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Canal: Subscriptions, offers, prices, advantages … All formulas with a magnifying glass


You can watch Canal + from many equipment: television, smart TV, computer, tablet, mobile. Just subscribe and install My Canal on the equipment of your choice.

Canal+: offers, prices and operation

You are looking to subscribe to Canal+ and/or to one of its thematic offers, and you do not know what is the procedure to follow ? Do not panic. If it may seem a little complicated, because there are several ways to subscribe to a Canal+bouquet, here is a summary of the current means of subscribing to the encrypted chain.

  • The essential:
  • Channel+ is a paid channel, but offers a wide offer of thematic channels and bouquets.
  • Channel+ merged with Canalsat.
  • Several formulas are possible depending on the duration of engagement chosen (from 0 to 2 years).
  • There exists a channel for those under 26 to enjoy the Canal+ subscriptions with a 50% discount.
  • It is possible to subscribe to Channel+ by going through his operator to receive the channels directly on his TV.

More subscription channel: what you need to know

TV in a house

For Subscribe to Canal Plus, It is possible to subscribe to one of the thematic bouquets, by selecting a duration of engagement (which varies between 0 and 2 years). Previously, the subscriber could subscribe to the channel bouquets also à la carte and personalize with the thematic bouquets and options that interest you.

The prices of Plus channel offers vary depending on the duration of engagement chosen. It is possible to subscribe directly on the Canal website. Regularly, promotional offers are offered for new subscriptions.

All the Canal subscriptions offer the possibility of watching the live and demand programs thanks to the platform Mycanal, which works on computer and on tablet/smartphone (via the application “Mycanal+), Whose functions are more or less advanced depending on the subscribed pack.

It is possible to subscribe directly on the website of Plus channel, By phone on 09 70 82 08 15, or via your Internet operator.

Good to know : Plus channel Now offers offers including Netflix and Disney+, the new streaming platform published by Disney. To find out more, consult our article dedicated to Disney+ with Canal.

Canal+ subscription: the offers currently offered

Currently, at 15/03/2023, Canal Plus offers 5 thematic bouquets. The subscriber can choose between:

  • Channel+
  • Canal+ Ciné Séries
  • Canal+ Sport
  • 100% UEFA Champions League Canal+ BeIN Sports
  • Canal+ Friends and Family

What is the content of these bouquets ? Discover the details in the following table.

Canal Plus subscription: Bouquets content – March 15, 2023

Canal subscription+ Content
subscribe online
Canal+, Canal+ Large Screen, Canal+ Sport360, Canal+ Series, Canal+ Docs, Canal+ Kids
Canal+ Ciné Séries
subscribe online
Canal+, Canal+ Grand Ecran, Canal+ Sport360, Canal+ Series, Canal+ Docs, Canal+ Kids, Canal+ Series, Canal+ Cinema, Cinema+ Frisson, Ciné+ Premier, Ciné+ Emotion, Ciné+ Famiz, Ciné+ Club, Ciné+ Classic, Disney+, Netflix, Paramount+, Lionsgate, OCS
Canal+ Sport
subscribe online
Canal+, Canal+ Large Screen, Canal+ Sport360, Canal+ Series, Canal+ Docs, Canal+ Kids, Canal+ Foot, Canal+ Sport, Eurosport 1 and 2, Eurosport 360 °, Foot+, Golf+, Multisports 1, BeIN Sports (1-10)
100% UEFA Champions League Canal+ BeIN Sports
subscribe online
Canal+, Canal+ Large Screen, Canal+ Sport360, Canal+ Series, Canal+ Docs, Canal+ Kids, Canal+ Foot, Canal+ Sport, Bein Sports (1-10)
Canal+ Friends and Family
subscribe online
The bouquet contains the same channels as the movie bouquet series but can be shared between 4 simultaneous users.

Note: Canal+ also offers a formula called “Panorama»». This formula, independent of the basic Canal+ pack, Gives access to live sports channels, best youth and discovery channels as well as large series of series and entertainment. Its price varies according to the chosen engagement period: € 20.99 per month if commitment 24 months or € 25.99 per month if commitment 12 months.

Prices for channel offers plus with or without commitment

Canal offers its offers with commitment (12 or 24 months) or without engagement. Canal Plus offers with 24 -month commitment are currently available on discount, with a discount of up to € 15/month. The offer 100% UEFA Champions League Canal+ BeIN Sports is a limited series and it is not available with two years of commitment.

If the formula with two years of engagement does not suit you, it is possible to subscribe to Canal Plus with a single year of engagement. Canal+ also offers non -binding offers. Unlike the two previous formulas, the DESIGN OFFERS are completely digital.

Canal Plus subscription: Prices – March 15, 2023

Plus channel bouquet 2 -year commitment 1 year engagement
Channel+ € 22.99/month for 12 months then € 27.99/month € 27.99/month
Canal+ Ciné Séries € 25.99/month For 12 months then 38.99 €/month € 38.99/month
Canal+ Sport € 34.99/month For 12 months then 45.99 €/month € 45.99/month
100% UEFA Champions League Canal+ BeIN Sports € 25.99/month for 12 months then € 35.99/month unavailable
Canal+ Friends and Family € 64.99/month for 12 months then € 40.99/month € 79.99/month

You are looking for an internet offer to access Canal + good plan by contacting a Selectra advisor, you will be accompanied in the search and subscription of the most Suitable for your desires and your budget (free selectra service).

Subscribe to Canal+ when you are under 26 years old

Canal+ has developed a specific subscription formula dedicated to under 26s. It allows you to enjoy Canal subscriptions+ at half-price. It is without commitment and terminable online at any time, and 100% digital. It is reserved for young people between 18 and 25 years old, until the day before their 26th anniversary.

Bouquets Canal+ Friends and Family and 100% UEFA Champions League Canal+ BeIN Sports are currently not available on promotion for young people under 26 years old.

Canal offers for -of 26 years – December 22, 2022

Canal bouquet+ Price for – 26 years old
Channel+ € 13.99/month
Canal+ Ciné Séries € 19.49/month
Canal+ Sport € 22.99/month
Canal+ Disney+ and Paramount+ € 17.99/month

Enrich its channel Plus offer: paid options

If the bouquet offers do not suit you quite, it is possible to select thematic options to personalize your subscription.

  • Télérama: € 6.90/month
  • Izneo: € 9.99/month
  • Lizzie: € 9.99/month
  • 1 additional simultaneous user (excluding netflix and disney +): € 5/month
  • 3 additional simultaneous users (excluding Netflix and Disney +): € 10/month
  • beIN SPORTS 1.2.3, max: € 15/ month
  • The team: € 9.99/ month
  • Melody: € 4.50 per month
  • Stingray Djazz: € 4 per month
  • Mezzo (2 channels): € 4.50 per month
  • Stingray Classica: € 4 per month
  • Canal+ Series: € 6.99 per month
  • Altice Studio: € 5 per month
  • The Disney pack (SVOD Disney+ and Disney Junior channels, Disney Channel, Disney
    Channel+1, National Geographic and National Geographic Wild): € 10 per month
  • SERIES CINE SERIES: 35 € per month
  • Discovery option (animals, trek): € 3 per month
  • Nature option (Seasons, Hunting & Fishing): € 7 per month
  • Discovery channels (Seasons, Animals, Trek, Hunting & Fishing) + Music (Melody, Mezzo, Live HD mezzo, Stingray Classica, Stingray Djazz): € 12 per month without adult channels.
  • With adult channels (XXL, Dorcel XXX, HD penthouse, Black Penthouse, Colmax TV): € 15 per month.
  • Option +18 Classix (XXL, Dorcel XXX, HD penthouse, Black Penthouse, Colmax TV): € 12 per month.
  • Option +18 Xperience (Dorcel TV, Colmax TV, Vixen): € 10 per month.
  • Option +18 (+18 Classix, +18 Xperience and J&M TV): € 16 per month.
  • Gay option (Pink X, Man-X): € 12 per month.
  • Pink X pass (including Pink X): € 20 per month.
  • Pass XXL Dorcel VOD: € 20 per month.
  • Dorcel TV: € 6 per month.
  • Colmax TV: € 6 per month.
  • Dorcel XXX: € 6 per month.
  • XXL: € 6 per month.
  • Pink X: € 9 per month.
  • Pathy Pack (HD penthouse, black penthouse): € 8 per month.
  • J&M TV: € 6/month

On which equipment to view Canal+ ?

Watch Canal+ on its TV


To view Canal+ on your television, you need a TV decoder: either that of your operator, through which you have subscribed to a Plus channel offer (see below for more explanations), or that of Canal+.

During a subscription to a Plus channel bouquet (excluding subscription via a TV offer from your operator-see details below), Channel+ provides a decoder.

This decoder gives you access to ultra HD by Internet or satellite, as desired.

  • By satellite : Your decoder is connected to a parable to enjoy an even faster experience and be able to record up to 4 programs simultaneously. Connect it to the Internet to take advantage of all the available services.
  • By Internet : your decoder is connected to your operator’s internet box. This allows you to watch your programs live, on demand or in start-over.

The decoder has several features:

  1. It offers you a quick experience because it has a powerful processor.
  2. It allows you to access interactive internet services.
  3. It has voice control to facilitate its use
  4. A way “multi-live“Allows you to look up to four sports programs at the same time.
  5. A way “Reading resumption»Allows you for example to start a film in a room and then finish it in another.

Watch Canal+ on a smart TV

If you have a Samsung brand smart TV (all Samsung smart TV since 2015 are mycanal compatible), you can receive your live and demand programs thanks to the application mycanal which is directly integrated into your Smart TV. You will be able to watch your programs in live and replay in 4K UHD.

It is also possible to download mycanal On any Android TV TV or on your Nvidia Shield to enjoy your programs.

View Canal+ on PC, Tablet and Mobile

TV computer and smartphone

It is possible to watch your programs on PC, tablet or mobile thanks to mycanal, The multi-ecrans service of Channel+. This service is included in all channel offers, but does not allow you to use your television if you have opted for a formula without commitment. You can also simply go to the Canal+ website and enjoy live or on -demand programs.

On Apple (iPhone and iPad) devices, you can also use Siri to launch a program or the application mycanal. This application can be downloaded from Android mobiles via Playstore and Windows equipment.

How to subscribe to Canal Plus with its operator ?

It is possible to subscribe to Channel+ via his operator. In this case, your bouquet is added to your TV offer without you having to connect a new decoder.

Canal+ SFR: how to subscribe ?

To find out how to subscribe to Canal Plus with SFR, you must first of all you are customer box SFR for internet and television. Box subscription prices depend on your fiber eligibility and vary Between 16 €/month and 32 €/month (on discount). The Canal+ bouquet will be billed for additional.

You want to take advantage of Canal+ with SFR at a low price ?

To add the option to your SFR TV decoder, three ways are available to you:

  1. You can subscribe to Canal Plus via the application SFR & me : In the home screen, simply press the section “offer” Then “add options»». Then select the section “TV channels and services»». Scroll down the options then select “Channel+
  2. You can subscribe via your SFR customer area: connect with your username and password then access the SFR offers catalog. Click on “Offer” and on “Add options“, Then on”TV channels and services“And choose”Channel+»». Then opt for the formula you are interested in the four offered and confirm your choice.
  3. You can subscribe from the interface of your TV decoder: go to the menu Channel+ After turning on your TV decoder. Choose your subscription mode using the keys of the remote control. You can have an overview of the different offers by clicking on “All our offers»». If you have not already subscribed to Channel+, You can click on “Express subscription»». Then press the button “OK of your remote control. You can choose your channels and validate your choice, after reading the summary that appears on your screen. You just have to choose your payment method (either by RIB, or by calling Canal+ to 3910).

Canal+ Bouygues: how to subscribe ?

If you are already a Bouygues customer, you can subscribe to one of the Canal+ bouquets as follows:

  1. Go to your customer area, select the “My offer and my options»From the bbox line concerned.
  2. In the section “Options“Presented on the page, select”See all the options available»».
  3. Select the bouquet “Channel+“If you wish, add the packs (s) of your choice and click on”Subscribe»».
  4. A page then tells you the selected offer, the total monthly rate and allows you to check your personal contact details.
  5. Check the accuracy of the information including your email and your phone number. You will receive a subscription confirmation by SMS and all the contractual information by email.
  6. Click on “I accept the conditions“And click again on”Subscribe»». A message confirms you to take into account your subscription.
  7. Once the subscription is validated, restart your Bbox to access the Canal programs on the chain.

If you are not yet a Bouygues customer, at the time of your Bbox subscription from a Bouygues Telecom customer advisor or in the Bouygues Telecom Network, you can subscribe to Canal channels. The service Channel+ is then automatically activated and your channels are available within 24 hours of activation of your BBOX services.

You want to benefit from Canal+ with Bouygues at a low price ?

Canal+ Orange: how to subscribe ?

For Subscribe to Canal + with Orange, You must be a livebox customer with the Internet and television, and subscribe to a paid bouquet whose price is added to that of the Livebox subscription (whose price varies according to your livebox and the network – fiber or ADSL – distributed by Orange). If you want to subscribe to an offer Plus channel Via Orange, simply subscribe to the option directly on your online customer area. You can also go to the store if you are best for you.

You want to take out a livebox offer ?

If you have just taken out an offer Plus channel With orange TV, you must activate your rights to quickly take advantage of it.

You can activate your rights:

  • In the 45 minutes following your subscription, with Orange TV by ADSL or the fiber.
  • Within 48 hours of your subscription, with satellite orange TV.

To activate your rights, you can do it:

  • From the Orange TV menu, go to the section Channel+ To make sure that the mosaic of your offer Channel+ appears.
  • By contacting the Canal Customer Service+ on 08 91 36 03 40 to activate your rights.

Canal+ Free: how to subscribe ?

There are several ways to subscribe to a Canal+ subscription with its free internet box. To subscribe to the basic Canal+ pack and possibly an additional optional TV bouquet, there are several solutions:

Subscribe to Canal+ directly from your freebox:

Just go to channel number 4. There, an insert appears for the non-bodies. This allows free customers to subscribe to the paid channel. Just press the button “OK»From your remote control once the insert appeared to subscribe to Canal+. From there, you can choose your personalized offer and your TV bouquets then validate your choice.

Add the channels of Canal+ to its Freebox TV from the Canal site+

  1. Go to the website Canal+ Boutique Then select “Receive channel»»
  2. In the section “Access your programs from equipment that you already have», Select Free.
  3. Choose your channel+ with or without commitment as well as the optional TV bouquets you want.
  4. Enter the information relating to your Free Account, namely your last name and fixed phone number, then create an account Channel+.
  5. It only remains to enter your bank details and subscribe.

Note: some Freebox (the Freebox Revolution and the Freebox Delta) include the “TV by Canal”, an offer including Canal+ Panorama which allows you directly to watch your programs Channel+ very easily.

You want to subscribe to a freebox with TV by Canal ?

More free and clearer channel, how to take advantage of it ?

If you wonder how Watch Canal Plus Subscription, It is possible at certain time slots thanks to the clear. Except for exceptional cases (such as the coronavirus epidemic), the grid of the programs The channel channel+ is reserved for subscribers of one of the aforementioned paid offers.

Channel programs Channel+ are accessible in clear twice a day, weekdays from 12:45 p.m. to 1:55 p.m. and from 7:50 p.m. to 8:55 p.m. It is also possible to watch certain weekend shows without having a subscription to Canal+ ::

  • Half of “the weekly cinema” (Saturday from 1:30 p.m. to 2 p.m.).
  • Half of the “tube” (Saturday from 1:10 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.).
  • The 2nd part of “the butterfly effect” (Sunday from 1:10 p.m. to 1:45 p.m.).
  • “The Guignols Week”, entirely accessible.
  • The program of “Catherine and Liliane”, free on Sunday until 2:10 pm.
  • The Rugby Club Canal on Sunday at 6:05 p.m.
  • The Canal Football Club on Sunday at 7:10 p.m.

To benefit from Canal Clair Programs+, You must have access to television. It is also possible to look at them live for free on the Canalplus

You are looking for an internet offer to access Canal + good plan by contacting a Selectra advisor, you will be accompanied in the search and subscription of the most Suitable for your desires and your budget (free selectra service).

How to differentiate CanalSat Canal+ ?

Canal+: A strong identity chain

Chain Channel+ was created in the early 80s. At that time, there were only 3 channels in the French audiovisual landscape. The objective behind the creation of Channel+ was to have a different, private channel, which would not be funded by advertising or by the fee. She builds her editorial line around cinema, sport, and… erotic films. It requires a subscription, which materializes by a decoder. Without this decoder, the image of the chain is encrypted and therefore illegible.

To know : Channel+ must have been called “Canal 4”. It is indeed because of an impression error that it is called Channel+ !

In the 90s, Channel + is bought by the Vivendi group. It is from there that the chain begins a development strategy and brings out the universe and the irreverent tone that are specific to it. The chain becomes a real laboratory for the talents of French humor, making its “clear” programs (see details lower) a showcase to attract subscriptions. Channel+ was also one of the first channels to broadcast successful American series (Desperate Housewives, 24h Chrono, etc.) and to offer Original series, With in particular the borgia, gears, braquo ..

Channel + also plays a very important role in the cinema industry, by financing a large part of French films, with an exclusivity on the first TV broadcast of films.

Canalsat offers: an evolution over time


It was on November 14, 1992, for the Albertville Winter Olympic Games, that Channel + launches it First French satellite bouquet, In analog: Canalsatellite (which will become Canalsat). This bouquet then contains the channels Canal J, Canal Jimmy, Cinécinéfil, Cinécinémas, McM, Planet Cable and TV Sport. Some time later, Paris Première, LCI, Monte Carlo TMC and the weather channel join this bouquet.

April 27, 1996, Canserlite offers a bouquet enriched in digital on the astra satellite. This bouquet is launched in parallel with the analog bouquet (the latter will be definitively abandoned on September 30, 1998, jostled by the advent of digital). This is the real commercial start of Canserlite.

In 2007, Channel+ France merges with TPS, which until then was its main direct competitor. This merger leads to a dominant satellite bouquet in France. Unfortunately, it will be canceled by a decision by the competition authority five years later.

At the end of 2015, Vincent Bolloré expressed his wish to merge Canalsat and the channels Channel+ in “CHANNEL»». Canalsat Take the name CHANNEL November 15, 2016, accompanied by new unified thematic offers. The Canalsat offer disappears, the Canalsat prices are erased, and the global offer offers a platform common to the two old offers, with a graphic charter in the brand’s codes Channel+. The merger of the two offers then results in a new name and a new logo.

frequently asked Questions

On what equipment is it possible to look at Canal + ?

You can watch Canal + from many equipment: television, smart TV, computer, tablet, mobile. Just subscribe and install My Canal on the equipment of your choice.

What are the offers currently offered by Canal + ?

Canal + currently offers 4 thematic bouquets: Canal + Ciné Series, Canal + Sport, Canal + Friends and Family, Canal + 100% UEFA Champions League Canal + BeIN Sport. You can add the options of your choice by paying a supplement.

Is it compulsory to commit to subscribe to a channel offer + ?

Canal offers offers with commitment (12 or 24 months) or without commitment. Generally, getting involved for two years lowers the price of the offer. For some offers, it is sometimes compulsory to engage.

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Updated on 03/15/2023

Magali joined Selectra in 2020 as a freelance editor. It mainly takes care of articles on subjects linked to mobile and internet themes.

Canal+: Subscriptions, offers, prices, advantages … All formulas with a magnifying glass

MàJ 09/21/2023 – Need information on channel offers before subscribing ? Canal+ Series, Canal+ Sport or the Friends & Family offer. which one to choose ? Prices, commitments, content, advantages and disadvantages. Let’s summarize everything you need to know about the formulas available.

Posted on 09/21/2023 at 12:15

Canal+: Subscriptions, offers, prices, advantages ... All formulas with a magnifying glass

This article was updated on September 21, 2023 with thethe latest rates and information to remember concerning Canal+ offers:

  • The entire Apple TV+ streaming platform catalog is now offered in all channel offers+. More info in our dedicated articles.
  • Group channels Warner Bros. Discovery are not now more accessible via offers Channel+. More info in our dedicated article.

Some packs have disappeared, others have been completed with new channels … In short, a development is necessary to help you see more clearly in all channel packs+. so here’s A complete summary of the different packs And all the information useful about them.

The main pack (the basic offer)

Canal bouquet+

It is The basic formula. The subscription includes Canal+, Canal+ quirky, Canal+ Series, Canal+ Kids, Canal+ Docs, Canal+ Large screen, and the Canal+ Sport 360 channel.

Since April 20, 2023, Apple TV+ is integrated into all offers from the basic pack. This gives access to subscribers to all the contents of Apple TV+ on MyCanal, and also implies that certain original Apple series are entitled to a Diffusion on Canal+.

The price remains attractive, 27.99 € per month (22.99 € for 12 months if you choose to get started 2 years old).

  • Commitment : 1 year, 2 years or without commitment.
  • Price : Between 22.99 € per month for 12 months (2 years of engagement) and 27.99 € monthly without obligation. For those under 26, the offer is displayed at the attractive price of 13.99 € per month.
  • Contents: The Canal+ channels, Canal+ Box Office, Canal+ Series, Canal+ Kids, Canal+ Docs, Canal+ Large screen, Canal+ Sport 360 as well as the MyCanal digital platform to enjoy the films, series or emissions broadcast on the channel antennas replay and Apple TV content+.

Strong points :

  • A price remaining content.
  • A more advantageous monthly rate if you choose to get started over two years.
  • Sport (and even beautiful football matches), cinema and series in quantity.
  • Apple TV+ offered.
  • 2 simultaneous screens + 1 screen if you are committed to 2 years.
  • TV+option offered for 2 months with a 24 -month subscription (then € 10 per month, without commitment), including many channels including Polar+, Paramount Channel, Comedy+, Disney Channel, MTV and more.

Weak points :

  • No offer without obligation for TV broadcasting (via decoder), obligation to go through the 100 % digital (in OTT) via MyCanal (smartphone, tablet, console, Smart TV application or multimedia case)). This observation is also valid for all thematic packs.
  • A subscription ultimately quite “frugal”, even if it has been enriched, which may leave some subscribers hungry.

Important to know:

  • At the end of your commitment (and this is valid for all packs), the subscription is automatically renewed for one year if you do not solve. And it will be renewed at the price in force at that time. Concretely, if there is no longer any promotion in progress, it is likely that you pay more expensive. To find out the termination methods, go to the part dedicated to the end of this guide.
  • For this offer (and those that follow), the subscription with commitment includes the Canal+ decoder (4K HDR, by satellite or internet). You want to take advantage of your subscription directly from your box ? No problem, it is also possible and it will be enough to specify it during your subscription time.

Thematic packs

If you don’t want to be satisfied with the “classic” channel bouquet, additional offers allow you to add chains and/or streaming platforms to your subscription. In recent years, Canal has multiplied partnerships, especially in the SVOD, which allows it to offer interesting packs.

Canal+ Series

The channel+series offer, with all original creations and US and European series, as well as animated and documentary series. A series offer Without OCS, Disney+ and Netflix, Included in the Ciné Séries+ pack (below). Accessible via The MyCanal platform. More information on the official offer of the offer.

  • Commitment : without engagement.
  • Price : This offer is offered at € 6.99/month for 1 screen. For 2 users, it is offered at € 9.99/month, and € 11.99/month for 4 users.
  • Content : Canal+ Series

Ciné Series Pack

Undoubtedly the most complete formula for cinema and television series fans. With Netflix, OCS, Disney+, Paramount+, Apple TV+ and many specialized channels, the Ciné Séries+ Pack has beautiful assets to assert. If you want more details on this formula, consult this article, or this.

  • Commitment : 1 year, 2 years or without commitment.
  • Price:: The Canal+ formula and Ciné Series Pack is now displayed at 45.99 € per month without commitment (34.99 € for 12 months if two years of engagement).
  • For those under 26, it takes 22.99 € per month.
  • Content:: The channels of the Galaxy Canal (Canal+ Cinema, Canal+ Box Office, Canal+ Large Screen, Ciné+, Canal+ Series, Canal+ Kids, Canal+ Docs).
  • Ocs (TV + SVOD channels), Netflix (2 simultaneous screens), Disney+ (4 simultaneous screens), Apple TV+, Paramount+.
  • The MyCanal digital platform to view films, series or emissions broadcast on channel antennas in replay or SVOD content with Canal+ Series, Netflix, OCS or Disney+.
  • TV+option offered for 2 months with a 24 -month subscription (then € 10 per month, without commitment), including many channels including Polar+, Paramount Channel, Comedy+, Disney Channel, MTV and more.

Strong points :

  • A complete pack is to say the least. Today, it is simply the offer that brings together the most different services and content, all for a correct price. Those who like to collect platforms, have a choice and be able to view all the new cinema and series outings will find their account.
  • In themselves, Netflix, OCS and Disney+ and Cunée+ Cumulative would cost much more expensive. Suffice to say that the one who wants to be subscribed to each platform would be right to consider the Ciné Séries pack+.
  • Apple TV+ offered.
  • 2 simultaneous screens + 1 screen if you are committed to 2 years.

Weak points :

  • Too many choices kill the choice ? If you are not a very big consumer of films and series, the interest of offering the Ciné Séries pack is obviously already more questionable. 45.99 € monthly, it’s a budget. And if yours is not unlimited, know that there are other satisfactory alternatives.

Sport Pack

The 100 % sport, or almost,. In general, she has no trouble finding her audience, even if the battle that the broadcasters for the retransmission rights of the Retransmission of Sports Competitions Rabat regularly Rabat Cards regularly raws up cards.

Until October 11, 2023, Canal+ Sport is the subject of a Special offer at 25.99 € per month for 1 year if you are committed to 24 months.

  • Commitment : 1 year, 2 years or without commitment.
  • Price:: The pack is 39.99 € per month without commitment or 25.99 € for 12 months with 2 years of engagement (the rate going to 39.99 € after the first year of subscription). For those under 26, the Rat+ Sport offer is offered for 19.99 € per month.
  • Content:: Canal+, Apple TV+, Dazn 1, Canal+ Sport, Canal+ Foot, BeIN Sport channels, Eurosport, Canal+ Sport 360, Golf+, Foot+, Multisports, Canal+ Box Office, Canal+ Large Screen, Canal+ Series, Canal+ Docs and Canal+ Kids.
  • The MyCanal digital platform to take advantage of the contents broadcast on channel in replay or watch your sports meetings on computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • TV+option offered for 2 months with a 24 -month subscription (then € 10 per month, without commitment), including many channels including Polar+, Paramount Channel, Comedy+, Disney Channel, MTV and more.

Strong points :

  • European football, the Champions League, Ligue 1, Rugby, Formula 1 and many other disciplines … The Sport+ Pack has something to delight sports enthusiasts. For those who only subscribe to Canal for its sports grid, this is definitely an option to consider.
  • The partnership with Bein Sport which gives the offer a large part of its interest.
  • 2 simultaneous screens + 1 screen if you are committed to 2 years.
  • Sport but not that, with Apple TV+ offered but also access to the cinema and series channels of the canal offer+.

Pack Friends & Family

The ultimate subscription offer, the one that brings together any channel in a single subscription, without making any concession. Her name was “integral+” so far. You can imagine, its price obviously goes hand in hand with the very many of channels and services included. Needless to say, it targets a fairly limited audience.

Until October 11, 2023, Canal+ Friends & Family is the subject of a special offer at 49.99 € per month for 1 year if you are committed to 24 months.

  • Commitment : 1 or 2 years.
  • Price::79.99 € per month without commitment (49.99 € for 12 months if commitment of 2 years)
  • Content:: All channel packs gathered in a single subscription formula. Sport, cinema, music, youth, documentary, culture and SVOD platforms are all in the full offer+. As its name suggests, it does not compromise and therefore brings together any channel and its various partners.
  • TV+option offered for 2 months with a 24 -month subscription (then € 10 per month, without commitment), including many channels including Polar+, Paramount Channel, Comedy+, Disney Channel, MTV and more.

Strong points :

  • Impossible to make more complete. Those who want to have everything and are ready to get their hands in the pocket are undoubtedly delighted with the existence of such an offer.
  • Multi-screen for MyCanal with 4 simultaneous users and five different maximum devices connected in three days. 1 user in addition if you are committed for two years.

Weak points :

  • The Friends & Family pack is a niche offer. Its price, up to the many content offered, is undoubtedly too high for most households.
  • Once again, too many choices kills the choice ? Do we really need so many channels and platforms from Svod. No doubt not, but the debate remains open.
  • There are too many compromises (movie series, sport+…) to make the Friends 1 family a truly serious alternative to the Lambda subscriber.

How to terminate ?

There are two main cases if you want to terminate. Here they are :

  • You have chosen a non -binding formula

This means that the subscription is tacitly renewed every month. To terminate, it’s very simple, just go to your Customer Customer area and cancel your subscription (“Subscription” section, then click on “terminate my subscription”). It will end at the end of the current month.

  • You have chosen a formula with engagement 1 or 2 years

You are therefore committed for one or two years. From then on, you must wait until the end of your subscription to cancel it. Again, you must send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to this address: Canal+ -Termination service -TSA 86712 95905 -Cergy Pontoise Cedex 9. Be careful however, this letter must be sent at the latest A month before the end of the contract that binds you to Canal+. If you were solved before, it makes no difference, you will still have to pay all the sums due.

Canal+ is required to notify you of the deadline for termination by mail or email, no later than a month before the end of your subscription. If you have not received anything, you are entitled to terminate when you wish after the end of your initial commitment (one or two years).

Finally, note the existence of a “withdrawal form”, if you want to terminate within fourteen days after your subscription. It is to be sent by registered postal post with acknowledgment of receipt, always at the same address. Canal will then be obliged to reimburse you all the sums paid since your subscription.

The summary comparison of the different offers

Furthermore, here is a summary table of all Canal+ offers and their modalities:

For the start of the school year, Canal+ simplifies its offers: we explain everything to you

For the start of the school year, Canal+ decided to simplify its subscriptions. They are now revolving around three large offers and two smaller. Fans of standard, sport or general public, there is necessarily an offer that suits you.

On the occasion of this school year 2021, Canal+ decided to completely review its offer, in order to make it more accessible. Traditional offers therefore disappear in favor of three thematic offers, supplemented by a fourth which brings together all of the content proposed by Canal+ and an offer dedicated to the UEFA Champions League.

To spoil nothing, Frandroid readers will be able to benefit from 50 euros offered for any subscription to one of these new offers.

Basic, all these offers allow access to the content they offer on two separate screens. It is however possible to increase the number of screens used simultaneously by taking an option allowing to obtain one or two additional flows for 5 or 10 euros more per month. For example, taking the “sport” offer with a two -year commitment and the option at 5 euros per month, you will have 4 separate flows to watch your programs. Let us recall that, as its name suggests, the Canal+ Friends & Family offer includes 4 flows initially, but that it is possible to get one more by opting for the formula with subscription.

Finally, note that this desire for simplification signs the Disappearance of additional packs. For example, it is impossible to add beIN SPORTS to your new subscription dedicated to series.

Canal+ offer: the channel experience with ease for cinema and football enthusiasts

To subscribe to this offer is the assurance of making a simplicity of all the content offered by Canal+. In addition to the historic channel, which always offers the best of recent cinema and the retransmission of major sports competitions (UEFA Champions League, Ligue 1 Uber Eats, Top 14, Formula 1 Grand Prix), you can also Discover 4 additional thematic channels.

To the traditional channel+ offbeat and channel+ series are added Two new channels created for the occasion ::

  • Canal+ Kids : This new channel which is aimed at children aged 4 to 12 offers many cartoons, programs, short films and other animated films. More than 5000 programs are announced at the launch of this channel;
  • Canal+ Docs : this new channel dedicated to documentaries will send a wide variety of themes with programs from the Canal+catalog, but also new features signed by big names. More than 180 documentaries are available at launch.

The Canal+ offer is offered at the rate of 24.99 euros per month in its non -binding formula. Its version with two -year commitment is financially more interesting with its price of 20.99 euros per month the first year, then 24.99 euros per month in the second year.

CANAL Offer+ Ciné Series: For those who want to have Netflix, Disney+ and OCS in a single subscription

Thought for lovers of cinema and series, the Canal+ Ciné Séries offer has serious assets in its sleeve. You will be able to access the five thematic channels of the basic offer without restrictions: Canal+, Canal+ Series, Channel+ quirky, Canal+ Docs and Canal+ Kids.

It also allows To discover in full the two channels of Canal+ cinema, namely Canal+ Cinema and cinema+. The opportunity to enjoy recent films never broadcast on television, as well as a wide range of theme of cinema. But that’s not all, because Canal+ Ciné Séries also includes subscriptions to the main SVOD services of the moment:

With such a range of services, you might as well say that it is almost impossible to miss the last series of the moment. Canal+ Series cinema is available for 40.99 euros in its non -binding version, while its version with two -year commitment offers a price of 34.99 euros The first year, before returning to its original price during the second year.

This pricing positioning is undoubtedly the biggest argument of this offer for serivores. Indeed, the cumulative subscriptions of Netflix, Disney+, OCS and Starzplay already amount to almost 33 euros per month by taking the cheapest options. Add to that a basic Canal+ subscription, and you raise the overall bill to almost 58 euros.

Canal+ Sport offer: the ideal place not to miss any sporting events

Like Canal+ Ciné Séries, Canal+ Sport allows access to the base of five thematic channels offered by the basic offer. To this is added Canal+ Sport, which allows you to enjoy a wide range of sports programs, including for example the UEFA Champions League, the Uber Eats Ligue, the world basketball championship, the Formula 1 Grand Prix Or the GP Grand Prix GP. To complete this already exhaustive offer, beIN Sports and Eurosport programs are also there. What satisfy lovers of national sports competitions as international.

Canal+ Sport is offered with a two -year commitment at the rate of 34.99 euros the first 12 months, then 45.99 euros the following 12 months.

Offers 100% UEFA Champions League: all UEFA Champions League matches in the same place

Created for football fans, this offer not only gives you access to the content offered on the five channel channels Canal+, but also allows you to access the matches of the Champions League broadcast on Canal+ Sport and Bein Sports. Choosing this offer is the assurance of not missing any poster of the UEFA Champions League without being ruined.

The Canal+ 100 % UEFA Champions League offer is available for 25.99 euros for the first 12 months, then 35.99 euros for a 24 -month commitment.

Canal+ Friends & Family offer: the ultimate experience for the whole family

Canal+ Friends & Family is an offer that is for those who do not wish to make a choice. This offer indeed includes all channels and services offered by Canal+, Canal+ Ciné Series and Canal+ Sport in one and the same offer. What satisfy the whole family in short. To take full advantage of all content, it is possible to use it with 4 devices simultaneously, where other offers only offer two flows.

Canal+ Friends & Family is available for 79.99 euros per month without commitment. If you want to lower the bill, you can subscribe to a two -year subscription, which will allow you to pay 64.99 euros The first year before the offer found its original price in the second year.

Subscriptions at -50 % for those under 26

Despite the overhaul of its offers, Canal+ decided to maintain its advantageous price policy for students. If you are under 26, you can indeed enjoy a 50 % reduction On the Subscription to Canal+, Canal+ Ciné Series and Canal+ Sport.

Better yet, these preferential rates are without commitment. You can therefore take advantage of any channel+ for 12.49 euros, while the Canal+ Séries and Canal+ Sports offers will cost you 20.49 euros and 22.99 euros per month respectively. Note that the Canal+ Friends & Family offer is excluded from this promotion.

This article was carried out in collaboration with Canal+.

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