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Telecom operator: telecom suppliers for companies


Thursday September 21, 2023 by Xavier Biseul

Telecom operator

A telecom operator, or telecommunications operator, offers remote communication services (fixed telephony, cellular, internet). Its telecommunications services pass through fixed or mobile networks.

In terms of fixed communication, telecom operators offer telephone or internet access services via connected ADSL or optical fiber boxes, and most often equipped with Wi-Fi. Regarding mobile services, we find 3G and 4G networks, the most widespread, and the new 5G network.

In France, the four general public operators are orange, Bouygues Telecom, SFR and Free. There are also a multitude of operators specializing in B to B, as well as virtual operators using the network of four main operators.

Inflation: almost one in three French people ready to change telecom operator

Networks – The inflationary context strongly encourages consumers to terminate their internet and mobile subscriptions to find more attractive offers. Beyond the price of packages, the quality of the network and customer service weighs in their decision.

Thursday September 21, 2023 by Xavier Biseul

Altice could sell the Portuguese operator Meo, Iliad in ambush

Networks – Strongly indebted, the telecoms group would plan to sell its Portuguese assets, valued some ten billion euros. Ex-Portugal Telecom, Meo is the country’s first operator, largely dominating the mobile market as a fixed. Xavier Niel’s group is an ideal pretender.

Monday September 18, 2023 by Xavier Biseul

TDF ready to sell its fiber optic networks

Networks – After having put his telecom towers for sale, the operator would have put his THD networks on sale which cover more than 676,000 households and businesses in the Paris region, in the Loire Valley or Anjou. Orange is among the buy -back candidates.

Friday 08 September 2023 by Xavier Biseul

Altice could sell a part of SFR and its French datacenters

Networks – Strongly indebted and entangled in the Pereira case, the telecoms group has embarked on a vast movement of assets. He could sell all or part of his 92 datacenters in France and sell part of the capital of SFR.

Thursday 07 September 2023 by Xavier Biseul

TowerCo: an American group buys nearly 2,000 SFR antennas and Bouygues Telecom

Networks – Telecom infrastructure operator, Phoenix Tower International seizes pylons located in major cities. In two years, he plans to operate more than 5,000 sites in France. On the very lucrative market of the Towerco, the American comes to compete with the Spanish Cellnex.

Tuesday 05 September 2023 by Xavier Biseul

Who are these French people who refuse to go to fiber optics ?

Networks – Infrastructure operator, Orange Concessions probed the irreducibles of the ADSL. The quality of their current connection, the price of transition to fiber or lack of information are the main brakes mentioned by subscribers in rural areas.

Thursday August 31, 2023 by Xavier Biseul

Strongly growing, Iliad is ready to seize any opportunity for acquisition

Networks – With more than 4 billion euros in liquidity, the group founded by Xavier Niel sees himself in a position to buy a competitor operator in France as abroad. Organic growth is also there.

Wednesday August 30, 2023 by Xavier Biseul

Antennas: Anti 5g do not disarm

Networks – Throughout the territory, collectives are mobilizing against the installation of relay antennas. Residents highlight a danger to health and a depreciation of the real estate value of their homes.

Friday August 25, 2023 by Xavier Biseul

Orange and Silicon Valley: the adventure ends

Technology – On August 11, Orange Silicon Valley’s activities in San Francisco will stop after 20 years of existence. 28 employees are concerned. The CFE-CGC Orange criticizes a policy of saving candle.

Thursday August 10, 2023 by Christophe Auffray

For Altice and SFR, priority to deleveraging

Technology – Shaken by a corruption case, Altice, SFR and their owner Patrick Drahi strive to reassure. The boss promises to tackle debt (€ 24 billion) while turnover fell in France.

Wednesday August 09, 2023 by Christophe Auffray

Box for pros: Bouygues Telecom is launching a new pro evolutive box

Technology – The offer has Internet, telephony, Visio and standard telephone package services. Intended for VSEs and liberal professions, this box promises a fiber connection up to 1 Gbps, and WiFi 6.

Friday July 21, 2023 by Guillaume Series

Fixed Internet performance: Bouygues Télécom in the process of winning against Free

Technology – Bouygues Telecom subscribers benefit from the best performance on the fixed Internet (FTTH, XDSL) for the first half of 2023, according to the NPERF barometer.

Thursday July 20, 2023 by Guillaume Series

Altice: Armando Pereira’s arrest creates eddies in France

Technology – The concern rises in the ranks of the Altice group following the arrest of one of the rights of Patrick Drahi. The businessman is suspected of fraud, corruption and money laundering.

Wednesday July 19, 2023 by the editorial staff of ZDNET.Fr

4G in rural areas: 2500 pylons have been put into service

Technology – This 2,500th multi-operator 4G pylon, located in Dampierre (Aube) marks a notable step for the “targeted coverage” of the “New Deal Mobile”. This device provides for the opening of more than 5,000 4G sites in rural areas – the famous white areas – by 2027.

Thursday July 13, 2023 by Guillaume Series

The construction of the longest underwater cable in Mediterranean, Medusa, begins

Technology – The cable system must have 16 landing points in the Mediterranean. It created a new Corridor from Asia to the Atlantic, a real backbone from Port Said in Egypt, towards Lisbon and Casablanca.

Tuesday July 11, 2023 by Guillaume Series

Optical fiber: what are the most defective French networks ?

Networks – Arcep, the telecoms gendarme, has published the list of optical fiber networks with the greatest number of breakdowns or connection difficulties. A way to put pressure on infrastructure operators.

Friday 07 July 2023 by Xavier Biseul

Secure fiber optic networks, a site from 7 to 17 billion euros

Networks – Aériens over 500,000 kilometers, French optical fiber networks are particularly exposed to climatic hazards and malicious acts. A cartography study The different types of risks, department and department, and sketches three possible scenarios to gain resilience.

Thursday 06 July 2023 by Xavier Biseul

The deployment of fiber in a company is slowing down

Networks – The number of fiber companies only increased by 15 % in one year against an increase of 49 % in 2022. More worrying, a substantial number of companies do not intend to switch to fiber optics despite the programmed stop of the copper network.

Wednesday 05 July 2023 by Xavier Biseul

Transition to IPv6: disturbing delays persist

Networks – Twenty years after the launch of the network protocol, migration to IPv6 still accuses serious delays in websites hosts and especially couriers email. The situation is also contrasted in telecom operators.

Tuesday 04 July 2023 by Xavier Biseul

Jean-Christophe Ravaux (BtoB Bouygues Telecom): “Demand for private 5G is not yet exceptional in France”

Networks – Two years after the launch of a strategic plan, the director of the BTOB market of Bouygues Telecom returns to the ambitions of the operator on Wireless THD, the Cloud, and cybersecurity.

Thursday June 29, 2023 by Xavier Biseul

Telecom operator: telecom suppliers for companies

Pro Package

The telecommunications sector has undergone many changes over the years, but one thing remains true: whatever the number of services you offer or the degree of progress of your infrastructure, you need a telecom operator for you help them. We are going to present to you everything there is to know about professional telecom operators.

Pro Package

The operation of a telecom operator

What is a telecom operator for companies ?

A telecom operator is a company that provides telecommunications services. Many telecom operators focus on internet access, but some also offer mobile telephony, Internet access, data storage and even television services.

Note that telecom operators can be divided into two categories: fixed operators and mobile operators. Fixed telecommunications operators provide telephone services via fixed lines, while mobile telecommunications operators therefore provide telephone services suitable for mobile phones.

What is his role ?

Companies having become increasingly dependent on communication technologies in recent years, it has become more important than ever for them to choose a telecom operator capable of meeting their needs – and these needs are constantly evolving ! Telecommunications operators play an essential role in the success of most organizations. They provide the telecommunications infrastructure and the connectivity that allow companies to communicate with each other, with their customers and their partners, internally and external.

The various services of a telecom operator for companies

PRO fixed phone offers

In France, there are several telecoms operators who offer various business services, so, Bouygues Telecom, SFR Business, Orange, or Free offer both lines of fixed phones by their offers. The divergence points will therefore be on the price of the chosen package and the various pros options.

To give an example of the price, Count around twenty euros monthly excluding tax, even up to thirty or forty euros, depending on your options. Precisely, in terms of options, know that Orange can make possible the call to fixed and mobiles of more than one hundred countries in France and in the overseas departments, Free focuses on the concept of unlimited calls Towards mobiles in China, Canada and the United States and SFR Pro subscribers will be able to call unlimited to fixed phones of more than a hundred different countries.

Pro phones of mobile phones

The main services are generally:

  • The provision of a phone number for your business, which is the most important thing you need when you start your business
  • several mobile internet go
  • the possibility of making calls and sending SMS

Then, the number of Go, SMS, the duration and the location of the calls can vary and will increase the price of the package. Count a dozen or twenty euros for the basic package with for example 5GB of the Internet And unlimited calls from Europe, and up to € 50 or even € 80 for calls almost everywhere on the globe and around 100GB of the Internet.

Pro Internet access offers

Internet access can vary the prices of the various pro plans.

To have a good idea of ​​the average prices, you have to know if the professional offers include or not the possibility of renting a box, or in the flow of fiber, the number of go on monthly internet access, the quantity of storage available etc.

To have a Internet access adapted to professionals, Count between around thirty and fifty euros on average. This includes of course, telephone services and customer service, but on the internet side you can generally obtain for this rate: the possibility of renting a box, and fiber having a flow between 400MB/s and 1GB/s.

PRO Multi-service offers

To make your choice from this last type of offer, you should know that the different packages are generally divided between those offered for small businesses, and others for larger companies. Even if You have less than 10 employees, count around twenty or thirty euros per month to access the ADSL, fiber, VDSL and the rental of a box. You can still generally obtain interesting access to telephony such as unlimited calls throughout France for fixes and many international destinations.

For large companies, you will frequently have tailor-made offers, for example to benefit from offers adapted to your needs in terms of Internet, quantity of storage required or even debit that you will use on a daily basis. Prices can then increase by a few tens of euros or simply double according to your requirements in terms of services.

Our advice to help you find a telecom operator

How to choose your telecom supplier ?

  • The choice of a telecommunications supplier is one of the most important decisions you will make in your business. These are not only Internet and telephone services, but also confidence and reliability, which are essential to the success of any business. This is why we are here to help you find the right supplier by giving you advice on how to choose the ideal company for you.
  • First, understand your needs. Think about the characteristics and services that are the most important for you – for example, do you need a high -speed internet connection or a basic telephone service ? Are there special requirements related to your location ? How much data do you use and how often ? What is your monthly budget ? Once you know what matters most to you, it will be easier to reduce your options and focus on suppliers who meet all your requirements.
  • Once you have determined the type of service you want to get a telecommunications supplier, look for those available in your region and ask for quotes for each of them in order to be able to compare costs. You will thus be sure to make an informed decision as to the company best suited to the needs of your company. Take into account the price, but don’t forget the quality ! It is important to take into account not only the price when you choose a telecommunications supplier, but also quality and reliability (if possible). For example, don’t forget customer service ! It is important that someone is available whenever you need it so that problems can be solved quickly and effectively. Check on customer assistance options (including 24-hour options a 24 and 7 days a week) and ask if these companies offer remote management tools, such as web portals or mobile applications, in order to that employees can solve the problems of anywhere and at any time.

The constituent elements of the quote of a telephone operator

If you are looking for a telecom operator with whom to do business, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are some elements of the quote from a telephone operator who should help you make an informed decision:

  • The price per minute. This is the cost (or “per minute”) to which the calls will have made since your location we have already mentioned in part this point with the different offers, you therefore know that some offer unlimited formulas, even internationally.
  • The number of connections required: if you are a small or large business you will not have the same needs in terms of connection, debit, go of the internet or even storage. All this will therefore appear on the quote and allow you to effectively compare the offers.
  • The possible recipients: we have also described this part higher, but you can easily compare the quotes of telephone operators according to which you can join: only fixed or mobile devices also ? Only in France ? With or without the dom ? And of course the question of other countries you can call or not, and at what cost. All these questions will allow you to make an effective comparison to choose the best telephone operator quote .

How to find the cheapest telecom operator ?

Finding the right telecom operator is not an easy task. There are many factors to take into account before choosing one as we have seen: the cost, the cover and the quality of the calls.

There are several ways to find cheap telecoms operators. The first thing you can do is consult comparison sites like Companeo. This site compares the offers of telecom operators for example among their fixed, mobile or internet access services, or even the three at a time if you need it ! You can also find answers to frequent questions to help you find the cheapest.

You can do the same approach to compare for yourself, it will simply take you more time. Here’s how to do: first of all, start by comparing the offers in your region. Check what is available at local and online retailers, and search for offers on social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter. You can also ask your friends and family members if they have recommendations for good deals in your region.

Once you have reduced the number of your options, do research on the offers of each supplier. Think of their customer service, as well as their coverage area and the power of their network before making a final decision on the company that suits you best.

Finally, do not forget the contractual conditions when you choose between different suppliers ! Some offer more advantageous prices, but require longer contracts than others; Look for suppliers who offer a certain flexibility in terms of price and duration of contract, so that it is easy to change supplier if things change (for example, if your phone breaks down or if a better offer is present).

List of telecom operators for companies

Companies operating in France must know that there are many telecommunications operators in the country. Here is a list of some of the most famous telecom operators in companies in France:

  • Orange : Orange is one of the largest telecommunications companies in France and has been operating for over 30 years. The company provides mobile telephony services and sets more than 18 million customers in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. It offers high -speed Internet access as well as voice and data solutions to companies and individuals.
  • Free : Free offers mobile telephony services under its brand “Free Mobile”. It was founded by Xavier Niel in 2007 in order to provide a low -cost mobile phone service to the French who could not afford the expensive packages offered by other operators at the time.
  • Bouygues Telecom : One of the largest telecommunications operators in France, Bouygues Telecom offers fixed and mobile services. It is a subsidiary of the Bouygues group and has 14 million customers.
  • SFR : SFR is one of the largest French telecommunications companies. It offers fixed and mobile services in France as well as abroad through its SFR Business and SFR International subsidiaries. The company has more than 17 million customers just in France.
  • Coriolis Telecom : mobile network operator whose headquarters are in Paris, in France. It was founded in 1989 by Pierre Bontemps and now has around 500,000 customers.

The emergence of 5G, what challenges for companies ?

The emergence of 5G technology has led to a new wave of innovation and growth. However, it also presents enormous challenges for companies. For example, you should know that 5G is a highly secure network that uses many encryption layers to protect user data from theft or falsification. Despite this, there are still potential security risks that must be taken into account when developing a 5G network. For example, it is possible for hackers to access the camera or microphone of your device and to spy on your knowledge ! Consequently, companies must employ solid security measures to ensure that user privacy remains intact at any time.

Likewise, 5G is synonymous with more speed and less latency. These improvements will allow more complex transactions and applications than ever. They will also help companies reduce their costs by bringing their operations closer to end users.

Are there alternatives to conventional telecom operators ?

With the rise of telecommunications companies and their offers, it is not surprising that many people are eager to find alternatives to traditional telecommunications operators. But what exactly are these alternatives, and how to use them ?

For example, many people have started using internet communication services such as WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and Snapchat. These services provide users with an easy way to communicate on their mobile phone without having to pay for data plans or connection costs.

Another advantage of using these applications is that they are available on different platforms and devices. This means that a person can use any type of device to access the service and send calls or send messages without having to worry about compatibility problems between different devices or systems.

These applications are also very easy to use, as they require little technical knowledge from the user to create an account and start using them immediately after having downloaded them on your device from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store (depending on whether it uses Android or iOS). Likewise, you probably know the other alternatives like Zoom or Google Meet.

THE disadvantage of these solutions lies in protection or confidentiality which is generally less reliable, or who inspires less confidence in companies to share their information or make their meetings on these free services.

You now know much more about telecom operators, what they are exactly, their roles, how they work and even how to choose the best services at the most advantageous prices for you. Remember that the price is not the only criterion of choice but also the Safety, reliability of the telecom operator and of course the services it offers you.

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