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LCI is a television channel specializing in continuous information, this channel belongs to the TF1 group and is available on all TV reception means, including TNT, cable, adsl network as well as satellite satellite. It is the first channel of its kind, inaugurated in France, and is intended for an audience in search of reliable information at any time. LCI informs itself via daily newspapers to provide listeners with the information of the day. We are witnessing this channel at fifty-five editions in a single day. Each minute counts on LCI, no room for advertising, when the info has passed we go to the debates which are most often organized around a topical theme, whether political, economics, society, news or other , but that’s not all. LCI also leaves room for the broadcasting of its very instructive magazines which once again aim to inform citizens. Sunday on LCI Live, it is a special event, the channel welcomes one of the personalities of the moment who invests in politics or even in the economy, for a debate during the program Le Grand Jury.

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Do not miss anything in French and international news through the LCI TV channel. Belonging to the TF1 group, LCI allows you to follow the news through the official website and the TV channel. Also find the replay videos of the last JT, the weather. online in the replay part or through news items. LCI Live is visible for free and unlimited without registration and without downloading anything as software.

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Strikes on the Odessa region, apologies to a Canadian deputy. The point on the situation in Ukraine


Burglaries: which makes burglars flee

07:56 Culture, media and entertainment

Strike in Hollywood: the writers announce an agreement with the studios

07:50 Police, justice and various facts

Val-de-Marne: a mother attacks a college student and orders her son to “beaten”

07:30 Rugby World Cup 2023

Rugby World Cup: the game at the foot, the main weak point of South Africans

Income tax: beware, the rest to pay is deducted this Monday

Live – War in Ukraine: new Russian attack on Odessa, at least one injured

Food, transport, screens: these daily gestures that can help save the planet

07:00 health and well -being

Grandma’s best tips to identify good and bad mushrooms

Video – New breakdown at Montparnasse station: passengers evacuated in full tracks, gradual return to normal

06:18 Weather and bad weather

Video – Weather: what time this Monday, September 25 ? Discover the forecasts of Guillaume Woznica

Ligue 1: PSG OLS OM (4-0) despite the release of Mbappé on injury

23:16 Family and education

Video – School harassment: Soon a digital curfew ?

PSG-OM: hit in the ankle, Kylian Mbappé replaced at the start of the match

23:10 Rugby World Cup 2023

Top time-Wales-Australia Country (40-6): the video summary of the match in 5 minutes

VIDEO – End of military cooperation with Niger: “a common sense decision”, according to Vincent Hugeux

22:50 Rugby World Cup 2023

Wales-Australia Country (40-6): Wallabies shipwreck, Leek XV in quarters

10 p.m. Darius Rochebin with Alexia Mayer of September 24

22:23 Rugby World Cup 2023

France South Africa in quarters ? Springboks still want Antoine Dupont’s return

Senatorial elections: with three elected officials, the RN back at the Luxembourg Palace

22:11 Culture, media and entertainment

VIDEO – I was forcibly married: the freezing testimony of Afshan in “Seven to eight”

The 8 p.m. Darius Rochebin of Sunday September 24

Energy transition: “We will not prohibit” gas boilers, promises Emmanuel Macron

21:38 Conso and trends

Food, fuels: Emmanuel Macron aims at the margins of distributors

Niger: Emmanuel Macron recalls the French ambassador and announces the withdrawal of French troops

Petrol price: Macron announces a new fuel allowance for workers and the most modest

Inflation, petrol price, crisis in Niger. Emmanuel Macron’s announcements on TF1

The 8 p.m. Sunday, September 24, 2023

19:57 Rugby World Cup 2023

Rugby World Cup: Scotland relaunches itself by winning against the Tonga (45-17)

19:33 Traditions and heritage

AFSHAN RIAZ: I was married by force

Senatorial elections: Secretary of State Sonia Backès beaten in New Caledonia

These French people who built their little corner of paradise in the Dominican Republic

19:02 Culture, media and entertainment

Cinema – “It’s the symbol of romantic life”: when Woody Allen films his dream Paris

A weekend in Dinard, one of the most elegant cities on the Breton coast

18:55 Police, justice and various facts

Professor’s confessions: murder of Dunkirk, the secrets of a couple

Seven to eight Sunday September 24, 2023

Niger: the military junta prohibits air space in French aircraft

18:46 Rugby World Cup 2023

Injury by Antoine Dupont: which captain to replace him ?

18:27 Society subjects

Online trap: “Dropshipping” mirages and scams

18:22 Society subjects

Report – On the roads of Gironde, between monasteries and convents

Osiris-Rex mission: NASA recovers the largest asteroid sample ever collected

18:03 Rugby World Cup 2023

France-Italy: The next opponent of the Blues loses an experienced hooker

18:00 Society subjects

The 7 things that the cat hates the most

Video – War in Ukraine: why kyiv multiplies attacks in Crimea

Seven to eight life on Sunday September 24, 2023

Video – “It’s a bit of a life dream”: European engineers build the ship that will go on the moon in 2024

Berlin marathon: Ethiopian Assefa pushes the old world record

Renaissance: the bet of the Marquise de Commarque

“He does not know Marseille”: Jordan Bardella criticizes Pope Francis and his remarks on immigration

Report – Travel: Discovering the “Mountain of Tea”, in Taiwan

Large reports of September 24, 2023 – Odyssey in the Mediterranean – Episode 4

Video – Lock in Savoie: images of an unprecedented operation of water dropping, to secure the A43

VIDEO – FIRES IN SICIIL: Two people killed, and 700 tourists evacuated from their hotel

15:39 Society subjects

Real estate: the government reflects to soften the conditions to obtain a credit

The Sunday September 24 club

15:16 Conso and trends

Video – Decorative ideas: your child evolves, his room too

Large reports of September 24, 2023 – Odyssey in the Mediterranean – Episode 3

VIDEO – SURPOURISE: The island of Bréhat takes stock of its quota experimentation

14:13 Police, justice and various facts

Attracted on his return from a demonstration on Saturday, a mayor LFI of Hérault files a complaint

13:37 Rugby World Cup 2023

Antoine Dupont back in the French team ? “It’s the heart that will speak,” according to Imanol Harinordoquy

School harassment: questioning a student in class, “inadmissible” for Sandrine Rousseau

The 1 p.m. Sunday, September 24, 2023

Migrants: “The first duty we have is to welcome them”, judge Sandrine Rousseau on LCI

Paris: the environmental activist entrenched at the top of a dislodged tree

Weather of September 24, 2023: weather forecast at 12:51 p.m

12:44 Culture, media and entertainment

Video – Homophobia in the cinema denounced by Muriel Robin: the reaction of Dominique Besnehard on LCI

12:35 Culture, media and entertainment

VIDEO – Nostalgia from the 80s: the “roller disco” back on the dance tracks

The LCI Sunday event of September 24, 2023: Sandrine Rousseau

12:09 Conso and Trends

VIDEO – Faced with the drop in sales, large distribution restricts the choice on its shelves

United States: an alligator shot down after being seen with a woman’s body in her jaws

11:42 Family and education

Report – Empathy lessons, “friendship bench”. In Denmark, an effective model against school harassment ?

11:29 Rugby World Cup 2023

VIDEO – South Africa -Ireland: The Stade de France vibrated alongside the XV of the clover

Video – Canada: striking satellite images of forest fires

Bill “full employment”: that the text examined from Monday contains by deputies Monday ?

Canada: A man prosecuted for having sold a suicide aid substance online

10:00 Company subjects

Weeding your garden: yes, but not anytime !

09:23 Society subjects

Courier from the “shame” addressed to the parents of a harassed high school student in Poissy: the ex-Réctor of Versailles comes out of silence

09:00 health and well -being

First symptoms and shapes of pimples. Here’s how to recognize chickenpox

“A journey to our origins”: a precious end of asteroid expected on earth

08:30 Rugby World Cup 2023

Rugby World Cup: Australia makes its moult to try to save its skin

Candidates, voting mode, voters: manual for senatorial elections on September 24

Zelensky in Poland, “high commanders” Russian killed. The point on the situation in Ukraine

08:00 Housing and real estate

Sell ​​and buy in life: how it works ?

LCI – Bakhmout document: Immersion with Ukrainian soldiers

07:30 Police, justice and various facts

Video-“It tears the heart”: the fed up of farmers in the face of vegetable flights in the fields

07:11 Weather and bad weather

Video – Weather: what time this Sunday, September 24 ? Discover the forecasts of Guillaume Woznika

07:00 health and well -being

Why hops may well become the star food of your kitchen ?

Live – War in Ukraine: a second Ukrainian wheat cargo cargo arrived in Istanbul

LCI mornings of September 24

Live their lives of September 24, 2024: sport and refugees !

00:14 Police, justice and various facts

Rapper MHD sentenced to 12 years in prison for murder

23:28 Rugby World Cup 2023

Top chrono-South Africa-Ireland (8-13): the video summary of the match in 5 minutes

“We want to return to Europe”: in London, the anger of opponents of Brexit

22:51 Rugby World Cup 2023

South Africa-Ireland (8-13): the XV of the clover wins the shock at the top of group B

10 p.m. Darius Rochebin with Alexia Mayer of September 23

10:17 PM Police, justice and various facts

Police killed in Magnanville: time for the trial, seven years after the attack

22:07 Police, Justice and various facts

Pas-de-Calais: a dead woman found dead, her son in police custody

Survey – Waste: how to fight wild deposits ?

Why fall starts again on September 23 this year

Weather of September 23, 2023: weather forecast at 8:42 p.m

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