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Revolut Ultra ad, is it really a luxury card 

“Ultra is our high -end subscription launched in spring 2023. It is your entry into a world of excellence: world class trips to higher level investments, not to mention all the advantages adapted to your lifestyle.»

Free infinite visa card: we found it !

Do you really need a black card ? If only the payment ceilings interest you, the neobanques offer premium cards with almost unlimited ceilings (€ 100,000/month).

The infinite visa card is the high -end reference black card : in addition to its paid and high withdrawals, it offers a whole premium service panel. Insurance, assistance and guarantees abroad are reinforced, without forgetting luxurious services such as the concierge or the “Infinite Visa Club” . Inevitably, all these advantages have a cost and it seems impossible to find a free infinite card.

But is this really the case ? ��

Infinite visa card: the classification

What banks offer the Visa Infinite card for free ?

As you would expect, No traditional bank in France offers free infinite visa card. Indeed, it is a card usually reserved for the wealthy, having high income. And like any luxury product, it cannot be sold … However, it is possible to obtain this card at a reduced price, under conditions, and only in certain online banks. But there are also very interesting alternatives, depending on the services you are looking for.

This is why we have made a classification of the infinite visa card available, as well as their best alternatives. And if the free infinite visa card has not been much sought after was not a visa card ? ��

Insurance and guarantees of the free infinite visa card

Free Infinite Card Voyage Guaranteed Insurance

To give you an idea of ​​the extent of the insurance offered by the Visa Infinite card, here is a non -exhaustive list.


  • Modification, cancellation or interruption of travel
  • Delay in transportation
  • Delay, loss or damage to luggage
  • Rental vehicle: frankness, ice broken, flight
  • Snow and mountain
  • Mobility insurance
  • Phone flight and breakage


  • Death, illness, or travel injury
  • Anticipated return and repatriation
  • Legal assistance abroad
  • Express drug delivery
  • Advance and reimbursement of medical expenses and hospitalization
  • Help in continuing the trip

Emergency services

  • Express provision of a provisional card abroad
  • Troubleshooting of species if loss or theft of your card

You know a problem abroad and you have an infinite visa ? Before advancing the slightest euro, contact visa assistance. Your insurance can cover the costs. And even if the assistance number is written on your card, Remember to note it separately in the event of loss or theft.

In a word, The Visa Infinite card offers the best insurance and assistance services that a bank card can offer you, tied with the Mastercard World Elite. To take advantage of it, you just need to fully or partially set your trip with your card

What are the services offered by the free infinite visa card ?

The Infinite visa concierge service

Free infinite visa card

The concierge of the Visa Infinite card is accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can ask them almost what you want, such as:

  • Fully organize a party or a trip
  • Find the ideal birthday gift
  • Make custom deliveries
  • Manage all your reservations: plane, train, hotel, restaurant
  • Find a concert, show, sporting event
  • Find professionals: doctors, craftsmen, movers, baby-sitter
  • Set your administrative procedures: passport, visa, disputes

This luxurious, but free service, is in a way the “trademark” of the Visa Infinite card, and high -end cards in general. We also find him at Mastercard, American Express and even at Lydia with her black card.

The Visa Infinite club

Free infinite visa card

Being a member of the Visa Infinite club offers you exclusive privileges, whether at home or while traveling. We can notably mention:

  • Invitations to shows : ballets, opera, plays, in first category or gold square
  • Exclusive events to members : sports events in VIP, privatized exhibitions with guided tour
  • Advantages with prestigious brands : preferential rates, private sale, VIP reception

Once again, the very high -end positioning of the Visa Infinite card gives you access to services and advantages worthy of its rank. It should be noted that the equivalent of this club at Mastercard is called Priceless Cities. It also offers many exclusive and free advantages.

Free payment and withdrawals abroad

Since the Infinite visa cards offer many advantages when traveling, you might think that withdrawals and payments by bank card, whether in euros or not, are always free. Even if this is the case with Fortuneo on all his cards, It is clear that Bforbank and Hello Bank! will make you pay for each withdrawal in currencies.

Fortunately free free withdrawals But their ceilings can vary. It is possible once customer to modify these ceilings, whether temporarily or definitively, with the agreement of the bank.

What alternatives to the free infinite visa card ?

If your income reaches € 4,000, you can get the equivalent of a free infinite visa card at Fortuneo. The French online bank is quite capable of becoming your main bank (see. Our full opinion), in addition to offering you a Mastercard World Elite card which is the strict equivalent of an infinite visa, but on the Mastercard network.

You will also find a Mastercard Priceless Cities club, offering you exclusive advantages in the largest cities in the world. Without forgetting the insurance, assistance and guarantees offered by Mastercard, which perfectly hold the comparison with Visa insurance.

Metal cards of online and neobanc banks

As you can see, we have integrated metal and black cards into our selection for their relevance according to your needs. Revolut offers premium cards with almost unlimited ceilings, but only in immediate flow. Likewise, if it is the insurance that pushes you to search for a free infinite visa card, the Metal offer of Boursorama could agree.

Finally, let’s mention access to the cheapest concierge service with Lydia Noir, accessible from € 99 per year.

Conclusion: the free black carte exists, but it is not an infinite visa ! ��

Unless you are really attached to the Visa brand, The free infinite card exists at Fortuneo. But it is a Mastercard World Elite, offering the same qualities of services, insurance and services as an infinite visa. It remains to meet the income conditions imposed by Fortuneo, even if they are lower than a traditional French bank.

Nevertheless, there are very interesting alternatives to online and neobanc banks, Depending on the features you are looking for. Do not hesitate to try several, most of them being without commitment or offer you a free month to try (like Revolut), or even a welcome bonus like Boursorama.

Up to € 230 euros offered by Fortuneo


What is the infinite visa card ?

This is the most upscale Visa card, whose equivalent at Mastercard is the World Elite. Reserved for the wealthy, it gives you access to the best insurance, guarantees and services that a bank card can offer you.

Why take an infinite visa ?

The high -end black card offers the best insurance, assistance, guarantees and services that a credit card can offer you. In particular the concierge service and access to the Visa Infinite club, as well as its many exclusive advantages.

How much is an infinite visa card ?

Black cards are usually billed between € 300 and € 400 in traditional banks. For example € 340 year at BNP Paribas, but you still have to be eligible ! Indeed, the granting of an infinite visa is under conditions of income and strict assets.

Which can have an infinite visa card ?

Any adult can have an infinite visa card, as long as they enter the income or savings criteria required by the banking establishment. Nevertheless, the bank reserves the right to accept your file, or not.

What monthly income for an infinite visa card ?

For traditional banks, an annual income of 60,000 to 100,000 € can be required. It will be less for online banks: € 4,000 monthly for BforBank and Fortuneo.

Fortuneo or Bforbank ?
How do your bank card work ?

Antoine was heritage advisor and private banker before joining Finance heroes. He puts his service and his experience in the banking environment at your service.


Thank you for this detailed article regarding high -end cards.
Unfortunately for residents of overseas communities, it is not possible to open accounts with these establishments.

Fortunately, he remains Monabanq which offers a real Visa Platinum card at 108 euros per year offering many advantages (between the first and the infinite).

Coupled with a UNIQ+account, all payment operations, withdrawals, transfers, both in Europe and abroad, whether in euros or in currencies, are free.

No commission for purchases in foreign currencies for example, nor a withdrawal commission in DAB abroad.

For those who do not know and who do not want a black card at all costs, it is to be discovered ..

October 12, 2022

Thank you for your return Jean-Marc.
This article aimed more readers looking for free than € 108 per year, but it is true that for the overseas it can be one of the solutions.

July 29, 2023

Good morning,
What are the cards that allow free access to lounges (Lounges) to international airports?

Good morning,
Infinite visa cards include unlimited loungekey access to airport fairs. The ultra revolut card also.

September 13, 2023

The Mastercard Worldelite is a good card, like the infinite visa.
Equivalent in Europe. However, networks can be very different, especially in Central Africa and West Africa. So be careful for large travelers. Compare well according to travel areas.
In the same kind of idea, the card proposed by Fortuneo is not a CB, which should have no importance.
But above all, the information is not embossed. Even if I do not grow the reason, this kind of card has already been refused in very exotic places.

I advise very large travelers to have at least 2 on 2 different networks.
Some conventional banks allow the 2 attached to the same account.

The Amex Platinum also offers access to Loungekey fairs. No hope of finding it for free.
With the World Elite MasterCard access is paid (head 27 €).

September 20, 2023

Hello Mathieu,
Thank you for sharing your feedback !

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Revolut Ultra ad, is it really a luxury card ?

She arrives in the spring complete the range. What advantages to choose the most prestigious map of the neo-ban ?

Posted on January 26, 2023 at 8 h 53 min

Revolut Ultra 2023

The proof is that the Revolut neo-banque has pivoted its strategy to focus again on its offer of banking products. By spring, a new bank card will complete its current range we have learned in a tweet of the establishment, announcing the new formula “Ultra”. After the metal plan at 13.99 euros per month, “Ultra” will cost even more, perhaps around 18 or even 20 euros.

Currently, the metal card is not a black card, namely a Mastercard World Elite or an infinite visa card. The new ultra revolut plan could occupy this role, namely adding a level of insurance and coverage worthy of what can be found at the Fortuneo online bank which offers a black card in its range of cards ( difference that it is free). One thing is certain: 5 % cashback arrives.

Update at 01/26/2023 at 8:30 am: Revolut has just formalized the new ultra card by the press release. In the latter, the few information specified in this article is confirmed but there are still many unknown details, the neo-banque specifying that the rest of the information would arrive in the coming months, in particular the price.

On the other hand, we learn that among insurance customers will be able to benefit from a travel cancellation guarantee, a hotel, a flight or other means of transport, they can be covered and reimbursed up to 70 % and up to a ceiling of 5000 pounds (5,600 euros). The costs would also be reduced to “wealth management products”.


The ultra card has been announced as “a new luxury plan” with “exceptional advantages” but for the moment, nothing is said yet. It is amazing that Revolut does not arrive with key information on its basic characteristics for a bank card, in particular at the level of the ceilings, of the choice between immediate speed and delayed flow, or the parallel arrival of a new product such that a savings credit or account.

It also becomes urgent that revolut takes stock of the remuneration of the money of its customers, at a time when the rates go up and when some competitors offer their customers to reach up to 2 % interest on the outstanding on the platform.

A waiting list for cashback

The neo-banque has announced on its site and on Twitter that a promotional offer will be activated when the offer is launched in the spring, with which customers will benefit from a very high cashback. 5 % on each purchase, it surpasses many cards. Customers concerned will have to register on the waiting list. The duration for a 5 % cashback is exceptional and will only last a month, from the first day of the customer’s subscription.

We do not yet know how much the cashback will rise for the rest of the customers of Revolut Ultra. For the time being, neo-banque specifies the advantage on the FAQ of its site only about those who will be part of the waiting list. The rest of the revolut ultra plan is described as follows:

“Ultra is our high -end subscription launched in spring 2023. It is your entry into a world of excellence: world class trips to higher level investments, not to mention all the advantages adapted to your lifestyle.»

What to expect from revolut ultra ? Here are some writing predictions:

  • A design and treatment of the unprecedented card
  • Cashback abroad and exceptional recovery on the marketplace
  • Reduced prices on the brokerage platform
  • More complete insurance
  • The return of the concierge service
  • A higher free withdrawal ceiling
  • A new investment product ?
  • A subscription to more than 15 euros per month

The objective of Revolut is obviously to inflate its figures for the use of the cards, but also the average outstandings placed on the account of customers, who have greatly abandoned investments on the stock market or in cryptocurrencies since the market was collapsed. The operations resume a little with the return of good Bitcoin performances, but everything remains unstable and Revolut recently delayed (even abandoned) its homemade cryptocurrency.

The neo-banque focuses today on completing its banking offer (cards, credit, savings), but also its international deployment: India should bring it a few million additional customers very useful to its race for profitability.