Jason Marr on LinkedIn: News, Your Chromebook Can Run Microsoft Office, how to use Microsoft Office on Chromebook with distance access

How to use Microsoft Office on Chromebook with remote access

This makes Splashtop the ideal solution to access Microsoft Office from your Chromebook, and help students and workers stay productive when working in a remote environment.

Jason Marr post

This is Pretty Big News in my Opinion. Chromebooks Continue to Become More Recuantly AS Each Year Pass. I’m a huge fan and the expanded support of key 3rd party apps, making it even more raising in the future. #chromeos #chromebooks

VP and GM Chromeos & Education at Google (Enterprise Lead for Platforms)

It’s becoming More Broadly Understood that chromebooks can run Microsoft Office, Thanks to the Folks at Cnet to explain that. Today Chromeos Dev and Beta Community Got A Sneak Peak at What’s Coming Later This Year As We Announced Features that will enhance the experience and integration of one drive with the chromeos file apps. https: // lnkd.in/g3wswvc9 https: // lnkd.in/g3wswvc9 https: // lnkd.In/GTNCPJQJ

News, your chromebook can run Microsoft Office


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Sr. Manager, Strategic Alliances @ Logitech (Dolby/Thx/Sonarworks Alum) 3 J. Amended

Lot Happened at #googlecloudnednest23! We Were Threlled to win 2023 Google Partner of the Year #dei Award for North America. On the show floor we demo logitech meet on Android. And hayley n. Shared the “Work Smarter: Collaboration and Productivity Tools to Help You Achieve More” Breakout Session with asana, google, and ukg. See for Yourself! #Googleldpartner Scott Friedman Jason Marr Omar Deacon Megan Lindell Google Workspace

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Excited to be speaking tomorrow at #googlecloundnext2023 on a panel with jana beiswenger and Montra Ellis about collaboration and productivity, and the way we work now. AS Hybrid Work Continues On It’s Ever-Shifting Path, The Way We Think about Productivity is Changing. How we think about being productive relates to our intention for the work, and how we can best make meaningful contributions. We need to intentionally design the workplace of the Future– Whether that is at home or in the Office, or a Combination of the Two, to be better optimized for collaboration. And we need to figure out how to be most productive at home, at the office, and in depeper dives, like offsites or conferences– to yield successful outcomes for the business. How are you think about #productivity these days? How do we measure it? WOULD Love to Hear Thoughts. Ania Smith Marie Lucas Tara Sharp Colleen Morris Michelle Monteiro Michelle Elliott Jennifer Rosa Milum Steven Comfort Sarah Stretter Murgel Omar Deacon Lance Lim #futureofwork #hybridwork https: // lnkd.in/du7ti62W

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How to use Microsoft Office on Chromebook with remote access

Splashtop allows you to remotely control Windows and Mac computers from a Chromebook. Easily record and run any Microsoft Office Application Remote. Try free!

Chromebooks offer a profitable alternative to traditional laptops for students and workers remotely. Chromebooks take advantage of popular online resources such as Google Drive, because Chrome OS requires users that they do almost all their work via an Internet connection rather than via local software applications.

Although these online tools are versatile and useful, local software such as office versions of Microsoft Office applications are irreplaceable.

Microsoft Office’s desktop versions allow you to save and access local files. However, many essential functions and characteristics are not available in online versions.

So how to take advantage of the advantages of Microsoft Office’s desktop version while working from a Chromebook ?

With Splashtop, you can access the full version of Microsoft Office remotely by accessing another computer from your Chromebookbook. During a remote session, you can access all files and software stored locally on the Windows or remote Mac computer. You will see the computer screen remotely in real time and will use it as if you were seated in front of.

This makes Splashtop the ideal solution to access Microsoft Office from your Chromebook, and help students and workers stay productive when working in a remote environment.

Some useful directions to get started:

Use splashtop for access to Microsoft Office on a Chromebook computer

Step 1: Start with splashtop for free

With Splashtop Business Access, you can access your remote computer from any device. Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or Chromebook. Start your free trial now (no credit card or commitment required) and follow the configuration instructions!

Once you’ve created your Splashtop account, get the free android business Android business application on the Google Play store . You can also get it on the Chrome store if your Chromebook does not support Android applications.

Step 2: Access your Windows or Mac computer remotely from your Chromebook

Once you are configured, you can start connections remotely to your computer with one click. Open the Splashtop Business App application on your Chromebook, then select the remote computer to which you want to access.

Step 3: Start running easily any Microsoft Office app

You will then see the screen of your remote computer in real time and can take control as if you were right in front of it. You can then open any Microsoft Office program to create a new project, or open any of your recorded files to continue working on a previous project.

Get splashtop for your chromebooks

With Splashtop, the only thing you will need to be able to use Microsoft Office on your Chromebook is an internet connection. Schools and companies can also easily deploy Splashtop for their users.

If you are an individual user.

Start a free trial of Splashtop Business Access and follow the steps above !

If you are a company with remote workers using chromebooks.

Splashtop offers volume discounts for companies who wish to allow their employees to work remotely. Launch your free trial .

If you are a school or a college whose students use Chromebooks.

Splashtop offers remote access tools for distance education and virtual access to school computer labos ! With Splashtop, students can access school computers from their ChromeBooks in order to be able to run any Microsoft Office Application. Contact us for more information .

Microsoft Office applications will soon no longer work on Chromebook

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Microsoft is currently deploying a small box with users of Office Applications on Chrome OS, announcing the end of their support and updates. The company has indeed declared that these applications will no longer be usable from September 18, 2021.

Online office

Of course, Microsoft does not give up completely, which will remain available in web version. The firm also invites to transition from applications to online use on office.com for a “Best experience”, ultimately gathering more or less the same functionalities of documents of documents.

Major difference, to use most online office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and OneDrive) and access its documents, you must be connected to the Internet. However, the Office Applications on Chromebook allowed very practical offline access in certain situations.

That said, you should not completely throw the stone into Microsoft, because some applications are sometimes badly optimized for chromebook and tablets. Google himself has already deleted some of its play store applications in the past for a passage from these in web versions.

With a little luck, Microsoft will have planned something to remedy the situation, otherwise it may be necessary to fall back on other services (such as Google Docs and Sheets) to be able to work on offline documents.

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