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Roaming Bouygues: What are the Bouygues prices abroad

Bbox Fit Fiber Bouygues Telecom

What are the Bouygues Telecom offers ?

What is the detail of the Bbox ADSL and Fiber of Bouygues Telecom offers ?

In his Internet box range, The operator Bouygues Telecom offers a wide choice: Bbox Fit, Bbox Ultym, Bbox Must… Which work thanks to fiber optic technology, ADSL and even VDSL. To find out about the details of these Bbox Bouygues offers, go to this page dedicated to Bboxes.

What are the Adsl Bouygues Telecom boxes ?

Bouygues internet box comparison

Offer Speed Price
Bbox Fit Adsl Boosted VDSL 18 € 99
Bbox must adsl Boosted VDSL 26 € 99
Bbox Ultym ADSL Boosted VDSL 32 € 99

Bbox must adsl bouygues telecom

What are the Bouygues Telecom fiber boxes ?

Here is the summary table of the different Bouygues Telecom box offers operating in fiber optic ::

Summary of Bouygues Telecom fiber offers

Offer Speed Price
Bbox Fit Fiber 400 Mb/s 18 € 99
Bbox Must Fiber 1 Gb/s 26 € 99
Bbox Ultym Fiber 2 Gb/s 32 € 99

Compare the Bouygues offers for free and choose the one that suits you in a few clicks !

Bbox Fit Fiber Bouygues Telecom

What is the 4G Bouygues Telecom box offer ?

The 4G box proposed by the operator Bouygues Telecom is ideal for those who cannot subscribe to fiber optics And do not wish to take out a Bbox ADSL offer. Proposed to € 36.99/month It provides access to unlimited internet connection and more than 70 TV channels.

What is the 5G Bouygues Telecom box offer ?

In addition to its 4G box, the operator Bouygues Telecom now offers a 5g box, intended for homes which are not pAS eligible for optical fiber, but who still wish to benefit from a very high speed internet connection.

At the price of € 40.99/month per month without commitment, The 5G Bouygues Telecom box will allow you to access more than 70 TV channels, and surf the web without interruption thanks to its downward speed of 1.1 GB/S.

BOX 5G Bouygues Telecom

What are the mobile packages for individuals from Bouygues Telecom ?

Bouygues Telecom offers Mobile packages for individuals and professionals, at all prices, From € 2 to € 54.99/month, in order to adapt to all budgets. To learn more about the characteristics of these different packages, go to this page Mobile Packages Bouygues Telecom.

Summary of Bouygues Telecom mobile packages (September 2023):

Package ��
Bouygues Telecom 100GO Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS 100GB including 50 GB abroad 12 months 15 € 99/month
Bouygues Telecom 130Go Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS 130GB including 80 GB abroad 12 months € 28.99/month
Bouygues Telecom 200GB Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS 200GB including 100 GB abroad 12 months € 31.99/month
Bouygues Telecom 240GB Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS 240GB including 130 GB abroad 12 months € 54.99/month
Bouygues Telecom 1 to 20GB Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS 1 to 20GB 12 months € 8.99/month
Bouygues Telecom 2h 100mo Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS 2h 100mo 12 months 2 €/month
B & You 50 GB Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in mainland France 50 GB None € 24.99/month
Bouygues Telecom 5GB Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS 5GB 12 months € 20.99/month
B & You 100 MB Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in mainland France 100 MB None € 9.99/month
B & You 5 GB Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in mainland France 5 GB None € 4.99/month
B & YOU 20 GB Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in mainland France 20 GB None € 19.99/month
B & You 40 GB Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in mainland France 40 GB None € 9.99/month

There is also a evolving package intended for adolescents, in which the Data envelope evolves several times a year, for a price that remains fixed. Proposed to € 4.99 per month for customers of a Bbox Bouygues offer, It allows you to benefit from 1 GB of internet first, then 10 GB after 6 months, and 20 GB after 1 year. Click here to find out more.

Subscribe the internet offer from Bouygues most suited to your needs !

Subscribe the internet offer from Bouygues most suited to your needs !

What are the offers Pro Bouygues Telecom ?

What are the Pro Bouygues Telecom packages ?

It exists 3 Bouygues Telecom plans for professionals. Here they are :

Pro offers pro with Bouygues Telecom engagement

Offer Telephony Internet Price
Bouygues Telecom 240GB Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS 240GB including 130 GB abroad € 62.49 excl
Bouygues Telecom Pro 200 GB 5G Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS 200 GB € 29.16 HT for 12 months then € 45.83 excl
Bouygues Telecom Pro 240 GB 5G Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS 240 GB € 49.99 HT for 12 months then € 62.49 excl

Know that you can benefit from a preferential price mobile phone for subscription to one of these offers.

What are the Internet Pro Bouygues Telecom offers

Bouygues Telecom offers 5 Bouygues Professional Internet offers, Operating thanks to 3 types of technology: optical fiber, ADSL/VDSL for those who are not eligible for the first, and Even a 4G box, To enjoy an unlimited internet debit.

Bouygues Telecom Internet offers for companies

Offer Speed Options Price
Bbox Pro Fiber Pro 1 Gbit/s Pro Pack included € 37.49/month
Bbox Pro Plus Fiber Pro 2 Gbit/s Pack Pro inclusive / WiFi 6 Box latest generation / Microsoft 365 included € 44.99/month
BBOX PRO ADSL PRO VDSL boosted flow Pro Pack included € 34.99/month
Bbox Pro Plus ADSL PRO VDSL boosted flow Pack Pro inclusive / WiFi 5 / Microsoft 365 inclusive € 40.99/month
4G Box Pro up to 220 mb/s Up to 64 users simultaneously € 35.83 HT/month

Are there any Bouygues Telecom Mobile Package + BBOX offers ?

On the Bouygues Telecom site, it is possible to find professional packs that bring together a box and a mobile package. Go here to create your Bouygues Internet offer.

  • The Pro Box is to choose between the Bbox Pro and the Bbox Pro+
  • The Pro Mobile Package is to choose from the 130 GB, the 200 GB and the 240 GB.

There are also Box + package packs for individuals:

Comparison of BOX + mobile offers from Bouygues Telecom (September 2023):

Offer name Price
Bbox Fit + 1 to 20GB 38 € 98/month
Bbox Fit + 5 GB 50 € 98/month
Bbox must + 200 GB 51 € 98 for 12 months then 81 € 98/month
Bbox must + 240 GB 74 € 98 for 12 months then 106 € 98/month
Bbox Ultym + 1 to 20GB 35 € 98 for 12 months then 63 € 98/month
Bbox Ultym + 2h 100Mo 30 € 99 for 12 months then 56 € 98/month
Bbox Ultym + 5 GB 40 € 98 for 12 months then 69 € 98/month
Bbox Fit + 100 GB 57 € 98/month
Bbox Fit + 200 GB 71 € 98/month
Bbox Fit + 130 GB 41 € 98 for 12 months then 68 € 98/month
Bbox Fit + 240 GB 67 € 98 for 12 months then 96 € 98/month
Bbox must + 1 to 20GB 29 € 98 for 12 months then 54 € 98/month
Bbox must + 2h 100mo 24 € 99 for 12 months then 47 € 98/month
Bbox must + 5 GB 34 € 98 for 12 months then 60 € 98/month
Bbox must + 100 GB 35 € 98 for 12 months then 67 € 98/month

How to subscribe or terminate a Bouygues Telecom offer ?

How to subscribe to a Bouygues Telecom offer ?

Here is the list of steps to follow to subscribe The Bouygues Box offer of your choice:

  1. You must first go to the operator’s website
  2. Choose the offer of your choice and add it to the basket, or click on “Learn more” to get more information. You may then prefer a bouygues fiber offer, or an ADSL box and even 4G
  3. Inform your contact details and bank information
  4. Proceed to payment.

Internet is not not the only way to subscribe to a BOX BOX BOUYGUES TELECOM. Users can also Join the sales service by phone at 3106 To buy a product. The advisor will also take care of making a Optical fiber eligibility test, and will offer, failing that, an ADSL box.

Finally, it is quite possible to physically go to one of the 500 bouygues shops in France in order to achieve its subscription to a bouygues box offer in person.

How to terminate its Bouygues Telecom offer ?

For Refit its Bouygues Mobile offer, it’s necessary :

  1. Go to the operator’s website
  2. Select the “My Package” section
  3. Go down to the bottom of the page and confirm “you no longer need your line ?»
  4. Click on “terminate” then confirm this choice with “terminate my line”
  5. You receive a confirmation email which attests that your Bouygues Mobile offer has been terminated.

For the termination of a Bouygues Telecom Internet box offer, you must join the operator’s customer service by phone, at 1064.

Of the Termination Fee apply when terminating a Bouygues Bbox Internet offer or a mobile package with commitment. They are mentioned on the Bouygues prices guide.

It is not necessary to terminate your BBOX During a move : the Bouygues Telecom team is responsible for the transfer of the line for free to the new home.

What are consumer reviews Bouygues Telecom ?

Customer reviews are quite critical With regard to the operator: indeed, on the Trustpilot certified customer review site, Bouygues Telecom obtains a low Score of 1.4 out of 5 stars. To learn more about user experiences and the strong internet access providers, go to this Bouygues review page.

Subscribe the Bouygues Telecom subscription most suited to your needs with Papernest !

Roaming Bouygues: What are the Bouygues prices abroad ?

Roaming Bouygues allows you to use its mobile internet package abroad. Also called data roaming, this feature allows you to use a different mobile network abroad. Roaming in Europe is now included in most packages, what about Roaming Bouygues prices in the world ?

What is the Roaming Bouygues ?

THE Roaming Bouygues designates the use of its laptop abroad and concretely the connection to the mobile network of other operator. Roaming is also called data roaming and concerns both the use of its mobile package to make or receive calls and use of the mobile network to surf the Internet or exchange data.

Roaming Bouygues Europe

THE Roaming Bouygues in Europe has been supervised by the European Union since June 15, 2017. As with other operators, this date has marked The end of data roaming costs in the countries of the European Union.

This provision now allows holders of a French mobile plan to be able to use it in the different countries of the European Union. This review of roaming costs in Europe also concerns the French overseas departments and thus integrate overseas islands such as Reunion or Guadeloupe.

Before the end of Bouygues data roaming, Costs were applied when using data from its mobile plan or during a call and they could quickly increase the offset (0.21 €/minute approximately in 2016).

From now on, Roaming Bouygues in Europe is included in the package according to the available data envelope. Be careful, however, the volume of data that can be used abroad can sometimes be restricted. For example, the 70GB sensation package Given up to 25GB of Data in roaming in Europe.

Roaming Bouygues Monde

Call France International

THE Roaming Bouygues in the world does not work in the same way as in Europe. During a trip outside the countries of the European Union, the roaming of the data is then billed according to the Bouygues prices abroad depending on the country.

It is very important then to pay attention to avoid a Excluding Bouygues package abroad during a trip. The use of data is thus billed at MO and the more important it is, the more the price Bouygues International risk of being high.

However, there are Bouygues for foreigners which include the use of data outside the European Union such as the 150GB sensation package which allows you to benefit from theInternet abroad Bouygues in Switzerland, Canada and the United States.

From abroad, short and surcharged numbers are nevertheless not accessible. To call these numbers, it will be necessary to obtain an alternative number from abroad if it exists.

Bouygues foreigner rate: how to use your Bouygues package abroad ?

How to activate the roaming of Bouygues data ?

To be able to use its mobile package abroad, it is essential toActivate the roaming of Bouygues data On his smartphone. By default, this option is normally disabled on iOS and Android phones.

For Activate or deactivate Roaming Bouygues, The procedure differs according to the smartphone model:

  1. To activate the roaming of Bouygues data on Android, You have to go to the “Parameters” section then “Mobile Networks”. The “mobile data or roaming” box can ultimately be checked or unclogged to activate or deactivate Roaming Bouygues.
  2. For iPhone, Just go to the “Settings” then “General” and “Network” section. In this section, it is then possible to activate or deactivate the roaming of Bouygues data.

When Roaming Bouygues is activated and the smartphone connects to a mobile network abroad, the operator then sends a Summary text message from Bouygues International prices in relation to the country.

You want to compare Bouygues International offers ?

Bouygues foreigner package: what are the best packages ?

Several Bouygues packages abroad allow you to take advantage of the roaming of the data included during international trips. As we have seen previously, All Bouygues packages include roaming of data in Europe But not necessarily internationally.

To benefit from interesting bouygues packages, these are the most expensive sensation packages that will allow you to take advantage of your package abroad. The table below includes the Bouygues International Sensation Packages:

  • Unlimited calls/SMS/MMS in France/Switzerland/Europe/DOM
  • 80GB of data in France (including 50GB in Europe, Switzerland and DOM)
  • Multi-Sim
  • Unlimited calls/SMS/MMS in France/Switzerland/Europe/DOM
  • Unlimited calls to fixed 120 destinations
  • 100GB of data in France (including 80GB in Europe, Switzerland and DOM)
  • Multi-Sim
  • Unlimited calls/SMS/MMS in France/Switzerland/Europe/Dom/Andorra/United States/Canada
  • Unlimited calls/SMS to the fixed and mobiles of Europe, DOM, Switzerland, the United States, Canada and China and unlimited calls to fixes of 120 destinations
  • 150GB of data in France (100GB in Europe/Switzerland/Andorra/DOM/United States and Canada)
  • Multi-Sim
  • Unlimited calls/SMS/MMS in France/Switzerland/Europe/Dom/Andorra/United States/Canada
  • Unlimited calls/SMS to the fixed and mobiles of Europe, DOM, Switzerland, the United States, Canada, China, Brazil, South Korea, Water, Israel, Japan, Russia and Turkey and unlimited calls to fixed 120 destinations
  • 250GB of data in France (130GB in Europe/Switzerland/Andorra/DOM/US/Canada/China/Brazil/South Korea/Water/Israel/Japan/Russia/Turkey)
  • Multi-Sim

These Sensation Packages are all 5g bouygues packages.

THE Sensation 70GB and 80GB are the first packages of their category to integrate Switzerland (this one not being part of the European Union, it is not concerned by the end of the roaming costs).

THE 100GB sensation package honest many destinations in the world For unlimited calls but does not allow you to use your package when traveling in these countries.

THE 150GB sensation package is the first Bouygues Sensation Package abroad which allows you to use your mobile data (100GB) From the United States, Canada and China. THE 200GB sensation package is the Bouygues international package par excellence with the addition of destinations to the four corners of the world as Brazil, South Korea or even Russia among others.

Bouygues International: What are the Bouygues prices abroad ?

Bouygues abroad prices can quickly prove to be prohibitive during a stay outside Europe in destinations not included in its package. Bouygues International prices vary depending on the destinations but also depending on the type of package: B & You package, sensation or prepaid card.

The calls made abroad with a sensation package or a prepaid card can thus be invoiced until € 2.30/min While these same calls from a B & You package can go up to € 3.90/min. In the same way, calls received from abroad are generally invoiced 1 €/min For sensation packages and prepaid cards.

The Internet abroad Bouygues is billed at the same prohibitive rate of € 10.24/MB, Whatever the proclaimed package. With this price, it is really necessary to be extremely careful when traveling abroad.

Internet abroad Bouygues: how to avoid off -package ?

International Internet Wi-Fi

For Avoid the Bouygues output abroad, The first thing to check is the destinations included in its Bouygues mobile plan. To do this, just connect to your Bouygues customer area and then go to the “My Mobile” section and finally “my package” and check if Bouygues data is included for the desired destination. The customer area application also allows Follow mobile consumption Since the “My Conso” section.

Also be careful for Transfrontal workers or residents, Smartphones are likely to connect to the network of a foreign operator without action on your part. However, if the neighboring country is not included in the package, all services will be charged in off -package. This precaution is mainly essential in Europe to border countries with Switzerland which is not part of the European Union.

During a trip abroad, Bouygues sends a first warning SMS when 80% of the data envelope included is consumed and a second text when it is finished. This feature is interesting in the context of Roaming Bouygues in Europe but what solutions can avoid the Bouygues package abroad in the rest of the world ?

For Avoid a Bouygues output outside Europe, here are a few tips :

  1. Activate the free mobile option, The SMS alert excluding package. This option compatible with all Bouygues packages allows you to receive an SMS for each level of € 5, 10 and 20 € out of package. To subscribe, go to the customer area and its “my package and my options” section, “see all the options available” and click on Subscribe then validate to activate the SMS alert.
  2. It is also possible to simply Disable Bouygues data roaming as we have indicated previously in the article. For the most worried, plane mode can always be activated to prohibit any connection to the mobile network.
  3. The Sensation 2H 100MB and 5GB Sensation packages as well as the B & YOU 100MO package are all available in Blocked package version. A Bouygues blocked package prevents communications and the use of data since and abroad.