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How it works?

Receive your SMS online for free

SMS-online.Co is a free service that allows you to receive SMS online. You need neither subscription nor phone. Simply choose one of the numbers listed below. You can for example use this service to receive messages from Facebook, Telegram, WeChat, VK, Paypal, Alipay and much more.

+1 201-857-7757



Porto Rico

+60 11-1700 0917


+44 7520 635797

United Kingdom

+46 76 943 62 66


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We offer the best SMS reception service online on the Internet. We provide virtual and real phone numbers. Each issue is available to the public and accessible from all over the world.


The messages received are displayed instantly and without delay.

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We regularly update our portfolio of international numbers.


Stay anonymous and avoid spam.

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Our service also supports international languages ​​and emojis. Use encoding or language. Everything is working.


Start typing your question. If we do not have the answer to your question in our FAQ, please leave us a message on the contact page.

What is ?

SMS-online.Co is a website that provides free telephone numbers to receive SMS SMS.

Why choose

SMS-online.Co is the best SMS reception service online on the internet. We are really fast and update our numbers regularly.

What are the functions of

SMS-online.CO offers a long list of functions, and as this list is constantly evolving, the functions of the site develop quickly. But our main function remains the reception of SMS.

For which countries your numbers are valid?

To date, we cover many countries such as: the United States, Germany, Spain, Romania, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Italy, China, Japan and we Let us add to our list.

Release Receive SMS with temporary number

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Online SMS receipt to a virtual number for private registration with various websites, services and applications.

The temporary phone number is ideal:

Register with a variety of sites, services and applications

Temporary number as an alternative to your real number.

Preserve your privacy with false SMS numbers.

What is a virtual phone number to receive SMS ?

Each visitor to this website can get a virtual phone number to receive SMS for free, thanks to the availability of a large number of real SIM cards from mobile operators in operation. The term “virtual” only appears in the name because the numbers are available for users exclusively online – by accessing the page with the list of messages. And the term “disposable” is generally used to designate the fact that online SIM card numbers are not rented or held by you, the number is ultimately deleted and eliminated.

How to receive an SMS online ?

Select your country from the list below

Choose a number at no cost and enter it online

A new SMS for the chosen number appears online

Choose your country

Try our free virtual numbers of use


There are 3 minutes

3942 – Kod Podtverzhdeniya Dlya Dostupa v Lichnyy Kabinet Letual ‘

FROM SMS code: 3942

21 minutes ago

FROM SMS code:

21 minutes ago

FROM SMS code:

26 minutes ago

FROM SMS code: 7155

32 minutes ago

KOD Dlya Avtorizacii: 8972

FROM SMS code: 8972

42 minutes ago

Kod Podtverzhdeniya Aptekiplus 8684

FROM SMS code: 8684

55 minutes ago

VASH KOD PODTVERZHDENIYA: 68390 Prosim ne sobschat ‘etot kod nikomu

FROM SMS code: 68390

Kod dlya verifikacii nomera telefona: 8730

FROM SMS code: 8730

726873 is code H29Q+FSN4SR

FROM SMS code: 726873

Kod Podtverzhdeniya Dlya Vhoda V LK: 7263

FROM SMS code: 7263

Ispol’zuyte Kod 397175 Dlya Vosstanovleniya Akkaka Kaznexpress

FROM SMS code: 397175

FROM SMS code:

Questions and answers on free SMS reception

No message is received on the specified phone number.

There are several reasons for this. First, it can be banal incompatibility, due to which the private operator and the resource you are trying to register or request a return message, cannot reach the specified address. Second, the site can be on our black list. This includes banks, microcredit organizations, websites with paid subscriptions and other unwanted projects. Due to a large number of cases of fraud on this service and on similar services, it is prohibited to use virtual numbers for free in order to register or access financial credits and resources. You simply will not be able to receive SMS from certain sources, because they appear by default on our black list. This is also due to incompatibilities between certain resources and mobile network operators or problems with the network of these operators. The problem can be solved by changing one number for another (try choosing a service provider in the same region as the resource you register). For example, the best free virtual number for VK is a Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian or other CEI operator.

Are there limits to free services ?

No, the free SMS virtual number can receive an unlimited number of messages, and the user has the possibility of changing phone in another, if he suddenly ceases to meet his needs. For example, when receiving virtual SMS is not possible due to a recording already carried out via the service by another user.

How to buy a virtual phone number for SMS ?

Currently, it is not possible to buy a SIM card and use it remotely but you can rent it for a fixed period (from a few hours to a few weeks to several months). Our democratic tariff policy is based on the fact that the more you plan to use the phone to receive SMS for a long time, the less you will pay for each time of validity of this service. This allows you to use your numbers in a productive way for a longer period.

How it works?

We offer more than 20 free SMS reception numbers. We try to change most of these numbers every day to ensure that your phone is not reconfirmed by another user on the same web service. In most cases, we use real SIM cards, so you are sure to receive an SMS from any sender. The time to receive a new SMS depends on the operator, but in most cases your SMS should appear in about an hour. Segmented messages only appear on the website when the last part is received.

He says the number is already used. For what?

The fact is that the telephones available for free are used by hundreds of people (you can even see an SMS counter received for each, they often count by the thousands). Large sites like Vkontakte are generally very popular, so it can be difficult to find an available number. The only quick option is to buy a number to receive SMS.

Do you have an online phone number for 10 minutes?

The fact is that the telephones available for free are used by hundreds of people (we can even see the number of SMS received for each, they often count in the thousands). Large sites like Vkontakte are generally very popular, so it can be difficult to find an available number. The only quick option is to buy a number to receive SMS.

Can I create a virtual number ?

No you can not. This service is based on real SIM cards of mobile operators from different countries and regions. You can therefore get a virtual number for free or against payment by selecting it from our list. The list is long and you can find everything you like.

Is it possible to receive segmented SMS ?

Can I receive free segmented messages on my mobile number ? – Yes, our service offers excellent features for segmented SMS. To ensure that the pieces of text sent are not lost between messages from other users, they are grouped into a single bulky SMS that is only displayed when the last piece has been delivered. And if you are concerned about information, you can always buy a virtual number for VK and other activities. The messages of this number will be placed in your profile and will not be displayed publicly.

Can I replace online paid virtual numbers if they don’t suit me ?

The administration of our project values ​​its reputation, so that consumers of paid services do not have to worry about their quality. In the event of a technical problem or unconcival with the declared functionality, the problem will be solved in favor of the customer. And one of the options is to replace the number issued by another, capable of responding to customer requests.

Can I use a virtual phone number for free on FB and other social networks ?

Yes, you can save a page for yourself without associating your SIM card and without compromising your privacy. But due to the large number of people like that, the use of a particular phone can sometimes be problematic. He may already be busy. If you want a quick creation guaranteed for a new profile, it is recommended to buy a virtual phone number for FB on the basis of a subscription for a minimum period and to use it to create pages on resources that you are visiting.

Temporary phone number 24/7 is an online service and a telephone company to receive SMS messages on virtual SIM. SMS verification is compulsory for most social networks and online services in today’s world. A verification code is sent to the user when registering. This checks the authenticity of the request to complete the recording. Using a fixed number is not always possible. A temporary phone number is a good alternative.

Our main objective is to provide an alternative to physical SIM cards for each user. Anyone can receive SMS online on the website. This is the main advantage.

You no longer need a real sim ! The free virtual number is suitable for registration on sites; VK, Yandex, Google, Snapchat, Tinder, QQ, Facebook, Aliexpress, Apple, Instagram, Telegram, Uber, Microsoft, Discord, Viber, Amazon, Yahoo, Line, Kakaotalk, Netflix, YouTube, Okcupid, Imo, WeChat, textnow, Skype, Craigslist, Outlook, Lyft, Coinbase, Ebay, Signal, Robinhood, Twilio, Truecaller, Yandex, Taobao, Roblox, Vkcom, Naver, Sweatcoin, Steam, Nike, Mailru, Grab, Baidu, Michatu. Messages are always available. Here, users can access phones in more than 20 countries. Our site supports virtual messaging for most websites. It includes a unique SMS service to register for any social network and more.

Our company is well established and is aimed at all user categories. We have the largest databases of dedicated numbers and the capacity to cover most popular registration services. Consider it as a SMS recording site.

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