Conversion bonus: offers and conditions – Citroën recovery, purchase of a Renault electric car with recovery

Purchase of a Renault electric car with recovery

Renault takes over your old vehicle after having for free evaluated the price, then offers you new and second -hand promotional offers.

The conversion bonus at Citroën


The premium for government conversion: the operation

The conversion premium aims to accelerate the renewal of the French car fleet.
The principle of the premium (formerly nicknamed a scrap premium) is to help acquire a new vehicle, new or used, more respectful of current environmental standards than the older model that you will get rid of. Individuals and professionals can benefit from it as long as the car or van concerned does not exceed 3.5 tonnes in charge.
As part of the 2022 conversion premium, the vehicles concerned are:
• Diesel vehicles registered before 2011
• petrol vehicles registered before 2006

Concretely, the 2022 conversion bonus applies to your home, taxable or not.

Be aware that other conditions apply concerning the old vehicle. The premium for conversion indeed as a general aim of reducing the emission of polluting gas by replacing the old engines with new. The ancients must therefore be destroyed, which is possible if:
• The vehicle is registered in France
• The owner is indeed the beneficiary of the premium
• He has had the vehicle for at least a year
• The vehicle is provided with a valid contract and has not been declared “wreck”. On the other hand, he may not have passed technical control.
You have a period of 6 months from the billing date of your new vehicle to submit your request.

Citroen C3 Aircross interior

To what amount amounts to the premium ?

The amount of the aid is fixed thanks to a specific scale which takes into account:
• The type of buyer: natural or legal person
• the applicant’s tax income
If it is less than € 13,489, the premium is higher
• The type of vehicle purchased
The conversion bonus applies only to vehicles whose CO2 emission rate is less than or equal to 137g/km.

In the end, the aid is more generous than its previous version and goes from € 1,500 to 5,000

The scale is available on the Primealaconversion website.gouv.Fr

With Citroën, when we make you a recovery offer and you wish to acquire in one of our concessions another vehicle meeting the eligibility criteria, we add the premium to the estimate that we make of the value of your old car.

Note that premium for conversion and ecological bonus are 2 different and cumulative things up to € 12,000 for the purchase of a new electric car. Indeed the premium concerns the resumption of an old vehicle, while the ecological bonus does not depend on a recovery but simply on compliance with environmental standards of a vehicle purchased new or for long -term rental (2 years and more).

Citroën takes care of all the steps to give you the conversion premium and advances the amount or deduction from the rent if you opt for a LOA or LDD. You will be able to acquire a more environmentally friendly vehicle and probably less gourmet in fuel, which will help you save money.

Picto Citroen Computer

Estimate your car in a few minutes.

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Finalize your recovery in a Citroën point of sale.

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Quick and secure payment within 8 days.

The steps in the recovery of your car

The advantages of car recovery by Citroën

On the Citroën car recovery site, you can make a precise estimate of the amount of the recovery. To start the auto estimate, start by indicating the brand, the model, the year of production, the motorization and the finish of the car to take over. You can also enter the registration to quickly define its different parameters. All these elements will be used to establish the dimension of your vehicle. You will then be invited to specify your purchase project and to select the nearest dealer who will contact you to specify the terms of the recovery. Expertise will be carried out by a specialist in used vehicles and the recovery may be immediately.

Selling your car quickly and at the best price is not always easy. Citroën recovery will save you the unpleasant surprises that can be had when selling vehicles between individuals. The recovery value is calculated according to specific criteria based on the market and the condition of your vehicle. You can choose a reseller near you to limit travel. Finally, we will take charge of administrative procedures.


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Purchase of a Renault electric car with recovery


What recovery offers for the purchase of a Renault electric car ?

You plan to sell your current vehicle to acquire an electric car ?

Renault takes over your old vehicle after having for free evaluated the price, then offers you new and second -hand promotional offers.

Get a free recovery offer

Based on the information you will provide to us via our online form, Renault makes a free estimate on the coast of your car.

This is a function of both the criteria specific to your vehicle and the value of the latest transactions observed on the automotive market.

Once the recovery offer has been obtained, all you have to do is make an appointment with the Renault Auto dealer closest to you, to finalize the sale of your car.