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Microsoft 365

The effectiveness of Microsoft Editor will, of course, be linked to your subscription 365. If you do not have a subscription (use of the Office Web version), its features will be limited: grammar corrector and number of suggestions limited.

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Microsoft 365 is the name of Microsoft’s very famous office suite. Formerly called Microsoft Office then Office 365, renowned in April 2020. Always present since its beginnings, the office suite of Microsoft has been able to evolve over time and new technologies to offer ever more features to its users.

Microsoft 365 consists of a certain number of software (the list depends on the chosen version): Word, Publisher, Access, Excel, Power point, OneNote, And Outlook. Microsoft 365 offer different prices that vary between private and professional use.

Microsoft 365 is available in the form of a monthly or annual subscription that adapts to your needs (solo, family, business, etc.))

What are the functionality of Microsoft 365 ?

Microsoft Office, or Microsoft 365, is the best known office automation in the world. It includes a word processor (Word), a spreadsheet (Excel), layout software (publisher), presentation software (PowerPoint), a note taking tool (OneNote), a cloud storage service (OneDrive), a communication tool (Skype), an email client (outlook), etc.

Word is a complete word processor which allows you to create simple documents such as letters, but also complete files with pagination, table of contents, index, foot notes, etc. Word also incorporates a very powerful spelling and grammar corrector, a vocal dictation tool, a real -time translation tool, etc.

Excel is the famous spreadsheet of the suite. It offers all the tools for creating and managing tables with formulas, graphics, creation of dynamic cross paintings, etc. But that’s not all. Indeed, Excel allows you to create macros and automate actions in your files thanks to the VBA language. He is the only market spreadsheet to do so.

For your presentations in meeting or defense, you will need to create a slideshow with Power point. At the cutting edge of technology, PowerPoint is able to manage the insertion of videos in his slides. You can also use a whole bunch of effects and animations to make your presentations more alive.

Publisher is a less known tool. It allows you to make layouts in a more practical and effective way than Word. Indeed, all the elements of the page are objects that you can have wherever you want. It is possible to insert text frames, graphics and tables from Excel, etc.

As of Outlook, Microsoft 365 clutter it a tool classifying emails to unclog your reception box. Whether you are on your online account or in the software, Outlook is therefore provided with a double reception box that sorts priority and other emails. It is thanks to an algorithm that Outlook classifies these emails, but you can also help it by indicating that an email must always go to the other or priority box. Note that Outlook is also able to sort spam. There too you can help the algorithm indicating if an email is, or is not, a spam.

Microsoft 365 develops collaborative work by allowing several users to edit the same real -time document in real time. Indeed, all the files you have created can be stored on your OneDrive Cloud account to which all the Desktop applications of Microsoft 365 have access. You can share your files with other users to work on it in collaboration: comments, annotation, modifications history, everything is there to simplify your life. Thanks to OneDrive, Microsoft 365 Facilitates the synchronization of files between your different devices.

Note that the rest of Microsoft offers the assistant “Tell Me” which is an intuitive guide facilitating a better handling of software. Finally, on Microsoft 365, It is possible to browse the web via Bing without leaving his document.

You can try Microsoft 365 for 1 month. For companies know that Microsoft 365 also offers subscriptions including Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Exchange, and all the corporate tools edited by the Microsoft firm.

What online Office ?

Microsoft also offers a simpler version, completely free and online from its Office software suite (now called Microsoft 365). All you need to do is create a Microsoft account (if you don’t have one) and you will have access to the Office Universe online.

Are accessible in simplified version: Word, Excel, Outlook, Power point, OneNote, Calendar, Tod, OneDrive, Skype, etc. A real competitor in the online office automation of Google accessible via Google Drive ! Note that only Publisher And Access are not available other than on PC.

You will find most of the functionality of Microsoft 365, but with some restrictions (no table of contents in Word, no macros in Excel, etc.)). Note that if you have a Microsoft 365 subscription, the online version will be enriched with some of the missing features.

Thanks to this version, you have access to Microsoft Office from any computer (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) via a simple internet browser.

Why use Microsoft Office Mobile ?

In parallel with his office suite Microsoft 365, Microsoft has developed a light and free mobile version called Microsoft Office Mobile. You can download it for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad).

This mobile suite includes: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Office Lens and OneNote. These applications were already available separately on mobile. Microsoft therefore chooses to group it in order to centralize information in a single application that will manage all Office documents.

To note that Microsoft Office Mobile is connected to your account OneDrive in order to access your cloud to read documents or to record new ones.

Girls applications on Microsoft Office Mobile are therefore reduced compared to their big paid sisters on PC and Mac. In lightening, we can notably note the disappearance of the grammar corrector (the spelling corrector, it is very present). Despite this, it remains possible to create new files from this mobile version starting either from a virgin document or a model. Note that applications are also available on this mobile version, as on its big sister.

Thanks to Lens you can also scan documents to transform them in Word format for example thanks to the OCR included.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a cloud -based subscription service that includes the Microsoft Office office suite software, thus making it possible to have the latest software updates.

€ 69.00 per year

Why use Microsoft 365 ?

What are the news of the latest version of Microsoft 365 ?

With which Microsoft 365 bones compatible ?

What are the best alternatives to Microsoft 365 ?


Formerly Office 365, here is Microsoft 365. This is the version with subscription of the famous Microsoft Office office suite. With this subscription, you say goodbye to the purchase of a simple and life license for one or more software, which blocks you indefinitely with the same version of the suite.

This variation brings its share of advantages compared to the classic version available for purchase. Thus, with Microsoft 365, updates are transparent and you always benefit from the latest versions of applications. In addition, the subscription is connected to the web version of the suite and thus brings all premium features.

Microsoft also offers several types of subscriptions adapted to the family or the company (Business). Regarding the family, note that Microsoft 365 includes Microsoft Family Safety The parental control system.

Available on PC, Mac, but also in application for Android and iOS, or in online service for all OS (Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc.), Microsoft 365 gives a new air breath in office that all world knows.

Why use Microsoft 365 ?

Microsoft Office has been the office and reference productivity suite for many years. Often copied, rarely equaled, it continues to offer its users at the cutting edge of technology.

This new version, Microsoft 365, is no exception to the rule, although the name change is not synonymous with a complete overhaul, but more of a brand evolution. Do not panic so, you will find all your landmarks !

What are the applications of the Microsoft 365 suite ?

Depending on your subscription offer (family, business), you will have access to all or part of the applications of the office suite. Here is the well -known list of these applications, which we no longer present or almost.

Word is a powerful text editor that allows you to create documents of any size, with professional quality. Formatting, formatting (police, color, alignment, fleas, etc.), Correction of spelling and grammar, insertion of images, paintings, index creation, addition of feet and page header, all possible layout options are within click. Many models are also available to create letters, bulletins, menus, etc. With Word, you can open and create documents in the formats: Doc, Docx, RTF, TXT, ODT (the free format), etc.

Microsoft Word menu bar

Excel is a table type software. Thanks to it to easily create a spreadsheet, diagram or graphic. But you can also enhance them with ultra modern formulas which will allow you in particular to create dynamic documents, statistical sheets, etc. You can also create macros, to simplify your tasks, either by the integrated recorder either directly in VBA code (Visual Basic for Applications). Excel also protects the content of your files: either all or the cells of your choice. The formats supported by Excel are: XLS, XLSX, XLSM (with macro) and ODS (open source).

Microsoft Excel menu bar

Power point allows you to create presentations. Create your slides from the models provided, insert one or more text frames, images, photos, videos, create transitions, appearances, etc. The texts are fully modifiable (size, color, font, alignment, fleas, etc.), and you can add frames to all the objects (color, thickness and modifiable filling). You can even insert graphics directly from an Excel spreadsheet. Everything to make your presentation attractive. PowerPoint’s basic formats are PPT and PPTX, but it also opens the ODP (free format).

Microsoft PowerPoint menu bar

Publisher is a tool for designing any type of document such as professional information bulkes or supports. It’s a layout program. You can insert texts in the form of a floating object (and format them), images, photos, Excel graphics, visual objects and organize them compared to each other, resize them, add frames, etc. You can then save the file in PDF format to distribute it or in advertising format to be able to modify it again.

Microsoft Publisher menu bar

Access is database software. It will allow you to organize data in tables, establish relationships between these tables and create requests in order to obtain the desired information. You can also create your own database applications thanks to Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). It is very specialized software for experienced users who use it. The files are in MDB or ACDB format.

Microsoft Access menu bar

OneNote is a digital notebook to collect and share your ideas. A block may contain several series of notes. Each block can include several pages and each page several floating entries and frames (you can even change the background color of the page). Notes can contain text, internet links, images and photos, symbols, emoticons, audio, drawings (a drawing module is available), etc. The note block being a shared and collaborative tool, the version historics are available. The format of the notes is one.

Microsoft OneNote menu bar

Finally, Outlook Allows you not only to manage email, but also your agenda and contacts. The application allows you to manage several email addresses, to create your own signature (as much as an e-mail address), to archive letters, etc. It even allows a display in discussion mode, very fashionable on webmail interfaces and which makes it possible to group messages from the same discussion on the same line (so as not to need to search for history). Calendar management allows the creation of alerts that are displayed in the form of a separate window so as not to forget your events. Regarding contacts, you can manage contact groups and create mailing.

Microsoft 365 tools

In addition to the usual applications (detailed above), Microsoft 365 These are also writing tools for writing, with Microsoft Editor. It is available in all applications of the office suite, but also in the form of an extension for Microsoft Edge (And Google Chrome)).

This is a writing assistant. As you type, it offers words or sentences. But that’s not all since it also allows you to change complete phrase pieces depending on the target for which you write. He is also able to identify French mistakes in your sentences, as well as rehearsals, and to suggest possible replacements. It is also he who manages the spelling and grammar corrector.

The effectiveness of Microsoft Editor will, of course, be linked to your subscription 365. If you do not have a subscription (use of the Office Web version), its features will be limited: grammar corrector and number of suggestions limited.

OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud backup platform. From the moment you have a Microsoft account (an email account is enough: hotmail, outlook, live, etc.) You have access to this storage space. It is free, but limited in size (5GB). This size changes as soon as you have a Microsoft 365 account.

Download Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft Office Mobile, free

In order to reach a wider audience, Microsoft has decided to develop a suite for mobile, smartphone or tablet (Android and iPad) device suite). Unlike her big sister, she is free (with limitations).

The publisher had already developed mobile applications of its office tools, but these were separated. Today you can download a mobile office version directly that contains them all. This allows you to centralize your data in a single application and go from one type of document to another more easily.

This version is accessible via a Microsoft account, if you don’t have one, its creation is free. Thanks to this, it will be connected to your account OneDrive. You can therefore access your documents directly from the application, open them to modify them, save new ones, etc. The tools present in this application are Word, Excel, Power point And OneNote.

Download Microsoft Office Mobile

You will also haveLens Office. It is a multiple tool that allows you to view PDF, but also to digitally sign files, create PDFs from images or other documents (in office format), and you can even scan documents in PDF (via the camera). The latter option has a very practical cropping and recovery tool. You can even add text or write by hand lifted (pencil), and choose the quality of the final document. Finally, know that you can use it to scan QR code.

But that’s not all, sinceLens Office also has a practical OCR recognition function (character recognition) which allows you to translate an image (photo of a document) in text. This can then be either shared directly or copied to then be opened in a text editor (Word, therefore). You can also transform an image into a table. These two publishers are very practical, especially if you take a picture of the documents that you will then need to modify (no need to retype everything !)).

A practical solution for acting everywhere with you, but which does not replace the full version.

Microsoft Office online, free

Microsoft also provides an online version, accessible without installation (just have a browser and an internet connection). Like the mobile version, it is available for free, with a Microsoft account. Likewise, it is connected to OneDrive, This is where you can access it.

The applications to which you have access from your browser are Outlook, OneDrive, Word, Excel, Power point, OneNote, Calendar, to do, Skype, Sway (which allows you to create information bulletins and other types of presentations), FORMS (to create forms).

Download Microsoft Office Online

For each application, you will find the same type of presentation as if you use the software installed on your computer. The menus are very similar and offer almost all options in the full version (layout tools in particular), you can even access Microsoft Editor (in limited version). For work in collaboration, you will also have access to the revision tool which allows you to add comments and follow the changes. Note, in Power point, The option of launching the slideshow that works as in the full version and appears in full screen.

This is a perhaps a little lightened version of Microsoft 365, but it is already very complete and adapts to your subscription as soon as you have one. Of course, it will not be able to replace 100 % the full version according to your needs, but it is a good tool that allows access to the office suite wherever we are. It allows in particular work in remote collaboration with your colleagues or your family.

If you have a 365 subscription, the specific premium features will be directly accessible to you. Premium features include: a more efficient version of Microsoft Editor Editor, advanced models for different applications, etc.

What are the news of the latest version of Microsoft 365 ?

First, know that Microsoft 365 and makes it the new name of Office 365. The software of the office suite is regularly updated in order to offer users the latest digital trends, notably with the integration of AI thanks to Binggpt.

With which Microsoft 365 bones compatible ?

If your computer is under windows, you will need a version 8.1 or 10 (including Windows 10 Mobile) in order to benefit from updates. For Windows 7, the development of the suite has been stopped, only security updates are still available (until January 2023). It is advisable to have at least 2GB of RAM and 4GB of disk space.

For Mac owners these are the last three macOS versions that are supported (the current one and the previous two). It is therefore advisable to keep your computer up to date. You will have to count 4GB of RAM and at least 4GB of available disk space.

In mobile version, you could initially download the separate applications of each item from the suite. In order to simplify things and allow you to group everything in the same application, Microsoft now offers a unique Microsoft Office application.

To operate Office for Android, you will need the latest Android updates: the supported versions are the last four major versions to date.

For iOS, you can download Office Mobile for your iPhone and iPad from iOS 11.0 (if you download Outlook, you will need iOS 12.0 minimum). In general, Office supports the last two versions of iOS to date.

Multiplateme thanks to its online version, it can indeed be used from any system (Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook) thanks to an Internet browser (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.)). Here no installation, you have access to all the suite regardless of your offer, only premium functions are activated or not.

What are the best alternatives to Microsoft 365 ?

LIBEROFICE is an open source office suite inspired by Microsoft’s suite, and based on another free suite called Open Office. These two suites are available under Windows, Mac and Linux. The development ofOpen Office is in a standstill, although the rest is always maintained, especially for security updates, this suite is able to open Microsoft formats, but also to create free formats (ODT, ODS, ODP). Regarding LIBEROFICE, The rest is regularly updated and even offers an extensions catalog, it can open the same file formats. The available tools are: Writer (word processor), Calc (spreadsheet), Impress (presentation) and Draw (layout).

WPS Office is a free office (with advertising) and multiplatform suite, but it goes further than the previous two since it is also available for download for mobile (Android and iOS). Also very complete, it has tools equivalent to those of Microsoft. A premium version makes it possible to remove advertisements and access further features, especially for PDF conversion management and cloud storage.

Google Drive is Google cloud storage with free online office (without advertising) integrated. It allows work in collaboration in a simple and effective way. The available tools are: a word processor (Google Docs), a spreadsheet (Google Sheets), a presentation application (Google Slides), a layout (Google Drawing), a forms creator (Google Forms), etc. To note that Docs, Slid And Sheets are available in mobile applications that allow you to create, modify and save your files directly on your smartphone or tablet from the cloud. They can then be managed directly from the application Google Drive. Microsoft and OpenOffice formats are supported.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

The most used office suite in the world with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, OneDrive.


Update date 09/21/2023
Licence Paying
Operating systems Android, iOS 15.0 or later, macOS, Windows
Category text editor
App Store note 4.7 • 64,930 votes
Play Store note 4.6 • 3,503,118 votes

Presentation of Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft 365 is a office suite. Formerly known as the Office 365, the software was designed by Microsoft before seeing the light of day in 2011. This includes many very popular tools such as the Office suite with Word, Excel and others while it also includes online services like Teams.

To date, Microsoft 365 remains the most popular office suite in the world, it is used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide, whether individuals or businesses. In order for its offer to be clearer, the company has renamed the latter while offering various paying subscriptions annually, these are now aimed at all users.

How to use Microsoft 365 ?

Download Microsoft 365 is simple and efficient. You must choose a subscription before installing each tool on your computer so that you can easily enjoy it afterwards.

First, Microsoft 365 brings together all the Office suite tools, here are the software you find in the office suite.

  • Word: word processor
  • Excel: spreadsheet, calculations and data analysis
  • PowerPoint: creation of presentation
  • Publisher: Computer assisted presentation (ITP)
  • Access: Relational database
  • OneNote: notes taking
  • Outlook: email messaging

In addition, Microsoft 365 includes online software, here is the detail.

  • Teams: videoconferencing
  • OneDrive: Cloud storage
  • Defender: safety of your device
  • Family SAFETY: Parental control (in the family offer)

Each software includes in Microsoft 365 remains very popular, especially for Office suite tools like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These tools are the references in their category, they no longer need to be presented in detail as they have been prized by the public for many years.

If you know less the other Microsoft 365 tools, such as Teams, know that this software allows you to make videoconferences while having messaging. It is particularly used in a professional setting, especially since the 2020 health crisis. This one works very simply, you can make video calls that bring together many users in addition to features such as the possibility of blurring their background.

Recently, Microsoft 365 includes Defender, a perfect tool to protect your computer from a single application. In fact, you have a centralized view to manage the security state of your personal data on your computers as well as your smartphones. The service is able to send you real -time alerts as well as safety recommendations and advice.

Download Microsoft 365 is paid, you must choose an offer within the range to access all the tools of the office suite. Several subscriptions are available, so that you can choose between versions for individuals or for companies. Here is the details of the prices and options available.


  • Staff: 69 euros including tax per year for a person and 1 TB of storage
  • Family: 99 euros including tax per year for six people and 6 to storage (1 TB per person)


  • Business Basic: 5.10 euros excluding tax per month and per user
  • Apps for business: 8.80 euros excl
  • Standard business: 10.50 euros HT per month and per user
  • Premium business: 18.60 euros HT per month and per user

If Microsoft 365 gives you access to the installation of all the office suite on your computer, know that you have another option. With Microsoft Office Online Free, you benefit from a light version of these same software from the mobile application or online service.

In fact, Microsoft Office Online Free is a free version of Microsoft 365, it brings together Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online and OneNote Onenote Onneote. You benefit from the main features of each tool of the company, these remain simpler than the paid offer.

What is the compatibility of the office suite ?

Download Microsoft 365 is possible from a computer, the office suite takes the form of an office application that is compatible with Windows and MacOS.

Otherwise, we recall that Microsoft 365, ex -office 365, is available on other devices. To do this, you have to turn to the Microsoft Office Online Free mobile application, this being compatible with iOS and Android. You can also access it from online service using any Internet browser. As a reminder, this includes several tools in lighter version, Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online and OneNote Onneote online.

What are the alternatives to Microsoft 365 ?

Microsoft 365 is the most popular office suite in the world. It can boast of including many tools that are intended to be powerful and effective at the same time, knowing that each of them is entitled to regular updates which allow you to add a little modernity over the years. Nevertheless, know that you can direct yourself towards alternatives, the main ones being represented by LibreOffice and OpenOffice.

If you want to choose open source office consequences rather than download Microsoft 365 (or Office 365), LibreOffice and OpenOffice are good options. First, these are free software that is completely free. Then you can install these tools on your computer, because each desktop application is compatible with Windows, MacOS as well as Linux.

LibreOffice and OpenOffice were born from a joint project before each sequel separates to continue its progress independently. In both cases, you will find equivalents of software highlighted on Microsoft 365, ie Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw and Math in place of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others.

If you want to satisfy an online office suite, you can choose Google Workspace. In this way, you can access all software from the mobile application or online service, it’s perfect if you don’t need desktop applications on your computer. The rest is free as part of personal use, you can take a paying subscription if you use it in a company.

With Google Workspace, you access Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, Calendar, Drive and Meet, ie Microsoft 365 equivalents. The latter compete directly with OneDrive for the storage of data in cloud and teams for videoconferences with messaging.