet on April 28 and 29 for the Industry Days, organized in Tangier by a specialized magazine. The event is placed under the patronage of King Mohammed VI. NAMX will therefore exhibit its hydrogen vehicle and meet its partners on site. The brand should make announcements on its development.

During this event, several personalities will speak, including several ministers, representatives of the Moroccan hydrogen ecosystem (H2 Green Maroc, Iresen), Renault and even an astronaut of NASA.

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Namx Huv

Namx Huv

Drawn by the Italian Pininfarina teams, the Namx hydrogen SUV has unique lines.

Larger than a Hyundai Nexo, he covers 4.9 m in length and is distinguished by its large light signature in X covering the entire grille.

HUV motorization

Autonomy of the NAMX HUV

On the hydrogen part, the NAMX SUV has a fairly unique configuration. Without giving an indication as to the characteristics of the fuel cell, the manufacturer indicates the presence of a double storage system based on a fixed tank supplemented by six removable capsules. Housed on the rear part, these can be replaced in just a few seconds.

Without giving an indication for the capacity of hydrogen tanks, Namx announces an autonomy of 800 km.

Marketing and prices of the NAMX HUV

Expected at the Paris 2022 Motor Show, the NAMX HUV will start its marketing in 2025. It can already be pre-commanded on the brand’s website.

Without going into details, the manufacturer announces a price varying from 65,000 to € 95,000 depending on the configuration chosen.

NAMX HUV – Technical sheet

Length 4.9 m 4.9 m
Transmission Propulsion Integral
Engine 300 hp 550 hp
Max speed 200 km/h 250 km/h
0 – 100 km/h 6.5 s 4.5 s
PAC power Nc Nc
H2 tanks 1 fixed + 6 removable 1 fixed + 6 removable
Autonomy 800 km 800 km


Paris Mondial: Namx unveils its amazing hydrogen capsules dispenser

Paris Mondial: Namx unveils its amazing hydrogen capsules dispenser

NAMX HUV: The hydrogen SUV soon available in pre -order

NAMX HUV: The hydrogen SUV soon available in pre -order

NAMX HUV: Everything about the first French hydrogen SUV

NAMX HUV: Everything about the first French hydrogen SUV

Namx and Hopium hydrogen cars are among the electricities at the Paris Motor Show

Namx and its stand at the Paris Motor Show // Source: Raphaelle Baut

The two French brands Hopium and Namx bet on hydrogen as a solution for the future for mobility. They have chosen to exhibit their vision at the Paris Motor Show for Paris.

This 2022 edition of the Paris World Cup can be a beautiful forum for many brands still unknown. Like many major manufacturers have decided not to exhibit on the event, this leaves more visibility to all other exhibitors. If Chinese manufacturers draw attention to this motor fair, two stands of French brands also intrigue visitors: Hopium in Hall 4 and Namx in Hall 6.

In the middle of a living room in which the electric vehicle is king, the two manufacturers, who promote hydrogen, are a bit.

Hopium: a great ultra-minimalist stand

For visitors who enter Pavilion 4 of the Paris World Cup, the Hopium stand immediately stands out from the other stands. More minimalist than the Hopium stand, you will probably not find. The brand has opted for a large area devoid of any furniture, it only exposes a round podium in its center with its machine machine vision above, without any other artifice. Everything else is white, with the exception of a few scriptures projected on the wall. This leaves a funny impression, especially compared to the opulence of the stands of the Stellantis and Byd group located nearby.

Hopium machina vision // Source: Raphaelle Baut

This staging is far from harmless. Its effect hit the bull’s eye on visitors. By observing the movements on the stand during public days, we note that visitors are all the more intrigued by this empty space. People approach the high -end sedan, which sits in its center, to understand what it is going.

Hopium and its refined stand at the Paris World Cup // Source: Raphaelle Baut

The Hopium Machina Vision sedan has such a refined design as that of its case, the two are perfectly connected. By discreetly listening to the visitors present, we notice that the aesthetics of the car please. However, passers -by do not always immediately understand that it is a future model operating in hydrogen.

The high -end sedan designed by the French brand must be created in 2025. The goal of Hopium is to offer a vehicle capable of offering 500 hp and 1,000 km of autonomy thanks to its hydrogen engine. Hopium aims at the high -end segment with a particularly well appointed interior and with quality materials.

Olivier Lombard - CEO of hopium on the Paris World Cup // Source: Raphaelle Baut

The Hopium project, a high performance hydrogen sedan, was launched in 2019 by Olivier Lombard, a former pilot who became CEO. After the announcement of the concept in August 2021, the young brand was again in the spotlight when the former minister in charge of transport joined the company (he was also present during the press day of the show at )). Shortly before the Paris World Cup, Hopium announced that its factory was going to see the light of day in Normandy. Olivier Lombard told the journalists present at the show that he was now looking forward to laying the foundation stone of the factory to materialize this new key stage of the project.

Namx and its hydrogen recharges in the way of certain electric scooters

Namx adopts a different approach to hopium. Namx’s hydrogen SUV was unveiled in May 2022. Behind a design signed Pininfarina, Namx puts a lot on its innovation of hydrogen charging capsules to conquer the market.

Namx and its hydrogen // source huv: Raphaelle Baut

With this system of capsules, Namx is looking for a solution to compensate for the lack of hydrogen stations in France, while promising a very fast recharge to its future customers. The 6 capsules complete the main hydrogen tank, and therefore offer up to 800 km of theoretical autonomy to this concept in this configuration.

We find this removable recharging system on certain electric vehicles such as scooters, or even on the Microcar Xev Yoyo. However, here, it is not a question of storing simple batteries, but secondary hydrogen tanks, which implies a much more extensive logistics to fill these walls with capsules. The NAMX HUV transforms hydrogen from capsules into electricity by a fuel cell. By 2025 it should be offered in two engines of 300 or 550 hp, for a price between 65,000 and € 95,000.

Namx capsule wall at the Paris Motor Show // Source: Raphaelle Baut

The Paris World Cup was an opportunity for the brand to present to the public simultaneously the vehicle that looks like a fairly cropped SUV, but also the storage banks of NAMX hydrogen capsules. It is ultimately this second element, very visual, which attracts the gaze of visitors to the manufacturer’s stand. However, we are not sure that the message is very clear for visitors who pass on stand.

Despite a positioning at the bottom of hall 6, we have noticed that visitors lingered around the vehicle and its wall of capsules. What to offer a little visibility to this French project, quite daring.

System of moisturized moisturized capsule Namx // Source: Raphaelle Baut

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