Internet box with TV decoder: all offers with TV channels, compare the best TV boxes in September 2023

Comparator of the best offers Box Internet TV ��


All operators offer Canal+ in their TV bouquet but only as an option paying. Nevertheless, the Canal+ option is sometimes integrated into box offers without supplement. This is possible when operators make promotional offers for a fixed period. To access Canal+ from your box, you must go to the Replay section and select “Canal+ on demand” from the list of services, then choose a chain between 152 and 156.

Internet box with TV decoder: all offers with TV channels

Internet subscription with TV decoder

Internet subscriptions are not the sole function of giving internet access. From the start, these services also offered fixed telephony, with which they already shared the network. Quickly, TV joined the offers. Thanks to its digital broadcast, the TV was able to gain in quality with the transition to high definition, then to 4K in some cases.

You have to know about internet boxes with TV decoder that:

  • Most Internet operators offer internet boxes with a TV decoder.
  • It is therefore important to take this parameter into account when choosing your internet box.
  • The number of TV channels offered is the first parameter to look at.
  • Additional services such as access to Netflix or others are also important.

Internet subscription comparison with TV decoder

Search Criteria

  • Without engagement
  • 12 -month commitment
  • 24 -month commitment
  • Bouygues Telecom
  • Free mobile
  • Northnet
  • Mobile NRJ
  • Orange
  • Red by SFR
  • SFR
  • Sosh
  • Fiber
  • ADSL
  • Satellite
  • 4G / 5G
  • Calls to fixed
  • Calls to fixed + mobile
  • TV decoder
  • Android TV
  • Multi TV
  • WiFi repeater
  • Wifi 6
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Channel+
  • Disney+
  • Netflix
  • Ocs
  • RMC Sport

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Today, the boxes with TV decoder are distinguished by offering always more new services in accordance with the new consumption habits of Internet users. The only TNT is no longer enough to make a good TV bouquet, and each Internet access provider goes there with its offers with more and more TV channels included and services such as Canal+, Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime.

What are the Internet boxes with the TV of different FAIs ?

All the main FAIs offer, in one way or another of Take advantage of television with their Internet subscriptions. If there are also internet boxes without TV, they remain rarer and only concern entry -level offers. These subscriptions do not concern all ISPs and TV is almost always accessible, on more or less scale.

Internet box comparison + TV decoder

Internet operators offer subscriptions with TV decoder to benefit from many channels.


SFR box: three Internet offers with TV at a good value for money

SFR only offers internet subscriptions with TV decoder included. This concerns ADSL boxes and fiber optic boxes in the same way. Thus, with SFR, it is possible to access a Internet box with TV decoder for the price of only € 20.99/month for one year with promotions that are regularly offered. This price increases if subscribers opt for the SFR Fiber Premium.

The differences between the various SFR Internet subscriptions are at the level of connection flows or even destinations included in the fixed telephony offer. So, The SFR Fiber Starter offer allows downloads up to 500 Mb/s While the SFR Fiber Power allows you to enjoy 2 shared GB/s descending flow. This second offer also has the advantage of allowing calls to mobiles.

As for television, The first SFR Internet box includes 160 channels While the Power box provides access to 200 channels in total. In both cases, SFR provides a 4K TV decoder, but the SFR Box 8 option to € 10/month the first year offers the 4K HDR Dolby Vision, in addition to much faster connection flows.

from € 20.99 SFR Fiber Starter

Bouygues Telecom: the choice of two internet offers with TV decoder

Of the three main Internet subscriptions offered by Bouygues Telecom, two allow access to a TV decoder: The Bbox Must and the Bbox Ultym. These two subscriptions offer a rich starting catalog of 180 channels. In addition, in both cases, Bouygues Telecom allows you to use a 4K TV decoder and provides subscribers a 100 -hour TV recorder. There are few differences concerning the TV service between the two subscriptions, except access to an option to choose from for 3 months: a salto subscription or a BBOX Youth TV bouquet subscription.

Apart from that, which differentiates the two Bbox subscriptions with Bouygues Telecom TV decoder, These are the debits of the Internet connection and the destinations included with the fixed telephony. The Bbox Must offers 1 Gb/s of flow against 2 GB/S for the Bbox Ultym. In addition, the latter allows calls to fixed and mobiles of the European Union and Switzerland, in addition to unlimited calls to the fixed and mobiles of France and to the fixed of 110 destinations.

from € 26.99 Bbox must

What are the box offers with TV decoder offered by Orange ?

Orange only offers two internet boxes: the Livebox offer and the Livebox Up offer. In both cases, this is a subscription with TV decoder, thus ensuring Access to a catalog of 140 TV channels to all his subscribers. Note that Orange allows you to subscribe without a decoder, but that has no impact on the price of the Internet box. On the other hand, Orange clearly specifies that it takes 40 € of activation costs of the TV decoder in addition to the price of the subscription.

The difference between the two box subscriptions with orange TV decoder is not on the number of channels. The two subscriptions include 140 TV channels With a 4K decoder. However, the Livebox Up allows you to enjoy a second decoder offered on request as well as a recorder with a capacity of 100h. The other differences are in Internet flows, faster with the Livebox Up, and telephone communications.

from € 24.99 Livebox

Four Internet subscriptions with TV decoder from € 19.99/month at Free

Free is the FAI which currently offers the largest number of internet boxes with a TV decoder included. These subscriptions are four in number, and The cheapest is from € 19.99 per month on promotion. This is the Freebox Revolution that allows you to enjoy a 4K Android TV decoder and 270 channels included. The Freebox Delta also allows you to take advantage of 270 channels thanks to TV by Canal, but also Netflix and Prime Video included.

Canal+ series offered 12 months

Canal+ series offered 12 months

Amazon Prime Video

The television service is the service on which Free clearly emphasizes. There are many channels included, SVOD’s services are clearly highlighted, and the players are valued. This is especially the case of the Devialet Player, a connected speaker with an ultra premium sound and which serves as a TV decoder for € 9.99 more each month.

Free is also champion on theoretical flowss proposed in each of its subscriptions. It is the FAI with the fastest offer, namely the Freebox Delta and its 8 GB/S. These very high flows make more subscribers to keep excellent video quality by watching classic TV channels or SVOD services.

from € 19.99 Freebox Revolution

An optional TV decoder with the non -binding box of Red by SFR

By default, Red by SFR’s internet offer does not include any TV decoder. However, it offers free access to television on mobile, tablet and PC thanks to the Red TV application. On the subscription, It is obviously possible to request an optional decoder. The latter is at a price of € 3/month. This is an Android 4K Connect TV decoder. However, the default bouquet of the subscription only includes 35 channels. You have to pay 2 € per month more to have a bouquet of 100 channels.

These rates are to be applied to the starting price of theRed by SFR Internet subscription. This subscription allows Take advantage of ADSL and fiber optics from € 19.99 per month. Prices may vary depending on the available promotions. In the case of optical fiber, the Red Box offers up to 1 GB/s with the Wi-Fi option.

The key elements of the Internet box with Red by SFR TV decoder ::

  • Starting subscription to € 19.99 for ADSL/VDSL and fiber;
  • up to 500 Mb/s of debit in download with optical fiber;
  • TV decoder option (Android TV 4K) at € 3/month;
  • TV bouquet of 100 channels at 2 €/month excluding promotion;
  • Box without a duration.

from € 19.99 Red Box

An internet box without commitment for 140 channels with the Sosh box

Orange also has its internet subscription without a duration binding: the SOSH box. This subscription exists in ADSL/VDSL (€ 20.99/month) and with optical fiber (€ 20.99/month the first year, then € 30.99/month). By default, Orange’s homeless box offer only includes access to a TV app with 72 channels. However, optional, it is possible to take out a TV decoder.

The Sosh TV decoder option is at a price of € 5 per month, and allowsAccess 140 channels with a 4K TV decoder and a TV recorder with a capacity of 80 GB, almost 40 hours of recording accessible programs. TV also benefits fiber flows from the Sosh box, even if these are limited to 300 Mb/s for download.

What to remember from the Sosh box ::

  • € 20.99/month in ADSL/VDSL:
  • € 20.99/month for 12 months, then € 30.99/month with optical fiber;
  • fiber up to 300 Mb/s for download;
  • 4K TV TV decoder option at 5 €/month (140 TV channels);
  • Without a commitment of duration.

from € 20.99 Sosh box

Take advantage of the quality of the orange fiber with Sosh

Sosh has a significant advantage: he uses the same fiber and ADSL network as his parent company, namely the Historic Orange operator. For customers, this is a real advantage since Orange is renowned for the quality of its facilities.

What are the channels offered in boxes with TV ?

One of the criteria of Choice of an internet subscription with Box TV, These are the chains that are included in it. All FAI subscriptions offer the same range of free accessible channels, as well as related services. However, to distinguish themselves from competition, some go so far as to include subscriptions to the most popular SVOD services. So here are the channels that can be found in an internet box with TV decoder.

All TNT channels are systematically present

First of all, all Internet subscriptions with TV decoder allow you to enjoy all TNT channels. This brings together the chains of France Television, TF1, M6 or even specialized channels like LCI, BFM.TV or LCP Public Senate. In total, 26 channels are present in the TNT bouquet. In addition to the 26 Basic TNT channels, many regional channels are also accessible to expand this bouquet.

Historically, TNT (for digital terrestrial television) is a chain deployment solution for the entire population. To receive TNT, simply have a suitable case or an internet box with TV decoder. Many models of televisions include a TNT case in order to make these channels as easy to access as possible, including in HD.

All free TNT channels
TNT channel Chain TNT channel Chain TNT channel Chain TNT channel Chain
1 TF1 8 C8 15 France 4 22 6er
2 France 2 9 W9 16 BFM News 23 RMC Story
3 France 3 10 TMC 17 C News 24 RMC Discovery
4 Channel+ 11 Tfx 18 Cstar 25 Chérie 25
5 France 5 12 NRJ12 19 Gulli 26 Lci
6 M6 13 20 TF1 Films series 27 France Info
7 Arte 14 LCP Public Senate 21 Team 21

In addition to TNT channels, most ISP offer many other chains included in their Internet offers with TV decoder. These channels depend on the agreements of each of the internet access providers and it is necessary to inquire with everyone to access the detailed list of channels by box subscription.

Change operator and internet box

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Optional TV bouquets available on Internet boxes

In addition to the included channels, each operator allows you to subscribe to a selection of TV bouquets. From one FAI to another, The TV bouquets offered and highlighted are not always the same, And everyone is committed to offering exclusive offers. The main themes put forward are however the same: sport on the one hand, cinema and TV series on the other.

Sports bouquets may include channels of Canal+, but also RMC programs or beIN SPORTS. SFR particularly highlights RMC Sport, Altice channels, which its subscribers can have at an advantageous price.

Orange for its prefers Bet on cinema and series with OCS (formerly Orance Cinéma Séries). Free finally emphasizes SVOD’s services which he offers free of charge in some of his Internet subscriptions with TV decoder like the Freebox Delta.

The main paid TV bouquets of FAI
SFR Bouygues Telecom
RMC Sport From 9 €/month Bbox family € 14.99/month
RMC SPORT + BEIN SPORTS € 19/month BBOX Youth € 9.99/month
SFR Cinema 5 €/month Bbox cinema € 14.99/month
Netflix + SFR Entertainment € 13.49/month
Orange Free
Max series cinema € 22.99/month Netflix + Video Prime Included in the Freebox Delta
OCS + Netflix Pack € 20.99/month TV by Canal Included in Freebox Revolution and Delta
Sport Max € 19/month bein Sports € 14.99/month

What is the best internet offer with TV decoder ?

The number of TV channels is not the only element to take into account in the choice of an internet subscription with TV decoder. We must also look at the issue of price, or even characteristics of the TV decoder itself in itself. Not all ISP are equal, and not all of them focus on the same options.

Who offers the cheapest TV internet box subscription ?

In the short term, the cheapest TV internet subscription is that of Free. His subscription Freebox Revolution is at a price of € 19.99/month And this price remains the same for 12 months of engagement. At the end of this first period, the price of the free subscription is € 44.99/month. For this price, the Freebox Revolution includes a 4K Android TV decoder with access to no less than 270 television channels and SVOD services for a few months.

To have an Internet box service with long -term quality TV decoder, Free offer remains one of the most interesting solutions on the market. The only cheaper subscription is that of Red by SFR, thanks to the cumulation of various promotions. So, The Red Box Fiber with 100 channels is available for € 34.99/month, Without a commitment of duration. However, you must rent the TV decoder for 3 €/month.

Cheap Internet subscription

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Who is the operator who offers the most TV channels with his TV box ?

If it is a question of finding the box subscription with TV decoder which includes the greatest number of TV channels, it is once again towards free that we must turn. The Freebox Revolution currently includes 270 channels TV by free, With TV channels by Canal. In addition, Canal+ series is sometimes offered for a period of 12 consecutive months. In addition to the Freebox Revolution, the Freebox Delta also offers these two major bouquets, in addition to access to Netlix and Amazon Prime Video included.

Just behind Free offers, you have to quote the SFR Fiber Power box with 200 channels included, then Internet subscriptions with Bouygues Telecom TV decoder, which all offer at least 180 channels included. Orange is back with only 140 channels present in its starting bouquet. Finally, the less -supplied offers under the Red by SFR internet non -binding boxes (up to 100 channels with the option) and Sosh.

Do you have to choose a TV box with Android TV ?

Today, many TV decoders work with the Android TV operating system. The latter is rather practical since it allows for example to install applications directly on the TV box to take advantage of it on his television. However, for customers who already have a smart TV, this feature is not essential.

Take advantage of specialized TV bouquets with its decoder

If the lowest prices or the number of channels included are easy to measure, it is not the same for the quality of the bouquets. However, two Internet suppliers are distinguished on this plan: SFR and Orange.

SFR has many TV bouquets focused on sport, With more advantageous prices than its competitors on RMC Sport. Choosing SFR for this kind of program can cost up to 10 euros of months than by going through any other FAI. It is also possible to find sports channel associations with SVOD services, and therefore formulas adapted to each.

Orange offers a good number of centered services on cinema and TV series. The historic FAI often highlights advantageous prices over a few months to discover OCS. Orange also offers bouquets to associate OCS with other channels specializing in cinema or TV series, such as cine+, paramount or TCM channels.

Nevertheless, all ISPs offer common bouquets. The main SVOD services are accessible with all subscriptions with TV decoder included. Likewise, for sport, BeIN Sports can be subscribed to all suppliers. In fact, a large majority of these services can be subscribed independently of FAI.

Internet offer with Netflix

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TV decoder: the different important features (Android, 4K…)

In the choice of an internet box with TV decoder, you must also look at the question of TV decoder itself. Each ISP has its own equipment, and the model can even vary from one subscription to another. For example, Free offers no less than four different types of decoder, one by subscription.

Among the characteristics to be sought, the following questions must be asked ::

  • Does the decoder allow access to 4K and HDR ?
  • which interface offers the TV decoder ?
  • What are the connectors offered on the TV decoder ?
  • What is the size of the TV decoder ?

Take advantage of 4K with its TV box ?

All operators allow you to enjoy a TV decoder with 4K. To take advantage of it, simply have a sufficiently fast internet connection: at least 20 Mb/s. This is why optical fiber is particularly highlighted here. No internet subscription with TV decoder offers less than 300 mb/s of debit for download. To take advantage of ADSL TV, it is important to make sure that the connection is stable and fast enough (at least 8 Mb/s for stable HD).

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Best Internet box comparator + TV ��

Network background

Fleche for filtering offers

Filter the offers

Filter the offers

Max budget. 50 € and more
Internet provider :
Reset filters
12 months then € 34.99/month
Commitment 12 months
ill. mobile verse
12 months then € 44.99/month
Commitment 12 months
Bouygues Special series Bbox Fiber
ill. mobile verse
12 months then € 37.99/month
Commitment 12 months
ill. mobile verse
12 months then € 34.99/month
BBOX Must + Prime and Universal+
ill. mobile verse
12 months then € 41.99/month
Commitment 12 months
The Sosh Fiber + TV box
12 months then € 35.99/month
12 months then € 42.99/month
Commitment 12 months
SFR Power + Prime or Netflix
ill. mobile verse
12 months then € 39.99/month
Commitment 12 months
ill. mobile verse
12 months then € 39.99/month
Red Box Fiber + Disney+
ill. mobile verse
12 months then € 41.98/month
ill. mobile verse
12 months then € 50.99/month
Commitment 12 months
ill. mobile verse
12 months then € 50.99/month
Commitment 12 months
SFR Premium + Prime or Netflix
ill. mobile verse
12 months then € 46.99/month
Commitment 12 months
ill. mobile verse
12 months then € 55.99/month
Commitment 12 months
ill. mobile verse
12 months then € 49.99/month
Samsung Smart TV + Bbox Must + Prime and Universal
ill. mobile verse
Commitment 24 months

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Our tips for choosing your box with TV

What is the best box with TV of the moment ?

Internet offers with TV are multiple and the speed to which you will be eligible for your home remains an essential criterion for making your choice. Find out about bouquets and streaming offers included before making your choice.

��The Freebox Delta, the choice of film (and series) editorial philos

“FREE has always worked a lot of TV, movie and series of its boxes. With the delta, you will have for your money: in addition to 270 channels and the TV by canal, Netflix and Video Prime are completely included in the subscription to 39.99 €/month for 1 year then 49.99 €/month.””

Our tips for choosing your Internet box with TV

Today, all operators offer offers including TV channels. If you have already chosen your operator, you can find freebox with TV, Bbox with TV, TV offers at SFR or Livebox with TV on our dedicated TV.

If you are looking for Internet box with TV without obligation, Bet on RED TV offers or SOSH TV offers.

Compare the best Internet boxes with TV and decoder

Internet offers with the cheapest TV in September 2023

What is the cheapest TV box with TV of the moment ?

The Internet box with the cheapest TV at the moment is the Freebox Revolution – Canal + Series, Prime + ADSL + TV 280 Channels + Calls to Mobiles up to 50 Mb/s by the free operator. It is currently at a price of 19.99 euros for 12 months then € 44.99/month.

ill. mobile verse
12 months then € 44.99/month
Commitment 12 months

What price for an internet offer with TV ?

Right now, the most affordable TV offer is the Freebox Revolution – Canal + Series, Prime + ADSL + TV 280 Channels + Calls to Mobiles at a price of 19.99 euros.

As a comparison, we can find the SFR Starter Fiber + TV 160 Channels of the SFR operator as the 5th cheapest box of the moment. It is at a price of 20.99 euros for 12 months then 34.99 €/month.

Which operator offers the Internet box with the cheapest TV at the moment ?

The operator who offers the Internet box offer with the cheapest TV of the moment is free with the Freebox Revolution – Canal + Series offer, Prime + ADSL + TV 280 Channels + Calls to Mobiles at a price of 19.99 euros per month.

Summary of box offers with the cheapest TV in September 2023

Internet box 1st year price TV channels Download speed
Freebox Revolution – Canal + Series, Prime + Fiber + TV 280 Channels + Calls to Mobiles € 19.99/month 280 1 Gb/s
Bouygues Special series Bbox Fiber + TV 180 Channels + Calls to Mobiles € 19.99/month 180 1 Mb/s
SFR Starter Fiber + TV 160 Channels € 20.99/month 160 500 Mb/s
Red box fiber + TV 100 channels + calls to mobiles € 24.99/month 100 500 Mb/s
Orange Livebox Fiber + TV 140 Channels € 24.99/month 140 500 Mb/s

Which TV bouquet to choose ?

SFR, Free, Bouygues Telecom and Orange operators offer each of the TV bouquets with their own specificities. It is important to learn about each TV bouquet to choose the one that best suits you.

What are the Bouygues Telecom TV bouquets ?

Each Bbox is made up of more than 180 TV channels accessible on your TV with the decoder or from Application B.TV+. You will also benefit from a 100 -hour TV recorder. Application B.TV is paid on mobile package and not directly accessible on TV. In addition, 3 optional Bouygues Telecom TV bouquets exist: family, youth and cinema.

To find out more about your smart TV, we invite you to watch this video that will teach you how to install your smart TV and configure the B application.TV+:

What are the SFR TV bouquets ?

SFR Box offers include 160 to 200 TV channels included. But several SFR TV bouquets are available on the operator’s website. Indeed, the operator offers:

  • 14 sports bouquets including RMC and beIN,
  • 17 bouquets cinemas and series with channels and SVOD (Netflix, Canal+. )),
  • 15 Bouquets Entertainment and Discoveries,
  • 11 Youth bouquets,
  • 28 international bouquets.

What are the Red TV bouquets ?

Each Red Box is made up of 35 to 100 channels (your choice) accessible from The Red TV application. To view your channels from your television, you will have to subscribe to the paid offer with decoder. The FAI also offers different RED TV bouquets:

  • 7 sports bouquets,
  • 12 cinema and entertainment bouquets with channels and SVOD (Netflix, OCS, etc.),
  • 4 news and discovery bouquets,
  • 26 international bouquets.

What are the orange TV bouquets ?

Orange livebox offers are made up of 140 TV channels accessible on your TV thanks to the decoder included. Nevertheless, the historic operator offers several optional orange TV bouquets:

  • The cinema and series bouquet (OCS, Netflix, Filmo, Starzplay),
  • Le Bouquet Sport (Bein Sport, Sport Max),
  • The Multi -theMatic Bouquet (family, intense, replay max, youth, Disney+),
  • The channel bouquet+,
  • International bouquets,
  • The music bouquet (melody and classical music),
  • Adult bouquets.

What are the Sosh TV bouquets ?

All Sosh boxes include a selection of channels included available with the Orange TV app (offered on request). But with the decoder paid option, you will be able to view these channels from your TV. Orange low-cost operator offers Sosh TV bouquets similar to the latter.

What are the free TV bouquets ?

All Box Free offers offer 220 to 280 TV channels included in the subscription. But if you wish, you can also subscribe to around fifty free TV bouquets, among them:

  • Cinema bouquets, series and entertainment with channels and Svod,
  • International bouquets,
  • Youth bouquets,
  • Sport bouquets (beIN),…

TV offers, series, vod of internet boxes

What are the TV bouquets and paid channels ?

By subscribing to an internet box offer with TV bouquet, you can access different types of bouquets:

  • International bouquets: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, OCS, Apple TV,
  • French bouquets: Canal+, Salto.

These bouquets can be included in your internet subscription or offered as a paid TV bouquet option.

How to have Netflix with or without internet boxes ?

All operators offer a Netflix subscription among their TV bouquets but it is accessible only as an option paid and at the same price as on the original Netflix platform. Take advantage of the Netflix option via your operator will put you to access your platform from your TV thanks to the decoder.

On the other hand, some operators sometimes make promotional offers where the Netflix option is offered for a fixed period. To access Netflix, you must launch the application from the menu of your box or your computer/ tablet.

How to have Amazon Video Prime with or without Internet boxes ?

All operators offer Amazon Video Prime in their TV bouquets but only as an option paid. To access Amazon Prime Video from the box, simply download the Amazon Prime Video application on your smart TV and then enter your identifiers.

How to have ocs with or without internet boxes ?

Orange, Sosh, Bouygues Telecom and SFR operators offer OCS optional Bouquet TV paid. To access the OCS bouquet from your box, importance the operator you are, you have the possibility of:

  • Go to the TV channel,
  • Call your operator’s customer service,
  • Connect to your customer area.

How to have Canal+ with or without internet boxes ?

All operators offer Canal+ in their TV bouquet but only as an option paying. Nevertheless, the Canal+ option is sometimes integrated into box offers without supplement. This is possible when operators make promotional offers for a fixed period. To access Canal+ from your box, you must go to the Replay section and select “Canal+ on demand” from the list of services, then choose a chain between 152 and 156.

How to install your TV box ?

How to connect box and TV ?

  • Locate the Ethernet port on the TV and on the box and then connect the two by the RJ45 cable,
  • Select the “wired connection” option from the menu to launch the connection.

To connect your smart TV to wifi to your box, you must:

  • Consult the menu of your TV (Available wire networks),
  • Choose your box,
  • Enter the WiFi code of your box then launch the connection.

How to connect several TVs to a box ?

To connect several TVs to a box, you will need an additional TV decoder to benefit from the Multi TV. You will be able to use several decoders on the same Internet network and this in different rooms in your home. You just have to connect your decoders to your box. In some cases, the ISP provides you with a CPL kit, which will allow you to connect the 2nd TV decoder to the Internet box by the electrical network.

Several screens at home: should we fiber ?

It is necessary to have a sufficient internet speed to view several televisions simultaneously. Here are the minimum flows to benefit from the multi TV:

  • Standard definition (SD) on 2 screens: minimum 6 Mb/s,
  • High definition (HD) on 2 screens: minimum 12 Mb/s,
  • Ultra high definition (4K) on 2 screens: minimum 50 Mb/s,
  • From HD we recommend fiber.

Do you need a TV box to watch TV channels ?

You don’t necessarily need a TV box to watch TV channels on your TV. Indeed, you can buy a chromecast key, the Apple TV or the Amazon Fire TV Stick which will allow you to connect to the Internet and download applications to enjoy all the content and chains on your TV. However, you can always watch your TV channels on your computers, tablets and smartphones from TV applications of operators.

What speed for TV via an internet box ?

  • 3 Mb/s for low definition or SD,
  • 5 Mb/s for HD,
  • 25 Mb/s for 4K.

Please note, these theoretical flows are recommended for dedicated use. If you are several in your home to use your Internet connection, we recommend that you opt for a fiber offer to ensure a better experience.