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Netflix Computer

Netflix works according to a monthly subscription model, with different plans that vary in number of available screens and in dissemination. Without an intrusive advertisement, it guarantees an without interruption viewing experience.


Netflix is ​​the Netflix program for PC, thanks to which you can access the vast catalog of the most famous video on -demand platform in the world on your computer. If you have a Windows operating system, this application allows you to access any movie or series thanks to a perfectly adapted interface.

Once you have opened Netflix, you just have to go to your profile, if you share the account with other users, to access the content of the catalog. You should know that this is a platform on demand whose algorithm organizes films and series according to your tastes, which means that you will not take much time to find something that you want to watch. There is even the possibility of creating lists where you can save the content that interests you the most.

Another remarkable characteristic of Netflix is ​​that you can change the language and subtitles of each content according to your needs. Most content is published simultaneously in more than 190 countries, which means that many films and series have been doubled in several languages.

By downloading the Netflix application for Windows, you can easily watch movies and series on your PC without using the browser. So you can see your content almost the same way as with the Android version.

Review by Carlos Martínez translated by Uptododown Localization Team

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Netflix is ​​a SVOD platform. You can access this online subscription service but also on a computer, telephone, tablet, smart TV, multimedia player, game console, etc.

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Netflix is ​​a video -on -request video platform. There is a wide offer of series, films, documentaries, animated drawings and shows. Netflix is ​​an accessible online service and on a wide variety of devices: computers (windows, mac), smartphones (iOS application, Android), smart tv, game consoles and many others.

Why use Netflix ?


Originally proposing a DVD rental and purchase site, Netflix Inc. started on the video streaming market in 2007 and launched its SVOD platform in France in 2014. Today, this online service is known worldwide and has more than 230 million users (lovers of cinema, pop culture, etc.). It is present in 190 countries and around thirty languages. Netflix has more than 4000 works in its offer: films, series, cartoons but also manga, reality TV shows, documentaries, etc.


Like its Disney+ or Apple TV+ competitors, this platform offers original series and films. Among the first successes of Netflix, there are works like Orange is the new black or House of Cards. This last project obtained 3 Primetime Emmy Awards, a first in the history of SVOD on the Internet. Regularly nominated, the Netflix service has also won Oscars and has been able to innovate by offering interactive content.

This streaming application is aimed at all audiences, including children (they can also have a special account, with suitable programs). All styles of projects are included: action, horror, drama, comedy, adventure and many others.

The Netflix catalog

Compared to competitors like Disney+ who have more family orientation, Netflix has extremely varied content. The best films and series are highlighted and are sorted by genre. Here, for example, some of the works listed:

  • Action and adventure: Lupine, Narcos, Gotham, Wonder Woman, Bad Boys, Mission Impossible, The Patriot…
  • Anime: Chihiro’s journey and many other animated films by director Miyazaki, The Witcher: The Wolf’s nightmare, Naruto films and series, Seven Deadly Sins, Demon Slayer…
  • Comedy: Ten percent, Ginny & Georgia, Big Bang Theory, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The It Crowd, The Good Place…
  • Dramas: The Crown, Peaky Blinders, Borgen, Godless, Inventing Anna…
  • SF and fantastic: Lucifer, Black Mirror, Stranger Things, Shadow & Bone, Sweet Tooth, Umbrella Academy, Adam through time…
  • Many other genres exist: horror, romance, police, thriller, documentary, stand-up, etc.

In its latest news, Netflix was also interested in live format and recently broadcast a live stand-up show. A new option, in the form of a “Watch Live” button, has been added for the occasion to the SVOD platform. Note that it is also possible to play games on Netflix.

Personalization of results

Netflix personalizes the results and goes back to its subscribers of the programs inspired by the data collected on their latest views. The algorithm of this SVOD platform analyzes, in fact, the films and series watched by users and makes suggestions. He also adapts the home page to the spectator’s tastes by automatically eliminating certain content. For example, if we watch a documentary film, then another, there is a good chance that, during a next use, the page goes up all the programs of the same type.

It should also be noted that subscribers can indicate their preferences by likating a film, series, documentary, etc. We can :

  • Click on a lifted thumb icon to say that we liked a production.
  • Click on an icon with two inches to say that we really loved a program.
  • Click on an in -form icon lowered to tell Netflix that we hated a film or other.

The algorithm is also based on the list of favorites of its subscribers to perfect its recommendations.

Netflix features

First of all, Netflix allows its subscribers to create personalized profiles. You can choose an avatar, the language of your account, its age category (for the filtering of youth programs) and select automatic reading options (Reading episode by episode, season after season, reading a trailer during navigation, etc.)).

The home page of the Netflix streaming platform is organized as follows:

  • We first find his list of favorites then the films and series being viewed.
  • The service then presents the news, the trends of the moment and the content appreciated by the other subscribers.
  • Then comes a selection of films and series by theme, according to user tastes.
  • Top 10 best films or series are also offered.

In the upper banner, there are also rapid access to new products, youth content or language programs. This video streaming platform allows you to find content in around thirty languages, whether in dubbed or subtitled version. In the French version of the Netflix platform, filters also make it possible to bring back British, European, American, etc. programs. Notifications provide subscribers on the news of the content followed or on a future release date. An intelligent search is also available.

By flying over the thumbnail of a video (film, documentary, series or other), you can watch your trailer for miniature, like the work or not to add to your favorite list. Some information is given: percentage of recommendation, legal age, duration, quality of the video, tags. The vignettes also indicate whether the film is part of the top 10 or if a new series season is available.

By clicking to have more information, we access a detailed sheet, with additional data (distribution, realization, gender, collection, similar titles, trailer, etc.)). We can also, if it is a series or a documentary in several parts, consult the seasons and episodes available (with a brief summary).

Once the content has been launched, the options are classic: reading, advancing or falling by 10 seconds, volume adjustment, going to the following episode, subtitles, reading speed, full screen. Among the other Netflix features, we can in particular cite content download for an offline viewing.

How to use Netflix ?

Netflix is ​​available online but also in the form of an application. We can consult this video platform on demand on different devices:

  • Computers (Windows, Mac, etc.)).
  • Mobiles and tablets (iOS, Android).
  • Smart TV.
  • Blu-ray readers.
  • Decoders (Orange, SFR, Bbox).
  • Streaming readers (Apple TV, Chromecast, etc.)).
  • PS3, PS4, PS5 and Xbox game consoles (360, One, Series X and S).

You can create up to 5 profiles per account. The number of devices varies depending on the subscriptions (see below).

How to subscribe to Netflix ?

To use Netflix, it is necessary to take a subscription on the platform and to create an account. Just go to the official page of this video streaming service, indicate your email and follow a few steps to subscribe.

Several formulas exist (there is no test version):

  • The essential subscription with advertising, at a price of 5.99 euros per month: it includes advertisements and limits the availability of programs. Mobile games are unlimitedly accessible. We can view HD videos on one device both.
  • The essential subscription, at a price of 8.99 euros per month gives access to unlimited content and games but does not contain advertising. It includes the download functionality.
  • The standard subscription, at a price of 13.49 euros per month, gives access, in addition to the previous options, to two devices at a time and to the Full HD.
  • The Premium subscription, at a price of 17.99 euros per month, gives access to the Ultra HD, 4 aircraft at the same time as well as an improved sound. You can download programs from 6 devices.

Good plan: how to make the most of Netflix and more

To save some of your video streaming subscriptions, it is possible to access Netflix via Canal+. In fact, in the shop of this service, the Canal+ Séries offer in the store of this service. In addition to Canal+channels, this formula provides SVOD programs from OCS, Paramount+, Disney+and Netflix (Standard).

The whole is available at a price of 25.99 euros per month in monthly subscription. A 24 -month formula also exists.

Netflix alternatives

If Netflix is ​​the leader in video streaming, competition is rather tough. Let us cite in particular the Amazon Prime Video platform, with more affordable prices and the many original programs (The Last of Us, The Rings of Power, etc.)).

We can also mention the Disney+platform, which also has more attractive prices. Its great advantage, in addition to Disney classics, is to offer exclusive licenses, dear to pop culture: Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, etc. With the Star offer, this streaming service also tries to expand its adult offer.

Finally, let us quote the Apple TV+platform, which has bet on quality rather than quantity. Visually higher than its competitors, it contains excellent programs.

Netflix for Windows


Netflix: Explore an endless entertainment universe !

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Cinematic diversity in your pocket !

Netflix has positioned itself as the leading streaming platform, offering a large catalog of films, series, documentaries and programs for children. Thanks to its simple interface, users can create several profiles, receive recommendations based on preferences and create personalized lists content to look at later. In addition, Netflix allows you to download content to look at it offline, which facilitates its use in situations without internet access.

The application is distinguished by its speed and fluidity. Even when managing large amounts of data, as in the case of series with several seasons in optimal quality, the platform displays an optimal response and download time.

Netflix is ​​very easily integrated into a wide variety of operating devices and systems. In addition, it allows the connection to social networks to share recommendations and see what your friends appreciate. Integration is fluid, guaranteeing a user experience without interruption.

Netflix has devoted many efforts to provide an intuitive and satisfactory experience. Selection of content based on algorithms at ease of resumption of episodes where you left them, The application focuses on user comfort. The possibility of changing language and subtitles is also an advantage for global accessibility.

Netflix works according to a monthly subscription model, with different plans that vary in number of available screens and in dissemination. Without an intrusive advertisement, it guarantees an without interruption viewing experience.

Available on a Wide variety of devices, smartphones and tablets with smart televisions and to video game consoles, Netflix favors accessibility. It also offers audio description options for certain titles, for users with visual disabilities.

Despite the presence of many streaming services on the market, such as HBO Max, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video, Netflix continues to stand out with its vast catalog and original content production. Each platform has its charm, but Netflix was able to remain very relevant.

Our favorite series and films, wherever we go

Netflix, with its vast catalog and constant innovation in original content, has been solidly established as the favorite streaming platform of many users. Its ability to anticipate and adapt to market trends, associated with optimized user experience, has ensured its dominant position. Although he is in the face of growing competition, his commitment to the diversity and quality of the content Remarkable remains. For those looking for a first -rate entertainment experience, Netflix is ​​undoubtedly a wise choice.

  • Amplio Catálogo de Contenidos
  • High quality original productions
  • Interfaz intuitive and friendly