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Unibet for Android

As is now a lot on Paris sites, you will find a welcome offer on Unibet. This consists of 100% offered on the first deposit of 100 euros. It is an interesting bonus, which allows you to secure your first bet. So see how to get a bonus with the unibet promo code. Sign up with this pleasant code to increase your safety margin to start.

Download Unibet Apk

We will present you in this article how to download Unibet Apk in 2023, install it and take advantage of the application on your smartphones / tablets. Find the info and start your bets wherever you are.

Download Unibet Apk

Unibet Apk Description
Available on: IOS, Android
Mobile offer: Sports betting, turf, poker
Welcome Bonus Unibet Sports Paris: Until 100 €
Unibet poker welcome bonus: Up to € 500 on 1st deposit + first 2 tournaments offered
Unibet Turf welcome bonus: 20 €
Unibet promo code: Unveil our code

The Unibet site is one of the big online sports betting sites in France and around the world. It offers a complete and varied range of sports betting, turf and poker. To have a complete offer, the Unibet mobile application allows you to take advantage of site features from your smartphone or tablet, with an application that adapts much better to mobile devices than the site.

  • 1. How to download the Unibet app ?
  • 2. Unibet Mobile Application
  • 3. Unibet Sports betting app
  • 4. Unibet promo code
  • 5. Quick questions about APK Unibet

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1. How to download the Unibet app ?

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Before enjoying being able to play from your smartphone everywhere, you will obviously need to install Unibet on your mobile. The new version of the Unibet app is available via the brand’s internet site, which will give you the links to download the Unibet APK for free. Indeed recently the Google Play no longer allows you to install the acts of real money game directly, you will not be able to find the application via this process unfortunately. You must then use an APK file, which contains the data for installing the application on your phone or tablet. Other bookmakers that have a mobile application you find on our site with exclusive bonus codes on sport.

Unibet app

To find these files, they are available on the Bookmaker Unibet website in the mobile section, but also on the Internet by typing “Unibet Apk Download” or “Download Unibet Apk” for example. Once the file has been recovered, you just have to run it so that the installation launches. You will nevertheless have to be careful to have to check the option which authorizes the download of applications from unknown sources on your mobile, otherwise you will not be able to have the APK file for installation.

Make sure you get the file back on a safe site so as not to have unpleasant surprises in case you download a malicious file instead.

2. Unibet Mobile Application

For Unibet which is one of the best sites in legal Paris in France, the application is available on Android and iOS. For the first option (Unibet App Android), you will have to refer to the previous paragraph, because on Unibet the Android application is not available like the others. Regarding iPhones or iPad, you can directly benefit from the application on the blind, without going through the box “Download Unibet Apk iOS”.

Unibet app to download

Regarding the APK itself, it brings together all the features of the basic site, namely the sports betting parts, poker / casino games (the poker rules are accessible here), Turf. Thus, you should not look for an exact app by typing Unibet Turf Apk or Unibet Poker Apk Download because you only have to download Unibet App to take advantage of these three sections offered by the site. You will need to create an account or connect if you already have a unibet account. You can obviously create an account from the application. Connection information and banking will be asked for. The application is free, but these are real silver games. The application supports the vast majority of traditional means of payments for deposits and withdrawals (blue card, paypal, transfer, etc.).

3. Unibet Sports betting app

In terms of bets, you will obviously find all the biggest world events, the big most popular sports championships at the head of the poster, as well as a large amount of sports around the world. Live bets are highlighted so as not to waste time. Like all French people you can use VBET mobile application – which we talk about on the other article.

Unibet Download application

To bet, select a meeting, then indicate your bet. You can make simple bets, handsets, several bets on the same match if these are compatible (example: you can put team 1 and more than 2.5 goals in the match, but not victory of team 1, team 2 or zer). The results are published some time after the end of the event. You can activate the notifications to follow a match that interests you live.

4. Unibet promo code

As is now a lot on Paris sites, you will find a welcome offer on Unibet. This consists of 100% offered on the first deposit of 100 euros. It is an interesting bonus, which allows you to secure your first bet. So see how to get a bonus with the unibet promo code. Sign up with this pleasant code to increase your safety margin to start.

Unibet for Android

With 19 sports, in addition to horse racing and poker tables, Unibet is one of the leaders in terms of online betting. The application for Android allows you to place your first bets in a few minutes.

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Unibet was founded in 1997 in Sweden, following a winning bet during a horse race. Since then, and despite 2 years without license in France following the regulation of the regulatory authority of online games, Unibet offers an online sports betting platform, with 19 sports in addition to horse racing and poker. In 2010, the company today listed on the stock market even offered bets on the second round of the presidential elections. It was the same year that the sports consultant Pierre Ménès became one of the Unibet ambassadors.

With more than 14 million customers in more than 100 countries, Unibet is one of the leaders on the online sports betting market. Created in 1997, the company is one of the 13 entities of the Kindred group. The application for Android puts all sports betting within your fingers in a few minutes.

Unibet: how it works ?

Unibet attaches great importance to game addiction: the exclusive system “Player Safety Early Direction System” analyzes the individual behavior of customers to prevent problems. Upon registration on the application, you are invited to set your game limits yourself (budget, maximum use time. )).

To make your first bets, you must credit your account and provide your identity document, as well as a RIB. In addition to access to horse racing and online poker tables, sports betting are most represented on the app with 19 available sports: football (of course !), tennis, basketball, but also hockey, pétanque and even mma.

Since the sports meeting of your choice, you just have to select a rating to put it directly in your basket, where the potential gain is automatically indicated. For horse racing, it’s so easy: you choose your race, your formula (winner, placed. ) and your horses.

Thanks to the Unibet TV (accessible provided you have money on your account or have a bet in the last 24 hours), you can even watch the matches live.

Several types of bets are at your disposal: Paris Simple, Paris combined between several matches (more risky, but the gains are higher), Paris Systems (combined Paris, but which can be winners despite a certain number of errors), chances doubles, number of goals, exact scores.

Unibet, how much it costs ?

Installation and use of Unibet are completely free. On the other hand, of course, you must feed your account in order to be able to make bets. It is not possible to pay the content of your basket directly from your bank account, but only from your Unibet account.

After your registration, 100 euros (in the form of “freebets”) are offered as soon as you paid your first bet. In addition, from the “promotions” section of the app, you have regular access to offers and bonuses on certain bets, which also make you win freebets. Finally, the sponsorship system also allows you to benefit from freebets.


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