Electric car charging station: price, consumption, charging time, what is the installation price of a charging station?

What is the installation price of a charging station

Some precautions must be taken before any use of this type of charge, such as:

Electric car charging station: price, consumption, charging time

electric car

Electric car load

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A charging station allows you to recharge the battery of an electric car according to different power levels (3.7 kW, 7 kW or 22 kW). The choice of a home charging station is determined both by compatibility, the load power of the vehicle and type of charging cable used, but also by the electrical intensity of the accommodation. Public charging stations are also available everywhere in France delivering higher powers and reduced charging times.

The electric charging stations covered by the price shield

Announced by Emmanuel Macron in November 2022, The price shield will be applied to all electric charging stations. Until now, only the recharging terminals in individual housing were affected. From January 2023, the price shield therefore extends:

  • On public limits : installed by energy unions and municipalities;
  • On private terminals : located in car parks or set up by energy operators;
  • On collective housing terminals.

“” From January 2023, we will also extend the price shield on electric terminals, to avoid adventures like some of our neighbors. Today the prices remain reasonable, we will make sure they will remain so »»
– Emmanuel Macron.

Thus, the government hopes not to slow down consumer incitement to turn to the purchase of electric cars. France has all 1.1 million electrical recharging terminals.

Particular electric car charging stations

For power an electric car at home, there are many recharge solutions made available to the individual.

Wallbox or charging stations at home

There charging point Or wallbox is a box fixed on the wall of a private garage allowing the recharging of the electric vehicle (VE) at home in complete safety. The advantages of the terminal in relation to the use of a standard socket are multiple:

Wallbox terminal

  • Deliverance of power levels from 3 kW to 22 kW . Three levels are generally available 3.7 kW, 7 kW or 22 kW for different types of load: normal load (3 kW and 7 kW) or accelerated load (11 kW at 22 kW).
  • Optimization of the load intensity as a function of the electrical installation of the accommodation and the vehicle battery load power. The terminal is so called communicating charging machine thanks to its integrated control device. It is also possible to program recharge according to the time of day – interesting for holders of a full/hollow hours subscription.
  • Shorter recharging time compared to a standard domestic socket – between 3 and 5 hours against 10 hours on average. Depending on the power of the terminal (and the battery power of the VE), the average charging time can easily be divided by two.

More qualitative, this option is also the most expensive; It will take between € 500 and € 1,500 depending on the model, excluding installation costs.

Domestic standard socket

Although the Wallbox is recommended by the majority of car manufacturers, it is possible for the individual recharge your electric vehicle by using a simple standard power outlet (220 V – 2.2 kWh) type E/F. It is carried out via the CRO cable supplied by the manufacturer. This cable allows the battery to be loaded according to the power of the counter delivered. It should be noted that the charging time is relatively long – about 10 hours.

Some precautions must be taken before any use of this type of charge, such as:

Car recharging with standard socket

  • Control of the interior electrical installation and the electrical counter by a professional. This is to avoid any risk of overvoltage and disjunction.
  • Insulation of the standard socket and its connection to the electrical panel. The standard socket must be exclusively dedicated to recharge from the FE.
  • Installation of a reinforced socket which secures the delivery of electrical intensity.

This is the type of recharge privileged by individuals, the cost of installing a socket being low compared to a charging point.

Public charging stations

In parallel with solutions of Home recharge, The individual can also count on charging stations whose powers delivered by the terminals allow normal and accelerated recharges but also recharges rapid delivering powers greater than 22 kW.

Fast load, solution for long journeys

Public station recharge car

The fast load allows Load the battery of an electric car in a few minutes Only, against a few hours in normal or accelerated recharge. This solution is a real comfort for any owner of VE making long distances or not having anticipated a journey. However, the rapid load represents only about 5 % of the recharging opportunities for individuals, the average distance of journeys being 30 km.

This type of load uses specific connection standards:

  • The Chademo load which uses 50 kW recharging powers in direct current;
  • AC load – by alternating current – with powers up to 43 kW.

Tesla superchargers The Tesla manufacturer has a network of charging stations dedicated exclusively to the load of its Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X models. These terminals offer a charging power up to 150 kW, to load the electric vehicle in 30 minutes approximately, or even less depending on the battery model installed.

Where to find a electric car charging station ?

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The stations allow the individual to be able to recharge the battery of his vehicle almost everywhere in France. According to the Avere, 101,681 recharging terminals are listed in France in 2023. Note that the number of charging stations experienced an increase of 57.4 % during the year preceding. These stations are available:

  • in public parking lots;
  • in private offices or shopping center car parks;
  • in roads (mainly in big cities like Paris).

These charging infrastructure is a help in electrical mobility.

Electric car charging station card

The network of charging stations still has disparities according to the region. Electric car owners still have a lot of trouble in make up for kw On their home office trip or to their vacation location. Fortunately, smartphone applications exist to facilitate their research, the best known of which is ChargeMap.

However, this electrical infrastructure park should grow in the coming years, the government having put the energy transition in the priority sites of the public authorities. Several suppliers including fossil energy suppliers like Total take precedence by offering terminals of Electric vehicle recharge.

Free or paid charge ?

If most shopping centers (Auchan, Ikea or Leclerc) offer free load, there is a whole network of private charging stations delivering access cards. These access cards can be specific to the network used, or “interoperable” usable on a number of partner networks.

The cost of recharge varies between a few cents of euros at several tens of euros. This depends on the time of recharging and the power delivered by the station.

A French specificity – unlike European countries which charge the charge to the KWH issued – invoicing in France is carried out in the past (by minutes of minutes/hours). Indeed, it is prohibited to resell electricity in France.

How long to recharge an electric car ?

Several parameters must be considered to estimate the Electric car recharging time such as the battery life, the power of the terminal and the chosen recharge mode.

Battery power

car battery

THE electric vehicle batteries available on the French automotive market have load powers different, inevitably leading to different recharge times. Particular attention will therefore be paid to the vital organ – the heart – from the 5th. Because the more the battery will have a large loading capacity (in kWh), the more time it will take to charge it. Not to mention the weight and technologies used to make it … and the environmental impact.

The race for electric mobility to end the diktat of fossil fuels pushes manufacturers to offer increasingly large batteries, without it placing on the weight of the vehicle. Today the majority of the VEs have lithium-ion battery Offering many advantages:

  • Good performance/weight ratio, a high concentration ofStored energy without affecting the total vehicle weight.
  • Lifetime long, provided you use a range of use of 30 % to 70 %. Therefore, no full discharge/recharge.
  • Good memory effect, with a low discharge rate when the vehicle is not used.

Terminal power

The other element to take into account in the recharge time is the power of the terminal. A 22 kW terminal will offer a time of recharging necessarily shorter than a 7KW terminal. Provided that it is compatible with the electric vehicle power… And with that of the electric meter !

Recharging time as a function of the power of the battery and the charging station

Battery power 3.7 kW recharge terminal 7 kW recharge terminal 22 kW recharge terminal
20 kWh 5:30 am 3h00 1h15
40 kWh 11:00 5:45 am 2h00
60 kWh 4:15 p.m 8:30 am 3h00
80 kWh 9:45 p.m 11:30 am 3h45
100 kWh 27:00 2:15 p.m 5:00

Type of charging cable

The charging cable model used is also to be taken into account, especially on the maximum power it can deliver. If the cable bridles the electrical intensity at 7 kW and the torque terminal/car load power authorizes a power at 22 kW, it will be necessary to take its pain in patience to drive its ve !

The charging cable has two sockets: one terminal side, another vehicle side. This type of taking will also determine a recharge mode (from 1 to 4 characterized by charging times):

Recharge time depending on the power of the battery/VE model

Standard Type 1 socket European standard 2 European socket Chademo socket Combo socket
Power Up to 3 kW From 3 to 7 kW From 3 to 43 kW Up to 50 kW Greater than 50 kW
Load mode 1 and 2 – slow load 3 Normal/Accelerated load mode 3 Normal/Accelerated load mode Fast load mode 4 Fast load mode 4
Application Infrastructure Ve Ve / terminal Ve Ve

How much is a lot of electric car battery ?

Little polluting with a zero emission of CO2 displayed, the electric car is presented as the alternative to thermal cars using polluting fuels and dependence on fossil fuels. If at the environmental level it is attractive, it is the same in terms of energy consumption ?

How much is an electric car load ?

charging stations

There Consumption of an electric car Varies is a function of many factors, the capacity of the battery to the use of the vehicle, including the driving speed that we adopt. Depending on this, the recharge will be more or less frequent. It is also necessary to take into account the unit of measurement adopted. For a thermal car, we use the indicator liter at a hundred kilometers To talk about petrol consumption/diesel. Regarding an electric car, we are talking about kilowatt hour for a hundred kilometers.

In France, the Average consumption of electric vehicles is between 13 kWh/ 100 km and 20 kWh/ 100 km or about 0.7kw/ km for a battery life located between 160 km and 300 km.

Recharge cost

Will the electricity bill flambé by recharging your electric vehicle, such is the question that anyone interested in the purchase of a VE can ask themselves.

For home recharge via a connection to the domestic network, simply assess the consumption of your vehicle – a hundred kilometers preferably – and multiply it by the price of KWh applied by its energy supplier. According to the charging solution (and the electricity supplier), the cost will be different.

Example of charging cost with a basic subscription and HC/HP EDF

Average consumption kWh / 100 km BASE Hp Hc
12 kWh/100 km € 1.76/100km € 1.89/100km € 1.47/100km
15 kWh/100 km € 2.20/100km € 2.36/100km € 1.84/100km
20 kWh/100 km € 2.93/100km 3.15/100km € 2.45/100km

KWH price at EDF regulated rate: € 0.1467 as a base, € 0.1579 in full hours and € 0.1228 in off -peak hours in March 2019.

It is also possible to combine reload at home and recharge on public terminals offering free charges or subscription systems via access cards. Load rates can reach € 0.25/15 minutes the first hour at € 4/15 minutes beyond (price example for the Bélib supplier).

To lower the energy bill, the individual can turn to cheaper electricity rates offered by alternative suppliers. And to go to the end of the ecological approach taken by buying a car operating in electricity, why not turn to green electricity ? There are special electricity offers for electric cars as such.

Cheaper green electricity ? To obtain a personalized comparison and find a green and more economical energy offer, call the Selectra advisers for free on 09 73 72 73 00 (L-V 7:21 a.m.

Install a particular charging station

Practical question and cost question, the majority of the owners of VE adopt a home charging system.

In individual house

L’Installation of a wallbox at home will allow you to recharge your automobile at the most adequate moment and this in a secure manner. As mentioned above in this article, the Wallbox is the charging system recommended by most manufacturers – or even imposed if we take the example of the Renault Zoé which does not have a charging cable (CRO).

As part of a detached house, we will choose an inner terminal or an external terminal depending on if you have a garage or a private driveway.

And in addition to the price of the equipment – between € 500 and € 1,500 depending on the model – you will have to take care of the installation cost which can quickly increase if adjustments are necessary on the electric meter. In particular the implementation of a differential circuit breaker or whether to do wiring work such as drawing a line.

In condominiums, collective housing

Recharge terminals for cars in France

Tenants or owners of condominiums can also benefit from a charging system in parking lots open to residents or in a private box. If the new housing under construction have the obligation to have 10% of their locations dedicated to the VE and their recharge, the procedure can be more complicated for individuals who live in “old” housing.

Even if the ” right to take “Comes legalize any request to the co -ownership union, some technical constraints are compulsory – under penalty of seeing its request for installation rejected:

  • Installation of an individual meter preventing the energy consumption of recharging being found in the common loads.
  • The terminal being connected to the TGBT (general electrical panel of the common areas), it will be necessary to ensure that it supports the additional load and do the necessary work if necessary – at the expense of the individual.

Installation financial aid

The State has implemented financial aid systems allowing access to charge points.

  • The Adverse Program managed by AVERE is a device funded by EEC (Energy Economy Certificates) allowing individuals as well as businesses and communities to reduce the installation costs of a charging station terminal. This aid capped between € 600 and € 1,500 cannot exceed 40% of the total installation costs for a company against 50% for an individual. This system is open only to labeled offers i.e offers of terminal providers meeting specifications and strict regulations.
  • The CITE (Tax credit for the Ecological Transition) is a 30% tax credit is offered by the State in order to reduce the installation costs of a charging station.

What is the installation price of a charging station ?

What is the price

If more and more owners of electric vehicles decide to have a charging solution at their home, it is to benefit from the comfort of such an installation and no longer bother to find a public source of charge load.

Recharge terminal quote ! Free and without commitment !

Recharge terminals – or Wallbox – are high -performance devices dedicated to recharging electric and hybrid vehicles rechargeable. To install them at home, however, a substantial budget must be provided for the price, the price of which is variable and dependent on the purchase cost of the device and the costs linked to its installation. Let’s take stock of this file.

How much is a charging station for electric vehicle ?

When you want to install a charging station for electric vehicle or rechargeable hybrid at your home, you must take into account two parameters to know the budget to be devoted to the operation: the price of purchase of the terminal and the cost of its installation. However, the price of one influence the cost of the other, and therefore the total amount of the project.

The price of a recharging terminal for electric vehicle is very variable since it can oscillate between About 600 euros for an entry -level product and reduced power and 2,000 euros for the most efficient, or even more. Indeed, the cost of this device depends on several criteria.

The brand

There are all prices and these can greatly vary from one manufacturer to the other for equivalent models, but it is recommended to choose a quality brand to avoid unpleasant surprises.

There are three types of charging stations brands.

  • Specialized manufacturers: these recent brands are created by manufacturers specializing in the design of charging stations for electric vehicles. Let us cite in particular Wallbox, Circontrol, Evbox, Newmotion, etc.
  • Electrical equipment manufacturers: some brands specializing in electrical equipment also manufacture charging stations. This is the case of Hager, Schneider or Legrand.
  • Car manufacturers: these have joined the arena and offer models specially designed for the recharging of their electric vehicles, for prices significantly higher than the competition.

The power

Each brand will decline its models classified according to categories of power. There are four different powers for charging stations dedicated to individuals, namely 3.7 kW, 7.4 kW, 11 kW and 22 kW. There are also more expensive adaptable models, which can be set between 0 kW and 22 kW depending on the needs. In principle, the more powerful a terminal, the faster the recharge, but the higher its price.


There are basic charging stations, intended only for simple recharging of electric and rechargeable hybrid vehicles. But it is also possible to choose a terminal with advanced features for a higher price.

These features are variable. Intelligent terminals, connected terminals, terminals with LED screen, terminals with secure badge reader, double terminals … It is possible to adapt the device to its personal uses and needs for more comfort.

Install a charging station: at what price ?

At the price of the charging station, you must add the cost of its installation. When it is carried out at home, it takes an average of between 1,200 euros and 1,500 euros for the installation of a charging station under standard conditions, that is to say without a complex situation. Again, several factors can influence the installation price of a charging station for electric vehicle.

Connection to the domestic electrical network

Any charging station must be connected to the home electrical panel to allow the device to be supplied with electricity. This type of terminal must have an individual fitting with an electric cable dimensioned depending on the power of the device. Of course, the more powerful the terminal, the more expensive the cable will be.

It is also necessary to think of the fact that the distance between the charging station from the electrical panel is important. Indeed, the larger this distance, the longer the pressure cable of the terminal must be longer, so the higher the costs will be.

Installation work

In addition to the distance that separates the reloading terminal from the domestic electrical counter, it is necessary to take into account any development work necessary for the installation of the device. Indeed, any intervention will have a financial consequence, such as the digging of a trench, the repair of a floor or wall covering, etc.

The installation of a charging station on the wall is less expensive than the installation of a ground load device, on pedestal, because the latter requires more fixing work.

Anyway, the more the distance is reduced between the charging station and the electrical panel, the less the installation of the terminal will be expensive.

Recharge terminal quote ! Free and without commitment !

Upgrading to standards

When the electrical installation of the house is deemed obsolete, it must require upon standards. This is not a question of finding an more pretext for an increase in prices, but of allowing the domestic electrical network to support the significant power of such a device in operation. In this case, it is necessary to provide an additional more or lower cost depending on the work to be carried out.

Adaptation of the domestic electrical circuit

Depending on the power of the chosen charging station and the energy consumption of the home, it may be necessary to increase the power of the electrical installation. To do this, it is essential to opt for a more powerful energy subscription. This subscription to the energy supplier is fast and simple, but it necessarily generates an additional cost due to the provision of greater power power.

On average, an increase in the energy subscription of almost 25 euros per year must be provided.

The purchase of the charging cable: an additional cost to take into account

To recharge its rechargeable electric car, the charging station is necessary. But to connect both, you need a suitable cable ! It is a type 2 charging cable, essential for recharging and often supplied by the dealer or the manufacturer with the electric or hybrid vehicle rechargeable.

But beware ! This supply is not systematic, which is why it may be necessary to buy this cable yourself to recharge your electric car. However, the price of this additional equipment is variable since it depends on its power, its length and its manufacturing brand.

On average, for a single 2 single -phase cable of 32A to recharge a car with a power of 7.4 kW, it takes 250 euros to 350 euros. For more powerful recharge, the price can reach 500 euros, or even more.

How to reduce the installation costs of a charging station ?

You will have understood, it takes between 600 euros and 2,000 euros on average to acquire a charging station for electric vehicle and between 1,200 euros and 1,500 euros for the installation, a total total of the order of 1,800 euros at 3,500 euros to install a charging station at home, not to mention the possible purchase of a suitable charging cable ! A significant budget, but which applies to conventional and non -complex installation situations.

The good news is that there are solutions to reduce the cost of installing a charging station for electric vehicle and rechargeable hybrid. Indeed, to encourage drivers to ride “greener”, the state and certain local authorities have set up targeted financial aid.

  • The tax credit: the tax credit for charging stations is intended for all individuals who choose to install this type of device at home. To be eligible, a charging station must be installed (reinforced sockets are not integrated into the device) and provide this installation for its main residence. The amount of the tax credit is currently 300 euros (figures 2023).
  • The premium happens: this specific program is intended for companies and individuals who reside in co -ownership only. Cumulative with other aids, the advent premium requires scrupulous respect for specific specifications. Individuals residing in condominiums can benefit from a pricing reduction up to 960 euros per charging point.
  • Reduced VAT: all individuals who choose to install a charging station for electric vehicle or rechargeable hybrid at home can benefit from VAT at a reduced rate at 5.5 % instead of the usual 20 %.

To entrust the installation of a charging station ?

The installation of a charging station for electric vehicle or rechargeable hybrid can only be entrusted to an IRVE technician – for charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. These electricians are indeed trained specially for the installation of charging stations, insofar as this operation requires specific knowledge and compliance with specific specific electrical standards.

So certainly, any particular can ask a competent electrician to intervene, but the installation will not be deemed legal, because the obligation to use an IRVE technician is applied to any recharge solution of a power greater than or equal to 3.7 kW, in other words to any charging station.

The consequences in the event of non -compliance with this obligation are far from negligible. On the one hand, the individual cannot benefit from the advantages granted by the State, because it is imperative to resort to an IRVE technician and prove it by providing his certification certification certification. In addition, in the event of damage or failure, the manufacturer of the device may refuse to assert the conditions provided in the warranty and the insurer may refuse to cover the repair costs.

To find a competent IRVE technician, our online quote comparator is at your service. This free and non -binding tool allows you to receive a list of targeted offers in a few seconds that meet your needs. You will only have to choose the service at the best quality/price ratio.

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