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Electric vans or vehicles operating in hydrogen (CO2 levels < 20g/km) de plus de 60 000€

Los Angeles, California Information Recharge terminals for experience

There are 4143 public charging stations for electric vehicles (level 2 and level 3) within a radius of 15km from Los Angeles, California, United States . 93% of charging stations are level 2 and 17% terminals of terminals allow your experience recharging for free.

The dream factory, also called Los Angeles (California), is a city occupied by a crowd of 18 million citizens. This city where the emblematic spirit of the west coast is located, is made up of 88 green districts, including Beverly Hills, Hollywood, as well as Santa Monica, it is not surprising that Los Angeles is filled with energy and road traffic. Of course, let’s not forget Disneyland nearby which attracts waves of families on vacation.

It is better to plan your electric car route in an anthill like this. Do not hesitate to use the Interactive Chargehub card available on the iOS and Android application to organize your stay in Los Angeles well.

Having a huge community of Waves with Hermosa Beach waves, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and Torrance Beach, the International Surf Festival takes place in Los Angeles. There are level 2 charging stations and level 3 charging stations border all these beaches and are distributed through the city. Bodybuilding and jogging are also very popular activities at the famous Venice Beach.

The networks recharge terminals found in Los Angeles, among others Blink, Greenlots, Tesla, Chargepoint or SemaCharge, are abundant in the Beverly Hills, Hollywood, the financial district and run along the large highways crossing the city. You will find more information on these charging networks (operation, subscription, charging cost), in our network section.

In 2016, Los Angeles was listed among the ten most promising cities for electric vehicles. In the same year, the municipality replaced 7,242 kilometers of lamps with lamps.E.L. To this end, power plants can use energy savings to supply more than 100 recharging terminals. In fact, 30 of these terminals using energy surplus were installed in 2016.

Having Éric Garcetti as mayor of City in 2015, anxious to see the community to evolve and owner of an electric vehicle, the city was committed to installing 1,000 new charging stations before 2017. Precisely, the Los Angeles Police Service (LAPD) added 100 BMW i3 electric to its fleet in 2016. Date of today, level 2 charging stations and level 3 charging stations are installed within a radius of 15 km from Los Angeles, and others will follow.

Our Totalnergies Total Service Refill terminals

You are looking for a service station to recharge your electric vehicle ? Our interactive card allows you to display all the stations located on your route. In order to facilitate the daily use of electric and hybrid vehicles while maintaining the interest they arouse with the general public in the long term, we work day after day to increase the number of charging stations available in the territory.

On motorways and high roads: by the end of 2023, 150 sites will be equipped with high power charging stations, with an average of 8.2 recharge points per site.

Find an example of an installation of electric terminals in a totaler service station:

Totalnergies – Electric terminals HPC Orléans Gidy

Totalnergies provides for the installation of 1,000 charging stations for electric cars

Electric cars

Totalnergies has a large network of service stations on French territory and in Europe, especially near motorways. The company intends to develop the range of services available in station, in particular by increasing the number of recharging terminals made available to drivers of electric or hybrid vehicles.

The electric car, a mode of transport full of future


The request for electric cars should not weaken in the coming years, and the installation of electric charging stations will progress simultaneously. The government indicates that the number of registrations in 2018 was 31.059 and represented 1.4% of the automotive market, we counted 162.106 registrations (9.8% of the automotive market) at the end of 2021. A record that should be widely exceeded at the end of the year, since it was recorded 140.965 registrations of electric vehicles (12.7% of the automotive market) since January 1, 2022 against 106.945 between January 2021 and September of the same year.

The support provided by the government to households who wish to invest in more environmentally friendly vehicles should help to maintain interest in vehicles less polluting over time. An ecological bonus has indeed been granted for the purchase of electric or hybrid vehicles.

Evolution of the ecological bonus

From July 1st 2021 to June 30, 2022

From July 1, 2022

Electric vehicles (CO2 levels < 20g/km) de moins de 45 000 €

27 % of the price capped at € 6,000

27 % of the price capped at € 5,000

27 % of the price capped at € 4,000

27 % of the price capped at € 3,000

Electric vehicles (CO2 levels < 20g/km) de 45 000 € à 60 000 €

Electric vans or vehicles operating in hydrogen (CO2 levels < 20g/km) de plus de 60 000€

Rechargeable hybrid vehicle (CO2 rate between 21 and 50g/km) of € 50,000 maximum and autonomy> 50 km