How to watch Netflix with its Orange Internet offer (Livebox)?, How to watch Netflix with Orange?

How to watch Netflix with Orange

Billing Each month is carried out on the anniversary of the first registration in Netflix. In the event of prior termination, subscribers can always take advantage of the streaming site until this date.

How to watch Netflix from the Orange Livebox Internet box ?

Livebox Orange Netflix

Netflix has been, for several years now, the most popular streaming service in the world. The prestige of its catalog, skillfully combining exclusive programs, works consumer and independent titles, knows how to attract many looks.

It was therefore essential that one of the most important players among internet access providers, in this case Orange, offers Netflix, a service appreciated by consumers. The historic telecoms operator therefore offers Netflix among the options to complete its Internet box offers. Here’s how to proceed to Access the online streaming service from Livebox.

Here are the main points addressed about the Netflix offer with an Orange Internet box:

  • the chain to go to access Netflix via its Livebox or Livebox Up;
  • The cost of Netflix packages in the event of subscription via an Orange Internet box.
  • the services offered by the various Netflix offers;
  • The way in which the billing of the Netflix package is organized with Orange;
  • Netflix subscription management;
  • The different devices on which the Netflix subscription can be used.

Netflix with Orange Livebox

Orange operator livebox allow you to enjoy the Netflix video streaming service.

Orange client: everything you need to know about the use of Netflix with a livebox

Since arriving on the French market in 2013, Netflix has continued to gain popularity. Now, the streaming service has become an essential element of the French cultural landscape. Offering great public films and cult works to discover and rediscover, the American platform was also involved in exclusive creations.

There is only with Netflix that it is thus possible to access certain series recognized for their quality, as Black Mirror, Stranger Things, Or Orange is the new black. In fact, the American giant has weight arguments in its fight with other sector specialists such as OCS and HBO.

The series of series is also not the only area in which Netflix is ​​distinguished. The company is also behind the production of original works that have permanently marked spirits in recent years. This is for example the case of Okja, Presented at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, Annihilation with Natalie Portman, or Anon, The film signed Andrew Niccol (Welcome to Gattaca)). All these quality films are exclusively available on Netflix in France. Some prerequisites are however essential to take advantage of the Netflix service from its livebox.

This guide dedicated to the use of Netflix with an Orange Internet box returns to a few key points.

  • What is the procedure to access Netflix with a livebox ?
  • What are the Netflix packages available with an orange livebox ?
  • How to enjoy a free month in Netflix ?

Advice from mySmallBox

Before opting for Netflix, it is possible to find out about the catalog available on the platform. The latter is indeed regularly enriched with programs, sometimes temporarily. It can thus be relevant to wait for the addition of a series or a film expected to start your subscription.

How and with which chain number access Netflix with its Livebox Orange ?

Like many of its competitors, Orange offers Netflix to its subscribers. However, the service is not included, it is therefore advisable to take out the optional offer. Furthermore, you should know that to access the Netflix service, several steps are possible. As with other ISPs, a chain number is dedicated to the platform. From the Livebox interface, another solution allows you to go to the home page of the American streaming platform.

To access Netflix from Orange Livebox, two solutions exist:

  • Go to Orange Livebox Channel 70 to display Netflix;
  • Press the “Menu” key on the remote control to access the “Video on demand” section, select “Video Pass” then the Netflix icon.

With this information, members in the streaming service can then freely enjoying the Netflix catalog from the Orange TV4 decoder. It should also be noted that in addition to Netflix and the other services dedicated to cinema and series, Orange displays sports bouquets. Among the options that can be subscribed to the Internet access provider thus appear beIN SPORT AND CANAL+. RMC Sport can also be subscribed by Orange customers.

BeIN Sports channels at Orange

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What is the monthly price of a subscription to Netflix at Orange ?

As usual, people interested in the American giant’s catalog can access three subscription formulas. If necessary, however, it should be noted that Orange subscribers do not benefit from preferential rates By subscribing to the Netflix service as a livebox holder.

The different Netflix formulas accessible at Orange
Essential Standard Premium
Simultaneity possible on 1 screen 2 screens 4 screens
Optimal viewing Standard definition (resolution of 720*578) High definition (resolution of 1280*720) HD and 4K or Ultra HD (resolution of 3840*2160)
Monthly price € 7.99 € 11.99 € 15.99

Some observations to better understand the formulas:

  • The quality of programs not exceeding standard definition (SD) For the essential package, nomads are suitable for smartphone series ;
  • Netflix customers have the possibility of Download movies on certain supports But the number of devices to use this feature with the same account is restricted;
  • the formula Premium from Netflix is ​​suitable for large friends and families groups With 4 screens that can be connected simultaneously.

Download films and series limited ?

Downloading certain films or series is allowed by Netflix. However, it is conditioned by two factors. A support minority is compatible with this functionality. In addition, the list of works that can be downloaded is reduced. It is imperative that they are original creations of Netflix, or that it has entirely the rights.

Customer Livebox or Livebox Up: Free Netflix for a month’s test period

It is important to mention an interesting option for more than one title to discover the Netflix programs from its livebox. For a first registration, The streaming site leaves a month free to allow everyone to see if the content of the catalog corresponds to them.

To benefit from this trial period, simply subscribe to the option at Orange. The service is then billed only after the anniversary of the registration has been reached. If Netflix does not finally convince the user, the latter can immediately terminate it. Note that access to the streaming site stops a month after initial registration.

Moreover, The subscription to Netflix is ​​a subscription without obligation. It is therefore possible to stop it at any time, depending on your desire or its availability. No fear to have however; If the desire to restart the subscription emerges, it is possible to restore data. Favorite series and films, advanced through the seasons: All this information will be available again, as if the subscription had never stopped.

Netflix trial period: the offer of your choice for a month

During the trial period, new users testing the offer have the choice. It is indeed possible to select the essential, standard or premium offer. During the thirty days, everyone is free to opt for the formula that they are likely to adopt later. This offers the advantage of realizing the possibilities offered by Netflix and the relevance of the offer compared to its needs.

How to manage your Netflix subscription and enjoy the streaming service by being an orange customer ?

After having subscribed to the streaming platform, it only remains to benefit from the services included in the offer. As mentioned above, the possibilities offered depend on the selected formula. Once holder of the essential, standard or premium package, It is however possible to change offers if the latter is not suitable. To take full advantage of Netflix, a few points deserve to be discussed. MAPETITEBOX offers to return to certain major elements that frame the use and management of the subscription.

Below, important questions relating to the use of a Netflix offer.

  • What is the necessary equipment to access Netflix with Orange ?
  • How to manage your Netflix account with Orange ?
  • How does Netflix invoicing at Orange work ?
  • What are the supports compatible with Netflix ?

Internet boxes with ISP TV

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How to terminate or change Netflix subscription with the historic operator ?

If registration from the customer area or the Orange TV decoder is possible for Netflix, this is not the case with termination. For’Cancel a subscription to Netflix, You have to go, your choice, on the service site or on its application. Once on the home page of one or the other of the supports, a simple and fast procedure allows you to obtain the desired change.

To do this, it is therefore not necessary to call on customer service or a third party. Everything is done so that users can themselves manage their subscription in an autonomous manner and as simply as possible.

The procedure to put an end to its Netflix offer or modify it:

  • Select “Account”;
  • search in the “Subscription and invoicing” part the insert “Cancel the subscription”;
  • Select this insert, and follow the following indications.

In order to Edit its Netflix package, The procedure is almost identical. With the difference that the option is in the “Package details” part. Here, members can access the “Change package” insert and then make the choice for the offer to which they wish to migrate.

What period for taking into account the modification or termination of its Netflix subscription ?

If the change in Netflix package is immediately taken into account, it is not the same for termination. This is effective only when the anniversary of the registration is reached. While waiting to reach this date, the subscription holder and the accounts associated with it can still take advantage of the Netflix catalog, at no additional cost.

The equipment required to take advantage of Netflix at Orange

All liveboxes offered by the Internet service provider are not compatible with Netflix. These are so many parameters to take into account before looking unlimited by the programs available on the streaming platform, such as Rick & Morty, Arrested Development, or Better Call SauL.

Netflix with Orange Livebox

Netflix is ​​available at Orange with most operator equipment.

The list of equipment for accessing Netflix at Orange:

  • The Play decoder;
  • satellite TV;
  • the UHD decoder;
  • Decoder 4.

This list being relatively restrictive, some elements are not compatible with the use of Netflix. It must be specified that Holders of a white decoder cannot take advantage of the service. To access Netflix, it is nevertheless possible for holders of the white decoder to make a change of equipment. Once the right equipment is available, several procedures allow access to the streaming platform.

Orange Internet box offers allowing Netflix access are:

  • Livebox;

All Another subscription to an internet box at Orange does not give access to Netflix. The reason is simple: the Internet service provider does not provide a TV 4 or a livebox play decoder for other formulas.

Orange Internet subscriptions

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How is the invoicing of Netflix at Orange ?

The subscribers Orange have the choice with regard to the Netflix invoice. In general, you should know that each month, without stopping the subscription, is automatically renewed. It should also be noted that it is possible for customers of an Orange internet box holding a Netflix subscription that two solutions exist regarding the invoicing of the streaming service.

What are the alternatives in terms of invoicing the Netflix subscription ?

  • The cost of the service Netflix streaming may appear in the invoice transmitted by Orange to his subscribers;
  • The amount of The Netflix subscription can also be adjusted independently from the Orange Internet box.

Billing Each month is carried out on the anniversary of the first registration in Netflix. In the event of prior termination, subscribers can always take advantage of the streaming site until this date.

What supports are compatible with Netflix ?

Netflix allows, in two of its three accessible formulas, to simultaneously watch the catalog programs through a second screen. Also, Many terminals can display the streaming service.

Among the terminals capable of taking care of the Netflix service are the:

  • Smartphones or tablets with the Netflix iOS or Android mobile application;
  • computers thanks to mac or windows desktop applications;
  • Smart TV with the Netflix application, like Toshiba, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung models offer similar;
  • Game consoles: with an Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii, or Wii U;
  • Connected keys with Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire, or Apple TV.

Thanks to this, it is particularly easy to access Netflix, once the subscription has been made from its Livebox Orange. The advantage is that the identifiers defined during registration with Orange are also valid for these other supports.

Free Netflix for 6 months for Family customers

Netflix allows you to download your films and series. A feature available on few terminals however.On computer, only the application available on Windows allows you to record Netflix programs. Mobile applications, available on iOS or Android also authorize download.

How to watch Netflix with Orange ?

With almost 45% market share on the Internet box market, Orange is a heavyweight of telecoms and a major partner for Netflix. How to watch Netflix with its Livebox Orange ? follow the leader !

How to watch Netflix with Orange?

Maxime Blondet – Modified on 08/22/2023 at 3:42 p.m. Summary

  1. Netflix Orange: 4 possible packages
  2. The equipment required to access Netflix Orange
  3. How to subscribe to Netflix Orange ?
  4. Connect to Netflix on Orange TV
  5. How is Netflix Orange billed ?
  6. How to modify or terminate your Netflix Orange account ?

Netflix at Orange: 4 possible packages

Like its competitors, Orange offers Netflix to its subscribers. But beware, the service is not included in Internet Livebox offers. It is therefore necessary to subscribe to one of the four Netflix packages offered by the streaming platform:

  • The package Standard with advertising at € 8.99 (1 single screen simultaneously in HD)
  • The package Essential at € 8.99 (1 single screen simultaneously in HD)
  • The package standard at € 13.49 (2 simultaneous screens in Full HD)
  • The package Premium at € 17.99 (4 simultaneous screens in 4K Ultra HD)

The subscription to Netflix is ​​a subscription without engagement. It is thus possible to terminate it at any time.

The equipment required to access Netflix Orange

Today, all Orange Internet offers provide access to Netflix. But, to have access, you still have to have an orange TV decoder that is compatible. Which is the case with the Livebox TV 4, of the Livebox Play And Livebox Play Up and Ultra HD 4K decoder. Here is how to find out if you will be able to enjoy the films and series released by the streaming platform:

Small clarification: if you do not know which decoder you have, the color of it is enough to know if it is compatible with Netflix. Blacks are while white (UHD 90) is not. Simple and efficient ! If your decoder is not compatible, do not panic, to change the decoder for a compatible is possible, without necessarily changing its offer. Nevertheless, the change of equipment can be billed to you.

On the other hand, if you receive satellite television and want to subscribe to Netflix, you will have to change your box and change your subscription. The streaming service is only accessible via ADSL or fiber.

How to subscribe to Netflix Orange ?

The Netflix application is already present on the orange box. So there is not to install it. There is only create an account and subscribe to one of the three subscriptions. Nothing’s easier. Here is the procedure to follow:

1- Access the video pass

Press the menu button on your remote control. In the video on demand, go to the video pass section of your livebox decoder and select Netflix


2- Create an account

To create a personal account on Netflix, enter your personal information, choose a password and validate

3- Inform the payment method

After choosing your Netflix package, you have the choice between two payment methods: payment on your orange bill, the same as for your subscription, or by bank card, in which case the subscription to Netflix will be subject to a separate invoice.

4- Validate your Netflix account

After having checked the conditions of use, activate your account, and benefit from the best of Netflix.

To subscribe to Netflix Orange, you can also go through the Boutique on the operator’s website. To do this, you have to go to the “TV and entertainment” section and click on “TV bouquets” then on “Netflix” and finally on “Register now”. Before continuing the subscription process, Orange asks you to indicate your orange account By entering your email address or Orange mobile number.

Connect to Netflix on Orange TV

To access Netflix on orange TV, there are three possibilities. It is first possible to access it by connecting to the application, from the video pass in the video section on demand. Another possibility: press the menu button on the remote control, select TV channels in the TV section and launch the Netflix application. Third possibility, and it is the simplest and fastest of the three: connect directly from the Canal 70 Orange TV bouquet.

Once the application is launched, just identify yourself to take advantage of the streaming platform and watch the best Netflix series.

How is Netflix Orange billed ?

There are two possibilities: invoicing by Netflix or invoicing by Orange, in which case the subscription to Netflix will appear on the invoice of the operator. You will have to choose one of the two options at the time of subscription.

If you are already a Netflix customer, and you want to be billed by Orange, you will need to terminate your Netflix subscription, and make a new subscription via Orange and select the payment method by orange bill.

How to modify or terminate your Netflix Orange account ?

Managing your Netflix Orange account is done Only from the Netflix website. Whether to modify your package or terminate your subscription.

In both cases, it identifies you on Netflix and access the “Account” page.

  • If you want to change your offer, select “Change package”, in the “Package” section.
  • If you wish to terminate, click on “Cancel the subscription”, in the “Subscription and invoicing” section.

Netflix in 4K Ultra HD with an orange livebox

Netflix is ​​available in Ultra High Definition on three Orange TV decoders (TV 4, Livebox Play Up and Ultra HD 4K decoder). However, a number of conditions must be fulfilled:

  • Have subscribed to the Netflix Premium Package
  • Have a stable internet connection speed of at least 25 Mb/s
  • Have a quality of streaming set on car or high
  • Have a TV compatible with 4K Ultra HD

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