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LCL mobile payment

You can unsubscribe from the service by:

LCL Mobile payment

In this section you will find the answers to the questions you ask about the operation of the LCL Payment Mobile application.

What is LCL mobile payment ?

With the LCL Payment Mobile App, you can pay for your purchases regardless of the amount among merchants accepting contactless payments, in a secure manner without taking out your card.

How to benefit from the LCL Mobile Payment Service ?

To benefit from this service, simply have an NFC (Near Field Communication) compatible smartphone equipped with an Android ™ 6 version.0 or higher and an eligible LCL payment card.
The LCL Payment Mobile App is a service:

  • Free: registration and use of the LCL Mobile Payment App is free (other than Internet connection costs established by your operator),
  • Practical: daily purchases are paid with mobile, without taking out your bank card,
  • Secure: your card data and your mobile payment code are not stored on the mobile (a single -use virtual card is used for each payment).

How to get the LCL payment app on my mobile ?

Nothing’s easier :
1. Go to the LCL my Accounts Application
2. In the card space, select “Mobile payment”
3. Download the LCL Payment Mobile App
4. Let yourself be guided !
5. You can pay immediately !

Why am I asked to choose a favorite card ?

At the time of your registration, if you have several LCL cards eligible for mobile payment, you choose the card that will be used by default for your payments in store.
Thereafter, you can modify it during the payment or in the settings of the LCL Mobile payment app.

What are the options in the LCL Mobile payment app ?

In the LCL Payment Mobile App, you can:

  • Edit the favorite card to pay
  • Choose and modify your payment code
  • Activate and deactivate the fingerprint

Can we pay for all merchants ?

You can pay with LCL mobile payment at all merchants equipped with payment terminals with contactless technology in France.
Approach your phone (lit and unlocked screen) of the merchant’s payment terminal. Validate your payment on your smartphone thanks to your mobile payment code or your footprint.

How to pay with my phone ?

You have 2 choices:
1. You pay by launching the LCL Mobile Payment application
2. You pay by turning on the screen of your phone unlocked.

Then you approach your phone from the merchant’s payment terminal. Check the amount displayed and validate your payment on your smartphone with the mobile payment code, or fingerprint, depending on the option chosen.

What is the maximum amount of a purchase with LCL mobile payment ?

You can use LCL Mobile payment for all shopping in stores within the limit of your card payment ceiling.

How to be sure that the transaction was paid ?

The issue of the Ticket Card of the merchant’s payment terminal confirms the smooth running of the transaction.

Is it possible to make a mobile payment transaction by mistake or without realizing it ?

No, each payment requires approaching your phone from the merchant’s terminal to make the transaction.

If the telephone network coverage is low or absent in my store, will the LCL Payment Mobile transaction work ?

Yes, payment is operational even in the event of a telephone network not covered within the limits of 5 consecutive payments.

Can I unsubscribe from service at any time at any time at any time ?

You can unsubscribe from the service by:

  • The LCL Payment LCL app
  • Customer card space on LCL.Fr
  • telephone by calling your agency or 0 969 320 310 (cost of a local non -surcharged)

LCL mobile payment

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Super application guaranteed this application has successfully testing the security against viruses, malware and other attacks and does not contain any threats.

LCL mobile payment – APK information

APK version: 1.18-Storelcl Package: Fr.LCL.Android.payment Android compatibility: 5.1+ (lollipop) Developer: LCL – Crédit Lyonnais Privacy Policy :https: // www.LCL.FR/Policy-Protection-Donnees Authorizations:16

Name : LCL mobile payment Size : 22 Mb Downloads: 522 Version : : 1.18-Storelcl Release date : 2023-01-27 02:19:41 Mini screen: Small CPU supported: X86, x86-64, Armeabi, Armebi-V7A, ARM64-V8A, MIPS, MIPS64

Package ID: Fr.LCL.Android.payment Sha1 signature: 87: EC: 10: D7: 61: 5D: 4A: EB: 9F: E2: 68: 4C: A8: 4D: B3: 5D: C1: EE: 98: 6F Developer (CN): Android Organization (o): Google Inc. Location (L): Mountain View Country (C): US State/City (ST): California