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Start well with Microsoft Viva

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Microsoft Viva adoption

Microsoft Viva is the employee experience platform within Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams which brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources and information on workflow. Viva supports connection, insight, goal and growth, allowing people and teams to give the best of themselves.

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A one -stop shop to learn experience in experienced experience, get answers to your questions and get in touch with your peers.

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On April 20, Microsoft and industry leaders met during the very first Microsoft Viva Summit digital event to discuss the evolution of the challenges linked to flexible work, economic uncertainty and future role of AI With search results, expert ideas, round tables and showcase technology on Microsoft Viva. Inhale your peers and energize to empower and engage your staff in order to accelerate the commercial impact –register today to look at now.

The steps in your adoption journey

  • To start
  • Take up your organization
  • Train your organization
  • Connect with communities
  • Secure your environment

To start

Take advantage of these resources to amplify the importance of investing in learning and development and understanding how it fits into the global experience of employees.

Take up your organization

Publicize Viva and create a learning community in your organization. Click to find personalized resources for each application and service.

Train your organization

Viva is easy to configure and intuitive to use. Click to find resources to learn how to use the product in different scenarios.

Connect with communities

Create or join a community to learn peers and experts who can help you rationalize your adoption course.

Secure your environment

The living benefits from the advanced safety and integrated compliance features in Microsoft 365 and at Office 365, as well as specific parameters and policies of the applications with which each module interacts.

Dive deeper into the living family

Communication solution with employees

Microsoft Viva Connections

Viva Connections is a destination for the experience of business brand employees that brings together news, conversations and resources in the applications and devices you use daily.

Communication platform with employees

Microsoft Viva hires

VI viva is a communication platform for employees that allows all members of your organization to connect via communities and conversations.

Microsoft Viva Glint

Viva Glint is a voice of the solution for employees who help organizations understand and improve employee engagement.

Define the objectives of the team and the company

Microsoft Viva Goals

Viva Goals helps to ensure that the objectives of your team align with the priorities and the objective of the company by defining objectives shared in Microsoft Viva.

Improve employee well-being

Microsoft Vivre Insights

Vivre Insights helps individuals and businesses to thrive through information and recommendations based on data and protected by confidentiality to improve productivity and well-being.

Learning and training of employees

Microsoft Viva Learning

Viva Learning is the learning center where employees can discover, share, recommend and learn from content libraries in their organization.

Team feedback solution

VIVE Microsoft Pulse

VI viva pulse is a light feedback solution designed to allow managers and team leaders to obtain real -time information on the performance of their teams.

Knowledge and know-how

Microsoft Viva Topics

Viva Topics automatically organizes content and expertise within your organization, which allows people to easily find information and put their knowledge into practice.

Start well with Microsoft Viva

With the growth of hybrid work, it is more important than ever to connect employees with an experience that brings together a wide range of productivity tools in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Viva is an experienced experience platform made up of different applications that can be used individually or combined to meet the needs of your organization. Microsoft Viva is customizable and expandable, accessible wherever you work and integrates into the tools you already use. It also supports various integrations of partners to give you access to advanced applications in the natural workflow.

In this solution

Identify your business scenario Learn more about the requirements, configuration and roles Starting planning and deployment

Find out which Viva application, or combination of applications, is suitable for your business scenario.

Understand the required configuration, learn more about changing changes and training of end users.

Start planning the Viva deployment of your organization.

Identify your business scenario

Viva applications can be used themselves or used together for a more coherent employee experience. This document helps you understand the solutions that suit your organization.

Image of all LIV logos in addition

  • Use all living applications : obtain advice on the preparation, planning and deployment of all living applications.
  • Find out how to combine living applications : live applications become more powerful if they are used together. Viva can help your organization to respond to popular business scenarios such as integration and help for employees with well-being at work. Find out how to combine living applications.
  • Find out more about individual living applications : Get detailed descriptions of each Viva application and learn more about how they can be used to achieve specific objectives. Then review the requirements and considerations relating to planning and deployment.

Summary of each living application

Application Products and features Integration of Microsoft 365
Viva Connections – Create a modern employee experience on your existing infrastructure.
– Create a personalized centralized destination for employees.
– Provide a personalized mobile and web application that includes personalization of your business.
– Provide a unified communication channel to aggregate and share essential information.
– Target communications and dashboard cards to individuals or groups depending on the type of work, the geographic area or other targeting criteria.
– Improve news and criticism ads to optimize the exhibition.
– Integrate third -party suppliers and human resources systems to use your current investments and systems.
Microsoft Teams
Viva hires
Microsoft Graph
Viva hires – Connect people within the company to strengthen professional relations and create share capital.
– Create communities that support diversity, common interests and commercial initiatives.
– Arouse commitment between leaders and employees to amplify vision and shape culture.
– Exchange knowledge, find crowdsource answers and ideas.
– Activate people so that they bring their experience and expertise.
Microsoft Teams
Viva hires
Viva Glint – Use the principles of science people to develop a commitment strategy for employees adapted to your specific business objectives.
– Use AI to create efficiency gains in aggregation, understanding and improving the shareholdability of employee comments.
– Reduce action time thanks to the effectiveness controlled by AI, such as data collection, natural language processing, feeling of feelings and predictive analysis.
– Help employees with personalized and relevant actions that optimize the experience of their employees.
– Get immediate insights and use AI to understand forces, risks, reference points and comments in interactive dashboards that are easy to use.
– Give the means to managers and managers to have guided team conversations that promote change through personalized results and shareholdable recommendations.
Alive goals – Create targeted and motivated teams by aligning work on the mission and priorities of your organization.
– Create and define OKR (objectives and key results) for your organization.
– Work with OKR for each team of your organization, including hierarchical and interfunctional teams.
– Align projects with OKR and follow the results of the project.
– Okr surface in Microsoft Teams.
Microsoft Teams
Excel online
Vivre Insights – Personal insights help employees create better work habits with actuable recommendations, such as reserving time for targeted work, taking regular breaks and activities to reduce stress and improve focus.
– The manager’s insights show how your habits have an impact on your team while obtaining suggestions on how to promote team culture.
– Leaders’ insights show an snapshot in the way your business works, including business -scale results and leading indicators for each result.
– Advanced Insights has advanced analysis tools to deeply explore the Viva Insights data and different ways to analyze and report personalized analysis to your business managers.
Microsoft Teams
Web applications
Viva Learning – Activate social learning using Teams conversations and tabs – aggregate learning from connected content providers, learning management systems and your own business resources.
– Recommend learning content and follow the progress of the completed completion.
– Add learning to the calendar to prioritize personal growth and development.
– Get personalized learning suggestions according to your interests and trendy content.
– Present the learning content in Microsoft Search on, and
Microsoft Teams
VIVE PULSE Help the team officials and team officials obtain regular and confidential comments on their team experience. With the help of supported people-scope and analyzes, VI VI VIE PULSE allows teams to use their voice to help managers identify what works well and the areas on which they are concentrated over time. VI viva pulse will also suggest learning and actions on relevant subjects, which will allow managers to easily meet the needs of their team. Microsoft Teams
Viva topics – Use AI to identify, process and automatically organize content, relevant conversations and expertise within your organization.
– Allow employees to easily find information, then put it to work.
– Discover and display the related sections and the expertise of different sources.
– Show the highlights of the sections and display section cards in many Microsoft 365 applications.
– Develop your knowledge using your experts and AI to refine the sections pages.
Microsoft search
Microsoft Teams
Office Applications

Microsoft Viva License required

To find out more about Microsoft Viva licenses and Microsoft Viva features available in the Microsoft 365 plans, see the description of the Microsoft Viva service.

Overview of the steps

Step 1 2nd step Step 3 Step 4




Overview of key applications and concepts. Learn more about the required configuration and roles. Get advice on considerations relating to changes in changes and training resources for end users. Starting planning for your organization.

Configuration steps

  1. Discover the application to use and when
    Familiarize yourself with how each VIVE application can help your organization achieve certain results. Review the functionality of each living application.
  2. Learn more about the required configuration and roles
    Get advice on technical requirements, roles and other considerations that are part of the planning process.
  3. Prepare your organization for your instance of living
    Start organizing, auditing and defining how your organization will use living applications to achieve certain audiences and results.
  4. Start of the deployment
    Get specific advice on how to obtain each VIVE application, considerations relating to adoption and good practices for the launch of new tools.

Tips for your users

Find out how employees of your organization can use VIVE apps and give them advice on the use of applications.

Learn more about new VIA applications soon available

These new Microsoft Viva applications will soon be available. Find out how to incorporate each Viva application into the experience of employees in your organization.

Application name Products and features More information
Viva amplify Viva amplify allows communication teams and employees’ managers to raise their messaging using a centralized communication process that offers writing advice to help reach all parts of the organization. Learn more about Viva Amplify
Live responses Viva Answers matches employees’ questions with the correct answers and experts from the entire organization to help answer open questions and implement collective knowledge for all employees. The answers in Viva also take advantage of AI to ask similar questions that have been dealt with, recommend subjects and experts, and highlight the best solutions. Learn more about Viva Answers

Learn more

Find out more about the Viva application, or the combination of applications, which is suitable for your business scenario. Then obtain advice on the preparation, planning and deployment of the living solution for your organization.