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Heritage Days: Photos, Visio, Rando

  • Jean Louis Girard, animator of the JEP and Patrick Pelle, elected to culture

The events of the Heritage Days begin this Thursday 15 to 6.30 p.m At the Petite Poucette library, place du 14-July. Jean-Louis Girard, whose family has lived in Lunel-Viel since the 18th century, of a sure source, says he is “a memory passer” and will present a videoconferencing with the elected official to culture, Patrick Pellet.

“Lunel-Viel, my village” will present photos and old postcards of this village crossed by the RN 113 with a significant historical past. “Knowing how to observe and enhance the heritage”, are the watchwords of Jean-Louis Girard.

Careers at the castle

Saturday 17, the meeting is given at 9:30 a.m. in front of the town hall for the quarries. Stone tailors were going to seek their raw material in the nearby surroundings. It is a distance of 5 km, that it takes about two hours of walking and various explanations on the exploitation of this career that must be found. Precaution: provide water.

Saturday afternoon, at 2:30 p.m., the guided tour of the castle is offered by Jean-Louis. The meeting is in front of the town hall since this castle now houses the offices of the town hall. The discovery of this building, which today seems homogeneous from the outside, has a great story to tell. Programs open to all and free.

Midi Libre correspondent: 06 76 01 55 59

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