Free Canal: how to have channel more on your freebox?, All about channel offers for – 26 years old

All about channel offers for – 26 years old

Regardless of your Freebox subscription, you can Subscribe Canal Plus for € 22.99 per month for 12 months then € 27.99/month. By doing this, you will have access to Plus channel, Canal+ Large screen, Canal+ Sport 360, Canal+Docs, Canal+ Kids And Canal+ Series. This offer is only possible if you are committed 24 months.

Free Canal+: How to have channel more on your freebox ?

You are a freebox client and you are interested in channel plus offers with free ? You wonder what are the existing offers and how to benefit from it ? How much does it cost ? What channels or programs will you have access and how to subscribe ? Here is an article that brings together all the information you will need.

  • The essential :
  • It is possible to subscribe to Canal Plus With all Freebox offers.
  • The basic offer begins at € 22.99 per month (for 1 year) and has several channel channels+.
  • Three other Canal+ offers are available: Canal+ Sport, Canal+, Cinema series and the limited series Canal+ Disney+ and Paramount+
  • If you have a subscriber Freebox Revolution Or Freebox Delta, You benefit from the option TV by Canal Panorama which gives you access to 50 additional channels.

Canal+series offered with freebox currently, the Canal+Series offer is offered for 1 year for the Freebox Delta, Pop or Revolution subscribers, or for any new subscription to one of these offers.

Free Canal Plus: What are the subscription offers ?


If you are Already subscribed Freebox, Or that you plan to subscribe to the operator and that you would like to take advantage of a subscription to the channel plus on your freebox, it is quite possible.

You must know that You can access Canal+ optional on absolutely all freebox (on your TV if you have a free TV decoder, and/or on your nomadic devices via the MyCanal application).

To do this, you must subscribe to a Canal+ subscription which will complete your offer of Freebox TV channels. Thanks to this subscription, you will be able to benefit from the exclusive programs of the Canal+ Sport, Cinema, Series channel. )).

As a reminder, there are today several freebox offers (prices and conditions valid on January 18, 2023):

  1. The Freebox Revolution at 19.99€/month (44.99€/month excluding promotion), with one year of engagement. It includes a extended TV offer with channel bouquet and which includes a blu-ray player. Without TV services, it costs € 35.98/month.
  2. The Freebox Pop which is the most recent and the smallest of Freebox, to 29.99€/month for a year then 39.99€/month, without engagement. It includes a WiFi repeater and a player and the Freebox TV offer.
  3. The Freebox Delta S, 39.99€/month, without engagement. It is the first freebox capable of aggregating ADSL flows and the speed of 4G, in order to offer you powerful flows. It can have up to 4 hard drives.
  4. The Freebox Delta, at 39.99€/month for a year then 49.99€/month, without engagement. It includes the 4K Apple TV (2.99 €/month for 48 months) or pop of your choice and can embark up to 4 hard drives.

You want to take out a Freebox offer ?

Free Jechange Service

You want to take out a Freebox offer ?

Recent freeboxes offer several optional advantages, such as access to Netflix or sometimes a subscription included at Amazon Prime Video. However, it is important to know that whatever happens, You can subscribe to Canal Plus, even if you have the Freebox Revolution which is the entry -level model.

Plus free canal offer: what are the different thematic packs ?

Thematic channel more packs with free

Depending on your interests and budget centers, you can subscribe to several thematic packs in order to add chain bouquets to your offer.

It exists 3 thematic packs to which you can subscribe by being freebox subscriber. Sometimes a limited series is available for only a few days or weeks, with exclusive bouquets and interesting discounts.

Summary of Canal+ Packs with Free September 18, 2023

Offer name Content Price
Channel+ Canal+, Canal+ Series, Canal+ Sport 360, Canal+ Docs, Canal+ Kids, Canal+ Large screen € 22.99 per month for 1 year then € 27.99/month (if 24 -month commitment, if not € 27.99/month without obligation)
Canal+ Ciné Séries Basic Canal+ Pack as well as Disney+, Netflix, OCS, Paramount+, Canal+ Cinema, Ciné+ € 34.99 per month for 1 year then € 45.99/month (if 24 -month commitment, otherwise € 45.99/month without obligation)
Canal+ Sport Basic Canal+ Pack as well as Canal+ Sport, Canal+ Sport 360, Canal+ Foot, Bein Sports, Eurosport, Golf+, Rugby+ and Foot+ € 25.99 per month for 1 year then € 39.99/month (if 24 -month commitment, otherwise € 39.99/month without obligation)

Free SEO of Canal offers. Offers classified by ascending price of the price excluding promotion of the first 12 months.

Plus Free Canal and the Ciné Series Pack+

Ciné Séries

What are the advantages of the Ciné Séries pack+ ?

The Canal+ Ciné Series offer is undoubtedly the most iconic offer in Canal+.

For € 45.99/month (with 12 -month commitment, or € 34.99 for 1 year then € 45.99 With 24 -month commitment), you have the possibility of subscribing to the Ciné Séries pack+. This pack is intended for fiction lovers, moviegoers and seriesphiles, and brings together all the exclusives you can find on the market.

This pack thus gives you the right to both Catalog of original films and creations Canal+, but also Disney+, in Netflix or Lionsgate+.

The main advantage of this offer is that it brings together all these chains and platforms in the same place, with a single access, rather than multiplying subscriptions, and all For a total of € 45.99 per month.

Besides, if you are subscribed Freebox Delta, you have access to Amazon Prime Video Included in your freebox, which would allow you to have absolutely everything that is done on the movies and series market within the reach of your remote control.

Note thanks to this pack, you also have access to Canal+ Series (the digital platform bringing together the Canal+series) and a magazine subscription Telerama.

Contained+ ?

On the cinema side, you will have access to ultra recent cinema exclusively, both French and international, and every kind, up to up 500 films (including 350 unpublished) per year (the latest blockbusters, popular successes, or author cinema).

You will also have access to a catalog of more than 6,500 films per year Of all genres and for all tastes: comedy, action, fantastic, thriller, great classic, as well as all of Disney content+ With the films produced by Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars studios, and The whole Cinema Catalog of Netflix.

On the series side, the pack gives you access to all those of the moment: the Disney Originals+ (such as The Mandalorian), the Net fl ix series (Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, La Casa de Papel. ) as well as all Original creations Canal+ (Validated, The New Pope, the Legends Office. )).

The channels included in the Ciné Series+ Canal+ cinema pack, Canal+ Series, Ciné+ Premier, Ciné+ Frisson, Ciné+ Emotions, Ciné+ Famiz, Ciné+ Club, Ciné+ Classic, Disney+, Netflix, Lionsgate+

Plus Free Canal and the Canal+ Sport offer


For € 25.99 per month (Or € 39.99/month With 24 -month subscription, for 1 year then € 25.99/month), you have access to Canal+ Sport, with a commitment of one or two years of your choice. The Canal+ Sport offer is aimed at, as its name suggests, Sports and sporting enthusiasts.

It gives you access:

  • Best of soccer, With part of Ligue 1 and the Champions League, the entire Premier League, Liga, series A and Bundesliga or Euro 2024.
  • Best of rugby, With the entire Top 14 live, the pro D2, European cuts and the biggest international championships.
  • To biggest sporting events Like the Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Grand Slam tournaments and the Masters 1000 tennis.

By subscribing to Canal+ Sport, you also benefit from access to Cafeyn and a Subscription to the newspaper L’Equipe.

  • The channels included in the Canal+ Sport pack:
  • Canal+ Sport
  • beIN SPORTS 1
  • beIN SPORTS 2
  • beIN SPORTS 3
  • Eurosport 1
  • Eurosport 2
  • Eurosport Max
  • Infosport+
  • Canal+ Foot

To know for each of these offers, you can also to opt for a non -binding offer. However, it must be in mind that if this subscription formula is less expensive, it does not have the same advantages since your access to the Canal+ channels will not be able to be done from your television. Reception is only made via the mycanal online application or platform.

What means are used to activate CANAL PLUS on Freebox ?

To get channel plus on your freebox, you have two different possibilities.

Subscribe to the Plus Canal Packs

Regardless of your Freebox subscription, you can Subscribe Canal Plus for € 22.99 per month for 12 months then € 27.99/month. By doing this, you will have access to Plus channel, Canal+ Large screen, Canal+ Sport 360, Canal+Docs, Canal+ Kids And Canal+ Series. This offer is only possible if you are committed 24 months.

To know by subscribing to Canal Plus with Free, this gives you the right to an advantage. You have access to theCafeyn press application (which allows you to consult hundreds of unlimited press titles) and The TV+ option offered for 2 months.

The Premium TV Bouquet by Canal Panorama

Without opting for a Canal Plus subscription, you can benefit from an option TV by Canal With your freebox. This is a bouquet premium, whose access is reserved for certain Freebox subscribers and which offers a selection of 50 channels. Only it costs € 25.99/month (with commitment 12 months) or € 20.99/month for 1 year then € 25.99/month (24 -month commitment). With Free, this bouquet is included in two offers:

You want to subscribe to the Freebox Revolution or the Freebox Delta ?

Free Jechange Service

You want to subscribe to the Freebox Revolution or the Freebox Delta ?

The TV by Canal completes the basic bouquet of the free TV channels (around 220 channels), with around sixty channels which are intended for the whole family, including 25 are exclusive to the Canal group+. And, if you are a customer of another Freebox offer, such as the Freebox Mini 4K or the recent Freebox Pop, it is also possible to subscribe to this bouquet for € 25.99 per month with one year commitment.

TV channels by canal Paris Première, Eurosport 1 and 2, Teva, Planete+ channels (crime and adventure), Ushuaïa TV, TV history, the weather channel, M6 Music, Trace Urban, RFM TV, TV Breizh, Comedy+, SerieClub, MCM, manga, Disney channels (Disney Junior, Disney Channel), Nickelodeon channels (Junior and Mynickelodeon), Tiji, Piwi+, Boomerang, Cartoon Network, Canal J, Teletoon and Teletoon +1, Boing, Infosport+, Warner TV , Thriller+, novelas tv, museum channel.

TV programs by Canal can be watched on all your screens (TV, computer, smartphone, tablet).

With this option, you have access to Mycanal. This application allows you to navigate among your channels by visualizing them by theme, or by channels. You have the possibility of resuming a live program from the start, or even navigating the application without having to leave your program. You have a Outside connection mode which allows you to download certain programs upstream and watch them without you having access to a WiFi network.

How to subscribe to a more free channel offer ?

You have several ways to take out Canal Plus with free. You can do it directly from your freebox : just go on the Chain number 4. If you have not yet subscribed to Canal +, an insert appears and offers you to subscribe.

Just press “OK», Then choose your offer and thematic bouquets if you ever want to complete your offer with specific channels (Canal+channels, Sport+or Pack Séries+Pack).

You can also subscribe online, going to the Canal+ website:

  1. Go to the Canal website+ shop.
  2. See the different offers available and click on Select, Then validate.
  3. A new tab will then open, asking you to choose your commitment formula. Choose the 24 -month formula: this is the one that is Accessible with freebox.
  4. Complete the information that is requested to you to identify your Free (family surname and fixed phone number) account).
  5. Create a channel account+.
  6. Enter your bank details and subscribe.

These two dematerialized means have an advantage not of the least: it is fast, since you immediately benefit from your channels once the subscription is carried out. You also have a withdrawal period of 14 days If you ever change your mind.

You can also go to the store to subscribe to a Free Canal Plus offer, If you prefer to exchange orally with an interlocutor. It is indeed quite feasible to carry out this subscription in the Free centers and to be supervised by a free advisor.

Free Canal Plus: How to use the MyCanal application

Mycanal, Available for all subscribers to the Freebox Revolution by Canal Panorama offer, and for all subscribers of a more free channel offer, is a Platform allowing access to all channels and replay covered by your canal subscription, Accessible from a computer or tablet/smartphone (via the MyCanal application). If you benefit from a connected TV or a chromecast, you can also use the application on your television.

To know if your subscription does not allow you to access the entire MyCanal offer, you will still have access to the basic bouquet offered by Canal (Clear chains, etc.))

Thus, it is possible to benefit, unpredictable, of all the chains of your bouquet on several screens.

To access your MyCanal space from any computer connected to the Internet, it’s very simple:

  1. Go to Canaplus from your browser and Click on the logo located at the top right to identify you.
  2. Then click on Client area, A new link will open, click on To log in.
  3. In the newly open insert, click on the Free logo below then enter your freebox subscriber connection identifiers.
  4. Once connected, to access the live visualization of the chain of your choice, click on Live TV.
  5. You now have access to your channels. To review the programs of your on demand channels (replay), browse the section On demand.

To access MyCanal from a connected tablet or smartphone:

  • If you have an Apple (iOS) device, search and then install MyCanal on the AppStore.
  • If you have an Android device, search and then install MyCanal on the Playstore.

Then follow the steps listed below:

  1. Launch the MyCanal application.
  2. From the menu, press TV by Canal If you are concerned. The authentication page for Freebox appears.
  3. Press on Identify.
  4. Inform your Freebox identifiers then press To log in.
  5. Navigate among your channels via the tab Live TV

To know if you are the holder of The TV by Canal option, The TV option must be activated on your subscriber space in order to benefit from access to MyCanal.

You are looking for a Freebox offer with TV by Canal ? Discover the available offers and let yourself be guided in order to take advantage of the partner offer most suited to your needs.

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All about Canal+ offers for – 26 years old

For those under 26, Canal+ offers packs at very attractive prices. Discover everything you need to know about Canal+ offers for young people aged 18 to 26.

All about Canal+ offers for - 26 years old

François Le Gall – Modified on 08/24/2023 at 5:10 p.m. Summary

  1. Canal+ chains and bouquets at a low price
  2. How to take advantage of a Canal+ under 26 year old ?
  3. How to watch Canal+ on TV streaming ?
  4. How many people can connect simultaneously with a “- 26 year old” account ?
  5. What happens for subscribers after their 26th anniversary ?

Canal+ chains and bouquets at a low price

You are a fan of movies, series or even sports ? All Canal+offers, well almost, are accessible at reduced prices for those under 26 . Indeed, if you are under 26 years old, you can enjoy a 50% discount on the price of offers without obligation. Consequently, what are the Canal+ subscriptions for those under 26 and at what price ?

  • Channel+ (with Canal+, Canal+ Series, Canal+ Docs, Canal+ Kids and Canal+ offbeat): € 13.99/month
  • Canal+ Ciné Séries (with the channels of the Canal+, Disney+, Netflix, OCS, Starzplay, Canal+ Series and Canal+ Cinema: € 22.99/month
  • Rat+ Sport (with the channels of the Canal+ offer, Canal+ Sport, Canal+ Foot, Canal+ Sport 360, Foot+, BeIN Sports, Eurosport, Dazn, Multisports): € 19.99/month

On the four Canal+ packs, only one, therefore, is not compatible with the reduction of 50% reserved for under 26s: the Canal+ Friends & Family offer. Furthermore, Some limited series are also eligible for promo for those under 26.

You are under 26 years old ? A chance ! The Canal+ subscription is half price.

All Canal+ subscriptions reserved for under 26s are available Without a commitment of duration. Nevertheless, these are 100% digital offers, that is to say that the content is accessible only in streaming, via the Canal+ website or the MyCanal application On all your Apple or Android devices.

How to take advantage of a Canal+ under 26 year old ?

To benefit from an offer to reduced price Intended for children under 26 at Canal+, it is necessary:

  • Select your pack on the Canal+ website in the “Offer -26 years” section;
  • Choose a Canal+ offer and click on the “Select” button to subscribe;
  • And validate your offer -26 years by confirming your age by downloading your identity card, passport, residence permit or driving license.

If you have already subscribed Canal+, to benefit from an offer reserved for young people aged 18 to 26, you must terminate your current contract before taking out a new “Canal+ Young” offer “. Please note, if you are still engaged, you will have to wait until the end of your commitment period so as not to pay termination fees.

And if you have a Canal+ offer without obligation, you can suspend your current formula from your Canal Customer area. Once your subscription is terminated, you can then subscribe to a young channel offer+.


How to watch Canal+ on TV streaming ?

With the Canal subscriptions+ 100% streaming, It is possible to watch the programs in live or replay on TV by connecting to the MyCanal application on Apple TV, Android TV, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 & 5. You can also use a Chromecast or Airplay system to project Canal+ content on your TV.

How many people can connect simultaneously with a “- 26 year old” account ?

Young offers without obligation reserved for 18-26 year olds include by default 2 MyCanal users. However, you can add an additional myCanal user for 5 euros more per month. And if you want to share your account with several users, you can also add 3 additional myCanal users for 10 euros more per month.

What happens for subscribers after their 26th anniversary ?

The young Canal+ offer offered on Canal+ subscriptions is reserved for people aged 18 to 25 until the 26th anniversary. So, From your 26th birthday, the Canal+ subscription will be automatically billed at the rate in force.

If you do not want to pay the high price, you can terminate your Canal subscription+. Recall that the “-26 year olds” offers of Canal+ are available without a minimum period of engagement. To terminate your Canal+offer, go to your customer area in the “Subscription” section, then in the “Manage my subscription” part and click on “terminate my subscription”.

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