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Opera (Opera One)

Free and multiplated, Opera is a secure web browser that incorporates many interesting native features such as a VPN, an advertising blocker, and an instant messaging module.


Opera is a web browser. If he is a little less popular than some of his competitors, he has all the hand cards to compete with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox as well as Safari. During 2021, it had 2.3% of mobile market share. With the release of his new Opera One, the Scandinavian publisher has everything to become a giant alongside his American rivals.

The Opera web browser was designed by the Norwegian company of the same name, the first version was created in 1995. Since 2016, this software has been held by the Chinese investment fund Golden Brick following its takeover for $ 1.2 billion. It is available on many platforms, either computers, smartphones and tablets, which makes it easily accessible.

If you download Opera, you will quickly see that the element on which the web browser wants to distinguish, this is speed. Opera wants to be as intransigable on privacy and user safety. Consequently, it highlights many features going in this direction.

Opera browser operation

Since 2013, Opera has been based on chromium. Be careful, do not confuse with the Google Chrome browser from the American company, it has a size shade to take into account. Indeed, Chromium is the open source project on which its owner browser also rests, Chrome. Thus, other companies can download the source code of its free project in order to adapt it to its own ambition afterwards. Opera is based on this project without copying Google Chrome.

Regarding its functionalities dedicated to security, Opera incorporates an advertising blocker directly into the browser without extension module. This to intercept ads as soon as possible without affecting performance, because the tool turns in the background. Thus, the pages rich in content load up to 90% faster with the blocking of activated pubs.

That’s not all because Opera also incorporates free VPN. Usually, this is not the case for browsers that you download so that this tool often has an additional cost. With the software, it is directly available to allow you to navigate online with reinforced confidentiality. It is also possible to add the pro version of this VPN for a few euros per month.

Among the other features available if you download Opera, you can talk about the possibility of surfing online and chatting at the same time with your friends using instant messaging directly from the browser. So you can stay the latter while having direct access to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Telegram.

Opera is one of the web browsers who bet on compatibility, which means that you can easily share content between your computer and your phone. The connection between the devices is made easier, you do not need to identify yourself. Just download Opera Touch and use the app to scan the QR code that appears on your desktop from the computer. The connection is private and user data is encrypted.

Today, it is possible to download Opera under different versions. Indeed, we find the classic web browser, but also other variations like Opera GX, a version dedicated to gamers which allows limits to the processor, RAM or even to the network. He also incorporates Discord and Twitch directly from the sidebar-this is available for computers and smartphones.

Opera does not only offer a web browser, but also other products like Opera News and its Lite version which presents itself as an application which references news while allowing you to follow certain subjects that interest you or certain local and global news according to your preferences. In the end, the web browser wants to be more than a simple search bar: it creates an entire intuitive, customizable and pleasant ecosystem that will help users easily understand it.

Obviously, Opera is available in French.


You can download Opera to the device of your choice. First, it is found on computers with the Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11, MacOS 10 versions.11 or a later version as well as Linux Ubuntu 16.04 in at least 64 -bit architecture.

On smartphone, you will find the Opera and Opera GX mobile application (for gaming) from your iPhone or iPad. Android is also entitled to its mobile version, obviously. Finally, you have everything to download this browser easily to get used to its use from all your devices.


Opera download is free, whatever the devices used. The web browser is completely free and without advertising, there is no need to create an account or pay a monthly subscription to have all its features. Besides, it has no premium version. On the other hand, it will take a few euros per month to access the publisher’s premium VPN service.

Opera alternatives

You don’t have to download Opera: there are a very large number of competing web browsers. The first alternative that relies on similar arguments is Mozilla Firefox. This is the software focused on security and privacy par excellence in this category. In comparison, it has more than 196 million users active in the world and it is one of the giants in this niche alongside Google Chrome and Safari (Apple).

To bet on security, Mozilla Firefox offers features directly integrated into its browser but also extensions like Facebook Container which prevents the social network from tracks you while you are no longer on its platform. It is free and compatible with computers (including Linux) and smartphones.

If you don’t want to choose these two web browsers, there are also brave. Once again, it is on the same niche as Optrara because of its orientation towards the protection of privacy. Initially, it is also one of the former co -founders of Mozilla Firefox who designed this software, this is why we also find this common point. To convince the public, brave also relies on advanced features to protect personal data from users. Thus, he does not hesitate to block advertising follow -up and the most invasive advertisements to keep your attention on the tasks that you are carrying out.

Finally, you can also direct yourself to the most popular web browsers in the world – Google Chrome and Safari – which have 65 % and 15 % of market share respectively in the world. Google Chrome is a must and is appreciated by billions of users.

Opera (Opera One)

Free and multiplated, Opera is a secure web browser that incorporates many interesting native features such as a VPN, an advertising blocker, and an instant messaging module.

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11
  • Windows Portable – XP/Vista/7/8/10/11
  • macos
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS iPhone / iPad

Why use Opera ?

What are the news of the latest version of Opera ?

With which OS Opera is it compatible ?

What are the best alternatives to Opera ?


Opera is a free and multiplatform web browser that offers a serious alternative to tenors on the market that are Google Chrome And Mozilla Firefox.

Ergonomic, this software incorporates interesting additional features to facilitate access to your social networks, to communicate with your loved ones, to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of your navigation, or even edit and share screenshots.

Why use Opera ?

Available for download for free for office computers under Windows, Mac and Linux, Opera has been able to evolve over the years and provide ever more innovative and practical features.

Also downloadable from Android, iPhone and iPad, Opera smartphones and tablets offers more security and confidentiality to its users. The speed of loading of the pages and the ergonomics of its interface are also part of its priorities. In short, Opera has nothing to envy its competitors.

Security and confidentiality

Regarding security and confidentiality, the browser has serious assets. He protects you from malware and phishing attempts with an integrated module. No need to download and install an additional extension.

It also has an unlimited and free VPN. Combined with private navigation, it guarantees your anonymity to take full advantage of the web in peace. To activate the VPN, you must go to the privacy configuration settings. Then just click on an icon to activate or deactivate the service. Note that the VPN can also be used in a private navigation window.

Note that he has natively an advertising blocker to focus on content.

Personalization and ergonomics

Opera’s interface is obviously available in several languages, including French. It works with tabs to open your different pages. So far, nothing new compared to other web browsers. What differentiates Opera from its competitors is its ability to organize groups of tabs. This personalized tab management also allows users to display the name and a miniature of the page in question, not just a favicon.

With regard to the speed of loading of the pages, Opera incorporates a system for the watching system of web pages which are open in the various tabs, thus optimizing the loading time. On the other hand, Opera Turbo still accelerates navigation by compressing web pages data.

To extend its features or to modify its appearance, Opera has a particularly supplied extensions catalog and regularly fueled new extensions.

Finally, the browser offers the possibility of synchronizing navigation data (open tabs, passwords, history and favorites) between all your devices. Between the web browser of your office computer and that of your smartphone, it is even faster to synchronize, via the new QR code system. So, you can resume your navigation where you stopped whatever the medium used thanks to Opera Touch.

Communication and social networks

Opera facilitates access to your favorite social networks and an instant messaging service. From the icons available in the left side menu, you can deploy a side pane to connect directly to WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram And Facebook Messenger. You can continue to browse the internet while consulting the flow of Instagram news or posting new tweets.

Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger on Opera

Opera also provides its users, a personal space called Flow, in which they can keep links, videos, notes and files. This data will then be accessible on your Opera browser on smartphone via the synchronization service.

Opera Mobile

Available for Android smartphone and tablet, iPhone and iPad, the Opera mobile application has all essential features such as voice search, barcode and QR code readers, instant search, secure navigation, and simplified connection With the web browser installed on your computer.

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What are the news of the latest version of Opera ?

With Opera, you can directly consult and use Twitter and Instagram social networks from the menu bar. Your news flows of these communication tools are available in one click as well as the tools to add new publications.

Your instant messaging tools such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Vkontakte, Telegram, are also permanently available in the sidebar. They are thus accessible directly in your browser, without occupying a new tab and without requiring a new connection to each session.

In addition, with Opera Sync, the synchronization of office and mobile browsers is simplified since you just have to scan a QR code with your smartphone to immediately have your favorites, your mark, your preferences, your add -ons installed, etc.

Opera now has, in its sidebar, from a shortcut to your Tiktok account, alongside Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger or YouTube. You can not only search and watch videos, but also publish content in one click.

With the emergence of AI in search engines, Opera intends to stay in the running. To find out more, see our items: The Opera web browser plans to integrate Chatgpt and Chatgpt & Opera: The browser unveils Shorten, a new function based on AI.

Since June 2023 and the online putting on the latest Opera One version, Opera has been equipped with a chatbot (like Chatgpt) which allows you to ask your question in natural language. This conversational agent can respond to all kinds of requests (prompt) but it is always good to check the information stated. A conversation history is saved and permanently accessible. To find out more, read our article: the Opera browser arrives with an integrated conversational agent

With which OS Opera is it compatible ?

The Opera web browser is available for all platforms. You can download it to computers equipped with Windows (from Windows 7), from Mac OS 10.At least 11, or a Linux Ubuntu 16 distribution.04 in at least 64 -bit architecture.

For users of smartphones and tablets, several mobile applications are available on Android and iOS. For Android, you can download Opera for Android (stable or beta version), Opera Mini (stable or beta version), and Opera Touch. IPhone and iPad users will be able to download Opera Touch on the App Store, a version specially dedicated to mobiles.

What are the best alternatives to Opera ?

We can’t talk about web browser without mentioning Google Chrome And Mozilla Firefox. Market leaders compete in assets and performance to attract more and more users. Offering more extensions and faster, Google Chrome is however less focused on confidentiality than Mozilla Firefox or Opera. Building everything about the safety and optimization of navigation, Mozilla Firefox has been able to regain popularity in recent years.

Launched in 2015, Microsoft Edge was able to conquer a new generation of users, thanks in particular to its basic installation on Windows 10. Completely different from Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s new web browser offers a much more modern and intuitive interface, with new interesting features such as vocal reading or Cortana assistant.

Less known to the general public, Brave Browser is, however, a web browser on which we can count. Users concerned for respecting their privacy may also turn to this software regardless of their operating system.

Vivaldi Offer functionality and an interface similar to Opera and for good reason, this web browser was launched by the former CEO of Opera. The side panel provides access to all the tools in the software and tabs can be stacked to organize them better.