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Amazon Video Prime offers a large video library with varied content: movies, series, documentaries, content for children. However, the Amazon Prime Video catalog varies according to country. He is determined at the time of registration by choosing a place of residence. This is why, the catalog is much more limited in France than in the United States. The numerous titles of the Video Amazon Video are accessible in several languages ​​such as French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese or Japanese. The user can also use subtitles, available in several languages.

How to enjoy Amazon Prime Video in France ?

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon, the e-commerce platform, is no longer limited to online sale. In 2006, the company also embarked on the SVOD sphere. What are the services of Amazon Prime Video ? How to access it in France ? For what price and with what advantages ? To find out all about Amazon Prime Video France, see the guide below.

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What is Amazon Prime Video France ?

Amazon Video Prime is one of the latest SVOD services to have appeared on the market. Like its Netflix rival or Dazn, the Amazon Prime Video platform offers a set of services to enjoy unlimited films and series. Created in the United States, the platform was introduced on the French market in December 2016. The service was called first Amazon Instant Video, Then Amazon Video We ask. Today, we are talking about the platform Amazon Prime Video. The service is currently present in more than 200 countries and accessible from a computer on the website or from the Amazon Prime Video application.

What is the SVOD ? SVOD means all video services by demand by subscription. Unlike VOD where we pay for each video per unit, the SVOD is a monthly or annual subscription giving access to the catalog unlimited.

Amazon Prime Video Catalog: What movies and series watch ?

Amazon Video Prime offers a large video library with varied content: movies, series, documentaries, content for children. However, the Amazon Prime Video catalog varies according to country. He is determined at the time of registration by choosing a place of residence. This is why, the catalog is much more limited in France than in the United States. The numerous titles of the Video Amazon Video are accessible in several languages ​​such as French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese or Japanese. The user can also use subtitles, available in several languages.

The Amazon Video Prime catalog includes a Generalist video library. As for the films, there is above all the American production :: Jurassic Park, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, Hancock, Gladiator, Django Unchained. The offer also contains a wide choice of series, especially cult series as D R House, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Suits: tailor -made lawyers, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy etc. The Prime Video Amazon catalog is completed by its own production Amazon Prime series, disseminated exclusively. The series Hanna, The Man in the High Castle, The Grand Tour Or Homecoming are part, also with Good Omens, Amazon Serie from the moment.


Arriving on the already competitive market, the Amazon Video Prime catalog thus try to adopt Netflix’s strategy and create its own content. The American giant had invested in his Original production, especially with Amazon series, And his efforts have borne fruit. Its production met with success not only with criticisms but also the public. Thus, the platform is built a quality catalog which brings it more and more audience.

In addition, to also be able to compete with other SVOD platforms, Amazon Prime Video France widens its catalog in a regular way. Each month, he announces the introduction of new acquisitions In terms of films and series and the arrival of new original programs, such as a new Amazon Serie.

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How to subscribe Amazon Prime Video France ?

The subscription to the Amazon Video Prime subscription is available from the Prime Video Amazon site or Android or iOS devices. It takes place in several stages:

  1. Creation of an Amazon account : To be able to take advantage of the Amazon Prime Video France services, it is necessary to have a Amazon account. If you do not have it, just go to the Amazon site and select the “Create a new Amazon account” option. To continue, follow the instructions and enter your contact details (name, first name, email address, telephone number) with a new password. If you already have an Amazon account, just log in by entering your identifiers.
  2. Payment method : Once your contact details are introduced, you will be invited to choose the Country of Residence which will determine the content of your catalog. Then communicate the invoice information and select a payment method. The platform accepts international credit and debit cards. Payment information is essential to benefit from a free trial.
  3. Confirmation : Before Validate registration, Check information about your account, payment method and chosen package. To validate your choice, press the “Confirm” button. As soon as your registration is finished, you can start taking advantage of the services Amazon Prime Video France and watch your Amazon Prime series favorite.

As for access to Amazon Prime Video Box from a box, The platform is not yet part of all Internet subscriptions. The introduction of its services into an internet package requires negotiations, especially with large operators: Orange, SFR or Bouygues. This is a way to facilitate access to the platform and at the same time, to increase its audience. However, to enjoyAmazon Prime Video on Orange, d ’Amazon Prime Video Bouygues Or finally, fromAmazon Prime Video Sfr Box, You will have to be patient. However, Amazon Prime Video is now part of the Free Internet offer. With the Freebox Delta, You take advantage of Amazon Prime Video at no additional cost.

Unlike Amazon Video Prime, Netflix is ​​now available from Orange, Bouygues and SFR as an option and is integrated into some Free Box subscription (the Freebox One and the Freebox Delta).

Like all SVOD platforms, Amazon Video Prime, it too, requires the Internet connection. A efficient flow is therefore essential to ensure good quality of the video in comfort, without cuts and slowdowns. However, once the subscriber is connected, he can watch videos at any time, on different supports: from your internet browser or thanks to the Amazon Prime Video Application compatible on smartphones, tablets and certain smart tv. The subscription offers content viewing simultaneously on 3 devices.

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How much is Amazon Prime Video France ?

Among several SVOD offers, Amazon Prime Video France differentiates itself mainly by its price. The services of Amazon Prime Video in France cost € 69.90. This is a annual subscription, So taken in one go. This means that the user takes advantage of Amazon Video Prime for € 5.80 per month. This rate remains affordable and very competitive in comparison with Netflix, the market leader whose services are offered from € 8.99/month or channel+ series available from € 6.99/month.

Amazon Prime Video Free: one month’s trial offered to users you are tempted by the offer Amazon Prime Video France ? The best way to discover your services is to enjoy the 30 -day trial period offered by the platform. To benefit from it, it is necessary to provide bank information during registration. Thus, the subscription price is automatically billed Once the trial period has expired. However, if the user no longer wishes to use a Video Amazon premium and be billed, he can cancel the subscription at any time, before the end of his trial period.

Enjoy Amazon Prime Video France thanks to the Amazon Prime !

It is also possible to take advantage of Amazon video bonus By being thinking of the services ofAmazon Prime. It is an Amazon membership program giving access to a set of exclusive advantages. Amazon Prime Video is one of them and the subscriber can choose between a subscription monthly Or annual. As for the prices, the monthly subscription is available at the price of € 6.99/month, Almost 84 €/year. However, this option does not include a free 30 -day trial. The annual subscription price is € 69.90, which represents 14 € savings.

Students from 18 years old can take advantage of the program Amazon Young At a price of € 34.95/year, more than 50% reduction in the amount of the Amazon Prime subscription. The offer includes all the advantages of the Amazon Prime and Amazon Video Prime subscription and the 90 -day trial period.

The Amazon Prime subscriber automatically has access to Amazon Prime Video France and other advantages without any additional subscription:

  • Accelerated delivery : delivery in a free working day
  • Flash sales : priority access to flash sales
  • Prime Music : up to 40 hours of music without advertising
  • Premium photos : an unlimited storage space to record photos on Amazon Drive
  • Premium Reading : a catalog of ebooks available from the Kindle reader or with the free Kindle application
Amazon Prime Video France with Amazon Prime – September 15, 2022

Monthly subscription Annual subscription
Price € 6.99/month € 69.90/year
A free month
Amazon Prime Video included

Amazon Prime Video subscriptions, classified according to the services included. Free SEO.

Amazon Prime Video Opinion: What are the advantages ?

  • Price : Without (€ 56/year) or with (€ 69.90/year) Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime Video France remains one of the most competitive SVOD offers regarding the prices.
  • Content quality : Even if the catalog is still limited and not as developed as in the United States, the platform is fast approaching and offers quality content. Thus, the subscriber takes advantage of his Amazon Prime series favorite without constraint.
  • Data economy : One of the features of the Amazon Prime Video France platform allows users to monitor data consumption while downloading or viewing programs.
  • X-ray : X-ray functionality allows spectators to know more about the Amazon series or the film they are watching. X-ray identifies the actors or the music used in videos. The subscriber also has the opportunity to browse biographies or discover different anecdotes and interesting information concerning the program watched.

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Free customer customer services The list of non -surcharged numbers

Contact a customer service for a complaint, an item return or a delivery follow -up should not be paid. Although they often highlight a surcharged, more remunerative issue, all brands necessarily have an unlimited number that their customers can use in some cases. Here is the list of the main free numbers to not pay unnecessarily.

For several years, all companies have been obliged to put an unlimited number available to their customers. Thus, technical assistance of telephony operators and internet access providers must be accessible to all their subscribers without additional cost. As for merchants and other service providers, they no longer have the right to tax the means of access to the right of withdrawal, order monitoring or the exercise of the warranty.

If the big brands (Amazon, Orange, La Poste. ) overall respect this legislation, not all play the game. Cdiscount, for example, certainly has a non -surcharged number, but is careful not to communicate it on its website. Nothing to do with the surcharged number which is displayed on all pages ! Individuals have also opened a non-surcharged cdiscount number on our forum in order to transmit the free number of the e-merchant. As for RueDucommerce, its non -surcharged number appears well on its website, but you have to search the pages in the depths to find it.

Like Cdiscount and RueDucommerce, many companies prefer to highlight their paid numbers on their site in order to generate additional income, forcing customers to do a multitude of internet research to find information. In order to avoid long minutes of research, here is the list of non -surcharged numbers of the main customer services.

Free numbers and paid numbers of the main customer services

0805 10 14 20
(free from a fixed position)

0825 850 850 (service € 0.18/min + call price)

03 20 49 47 90
(Order follow -up, withdrawal)
03 20 49 47 73
(warranty in the event of a breakdown)

3979 (service € 0.70/min + call price)

Cdiscount at will

0892 01 10 10 (€ 0.40/min)

Darty Plus card

09 78 97 09 70 or 09 80 98 32 34

078 16 16 00 (0.05 €/min + call price)

0892 35 04 05 (service € 0.40/min + call price)