Learn guitar alone effectively – the guitar in 3 days, learn to play the guitar: 10 things to know absolutely

Learn to play the guitar: 10 things to know absolutely


Finally, I would finish on this notion sometimes unfortunately underestimated: the pleasure ! Indeed, we must not lose sight of the fact that learning the guitar must remain a good time that we agree and that we do to have fun. So when you practice and sometimes feel boredom during a session, turn back on concepts that you really like and on which you have a certain mastery. This can be a piece that you particularly like, a simple melody or perhaps even an agreement on which you improvise a rhythm. Trust yourself as well as your hearing through which all this notion of pleasure passes. Throughout your learning, never lose sight of this notion of pleasure. This is truly the engine of your progress ! Up to you !

How to learn guitar alone effectively ?

Learn guitar alone is possible if you start the guitar in the right way.

We will see together the best ways of Start the guitar at home When you are a beginner.

Top 5 tips for learning guitar alone when you are a beginner

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To take good habits from your home

You want to learn guitar alone ? Yes it is possible, but not just how.

Maybe you have busy weeks. Between studies, job or family, take a guitar lesson year -round with a teacher is not an option for you. For a particular lesson or a group course, your schedule does not allow you to register for a guitar lesson once a week.

If you want Learn guitar alone, I also probably deduce that you like to go at your own pace, without external constraint. And I completely understand this wish to keep his freedom: there are very good reasons to learn the guitar alone at his own pace.

“Playing the guitar should never be a constraint on the contrary, it must remain a permanent pleasure”

But in order not to do anything and to progress whenever you are going to play your instrument, there are still some important rules to follow to keep the pleasure in the practice of the guitar.

Here are already the first steps necessary below.

How to buy a guitar with good value for money ?

And this is also accompanied by the question: what type of guitar would you like and to play what style of music ?

You will choose between playing with a folk guitar or a classic guitar, which has some differences on sound and comfort. But you can also start very well directly with an electric guitar, because starting with a conventional guitar is not compulsory.

I strongly advise you to buy your guitar in store to check many details such as the quality of the frets, the thickness of the handle, and of course if the sound of the guitar pleases you.

“It is important to choose your guitar according to the musical style you like the most”

Go see all my advice for a guitar purchase so that you are sure to have the best value for money depending on your budget.

How to grant your guitar with a tuner ?

It is important that each guitarist learns to grant their guitar, if not what good to practice for days, it will never sound fair ! I strongly recommend that you have given yourself with a tuner in order to play with a perfectly granted guitar. With practice and habit, you can gradually give yourself to the ear, even if it means checking after the fact with a tuner if the tuning has been done well.

“Playing with a designed guitar is like playing by putting your fingers at random on the handle, it doesn’t take anywhere ! »»

How to play your first guitar chords ?

You can now start to play and learn the main easy guitar chords. Already what is an agreement ? An agreement is a combination of notes. Each box on the handle is a note, and we need at least 3 notes played together to form an agreement. But of course, not just any combination !

“A guitar agreement is a combination of at least 3 notes”

Here is an example of agreement:

Download a free chord dictionary for beginners

Here is a summary of the most frequent guitar agreements below, with advice for progressing.

Click on the image below and save this Free Agreement Guide, You can also print it:

Dictionary of free guitar chords - the guitar in 3 days

But if you want to go further and learn songs, how to do ?

If you want Learn guitar alone And if you want to play songs, you will quickly need a method. Why, and above all what is a good guitar method can bring you ?

Learn to play the guitar: 10 things to know absolutely

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Learn to play the guitar: 10 things to know absolutely .

Is it easy to learn to play guitar alone ? Whether it is a low, dry, classic, electric or electro-acoustic guitar, the big question posed by all the beginners and beginners who wish to get started is always the same: . How to learn to play the guitar easily and quickly ? If you are motivated and you train regularly, you will quickly progress. Whether you take home lessons or are self -taught, learning the guitar offers many pleasures and advantages compared to other instruments: inexpensive, practical to transport, relatively easy to play even without knowing music theory, It brings together a good number of professionals of professionals. However, to go on a good basis, here are 10 things that all apprentice guitarists should learn !


How is a guitar

In the same way you have learned where the indicators are located, the gear lever and the mirrors before you start driving, the first thing to do before playing the guitar or even learning to play it, it is obviously to get to know your instrument. What is composed, what is it done ? Low, rosette, easel, rope, key, fret .., All these elements should have no secrets for you, that you want to learn to play the acoustic, folk or electric guitar alone.

There are several ways to find out about the guitar anatomy:

        • Ask a friend or a musician colleague
              • Go to a music store and benefit from the seller’s information
                    • Search on the internet illustrated explanations, videos or textuals
                          • Buy a method, a book on the guitar
                                • Find out during a private guitar home lesson lesson

                                How to hold a guitar ?

                                It may seem a little simple but if you have never held a guitar in your life, it will not necessarily seem obvious. Whether you want to learn the electric or classic guitar alone, positioning yourself will be essential to progress. SO Learn to position your left hand well on the handle and your right hand at the rosette To get the best sounds out of your instrument. If you want according to the style of music and the guitar type (classic, electric or folk), the position to hold a guitar is not exactly the same. The musicians who play on stage or standing are readily equipped with a strap, while the classic guitarists raise the handle of the instrument and play exclusively on a stool. Try the different postures to find the one that gives you the most comfort and facilitates the game.

                                The position of the fingers on the handle is also an important point to work. Again, according to the guitarists, everyone has their own fans according to their style. Nevertheless, it is generally advisable to press the strings with the finger pulp, slightly curving the joints as if you had a round ball in the palm of the hand. Cut your short nails for the hand of the handle, to facilitate grip and support force on the strings.


                                How to grant your instrument ?

                                There is nothing worse than learning the guitar alone on a poorly granted instrument ! Before looking for the best method to learn the guitar alone, any beginner must first learn to grant his instrument ! For beginners, the simplest method is to use a tuner or an application on smartphone, There are many that could be very useful to you. Over time your ear will learn more and more precisely to know the sounds of the guitar and in the long term will grant you your guitar quite naturally !

                                On the side of the manipulations to be carried out to grant the guitar, rest assured, they are relatively simple provided they understand the principle that gives the rope its tone. It’s too complicated ? You don’t understand much about it and you start to panic ? Rest assured, there is nothing simpler and the Allegro Music team is always keen to help you. To put it simply, the more the rope is stretched, therefore tense, the more acute the sound produced. Conversely, the more relaxed the rope, the more serious the sound will be.. By dint of playing, the ropes are gradually relaxing, especially when they are new. So you will need to tighten them regularly so that you can play just. This maneuver is carried out by turning the key to the end of the handle corresponding to the rope in the right direction until reaching the correct note. Of course, if you are mistaken, the note of the empty rope will lower, you will therefore be enough to turn in the opposite direction.

                                How to change a rope ?

                                Technical level, the tuning of a guitar is not the easiest maneuver to perform. However, there will be a time when your strings will lose their freshness and offer you an unpleasant sound, especially if you repeat very regularly. For the first times you have to do this manipulation, get closer to your music teacher or a professional in a music store, they will teach you so that you will become independent ! The investment in a small tool that allows you to quickly turn the key when changing strings (sometimes offered with the guitar or in beginner kits) will save you time and energy.
                                A new or freshly changed rope to quickly relax the first times you use it, which is why it is not wise to change strings just before a concert or hearing, unless obviously that the rope has broken, does not Leaving you not the choice. To avoid this incident, which can also be dangerous if the rope suddenly, check before each repetition that the entire rope is intact. Before breaking, you will generally find a place where the material is refined and damaged, close to the body, due to the rewriting contact with the frets. This is a sign that you have to change the rope quickly.

                                How to hold a mediator ?

                                The mediator is this small plastic element used to scratch the guitar strings while playing. Even if you do not use it all the time, it is important to know how to use it and hold it: Place it between the top of your index and your thumb. Train the strings with because it will be very useful to you, especially when you work the arpeggios to learn to play the guitar.

                                The game in the mediator is different from the game on the finger or picking, insofar as the strings are scratched either upwards or down, as for the agreements. Generally, and for more velocity, guitarists alternate scratches in both directions. But to carry out an agreement in Arpège, sliding the mediator in a single movement on all the strings offers a beautiful linked linked to work. The game to the mediator also brings power, if you have the opportunity to play on stage or outdoors for example. It is almost essential as soon as you evolve in a group of several musicians.


                                How to read tablatures and chords ?

                                Read tablatures and chords is easier than it seems: it tells you on which strings to press and with which fingers. To learn how to play the guitar faster, train with simple songs that will make you work on tablatures, positioning your fingers and the transition between agreements. Reading the tablatures well is important, especially when you are beginner simply because the ear of a beginner is not yet able to identify each agreement. Playing on tablature will therefore allow you to overcome this lack of experience.


                                In the example above, we have the range of major do with the corresponding tablature. The 6 lines correspond to the 6 strings of your guitar knowing that the first line starting from the bottom corresponds to the sixth rope, the Mi serious. The numbers correspond to the number of the boxes on which you must pinch the rope. For example, for the do you must pinch the fifth rope (rope of the) at the level of the third box, and so on !

                                How to play open agreements ?

                                To put it simply, these are agreements for which, we do not rely on all strings, simplified agreements. This is one of the first things that guitarist apprentices learn to master when it comes to learning to play the guitar: to go from one agreement open to the other.

                                The main open agreements are as follows:

                                From these positions it is possible to decline many different agreements. By working on the position of your fingers on open agreements, you will mobilize their muscles and flexibility, essential to acquire the dexterity. Take the time to press the strings to ring a good balanced agreement. If a bordering on (it produces an unpleasant sound, as if something bothered the vibration), check that the pulp of your fingers presses well at the boxes concerned on the strings. Any beginner requires training before being able to ring an agreement, so hang on and you will not be disappointed.

                                How to scratch the rhythm strings to learn to play the guitar ?

                                You have one or two agreements, you played them in a loop until the transition is successful between the two. And there, a friend wants to play with you … and you realize that you cannot (yet) keep the pace. Do not panic, To improve yourself, train with a metronome. He will help you keep the pace ! When you start the guitar, you generally learn the basic 4 -stroke rhythm called “campfire”.


                                But there is a large quantity that vary according to the style, the skill of the musician, etc. In order to integrate the tempo well, practice regular round trips, placing the back and forth on the tempo (1/2/3/4) and the feedback between pulsations (“and ‘”). When you are comfortable with this exercise, try to double the back and forth on the same tempo, to remove movements, to intensify some to mark the pace. By dint of experimentation, you will certainly find riffs that speak to you or you will create your own arrangements !

                                How to play power agreements ?

                                Power agreements (“power chords”) are two notes of agreements originally used for rock music, which is also found in blues and metal. Technically they are made up of the fundamental and the fifth, are neither minor nor major since they do not have the third party. These are simple and rather fun agreements to play when you learn the guitar. Their shape is adapted to beginners, and allows in particular to chain several quickly by moving on the handle. Here is a useful exercise for playing power chords and constituting a rock’n ‘roll base with only two or three strings:

                                      • Press the hand of the handle on the second boxes of the two middle strings
                                            • Scrape these two strings with the rhythm hand, and possibly the empty rope of the (second more serious)
                                                  • Move your fingers on the fifth boxes, then on the sevenths (add box 3 then 5 on the rope)
                                                        • Return to the starting position, and train to this chain

                                                        How to play songs ?

                                                        Is there an infallible technique to learn the guitar alone without having to spend as much time as to read the Larousse in its entirety ? What is the best method to learn guitar alone and that it remains free ? Choose the first song you are going to learn with care, it will remain forever engraved in your memory ! To start, choose one with only two or three agreements. Practice the agreements individually and then train on transitions, paying attention to the pace. And if you feel very comfortable, you can also sing the lyrics at the same time ! As you garner new songs, you will master more and more different agreements which will allow you to easily decipher more and more pieces. A virtuous circle, in short !

                                                        Learn the guitar in self -taught, what are the advantages and disadvantages ?

                                                        Now that you have the 10 tips to follow to learn the guitar alone, whether electric, classic or folk, you should know that learning to play the guitar alone to start for free is not always an advantage ! You have probably read different opinions on the Internet to find out how to do the best because you lack the means and you would like to learn for free ? If many musicians have started in self -taught, others needed to use a guitar teacher to succeed in being at the top. It’s a bit like everything: some like to learn at their own pace and in their own way while others need to be guided and supervised.

                                                        We have weighed for you the pros and cons and all you have to do is read before making your choice ! Will you be among self-taught musicians ? You will choose to call on a home guitar teacher ? You could choose an in-between: take a few lessons to have the basics and continue alone or to start alone and take some lessons to perfect your learning. In short, you will understand, there are no rules established to learn to play, it will depend on your character, your preferences and your capacities.

                                                        – The advantages of learning alone to play this instrument

                                                        Obviously, the question of savings arises ! Especially if you have just arrived in working life or not yet knowing that guitar lessons have a cost ! So, for sure you will save but you will go so fast ? There are many video tutorials on YouTube or other platforms to learn the guitar for free, you should find many content that can help you get started.

                                                        Learning alone rather than in a music school or in conservatory also allows you to learn at your own pace without having the pressure to have to follow a group. However, with a private guitar teacher at home, you could also progress at your own pace !

                                                        Learning in self -taught could also allow you to develop your creativity by following your desires in terms of musical styles in particular. The internet tutorials will also allow you to expand your repertoire.

                                                        Pride ! And yes, it’s always rewarding to learn to play an instrument or learn to do anything else by yourself !

                                                        – In addition to these few advantages, learning without a teacher also has significant disadvantages that you will have to take into account to make your choice.

                                                        It can be difficult to progress without the support of a music teacher because there is no frame established, many people need to be supervised to stay motivated and constant in their learning. Very often buy learning the guitar for dummies is simply not enough and then nobody is zero !

                                                        It is also up to you that it will come back to research content and other learning resources if you want to learn guitar alone. Which can really take considerable time, especially to sort through good and bad advice or yet those that would not suit you.

                                                        Learning the guitar alone is also taking the risk of acquiring bad habits which will then be difficult to correct, whether it is your posture or the position of the fingers.

                                                        It is not always easy to be objective towards yourself, is it possible ? Now if you want to learn guitar alone, you will be limited to know your musical progress. An expert eye would be better able to judge your progress !

                                                        Learning guitar alone can also be complicated because education is simply a profession that are accompanied by different techniques and possible methods and which allow the particular teacher of guitar to choose the most suitable according to the character and the personality of the pupil.

                                                        What are the most common errors among guitarists who start without teacher ?

                                                        If you want to learn guitar without help, here are the most common mistakes and how to avoid them !

                                                            • Do not pay attention to the positioning of your fingers: you can help yourself with a mirror during your training to clearly visualize the position of your hands and your fingers.
                                                                • Take a bad posture: always check that you are installed comfortably and relaxed as much as possible in order to avoid finishing the training session with pain that could be avoided. Choosing the right seat, his position will allow the beginner guitarist to limit tensions as much as possible in the rest of the body and settle for pain at the tips of your fingers which will be inevitable at first times.
                                                                    • Staying focused on your mistakes: let yourself be the opportunity to make mistakes, that’s how we also learn ! Stay indulgent with yourself so that learning remains a pleasure and does not become a chore.
                                                                        • Do not know how to identify the difficulties in correcting: if you are a beginner, the fact of not having a guitar teacher to identify the points that get stuck and that must be improved, it is an aspect that can delay your progress to learn the guitar alone. How to know if the note sounds right ? If the rhythm is the right one ? What is best suited to play this or that note ?
                                                                            • Do not listen to during training sessions: if you want to learn the guitar alone, the best advice you can give you is to register you. This will allow you to identify a minimum of your mistakes but also to be able to observe your progress, which may be a good way to stay motivated.
                                                                                • Spread in terms of repertoire: choose a few songs and regularly practice to know how to play them from start to finish before wanting to test a lot of pieces of songs. It is better to go there gradually and train on the same songs at the start so as not to learn a little of each without knowing how to play one of them from start to finish.
                                                                                    • Do not ask for advice: learning the guitar alone does not mean never to ask anyone who is advice from anyone ! You necessarily have a guitarist around you and if this is not the case, you can always take only a few lessons with an allegro music teacher, in particular with the technique of coupons of coupons of coupons of coupons of coupons. This would allow you to choose a number of courses and use them as you wish according to your progress stage.
                                                                                        • Stay focus on one note at a time: a good guitarist always anticipates his next movement when he plays a note. You can help you with a mirror to know where your fingers are positioned and thus be able to spot how to best anticipate your next movement.
                                                                                            • Do not use a metronome: the use of a metronome is essential to start learning rhythm otherwise you risk training on a too fast pace and not to facilitate your task ! Starting by training on a slow tempo will allow you to better take the time to position your fingers and stay attentive to your posture !
                                                                                                • Wait until you master each agreement perfectly before trying to play a song: Have fun ! Learning the different chords is a very good thing but you can find all kinds of songs that require very little agreements so get started even if it is not perfect !
                                                                                                    • Do not grant your guitar before each training: it is important that the instrument is well granted before each learning session because otherwise you may not appreciate the sounds too much and not to fully appreciate your instrument.

                                                                                                    You are ready to get started, you can find lots of other information on the internet by typing “learn to play the guitar for dummies”, but if you change your mind, do not hesitate to contact our team of Allegro Musique so that she finds you the best home guitar teacher in your sector, who will not call you a zero and will on the contrary be able to value all your strengths and work with you all your weak points !

                                                                                                    Find all of our items to start the guitar

                                                                                                    Learn guitar alone

                                                                                                    Learn guitar alone

                                                                                                    Ref de Hguitare Updated: 04/28/23 13

                                                                                                    You have been thinking about it for some time now, but that’s it, it’s decided: today, you will learn to play the guitar ! Only here, you have neither the desire nor the means to pay you a teacher.
                                                                                                    This is where you ask the question for one million euros: is it really possible to learn the guitar alone ?
                                                                                                    The answer is clear: yes, it’s completely possible . Many famous guitarists have also learned in self -taught, without taking lessons ! So how to learn guitar alone ?
                                                                                                    Learning a solo music instrument requires autonomy, rigor and good preparation.
                                                                                                    In this article, I will present you 9 avenues for reflection that will allow you not to do anything and put all the odds on your side. And in any case, don’t worry, you are not completely alone. The whole Hguitare team is there to help you !

                                                                                                    Define your goals to learn about good foundations

                                                                                                    You want to take guitar lessons, it’s very good ! But for what purpose ?
                                                                                                    Is it to please you in your room ? To charm girls in the street ? To accompany you to singing ? Make songs ? Integrate a group ? Change life and become a music professional ? It is very important to identify your objective from the start, in order to determine what degree of investment will be necessary for you. It goes without saying that the more ambitious your goal, the more you will have to work to reach it. But in any case, whatever your goal, you will not have to forget that learning the guitar alone or not, moreover, must remain a pleasure. So take your time, go at your own pace and do not burn the steps. It’s not a race 🙂 So, if you are motivated, come and learn the guitar by following the progressive lessons we offer, to go at your own pace:

                                                                                                    Which guitar to choose to start ?

                                                                                                    Which guitar to choose to start?

                                                                                                    Some styles of music automatically call certain types of instruments !

                                                                                                    If your goal is to quietly play soft songs at home, opt for a classic guitar with nylon strings.

                                                                                                    If you rather want to sing folk or pop songs in the street, prefer a folk guitar with steel strings (classic guitars do not generate enough volume to play outdoors). If you dream of riffs, wild solo, hard rock, heavy metal, punk, and group play, needless to tell you that the electric guitar is for you all indicated.

                                                                                                    Finally, if you want to be a versatile guitarist who can play several styles, choose an instrument that will be adapted to your needs. An electric guitar is often a good compromise, because it allows you to play both soft pieces in your light and annoyed pieces in its saturated. Know that in general, electric guitars have more flexible strings, which require less effort to play (especially to make barred agreements). They can allow you to obtain results satisfying more quickly. On the other hand, you risk having a little trouble going after a folk guitar, with thick strings.
                                                                                                    Conversely, if you learn to play on an acoustics, it will be child’s play to go to electric later !
                                                                                                    Once again, it all depends on the goal you want to achieve.

                                                                                                    What budget to invest in a guitar to start ?

                                                                                                    No need to offer you a Gibson Les Paul at more than 1000 euros if you have never received a guitar in your life ! You can allow you to take your first steps on the guitar on a first price instrument (all guitar stores offer correct models around 100-200 euros).
                                                                                                    Better still, you could do the “teeth” on an old guitar lying around you or a friend of your friends ! In addition to saving yourself your money, this approach has the enormous advantage of avoiding any risk of damaging an overpriced guitar when learning.

                                                                                                    On the other hand, know that guitars for beginners are generally less comfortable to play than high -end instruments, but it is not so bad because it will promote muscle development of your fingers !
                                                                                                    It will always be time to pass on a quality instrument a little later, when you are really able to appreciate the best comfort it offers.

                                                                                                    What material to buy in addition ?

                                                                                                    Guitar equipment to start

                                                                                                    In all cases, you will need at least a properly padded cover to be able to transport your guitar, as well as some mediators (the flexes are easier to use than hard). An electronic tuner is an extremely useful purchase – if not essential ! – To obtain an always impeccable tuning, as well as a spare string game in the event of a rope break. In the case of an electric guitar, you will obviously also have to get a jack cable and an amp in order to be able to hear you play. There are many apartment amps, called Combos, around 200-300 euros. Recently, musical instrument companies have also developed small pocket amps that can be used with a simple helmet: it is very practical for playing everywhere, without disturbing your neighborhood ! Buying a strap is also very practical, to be able to play standing. Finally, even if this is not essential, you can consider acquiring a metronome (a device that gives the tempo automatically). These devices are interesting because they help play rhythm.

                                                                                                    How to find a suitable method to learn guitar alone ?

                                                                                                    Learn the guitar at your own pace

                                                                                                    When you learn the guitar alone, it quickly becomes essential to find a substitute for a teacher. Nowadays, you have many options at your disposal to access knowledge ! Today, everything exists: methods by CD, DVD, through specialized magazines, on YouTube, School, Conservatory, etc.
                                                                                                    All these ways of learning are not bad, but for several reasons (financial, costs, clarity in learning, lack of follow -up, little or no advice), are not necessarily good. This is the reason why we created Hguitare; to allow everyone to progress in a friendly setting, but serious. We are more than happy to offer hundreds of progressive and educational courses to a constantly growing community.

                                                                                                    Start by learning the fundamentals of the guitar

                                                                                                    Guitar lessons how to read a tablature

                                                                                                    Before attacking learning the guitar per se, you can already acquire some fundamentals and thus save time. First, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the jargon of guitarists. Tap in a search engine the terms “guitar glossary” or “guitar lexicon”, there are many sites that list all the technical terms related to the universe of the guitar. Words sillets, hatch, sustain or palm mute will no longer have any secrets for you ! You should also memorize the correspondence of the name of all the music notes in the Anglo-Saxon notation system; Because this is the notation that you will be most regularly brought to meet. For example, the note “do” in French corresponds to “C” in the Anglo-Saxon system. If it is still a mystery for you, come and see the course on this subject: name of music notes.
                                                                                                    Then it is necessary to learn to properly grant your guitar. Even a confirmed virtuoso would be unable to produce quality music on an instrument disordered, so imagine a beginner. The tuning is really the B.A-BA ! You can take the course on how to grant your guitar in clicking here. Of course, if you have given yourself an electronic tuner, it will be much easier for you to grant you. The next step is to learn how to read a chord grid (course 1 of the course 2) and to familiarize yourself with the notation of the rhythm (several courses in the course 3). These two concepts are fundamental to be able to play accompaniments of songs. Finally, to open up a whole world of possibilities, learn to decipher tablatures. This is a very simple guitarist notation system that will give you access to hundreds of songs. It’s a must !

                                                                                                    Start with simple exercises

                                                                                                    Your first steps on guitar must be simple and progressive. You can start by learning some open chords for example c maj, g maj, a min and f upd. These four basic agreements will allow you to play hundreds of songs ! Go to our course 2 to start your first guitar agreements. If you feel a rocker soul, why not try you playing simple riffs ? Those of “Seven Nation Army” of the White Stripes or “Day three tripper” of the Beatles are relatively simple to play, even for a beginner. Finally, you can also try to learn a few films: these are exercises specially designed to make you win your fingers in muscle and dexterity. In any case, don’t worry. If the terms mentioned above are scared you, this is completely normal. But by following the courses in order, as proposed in our curriculum, it will soon become only a simplicity all guitarism;)


                                                                                                    Learning to move your fingers on a guitar is a bit like learning a choreography: it requires a lot of training, rehearsals as well as tenacity. Ideally, you should play at least 30 min a day. It’s much more effective to play a little bit every day than playing only once a week for 2 hours in a row. Work the exercises end by end, dissecting them if necessary in several sections easier to master. With a metronome, start playing them very slowly, then accelerate as you start to be comfortable. Make sure to vary the exercises. Do not stay focused on an agreement that is a problem for two weeks ! Follow the method, but while giving you some freedoms from time to time. Learning the guitar requires work, of course, but it must still remain something light and pleasant ! Whatever the angle of attack you have chosen, I strongly recommend that you register (using your smartphone for example) and re-listening to you regularly. Dictaphone never lies ! It is a very good way to identify the things you do properly, and those that you do not master well and on which you will have to focus. You can also submit your recordings to us so that the Hguitare teachers advise you and help you progress. Go to the forum in the dedicated subject to do.

                                                                                                    TO BE PERSEVERANT

                                                                                                    Do not burn the steps, on the contrary, take all your time ! Learning guitar is something long and repetitive that is done in successive levels. You will need on average at least 4 to 6 months before starting to be really comfortable with the instrument. But this is completely normal. No panic, that does not mean that you will not be able to play anything before a few months. On the contrary. You will see that progress at first is made fairly quickly and very quickly, you will be able to play your first simple melodies, your first chords, first songs, etc. Whatever happens, do not discourage yourself and persevere ! It is completely normal to experience difficulties, to have pain in the fingers or even to cross passages to empty where you will have the impression of no longer progressing. Do not be one of these aspiring guitarists who throw in the towel in the first difficulty ! It is by remaining motivated and continuing to train that you will manage to overcome all obstacles.

                                                                                                    TO HAVE FUN !

                                                                                                    Finally, I would finish on this notion sometimes unfortunately underestimated: the pleasure ! Indeed, we must not lose sight of the fact that learning the guitar must remain a good time that we agree and that we do to have fun. So when you practice and sometimes feel boredom during a session, turn back on concepts that you really like and on which you have a certain mastery. This can be a piece that you particularly like, a simple melody or perhaps even an agreement on which you improvise a rhythm. Trust yourself as well as your hearing through which all this notion of pleasure passes. Throughout your learning, never lose sight of this notion of pleasure. This is truly the engine of your progress ! Up to you !

                                                                                                    And you ? tell us commentary Your beginner guitarist’s journey. What were the first difficulties ? And above all, what were your first satisfactions ?

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