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Whether you are a private lover of beautiful images or a professional graphic designer, you will one day have a business at Adobe Photoshop for your artistic graphic artistic creations. For 30 years, the Adobe publishing company has been developing this emblematic software to add more features, while treating the user experience with an ergonomic and fluid interface.

Photoshop is one of the first graphic software to introduce the use of non -destructive layers to add elements in your project, overlap them and retouch them at any time at any time.

You can download Adobe Photoshop’s trial version for 7 days on the Windows 7/8/10 or Mac OS X 10 computers.13 or later. Note that a version for iPad tablets (iPados 13.4 or later) is also available in a 30 -day trial version.

What are the Photoshop photo editing features ?

Adobe Photoshop provides you with all the necessary tools to touch up your photos quickly. In addition to the classic editing tools (crop, cut, resize), you will have commands to rotate, return or refocus your photo. The perspective can also be corrected in a few clicks.

This powerful software is also able to delete a unsightly or unwanted element of your photo and reproduce your nearby environment without spending hours trying to copy and correct the background of the deleted element. And for a small imperfection, choose the localized correction tool for a retouching without false fitting.

For photo editing, users also have advanced settings to correct chromatic aberrations, change the shade of the photo, adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast, so as to bring out the shadows or the light areas.

On the other hand, if you are looking for software specializing in photo retouching, Adobe offers Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Who has a photo manager and many more advanced photo processing tools such as white balance, or correction of the veil. It natively supports files in raw RAW format and incorporates an AI which automatically makes optimal settings for a richer and more contrasting photo.

What are the drawing tools offered by Photoshop ?

Adobe Photoshop is also a drawing software that provides you with many pencils, brushes, brushes from which you can easily customize the tip, the layout, the thickness, the opacity, the color, etc. It is even possible to choose specific textures and patterns.

With Adobe Photoshop, it is possible to select a precise area of ​​your image, delete all the elements external to this area and to fill them automatically with a precise color. Note that the software has a color chart and a pipette, but also supports the hexadecimal color code.

For selection tools, Adobe Photoshop is also a pioneer. In addition to the geometric selection tools (rectangle, ellipse, etc.), it is possible to delimit a precise area of ​​your image freely (lasso) or depending on the color thanks to the famous magic wand.

Adobe also has a more specific and more advanced solution if you are looking for vector and matrix drawing software: Adobe Illustrator. With the Plume tool, you can easily create your routes, and thanks to the control handles, modify each curve.

What are the other creative features of Photoshop ?

For more creative users who wish to discover the advanced features of Photoshop, do not hesitate to test the clipping masks, the effects and filters to apply on your drawing or your photo.

The principle of a clipping mask is quite simple. You just have to create 2 layers below the other and activate a clipping mask to reveal the layer of below, simply applying black or white color (using a brush , with the filling of a selected area) on the top layer.

Filters and effects are also offered to embellish your images, and you can also add personalized text, create gradients, manage opacity, change resolution and export your work in many formats. The features of Adobe Photoshop are still very numerous.

Note that if you want to follow a training or access video tutorials to learn how to master Adobe Photoshop, you will find everything you need in the sections discover or training software, without leaving the interface. You can also follow our tutorials to find out how to create a Glow Effect with Adobe Photoshop.

You can download and install only Adobe Photoshop software, but know that it is also part of the suites Adobe Creative Cloud And Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan, Providing you with all Adobe software for a limitless digital graphic creation.

What are the new features 2021 for Adobe Photoshop ?

Adobe has developed on most software in its graphic range, an artificial intelligence called Sensei. It improves and automates the retouching of portraits. New filters are thus available to age a face, change the expression of facial features or change the skin color realistically. The neural filter is one of the most impressive advances in the software since it also allows you to change the direction of the head or even to colorize old photographs in black and white in one click.

For landscape lovers, it is not always easy to get the perfect sky and brightness. With its new tool “replace the sky”, they will be able to select a sky from the catalog of predefined skies and apply it in a few clicks.

New feature is also appearing: improving hair. Hair cutting was a particularly complex task, now facilitated by this selection tool specially designed for hairs and hair.

The month of August sees its share of new features appear with in particular intelligent tools to change the sky, as already offers Luminar AI of Skylum. The iPad version also has new features such as the magic wand, which allows you to make a selection from similar colors.

During the Adobe Max conference of October 26, 2021, a new online version of Adobe Photoshop was announced. Available for the moment in beta for Creative Cloud subscribers, it allows essential features of image touch -up without requiring the installation of a mobile application or PC software.

What are the new features 2023 for Adobe Photoshop ?

While artificial intelligence is on everyone’s lips, not only in terms of writing with Chatgpt but also in terms of image creation with Dall-E, Adobe offers her house, named Firefly, which she gradually integrates into her flagship software of his Creative Cloud suite. For the moment only available in beta version on Photoshop, the firefly already offers an impressive taste of its capabilities. In addition to proposing to completely change a background without going through the tedious cutting stages, Firefly incorporates a “generative filling” system which allows you to add material if you want to reframe your image, and a module linked to portraits that allows you to add elements such as a new haircut or accessories.


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“Not only we we fascinated to see Our Eyes in Such Detail, but our artwork Will Always mean a lot to us as it symbolises my first ‘i love you’ to greta.””

Joseph and Greta

“Not only we we fascinated to see Our Eyes in Such Detail, but our artwork Will Always mean a lot to us as it symbolises my first ‘i love you’ to greta.””

Joseph and Greta

“This is certainly the most beautiful” family portrait “or at least the one with the most striking symbolism that we have! The Acrylic Finish is magnificent!””


“How we aaring glasses since i was 3 years old and could never managers contacts. My Iris Photo Fills Me With Emotion Becaus It Allowed Me To See My Eyes for the First Time in My Life Without Glasses.””

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Bertrand (83 years old)

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