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Comparison of mobile telephony

Prixtel offers four adjustable packages “the small” “oxygen”, “the big” and “the giant”. Each package has a minimum price and a maximum and allows you to start every month at the minimum price. Each month, depending on your internet consumption your package adjusts as well as your bill to make you benefit from the best price.

Compare mobile operators

To choose your mobile package, you can turn to a mobile network operator with Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom or Free Mobile. You also have the possibility of directing yourself towards a package without commitment at low prices of their digital brands like SOSH for Orange or Red for SFR but also the B & YOU offers from the operator Bouygues Telecom. To help you find the package that best suits your needs, we provide you with our mobile package comparator with in particular the offers of network operators as well as their low-cost brands

The operator La Poste Mobile

The virtual operator La Poste Mobile previously Simplicime is a MVNO which relies on the infrastructure of the SFR network. This MVNO was born in 2011 from a partnership between the La Poste group (51%) and SFR (49%). At the end of 2015, this French operator La Poste Mobile has nearly 1.2 million customers.

La Poste Mobile notably focuses on its local network with 30,000 customer advisers available in post offices throughout France. The latter has also taken its place on the market thanks to the competitiveness of its offers with formulas adapted to the needs of consumers at low prices.

Concretely, the Operator La Poste Mobile markets non -binding packages, packages with mobile or even packages with unlimited music but also prepaid or packaged offers blocked. To support your package, La Poste Mobile offers a wide choice of mobile phones for all.

The Prixtel operator

The MVNO Prixtel has been present on the mobile phone market since 2004 and has been offering a mobile telephony offer for individuals since 2008. The MVNO Prixtel is the first operator to offer neutral CO2 packages. He undertakes to compensate for the entire CO2 emissions generated by the packages of his customers by planting trees in France.
This French company is positioned on the market against waste by offering offers adapted to the real uses of consumers. Concretely, Prixtel is the only French telephone operator to offer adjustable packages without obligation to pay the price just each month. This operator who shakes up the telephony codes is based on the 4G/4G+ network of SFR for its mobile coverage. Thanks to the agreement held with this operator, Prixtel allows all its users to enjoy a maximum of data for a low price.

Prixtel offers four adjustable packages “the small” “oxygen”, “the big” and “the giant”. Each package has a minimum price and a maximum and allows you to start every month at the minimum price. Each month, depending on your internet consumption your package adjusts as well as your bill to make you benefit from the best price.

  • With the little one, your bill varies from 5.99 € at 9.99 € per month (excluding promo) according to your monthly consumption. You can consume between 10 and 20 GB. Beyond the 20 GB of the Internet to which you are entitled every month, you will have a limited flow on the Internet.
  • With the Oxygène offer, your invoice varies from 7.99 € to 12.99 € per month (excluding promo) according to your monthly consumption. You can consume between 30, 50 and 70 GB. Beyond the 70 GB of the Internet to which you are entitled every month, you will have a limited flow on the Internet.
  • With the Le Grand package, your invoice varies from 9.99 € per month minimum at 15.99 € per month maximum. This non -binding subscription adapts to your data consumption and allows you, each month, to consume up to 160 GB.
  • With the 5G compatible giant compatible, your invoice varies from 14.99 € per month minimum at 20.99 € per month maximum. This maximum mobile package adapts to your data consumption and allows you, each month, to consume up to 220GB.

Operator B and you

Brand B and you (B & YOU) was launched in July 2011 by the operator Bouygues Telecom. This low-cost brand is integrated in November 2014 directly into the range of offers from the operator Bouygues Telecom. This merger allows B & You subscribers to benefit from Bouygues Telecom services such as advisers or the network of shops. B & YOU plans are accessible in stores or on the Bouygues Telecom site and available without lower prices with up to 100GB of the Internet Mobile. The operator Bouygues Telecom regularly offers to counter competing offers from special B & YOU series with a substantial and very attractive data envelope. With the B and you packages, you take advantage of the Bouygues Telecom quality network with in particular the best loading speed of a 4G video. For information, the operator Bouygues Telecom covers 99% of the French population in 4G. On December 1, 2020, the operator launched its very first 5G package offering 130GB for € 24.99 per month.

Free Mobile operator

Free Mobile Subsidiary of the Iliad Group is the 4th network operator in France and has been marketing since 2012 two non -binding packages at a reduced price. This operator nicknamed the “troublemaker” has revolutionized the telecoms market by democratizing the packages without commitment at low cost. At the end of March 2021, the free mobile operator claims 13.4 million subscribers. Free Mobile is also regularly noticed thanks to very interesting private sales (mobile and box) which most often generate a price war between operators to the delight of consumers of consumers. Free Mobile also maintains its reputation as a precursor by adding new services (Roaming, Data, etc.) to its package without price increase. The latter also offers unlimited 4G on its Free Box for Freebox subscribers at € 15.99 and even € 9.99 for Freebox Pop subscribers since July 7, 2020. Free Mobile covered at the end of April 2021, 98.8% of the French population in 3G and 98.5% in 3G. Free Mobile also has a roaming contract with the Orange operator which must end in 2022. Regarding the 5G network, Free aims to be a leader in France. At the end of April 2021, the fourth operator thus held the largest number of 5G sites (all frequencies combined).

The operator Red by SFR

In October 2011, the SFR operator launched its low-cost brand “Les Series Red de SFR” in order to counter Free Mobile offers launched in January 2012. This Red by SFR brand today belongs to Omea Telecom a subsidiary of SFR Group. In November 2015, the operator SFR announced the disappearance of the operator Virgin Mobile for the benefit of Red by SFR offers. Another important fact for this operator, his change of visual identity in February 2016. The latter adopts a new logo and stands out from SFR by abandoning the red color for green. This RED by SFR mobile operator markets simple, non -binding and customizable offers for mobile with cheap packages on the SFR network, but also for the internet part at home with high speed and very high speed offers. The latter also offers a rich catalog of mobiles with the possibility of paying them in several times at no cost. Let us not forget that this operator is also characterized by regularly offering offers at broken prices. Let us also remember that RED is the first operator to have launched a mobile package without obligation with 100GB of data for the mobile internet part in March 2017.

The operator YouPrice

Launched in 2022 on the telecoms market, Youprice. is the new brand of the large France digital group, with its dozens of years of experience in the sector. Youprice. it’s a 100% digital mobile operator which markets plans at ultra competitive prices, without commitment but above all Adjustable ! The customer will only settle what he is going to consume.

Only player of the market to offer users the network alternative between Orange and SFR, Youprice. offers a unique offer in partnership with the two largest historic networks.

The Sosh operator

The historic operator Orange launched in October 2011 its 100% digital Sosh brand in order to counter the offers of the operator Free Mobile. In October 2017, the 100% Web operator subscribers was estimated at 3,550,000 customers, a success for the Orange operator. This mobile operator markets a range of non -binding packages at attractive prices as well as an internet box called “SOSH box” and this since the 2018 stops of mobile offers coupled with the Livebox of Orange. SOSH also appeals to many customers thanks to its network, the Orange network, is number one in France on the quality of mobile services for the 8th consecutive time since 2010. 4G is accessible by more than 98% of the population in mainland France on September 1, 2018, it thus achieves its objective of providing 98% of the population in 2018 in 2018. SOSH markets a large catalog of mobiles and offers to facilitate your purchase to spread your payment at no cost. This digital operator offers you 24 -hour support support, notably thanks to a support forum as well as a customer area also available via a mobile app. Sosh advisers are listening to you by chat 6 days a week to answer your questions.

The SFR operator

SFR (French Radiotelephone Company) was a 100% owned company until 2014 by the Vivendi group. Since then, the latter belongs to the Altice group led by businessman Patrick Drahi. Altice who also held the operator Numericable carried out in November 2014 the rapprochement of SFR and Numericable to give birth to the Numericable-SFR group renamed from SFR Group. The SFR operator is positioned as the French leader in fixed-mobile convergence around very high speed. This operator offers mobile packages rich in content with or without mobile and with or without commitment. You will find at SFR a large catalog of mobiles with the best smartphones with package or without package. SFR also offers to spread the payment of your mobile in several times free of charge and also offers mobile rental. Other information, SFR covers 96% of the French population in 4G and aims for a rate of 99% at the end of 2018 thanks to its massive investments in the field.

The operator Bouygues Télécom

In May 1996, operator Bouygues Telecom opened its mobile network commercially and invented the first mobile package. This operator will also be the first to offer unlimited offers in 1999 with in particular the millennium package. After the launch of the I-Mode mobile internet in 2002, this operator met a new success in 2006 with a range of unprecedented packages with unlimited (NEO packages). In July 2011, Bouygues Telecom launched the Low-Cost B & You 100% Web brand, this brand will then be integrated into the Bouygues Telecom range in November 2014. The range of packs B and you from Bouygues Telecom is available without a commitment to duration with or without mobile. Since 2014, this operator has adopted a brand philosophy #NOSCLIENSDABORDBORD, in particular by simplifying its range of mobile plans, old Bouygues Telecom customers have changed on this news without additional cost and regularly benefits from the operator’s advances as since April 10, 2017 with more Data for the same price. With a quality 4G network and a full and simplified range of offers with many services and content, the Bouygues Telecom operator claims in 2020 a 16.7 million client mobile subscribers park.

Orange operator

The Historic Orange operator is the leader in France on the mobile telephony market, in particular thanks to its mobile network. The mobile operator Orange is for the 6th time in a consecutive network the number one network on the quality of mobile services, namely calls, SMS and the mobile internet. Orange covers more than 98% of the French population in 4G. In addition to its quality network, Orange offers a full range of packages with or without commitment, with or without new mobile, blocked or not blocked that meet consumer needs. At Orange, you can also take advantage of a preferential price to equip the whole family thanks to open offers. Orange also offers many services with your mobile package. You can choose a new mobile with this operator from a large catalog. At the end of 2016, the mobile client park reached 20,775 million subscribers.

Virtual operators (MVNOS):

In addition to network operators and their low-cost brands, there are virtual operators on the mobile telephony also called MVNO. Virtual operators have homeless contracts with one or more network operators to market mobile plans. MVNOs offer very attractive formulas with or without commitment and with or without new mobile.

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Comparison of mobile telephony

Test on 10 mobile telephony operators

Network operator or MVNO ? Classic or low cost ? To help you find yourself in the mobile telephony jungle, What to choose has established an unprecedented prize list of the main operators. This takes into account the coverage of the network, the quality of the services offered, the number of disputes generated by the operator, but also the effectiveness of technical assistance and the transparency of contracts. In addition, to help you find the package that best suits your needs, we provide you with our mobile phone comparator. Just go to the operator’s file (Orange, SFR, Free, Bouygues. ) and click on the “Packages” tab to access the offers offered by operators. Only operators who have been the subject of a significant number of returns to our satisfaction survey are in this table.

Mobile operators: the list of all operators in France

Mobile operators

France concentrates a large number of actors in terms of mobile telephony. In addition to the referent authorities in the matter, like Arcep or ANFR to name only them, companies that animate the telecommunications market in France. This is particularly due to the fact that operators are multiple. And the least we can say is that the latter are distinguished by their respective profiles. Here is everything you need to know about each of the telephone operators in France.

More or less old in the telecommunications landscape in France, operators are distributed in particular between:

  • Historical operators on the one hand, like Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free to a lesser degree.
  • MVNO operators who rent their MNO operators (previously cities) their network infrastructure.
  • Note that the MVNO stands themselves between different actors.

List of French telephony operators

  • Operator n ° 1 in France

Orange is the best known historic operator in France. It offers mobile subscriptions with and without commitment, phones and internet boxes with very good service.

  • A good price-performance ratio !

SFR is one of the historic operators in France. Known to offer mobile plans, phones and Internet subscriptions at competitive prices and with good service.

  • A range of ultra -complete offers

Bouygues Télécom is one of the best known operators for its mobile packages and internet subscriptions. The value for money offered is particularly interesting.

  • Complete, inexpensive and non -binding packages.

Free Mobile is often presented as the operator that has made it possible to lower prices of mobile packages. The latter is always very attractive and well positioned with its offers.

  • Orange’s non -binding operator

Sosh is the operator held by Orange and exclusively offering mobile plans and internet boxes without. The prices and the quality of the services are there.

  • An operator renowned for its economic offers

Red by SFR is the most popular operator, recognized for its non -binding mobile packages and internet boxes at low prices. It is very active in this market with regular offers.

  • Low prices with full services

B & You is the brand of Bouygues Télécom offering mobile packages without a commitment of duration. The offers are known to be very interesting, both on the price and the services.

  • The most aggressive operator on the market

Syma Mobile is an operator held by SFR and operating on its network. The proposed subscriptions are very aggressive and very economical, all without commitment to duration.

  • The without commitment on the Bouygues Telecom network

NRJ Mobile is a virtual operator displaying non -binding packages and also phones. Holded by Bouygues Télécom, NRJ Mobile also enjoys its network.

Mobile Post

  • Varied mobile packages with the SFR network

La Poste Mobile is a virtual operator partly held by SFR and recognized by its brand reputation. The offers offered are varied in order to seduce a fairly wide audience.

  • The operator with flexible packages

Prixtel is a full operator, held by SFR and using its network. It offers very interesting modular subscriptions in order to be able to control its consumption.

  • A very complete range of subscriptions

Coriolis Telecom is an operator under the cut of SFR and benefiting from the quality of its network. The range of subscriptions is very wide to seduce the general public.

  • The homeless at low price

Auchan Telecom is one of the brands of the Bouygues Telecom group. This operator remains independent, on the Bouygues Télécom network, and with packages without any.

  • Very interesting offers to save money

Cdiscount Mobile is an operator in its own right and under the control of Bouygues Telecom, which allows it to be able to take advantage of its network. The available packages are very competitive.

  • The small eco -responsible operator

Mint Mobile is a young operator who only offers a few non -binding mobile offers. Its advantage being to offer eco -responsible offers while enjoying a reasonable price.

  • The without commitment with the Orange network

The operator Lebara works on the best network in France, namely Orange. The offers proposed by Lebara are without obligation of duration and the prices charged are competitive with international advantages.

  • The operator of E.Leclerc associated with SFR

Réglo Mobile is an E operator.Leclerc and belonging to SFR. The proposed network is that of SFR and the available offers are without obligation of duration with a fairly wide choice.

  • A full range of mobile and internet subscriptions

Nordnet is an operator recognized for its satellite internet offers, as well as its fiber and radio offers. The operator also offers a range of non -binding mobile packages in 4G and 5G.

Crédit Mutuel Mobile

  • Offers with and without commitment

Crédit Mutuel Mobile is a banking operator who displays offers without obligation and with commitment in partnership with Bouygues Telecom.

All about CIC Mobile

  • The banking operator on the Bouygues Telecom network

CIC Mobile is an operator belonging to Bouygues Télécom and operating on its network. The offers proposed are varied, with or without commitment to duration.

  • The operator recognized for his prepaid offers

Lycamobile is a fairly popular and recognized virtual operator to offer many prepaid offers (SIM cards), including advantages to communicate internationally.

  • The non -commitment to the Bouygues Telecom network

The SIM+ operator is one of the only ones to give its customers the opportunity to choose between the 3 networks: SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Orange. The offers are without obligation and at competitive prices.

  • Packages that adapt to your consumption

Youprice is an operator belonging to Netcom Group with the particularity of offering flexible subscriptions with the possibility of choosing between the Orange and SFR network.

  • Mobile source, a responsible and united operator

Mobile source is a virtual mobile network operator using the Bouygues Telecom network. It has the particularity of offering subscribers to donate gigabytes not used to associations thanks to the “drop” system.

  • Telecoop, a cooperative, united and ecological operator

Telecoop is a cooperative operator. He advocates, with his packages, digital sobriety, and encourages customers to moderate their uses of mobile data. Subscribers can become a member to participate in the cooperative decision.

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A wide choice of mobile operators in France

France is certainly one of the countries where the most mobile operators coexist. In addition to operators in France, there are more than 20 operators offering mobile packages to French consumers. However, there are four main operators in France who are Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free.

The other operators are called MVNO or virtual operators, that is to say that they use the networks of historic operators to operate. Among these operators, most belong directly to Orange, SFR and Bouygues Télécom. Only a few operators remain independent to date.

Historical operators and their different brands

To see more clearly in the landscape of telecom operators in France, the best is to clearly distinguish each of the operators in order to determine which group they belong. Some consumers indeed favor operators operating with a specific network (that of SFR, Orange or Bouygues Telecom) and that is why it is important to know the memberships of MVNO to historic operators.

Operators belonging to Altice (SFR)

Altice does not only hold SFR and Red by SFR, but also other virtual operators that work almost all exclusively with the SFR mobile network.

Here are the operators held by SFR:

Operators belonging to SFR
Red by SFR
Mobile Post
Syma Mobile
Coriolis Telecom

Operators held by the Bouygues Telecom group

In the same way as SFR (Altice), the Bouygues Télécom group has bought many operators and now has a real panel of virtual operators that operate independently of Bouygues Telecom.

Here are the operators held by Bouygues Telecom:

The operators held by Bouygues Télécom
Bouygues Telecom
B & you
Auchan Telecom
Mobile NRJ
Cdiscount Mobile
Mobile CIC
Crédit Mutuel Mobile

Orange operators under the control

Like SFR and Bouygues Télécom, the Orange group also has some operators. The orange strategy is however different since the operator has not to date bought virtual operators.

Here is the list of orange operators:

Operators managed by Orange

Independent mobile operators

The telecoms market in France is therefore very competitive but dominated by 3 historic operators, with also free 4th French operator. However, some operators remain independent to date.

Here are the independent mobile operators:

Completely independent operators
Mobile mint

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