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A virtual piano is suitable for those who have never used real touches in their lives, but who wanted to play. The online version is exactly what you need in such a situation. Suddenly it will tighten ? Suddenly, a talent that was waiting only behind the scenes will prove to be ? The online digital piano recorder helps to answer these questions in the same way. He inspires those who take their first steps in studying music.

How to use the online piano ?

Rotation is used on mobile devices to make the keyboard of the horizontal piano for easy access to buttons. This will give a similar experience to a piano application. To go back, from full screen, press this button again.


To scroll through the octaves, activate this button and scroll the piano buttons horizontally. Once you have set the piano buttons, turn it off.


Show piano notes on the piano keys.


The sustain pedal means that the notes are maintained for a while after you have removed your finger from the keys. This piano pedal adds a legato effect to your music, helps connect notes and agreements together and soften the transitions.


The zoom allows you to adjust the size of the piano keys in three stages. Small, medium and large.


Learn the piano with predefined songs or download your favorite song Midi file to see how it is played on the piano.


The online piano is provided with almost all types of music instruments, you can select an instrument using the instrument selection button.


Above the piano keys, chord buttons allow you to play certain agreements by pressing a single button. You can change the octave of the chords using the button more less located on the left side.

  • A Major (A). A – C# – E
  • A Minor (AM). A – C – E
  • C Major (C). C – E – G
  • C Minor (cm). C – EB – G
  • D Major (D). D – F# – A
  • D Minor (DM). D – F – A
  • E major (e). E – G# – B
  • E Minor (EM). E – G – B
  • F Major (F). F – A – C
  • F Minor (FM). F – AB – C
  • G Major (G). G – B – D
  • G Minor (GM). G – BB – D

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Learn the piano


You have always wanted to play the piano, but you think it’s too late to start?

With easy piano you can learn to play piano quickly and for free thanks to an effective and different piano lesson from the classic method.


Piano scores

Online piano lessons

This piano lesson on the internet is directly intended for beginners: it is a kind ofLearn the piano for dummies. Indeed, written by a self -taught, the main goal is to obtain The fastest possible result in order to maintain the motivation that will push the beginner to go further then.

The program consists of 29 lessons and 44 exercises from zero level to the composition. The program is described below on the page.

Ipad piano video

Video practical exercises

The practical exercises presented in video (in the form of tutorial with the keyboard and the scroll partition) are specially composed in order to increase the level gradually as the lessons. These are easy -to -learn piano pieces and you are already playing from the first lesson!

In addition, the speed of the video is even adjustable.

Annotated piano scores

Simplified scores

We are not going to lie, writing the names of the notes within the scope is not the most motivating thing when learning the piano. To save yourself time, partitions of practical exercises are already annotated.

Laptop Piano Computer Application

Learn piano without piano

To be able to follow these lessons, it will be easier for you to learn the piano with a synthesizer or your own piano.

Pianofacile offers you easy to use and free software to play online piano with your computer keyboard.

Mobile tablet site

Tablet and mobile compatibility

Learning the piano alone is now possible everywhere, on all supports. The method is compatible with tablets and smartphones. A single small exception for two software (games and keyboard) which represents only one exercise on the 44 offered.

Piano progression

Follow -up of your progress

A personalized score system allows you to view your progress in learning the piano day after day.


What you think of it.

What makes this piano lesson for a single beginner ?

Learning the piano on the internet is possible, even if you have no basic knowledge on the subject.

Because this piano lesson is particularly suitable for beginners.

The secret is as follows:

The method tries to tend to teach you the piano without music theory. Thus, the first part of the course is targeted on reading partition while limiting music theory as much as possible. Here, no vocabulary or unnecessary concepts! The second part is intended to make you understand why we play the piano in a way and not from another. And that’s what will make all the difference.

More simply said:
Understand instead of learning!

Wait, you miss the best:

You are not alone! If you have a question, you can ask me directly via the contact page, I will answer it quickly.
Not bad huh?

Is it really free?

The free version of the course has 17 lessons that allow you Complete learning from the piano from the zero level, to the composition. Do not fear, you can finish the course without obligation to purchase.

By acquiring the complete method, you unlock Additional bonus lessons as well as a larger number of exercises (twice as much). You also have the possibility of receiving the book from the method directly at home.

and book
0 € 14. 90 € 29. 90 €
Lessons 17 29 29
Exercises 21 40 40
Games 1 4 4
Annotted partitions 0 12 12
Private zone access No Yes Yes
Slowed down videos No Yes Yes
Book shipped No No Yes
Learn more Learn more Learn more

So it’s how much per month?

Zero! Nothing! Nada!
Pianofacile does not invoice No monthly or annual fees. If you want to unlock the site, you only pay once for unlimited and free access.

My personal story
(and how you will benefit from it)

I always wanted to learn to play the piano, but did not have the chance to have learned to play it as a child. While some played the guitar or the violin, I couldn’t do anything.

music notes

When we entered the big leagues, taking the plunge is always more complicated: you sometimes wonder if it’s not too late.

Too old or old? More capable?

So, thinking it was too late to start, I had abandoned the idea of ​​taking piano lessons.

So I decided to manage on my own and learn the piano in self -taught, I told myself that pressing touches in a certain order was not physically very complicated. For me, the piano was a code, or an unknown language that must be deciphered. So I took a partition and learned to read it. A few months later, I played my first songs, without understanding the “why”, but just by performing.

And that’s where it starts to be interesting:

The more the pieces were linked, the more I started to see the way the pieces are built and the recurring appearance of the same agreements. Thus, I started to discover “rules”, “principles”, in short “stuff” for Do not just learn, but understand the piano. These tips now allow me to find a song without the help of partitions.

By comparing my vision of the piano to traditional music lessons, I realized that it was possible to improve piano lessons. So I decided to create this site in order to allow more efficient adult piano learning. A new way of learning differently.

In these lessons, you will learn the minimum of music theory and musical theory to play a song with the scores, then you will especially benefit from all the things that I discovered.

So you will learn but above all to understand the piano.

And can everyone get there?

The learning speed depends mainly on the time you spend learning and your ear but rest assured, anyone can play the piano easily! If you are really motivated, you will get there.

And if you think you are too old or old to learn the piano, then know that learning a musical instrument allows you to create neural connections that compensate for the cognitive decline due to aging. So no more apologies!

I’m starting now

What is the course program?

Let’s start with the first part.

To learn the piano on this site, simply follow all the lessons and exercises in order. Brick after brick, knowledge is built. During the first lesson, the main concept taught is simple: learning the names of the notes on the piano keyboard.

Piano keyboard keys

The goal is to be able to name each white touch of the piano. This is an essential step in order to then easily go to the following steps. Indeed, before learning a language, we learn the alphabet. Here it’s the same, At the first lesson, we learn the notes on the keyboard. You can then say “this touch is a floor”, “and this one re”. To do this, you will be essential to make a little memorization effort to remind you of the following note: do, re, mi, fa, sol, la and if. But with a little luck, this knowledge will only reappear from the bottom of your memory of your music lessons at school. Do you remember? The beak flute or xylophone?

When you start the piano, you don’t necessarily have an instrument available. A bonus lesson arrives at this time in the program to present you the different possibilities that you have among the very wide choice which is offered on the Internet and in the stores of musical instruments. A synthesizer or a master keyboard ? A straight piano or a digital piano ? There is no ready -made answer to these questions. Each instrument has its advantages and disadvantages which are presented points after points, step by step. You will then know, also depending on your budget and your expectations, which instrument turn.

Then we continue with the reading of a simple score that presents an easy melody. You will then learn what a range is and how the notes are presented. That’s when we’re going to talk about ground key. Basically, you will see how you can write music in a more compact and complete way than just writing ” Do, Mi, La, Sol, Si, Ré »On a piece of paper. You will learn to read your first partition.

soil key partition

This knowledge will immediately be used during the practical exercise of the lesson where you will learn a new little piece with the first time of the score. You can, to help you at the start, download the score with the names of the notes already indicated on it.

One of the first challenges when learning the piano is to position her hands and his body compared to the piano. Indeed, once opposite the keyboard, you can be easily impressed by the 88 keys of the piano. With only 10 fingers (for most of us), It seems almost impossible to be able to play simply without twisting your hand in all directions. Yet it is quite possible. Thanks to some tips, you will see how to position your hands so that you can play in a comfortable way without too much tension. Wait, that’s not all ! If you are stuck and you don’t know how to use your fingers during practical exercises, then You can just look on the score The fingering used. Indeed, above each note is placed a number of 1 to 5 which corresponds to the fingers of the hand.

Easy is it? Does that then complicate?

When you start to learn the piano, it is not always easy to know how to go about learning a new song or what resources to use. “Bin, to learn a song, you just need a score ! »» Are you going to say to me .. Well not necessarily. First, there are several types of partition and certain partitions are not really adapted to your needs. We must make the difference between a partition of solo piano and accompaniment for example … However, the score is by far the only way to learn the piano. There are more and more tutorials (said “tutorials”) On YouTube for example. Or else, if we have a developed musical sense, we can squarely try the game in the ear. In short, this is an overview of the subjects discussed during the pianofacile piano course.

Tutorials Learn the piano

Once it happened at this stage of the course, we start serious things because we go on the slightly more advanced partition reading, That is to say that we no longer speak of a simple melody of one note after another (like brother Jacques for example), but rather in chords, that is to say play several notes at the same time. And you will see it, that makes all the difference. But rest assured, there will not be much additional theory to read to understand how we present the agreements on a partition. Quickly you will jump directly from the practical exercise of the lesson and will test your new knowledge with your first song with agreements.

Then you will face a wall.

Serious ? A wall, downright ?

This is the step which is, in my opinion, the most difficult to overcome when learning the piano: playing with both hands. A bit like when you learn the bicycle, you start with the small wheels, then when you remove them, you feel like you can no longer ride and have to start all over again. Here this is a bit the case, but keep all your energy and your motivation because, once this step behind you, you have done the hardest and you can then Already playing a wide palette of normal difficulty For an amateur pianist.

At this stage of the course, we will make a little detour to the piano crankset. You have never wondered What are the three piano pedals for ? The most important is the right, maybe you already know it ? We will then see what is the effect of each pedal and especially how to use them. You will see that by mastering the main pedal (called sustain pedal or strong pedal) You will learn to play by linking notes together. So your game will sound less jerky and more harmonious.

Then comes one of the last stages before the end of the first part of the course: reading the alterations on the partition. What is that ? Well from this moment, you will learn to use the black keys of the piano. You will see what is a downside or a youth. You will see thatA tie is not only useful on Twitter And that he has a more marked utility in music 😉


In this part you will also see how we transcribe the rhythm of a song on a partition. We will then learn what a round, a white, a black, a hook and a double hook for example. And thus end the first part of the course.

It’s already over ? No, This is where it starts to be really interesting.

And it is above all this part of the course that is unique. And you will see why:

Second (and last) part of the course

Indeed, the first part of the course is ultimately quite common. The other methods also have the same concepts. Learning to read a partition is what most beginners on the piano want to know and that’s what this first part is used. However, if the course stopped there, you would be unable to understand what you play, unable to detach yourself from the partitions and suddenly incapable of improvising or composing. It is however such a pleasure to see a piano in a station or in a bar and being able to sit there and improvise without your partition notebook with you. You imagine yourself ? Well this is precisely the objective of the second half of the course. It is in this part that you will say to yourself several times “Ahhh ! That’s why we’re doing this ! »».

We will already start by understanding how the ranges work and why some songs contain a lot of downside or diès when others do not have them at all. You will see how Transforming a song with difficult appearance into an easier piece. Indeed, most people think that when playing the piano, we use all keyboard keys. But that’s wrong. Among the 12 unique piano keys, there are only 7 (most of the time). Understanding this aspect greatly simplifies the understanding of the structure of songs of music.

Once the principle of the ranges included, we will see together how we build an agreement. And also, how we overcome melody and agreement together. Also, depending on the type of agreement used, the part that is played with the left hand is automatically determined. This means that If I give you an agreement with your right hand, you know exactly what to do with your left hand. Understanding this also makes it possible to minimize the information to remember when you want to learn by heart what you play. Because, it is quite possible to reduce a series of 8 keys played at a time in a single information to remember. This compression simplifies music in a very important way.

To test these new concepts, we will take the example of Let it Be of the Beatles and we will dissect the song. You will see, we find there the structures and agreements that are presented in the course.

To finish the course in apotheosis, the last lessons will aim for the ultimate grail: Know how to compose your own songs at the piano. Who has not dreamed of inventing music himself ? Well it’s easier than you think. If you’ve ever singed a melody that does not exist in the shower, then you’ve already made halfway. These last lessons will present the structure of a song and how we can, from a simple skeleton, chosen at random, add the agreements and the melody to create a compact and coherent piece. And that’s how the course will end.

Save the plunge and join the 15,000 students who launch each month in learning this beautiful instrument.
(Calculated on the number of students having at least reached the 4th lesson).

Online piano

User profile

If you don’t have a real piano to make music, create melodies or simply play for fun, it’s a good idea to learn the online piano, especially because it’s free. You don’t need to buy equipment, everything you need is a computer and internet access. It’s very practical because before buying a real instrument, you can try to play and to create your music Using only free software and make sure it is yours that does not spend money. There are many free online virtual pianos websites you can use, but the main advantage of Online sequencer Amped Studio is its functionality.

It has certain important features and offers you:

  • Traditional DAW functionality . Amped Studio is musical creation software and a usual audio editor but operating in a browser. He doesn’t need to be installed on PC. Just open the application link, access the keyboard piano website and you can start creating your own rhythm or melody, saving voices, editing sound, etc. Use your disk space for these purposes;
  • VST support . In fact, the Beatmaker online Amped Studio is the first piano with computer keyboard that supports VST plugins. If the resources of the application are not enough, you can connect an instrument or an external effect and use it according to your needs. This considerably widens your possibilities in terms of production, sound engineering and sound design;
  • PWA application . Amped Studio has a PWA application for chrome OS. This means that it is available for Chromebook users. It is very widespread in children because it is quite cheap and includes all basic IT functions. Amped Studio is therefore a good way to captivate the child with music simply by giving him the opportunity to play the piano on a laptop just for fun;
  • Hmm Beatz . It is a special plugin in amped studio that allows you to convert your voice to melody. For example, if you do not know the musical notation but you want to play online piano touches to create your own song or melody, this tool will be very useful to you. Simply create a new audio track for voice recording, sing a melody and save it, turn on Humbeatz and it will convert the audio resulting online lunch. Then you can include a synthesizer or a sampler, correct the notes using the editor Midi and further develop the idea by trying to transform it into a real piece.

Play the online piano using your computer keyboard at any time anywhere, anywhere. Amped Studio offers a virtual instrument with which you can practice music, even if there is no synthesizer or keyboard nearby. The virtual piano helps musicians of all levels compose melodies, learn agreements and have fun.

On which devices the digital piano website does it work ?

The virtual piano keyboard works via an internet browser. Therefore, it works on any platform on which Chrome, Firefox, Opera or any other similar application is installed.

  • PC;
  • Laptop.

It is not a program in the traditional sense, neither an application nor even a plugin. You must use an online virtual piano, directly on the web, it does not require download, installation and library download. You will also not need browser extensions. There are two ways to press the keys.

  • Play on the computer keyboard;
  • Click with the mouse on the piano keys in the web application

What is a practical virtual piano keyboard ?

The inspiration is unpredictable: it can arise at the most inappropriate moment. It happens all the time: you are on the bus, and suddenly a brilliant musical sentence comes to mind. The online musical keyboard with appropriate samples and the possibility of its subsequent treatment is irreplaceable at the moment. Just connect the helmet to your smartphone and select the notes on which it is played to remember.

Or you are seated in pairs, falling asleep under the teacher’s monotonous grunts, and a crazy hook suddenly arises in your half -sleeping consciousness. You open a virtual piano keyboard with a keyboard on your tablet – and quickly work the notes sequence.

And if, by compiling the annual report, you suddenly find an incredible harmonic movement ? Few people have a piano in their desk. But directly on the office PC, you can check the sound of the new harmony and record piano agreements online.

What are the opportunities for a digital computer piano ?

It is a polyphonic instrument, it can play several sounds at the same time. Therefore, you can play agreements on it or direct a line in a voice. Our virtual piano has a metronome, several modes to adjust sound to your taste and other functions.

  • Imitation of different instruments;
  • Superimpose sound effects;
  • Connection of a MIDI keyboard;
  • Recording and assembly.

It is possible to connect external keys and use your MIDI piano online. The switching between the instruments allows you to instantly check the sound of the melody if it is interpreted by a violin, a guitar, an organ or a piano. You can therefore immediately imagine the backbone of the arrangement in your head.

If you make up music in a collective, the invented fragment can be immediately recorded, corrected and sent to the co-author to work with it further. Recording from the piano simulator keyboard also allows you to share music with friends or listen to it after a while and make changes.

The program has an intuitive interface which can be easily understood, even by someone who has never seen neither piano synthesizer nor any other virtual keyboard. The keys are marked with letters – it is impossible to be wrong.

How to play the online piano for beginners ?

A virtual piano is suitable for those who have never used real touches in their lives, but who wanted to play. The online version is exactly what you need in such a situation. Suddenly it will tighten ? Suddenly, a talent that was waiting only behind the scenes will prove to be ? The online digital piano recorder helps to answer these questions in the same way. He inspires those who take their first steps in studying music.

You do not need to know how to hold your hands well, how to position your fingers on the black and white keys, how to read the notes. The skills are not at all required. A person gets used to match the screen keys and the computer buttons in a few minutes. It’s even easier to play on a tablet.

How do musicians use the computer piano ?

Melodies appear without warning. While you connect a midday keyboard to your computer and load plug-ins, the music suddenly leaves that it came. Forgetting a cool sentence, losing a pattern, moving away from the subject is the most offensive thing for producers and musicians. Something valid may not happen for months.

And the computer piano keyboard helps a lot in such cases. There is no need to connect, install, download anything. Everything works both. If you add a site to your favorites, it can be open instantly, with one click.

Otherwise, how to use the web piano ?

Amped Studio is therefore a full DAW which will suit beginners as well as to professionals. It is an excellent software to start and continue to develop in music as producer or sound engineer. If you are looking for a free online piano keyboard, just press the keys, play melodies and see what will be the result – welcome!

Our application is made as simple and user -friendly as possible. Each person can start in a creative way from here and everything is prepared for your professional growth. Here you can find not only free virtual piano sounds, but also many samples of different instruments (violins, organs, guitars, strings, etc.) and synthetic sounds in different types of music.

If you want to do all the arrangement with battery, voice and accompanying sound content, you have everything here, not just an interactive piano keyboard. Who knows, perhaps that from a simple composition of melodies, you can create once a world hit.

Many people visit the page just to have fun, have fun and improvise. You can play online lunch piano to relax and feel new emotions.

Open it with friends on several laptops and have fun together. Organize a real orchestra or group. There are all the sounds for that, even the percussion. This is an unusual format of communication and entertainment.

The virtual piano on the Internet helps many people learn. If you read a theoretical article, for example, on frets or chords, just go from one tab to another and immediately have a Dorienne fret, an extended agreement or anything else on the keys.

Join the community of online musicians. Create, learn, enjoy. That your music always stays with you, it doesn’t matter where you are.

Start now and see how easy it is.

  • 1 creator of Beat
  • 2 song creator
  • 3 audio editor
  • 4 rhythm box
  • 5 online piano
  • 6 song recording
  • 7 Midi Publisher
  • 8 Agreement progression generator
  • 9 Voice recorder
  • 10 Cut the sound

Music generator Ai Studio amplified

Make generative music
with artificial intelligence

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Sign up for free and get a project for free

Join our community, which already has more than 200,500 users !

Amped studio students will create the future

Get total freedom!

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