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Download TeamViewer 15.45.4

Yes, TeamViewer can be used safely. TeamViewer uses end -to -end encryption technology and two -factor authentication to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of connection.


TeamViewer is a powerful and secure remote control solution. It allows effective collaborations and instant technical assistance, wherever you are.

Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android

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TeamViewer is a renowned application offering a simple and efficient method to control another computer remote. Appreciated for its versatility and conviviality, this software is a precious ally to solve various technical problems without the need for physical presence.

  • Why use TeamViewer ?
  • How to use TeamViewer ?
  • What are the alternatives to TeamViewer ?

Why use TeamViewer ?

Beyond remote control, TeamViewer is truly versatile software, with a wide range of features designed to facilitate digital interactions. Whether you are a computer professional seeking to provide remote assistance, or an individual user seeking to share resources with your loved ones, TeamViewer offers a solution for each of your needs. Here is a zoom on four key features that make teamview a precious tool.

Remote control

TeamViewer’s main functionality is undoubtedly its remote control system. No matter where you are, this software allows you to take total control of another computer or mobile device. Whether you need to solve a technical problem on a remote computer, to help out an Android or iOS smartphone, or to help a friend configure new software, this function is undeniable useful. Thanks to her, TeamViewer breaks geographic barriers and allows technical assistance without moving, directly from your post.

Files transfert

TeamViewer is not only a remote control tool, it also offers a file transfer solution. This practical feature allows you to send files from one computer to another in a few clicks. Whether it’s documents, images, videos, or even large software, you can transfer what you want, when you want, without having to use external storage supports or cloud services. In addition, this file transfer is secure and is made directly through the connection established between the two devices, thus guaranteeing the confidentiality of your data.

Online meetings

TeamViewer is coupled with a communication solution and offers the possibility of organizing online meetings. Whether for a remote presentation, an online course, or a team meeting, TeamViewer allows you to share your screen, exchange vocally or by video with other participants, and even give control of your screen to another participant if necessary. With TeamViewer, remote meetings become as simple and interactive as meetings in person.

Integrated VPN

Finally, TeamViewer would not be complete without its integrated VPN functionality. This often neglected feature allows you to create a virtual private network between connected devices via TeamViewer. Whether you need to access secure shared resources, simulate a local connection for a specific application, or simply guarantee the confidentiality of your communications, the VPN integrated in TeamViewer offers you an easy to set up solution and effective.

How to use TeamViewer ?

TeamViewer is free for personal use, with certain advanced features available via a paid license for professionals. It is not necessary to create a user account to use it, but have one can be useful to manage the computers and devices that you frequently control.

TeamViewer is available for many operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, as well as for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. It can be downloaded from Clubic or from the various application blinds on smartphone.

TeamViewer’s offers

In addition to its free version, reserved for private and non -commercial use, TeamViewer offers different licenses dedicated to professionals:

Remote Access (teleworkers)

Individual version: Remote access to 3 computers or servers allocated, access from any computer or smartphone, access to professional files from anywhere, remote printing, black confidentiality screen.

Corporate version (several users): Customizable, rapid deployment to thousands of devices, unique authentication and OKTA, restricted or total office access to work computers and network servers.

Remote Access and Remote Support (teleworkers)

Individual version: All the features of the individual version Remote Access plus a tele-assistance or teleworking session, tele-assistance functions, meetings up to 10 participants and remote access to an unlimited number of devices.

Corporate version (up to 25 employees): All the features of the Corporate Remote Access version and up to 10 supported channels, meetings up to 10 participants, extent and connection tele-assistance functions from any computer or smartphone.

Business (1 user):

Specificities : 1 simultaneous connection channel, up to 200 managed devices and 10 participants in meetings.

Key features: Access and control of remote computers, access without secure monitoring, remote printing for macOS and Windows, file sharing, multiplatform access and technical support.

Premium (2 to 15 users):

Specificities : up to 5 simultaneous connection channels (1 per default), 300 managed devices and 10 participants in meetings.

Key features: All the functions of the Business license, more personalized information on devices, reports on user access and web team team teamviewer.

Corporate (16 to 30 users):

Specificities : up to 10 simultaneous connection channels (3 default), 500 managed devices and 10 participants in meetings.

Key features: All functions of business and premium licenses, plus mass deployment, reports on access to apparatus and third parties.

What are the alternatives to TeamViewer ?


Anydesk is an excellent alternative to TeamViewer. This software offers features comparable to TeamViewer, whose remote control, screen sharing and file transfer. Anydesk is distinguished by its lightness and speed, making it an ideal option for those looking for a lighter and less gourmet solution in system resources. Its free version is rich enough to meet the needs of many individual users.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is another alternative to TeamViewer. As its name suggests, this remote control application is developed by Google and works directly through the Chrome browser. This is an ideal solution for those looking for an easy -to -use and integrated application in their browser. Although it does not offer all the advanced teamviewer, Chrome Remote Desktop is a simple and effective solution for users who need a remote control application that works without installation or complicated configuration.


Ultravnc is a powerful and free remote control solution. This open source software offers a wide range of advanced features that will satisfy the most demanding users. Ultravnc is distinguished by its ability to control multiple operating systems, including Windows, MacOS and Linux. It also offers advanced security features to protect your connections.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Finally, Microsoft Remote Desktop is another viable alternative to TeamViewer. This application, developed by Microsoft, allows remote access to your Windows computer from any device, including Android and iOS. Although it is not as rich in functionality as TeamViewer or some of the other alternatives mentioned here, Microsoft Remote Desktop is a reliable and secure solution for those who need to access their Windows system remotely.

Download TeamViewer 15.45.4

TeamViewer allows remote control of two computers (or mobile devices) via the Internet. For Windows, Mac, Linux, Android or iOS. To download and use for free.


Summary :

TeamViewer is remote desktop software Created in the early 2000s. It has managed to develop and evolve over time and technologies in order to provide its users with ever more advanced features.

Today, It allows you to take control of a remote computer from another computer Operating with a different operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux) or even from a mobile device (Android or iOS). It is available in many languages, including French.

The remote desktop is a principle that allows a user in another place to take control, from his computer, from another computer via the Internet. So from a window on his own machine, he displays the Office of the other (hence the term of office remotely). He can thus use all the software found there. This allows the troubleshooting of a computer, but also remote work (telework for example).

TeamViewer also allows file transfer from and to the remote computer. The possibility of printing on a local or remote printer, etc. It even includes a videoconferencing system with screen sharing.

What is teamviewer ?

Teamviewer is software that allows computers remotely and mobile devices via Internet. You can thus ensure remote maintenance, work remotely or even transfer files directly.

Teamviewer Allows you to set up teleworking : you launch the application on the PC of your office and on your personal PC at home. Hop you connect both and you access everything you need (of course the speed of reaction depends on the quality of the network of the two places). Indeed, you have access to your professional computer as if you were in front, including the storage space, the network players, the printers, just as if you were there ! Better yet, if you need to use your personal printer at home, you can do it.

For system administrators, TeamViewer will allow you to stay connected with your servers without having to move around.

You need to help out a colleague, a friend who is blocked on software or in computer handling that he, or she, does not know how to realize ? Take remote control from his computer to show him what to do !

With the mobile application, you can also take control of a computer (whatever its system), but also from another Android device ! A professional emergency ? TeamViewer allows you to connect from where you are ! With the same features as PC to PC.

TeamViewer turns out to be a simple and efficient program. Indeed, it is not blocked by the firewall since communication passes directly via a router specific to itself, and it does not require VPN. All communications and transfers made with TeamViewer are encrypted, and therefore fully secure.

How to use TeamViewer ?

Teamviewer is multiplateform, Whether you are under Windows, Linux, MacOS you can take control of any type of PC ! You need to take control of a PC, but you only have your mobile device on hand ? No worries since TeamViewer is also available in mobile version For Android and iOS ! The latter is called TeamViewer Remote Control.

Its clear and modern interface is quite easy to handle. The two devices can connect with each other if you launch the program on each. You must therefore download the appropriate version for each machine. Whether from a computer to another or with mobile devices, operation is the same.

Start by opening TeamViewer on both devices that you want to connect together. A single partner ID and a password are then created, you must communicate them to the remote partner so that he can make the connection.


When you open TeamViewer, the program offers you a direct remote connection system. Enter the ID of the machine to which you want to connect and then the password that corresponds. Note that in its free version, TeamViewer does not allow to create automatic connections. You will necessarily have to accept the connection to the other computer so that it works.

If you always connect the same computers together (for remote work for example), TeamViewer allows you to save them in your contacts. From the TeamViewer interface, click on the tab that allows computers and contacts and click Add. Enter the partner ID of the remote computer with which you want to connect. In this way, you will easily find it every time.

Mobile applications

On mobile, two applications coexist on Android and iOS. The first, TeamViewer Remote Control, allows you to take control remotely from any computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) and even a mobile device under Android (only from another Android device). Note that it is not possible to use it to control an device under iOS from Android.

The second application is called TeamViewer Quicksupport. It is intended to allow remote control of your mobile device from a computer (Windows, Linux, Mac). Indeed, unlike the desktop version which is used both for the two computers, you will need to install the right mobile application according to what you want to do. Note that it also allows an Android device to take control of another Android device (with remote on one and Quicksupport on the other). Likewise for two iOS devices.

Is TeamViewer free ?

The use of TeamViewer is free for personal or punctual use to a single device. You can download the Desktop software or the mobile application and use it directly to create a remote desktop. This allows you in particular to make an opinion on the features offered before deciding to take a subscription.

An individual paid version is available. It allows you to manage several devices, including at the same time. The management of simultaneous tab connections is particularly practical for IT services.

For companies wishing to use it professionally, a subscription is possible (several prices depending on your needs). In a professional version, TeamViewer allows mass deployment, user statistics, user management, online meetings and collaboration, and other specific features that will interest companies. Offers exist for teams and companies.


Version 15.45.4
Last update September 12, 2023
Licence Free license
Downloads 1720 (last 30 days)
Author Teamviewer
Operating systems Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11, macOS, Linux, portable windows – 7/8/10/11, Android, iOS iPhone/iPad
Categories Internet, communication, productivity


TeamViewer is a complete and advanced software solution that allows remote access, real -time assistance and collaboration between users on different devices and operating systems. This tool has established itself as the market leader in remote control applications. It is used by millions of people worldwide to solve technical problems, provide assistance and work effectively, whatever the distance.

TeamViewer makes it possible to establish secure and encrypted connections between computers and other devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Users can control and manage the remote device as if they were seated in front of it, which allows them to perform tasks such as software configuration, problems diagnosis, file transfer and collaboration to projects. In addition, TeamViewer includes chat, videoconference and vocal call functions, thus facilitating remote communication and teamwork.

One of the highlights of the teamviewer is its management of a wide range of operating systems and devices. The program is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS, which makes it possible to establish connections between devices of different platforms and to guarantee optimal operation. In addition, TeamViewer has a portable version that requires no installation, which facilitates its use in emergency situations or in the event of external equipment.

Security is a fundamental aspect of the teamviewer because it guarantees the protection of data and privacy of its users. To this end, the software uses end -to -end encryption and two -factor authentication, which prevents unauthorized access and guarantees the integrity of connections. Finally, TeamViewer offers several customization and configuration options, so that users can adapt its functions and characteristics to their needs and preferences.

Review by Lucía Herrero translated by Uptodown Localization Team

TeamViewer is a free application for non -commercial use.

frequently asked Questions

Can we use TeamViewer safely ?

Yes, TeamViewer can be used safely. TeamViewer uses end -to -end encryption technology and two -factor authentication to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of connection.

Is TeamViewer compatible with my operating system ?

TeamViewer supports a wide variety of operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, Chrome OS, Android and iOS. You can download the best version for your device on uptodown.

Do I need an account to use TeamViewer ?

No, you don’t need an account to use TeamViewer. The creation of a personal account on TeamViewer gives you access to additional features, such as the management of devices and contacts.

How to connect to a remote device with teamviewer ?

To connect to a remote device on TeamViewer, you must enter the ID of the device and the password in the remote control window TeamViewer. Once this operation is carried out, you can start the remote control.

The duration of teamviewer sessions is limited ?

No, the duration of teamviewer sessions is not limited, but the free version can automatically disconnect your profile after a certain period of inactivity.

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Licence Free
Operating system Windows
Category Remote
Language French