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Duolingo may be the best known language learning of languages. It currently has more than 100 million users. Duolingo’s success is due to its form fun, on a simple and mobile platform. The concept is simple: we learn while having fun !

5 free applications to learn a language

Free applications to learn languages

Knowing how to speak several languages ​​is increasingly important, whatever the sector of activity. This is not new in the hotel or tourism sector, where it has always been crucial to work with people from different cultures and countries.

There are many free applications on the market to learn a language. This allows you to study a new language at your own pace and in your free time.

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To get started in learning a new language, we have concocted for you a list of the 5 best free linguistic learning applications !

1. Duolingo

Duolingo Application Learning Language for free

Duolingo may be the best known language learning of languages. It currently has more than 100 million users. Duolingo’s success is due to its form fun, on a simple and mobile platform. The concept is simple: we learn while having fun !

Most of the courses offered by Duolingo are Created by native speakers, which guarantees the accuracy of how language is spoken today.

Unlike many linguistic applications, Duolingo does not assume that the user is native English. For each of the 100 duolingo language courses, it is possible to select a course designed for people whose mother tongue is not English. Thus, Duolingo has a world range unrivaled by other free linguistic applications.

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2. Call


With Over 200 languages ​​available, There is a good chance that Memrise has the next language you want to learn. Memrise is distinguished by its ability to make the practice of vocabulary fun and interesting.

Instead of flash cards, which are based on the recognition of vocabulary without context, Memrise uses the same. This fun approach to improving vocabulary control meets two objectives:

  • Maintain commitment and entertainment learners despite the repetition necessary for the acquisition of a language.
  • Teach better. The same often use unique and entertaining associations with the taught vocabulary. This increases the accuracy and the speed of recall.

The free version of the application gives you access to the same number of languages ​​as the pro version, but with fewer features. This does not spoil language learning.

3. Hellotalk

Hellotalk learning foreign language

While most linguistic learning applications focus on creating self -guided lessons, Hellotalk adopts a completely different approach.

Instead of choosing from predetermined lessons, learners are related to speakers native of their target language. Users then communicate conversational using textual and/or vocal messages.

Thanks to a correction tool integrated into the application, Users can make corrections to other messages in real time. There is also a translation tool To help you when you don’t know the right word to transmit what you mean.

Currently, Hellotalk has more than 10 million users with more than 100 available languages. In addition to the possibility of chatting in head with other users, Hellotalk includes a functionality that allows you to publish a message and communicate with the whole community of native speakers in your target language at once. It is a great way to get quick answers to your linguistic questions or post updates on your progress.

4. Babbel


With only 15 languages ​​available, Babbel has much fewer offers than many other applications that we have included in this article. However, she uses proven and effective linguistic learning techniques and offer the possibility of Download lessons to study them offline.

Although all content is not available in the free version of Babbel, it gives access to 40 lessons. Therefore, you get much more content from the free Babbel application than from some other linguistic applications that also have a free and paid version.

The courses for beginners on Babbel begin with learning vocabulary via theUse of images and the repetition. Further in the lesson, the vocabulary is used in current dialogues and sentences To provide a context. As the user improves his skills, dialogues and sentences are adapted to increasingly complex or difficult examples, which allows you to quickly develop conversation skills.

Babbel uses voice recognition to refine your mastery of the spoken language.

5. Bus

Busuu Lear Language Online

The name of the application and the company is inspired by the southern bhantic language which is on the verge of extinction, with only 8 native busuuu speakers in the world. In addition to the complete courses that Busuu offers in a dozen languages, It also offers users to learn the Busuu language, an endangered language.

Busuu offers a free version and a premium version and, among the applications we have examined, Busuu offers the smallest amount of free content. However, the free content he offers includes interactive exercises and Quiz designed to be as fun as it is effective.

One of the unique Busuu characteristics, which is only available in the Premium version, is the possibility of offering language control exams and certificates for different levels of competence. Busuu is able to propose these examinations, which correspond to the levels of the common European framework of reference for languages, thanks to its partnership with the McGraw-Hill education company.

Our advice to learn a language

Whatever your mother tongue, learning another language is a fantastic means of expanding your career possibilities in different activity sectors. Anyone capable of communicating clearly with customers in their mother tongue is very appreciated: expanding their linguistic skills is a wise choice.

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Which Language do You Want To Speak?

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