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And if it was the right time to learn to pay with your mobile? Information provided by Boursorama Banque • 09/12/2020 to 11: 31

2. Hold your phone’s back against the terminal screen for a few seconds.

How to pay with Google Pay ?

1. Turn on the screen of your phone, then unlock the latter. You don’t need to open the Google Pay app.

2. Hold your phone’s back against the terminal screen for a few seconds.

3. When the payment is made, a blue checkout appears on the screen.

Otherwise, proceed as follows:

  • Try to hold it differently. The NFC antenna can be at the top or bottom of your device
  • Place your phone closer to the terminal screen
  • Hold your phone against the terminal screen for a few more seconds

If a checkout appears, but the cashier informs you that the payment has not worked:

  • Check that the store accepts mobile payments
  • Check that your bank card is working properly

There is no specific limitation for payments made with Google Pay. The amount authorized for your payment will depend on the available ceiling on your bank card and, for Ultim and Welcome cards, the balance of your account.

However, there may be a specific limit on certain electronic payments (TPE), generally 300 euros. In this case, it will be necessary to carry out your operation in several times.

There is also no limitation of daily transactions.

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And if it was the right time to learn to pay with your mobile ?

Enrolling your bank card to pay with your mobile phone, it's easy with Boursorama Banque (credits: Adobe Stock)

Publisher. With confinement, many habits of daily life are/ have been modified, especially to go shopping. In this new context, contactless payment by bank card is privileged in many businesses, but it is not the only way to pay for your purchases. Your mobile phone can become a tool of choice to facilitate payment during COVID-19. We explain to you how.

You have necessarily witnessed it since France is in confinement, many posters recall that it is now necessary to respect the barrier gestures: wash your hands, sneeze in your elbow and use a single -use handkerchief.

The stores which remain open during this period also had to adapt to this new context: entry of customers in small groups, respect for a distance of at least one meter, implementation of protective barriers between the staff boxes and customers who settle their purchases.

If cash regulations are always possible and can only be refused by a merchant in specific circumstances (1), “it is effectively advisable to favor contactless payments to limit the spread of the virus. In France, the vast majority of payment cards are equipped with this function, ”recalls the Banque de France (2).

A ceiling recorded at 50 euros since May 11, 2020

The implementation of containment had the effect of increasing the number of payment with contactless by 4 % according to the latest analyzes of the CB (3) bank group group (3). Almost 47 million cards in circulation are equipped with contactless (4).

These cards are recognizable by the logo in the form of a radio wave which adorns their front. Before the COVVI-19 crisis, contactless payment increased by 40% on average each month (3). Sign that card owners are less and less reluctant to use this payment method, but its 30 euros ceiling (4) confines this technology to small purchases of small purchases.

Due to the exceptional circumstances, the European banking authority has been favorable to the increase in this ceiling at 50 euros. In France, the increase in this ceiling should almost be generalized from May 11, the start date.

But contactless payment via the bank card is not the only way to set your transactions by limiting the risk of transmission of the virus and there is also contactless payment thanks to the phone phone.

A more interesting alternative with the recruitment of the bank card

It is indeed possible to use your mobile phone to pay purchases at a merchant, using the so -called “wallet” function (portfolio in English).

This is a virtual portfolio that allows individuals to pay, receive or send money via their mobile phone (5). This solution also makes it possible to store loyalty cards, reduction coupons, train tickets on the phone. To stay in the news of the COVID-19, it is for example now possible to generate and store on your smartphone a derogatory travel certificate (6).

And to return to the means of payment, in the same way as a portfolio is the object by nature in which one puts its credit card, the wallet constitutes its digital declination and therefore allows you to virtually store your card in your mobile phone.

In the language of banks, we speak of enrollment ”of the bank card. Once the enrollment procedure has been completed, you can directly pay your purchases with a merchant by approaching your phone from the settlement terminal as you would with a conventional card. Payment therefore remains without contact, but you benefit from a more important payment ceiling than for a cardless payment by card, since the payment limit via wallet is the same as that applicable to your card when you pay a purchase by typing Your PIN code.

Boursorama Banque simplifies your procedures

To enlist your card if you are a Balance Banking Customer, it’s very simple, just download the Boursorama mobile application on your phone. The application detects the brand of your device and offers you Apple Pay if you have an iPhone, or Google Pay if your smartphone works on Android.

The application will then invite you to integrate your bank card into your wallet. All you have to do is validate the general conditions of use from your phone to confirm the recruitment of the card.

Better still, whether you are already a customer or new if you have placed a card but you have not received it yet, you can nevertheless use it in the Wallet after 3 days maximum and use it as Contactless payment method, via your phone. A functionality that finds all its interest in a period when postal services operate in slow motion (7).

Insofar as the card number and its cryptogram do not appear in the application, you will not be able to set a purchase made on the internet with the wallet on a site which is not compatible with Apple Pay or with Google Pay.

If you have not yet taken the plunge, it’s time or never to do it: after a few payments made in this way, you will be quickly convinced by the fluidity and simplicity of the procedure. Paying with your mobile will become a reflex and you will probably wonder how you were doing before !