Download Chrome OS Flex for free for Windows, MacOS, how to install Chrome OS Flex today to bring an old PC to life?

How to install Chrome OS Flex today to bring an old PC to life 

Launch Chrome then click the extensions access button represented by a part of puzzle, At the top right of the window. At the bottom of the menu that is displayed, click on Chromebook Recovery Utility.

Download Chrome OS Flex

Chrome OS Flex is the new operating system developed by Google. Lighter, less greedy and faster, it is intended to revive your old Windows or Mac PCs.


Chrome OS Flex is the new Google operating system, based on Chromeos, the system deployed on Chromebook type computers. The particularity of these systems is to operate mainly in a web environment and thus to request computer resources.

Indeed, all application services are in the cloud, with Google Chrome Used as a web browser. Thus, you can benefit from all Google tools for word processing, for storage, for your emails, for your photos, directly on the internet. You have fewer updates to do, there is no more software that starts at start -up and therefore your computer starts faster, is much faster and the rest for a few more years.

Although Google recommends Chrome OS Flex for companies and schools, which mainly need web solutions and require a substantial management of a computer fleet, everyone can install this operating system on its old Windows or Mac PCs or Mac. System installation is indicated as very fast and very easy. For handling, you will certainly need in time to adapt, but ultimately, it is above all the web browser that will be requested.

Chrome OS Flex requires to operate a 64 -bit processor, 4 GB of memory and 16 GB of storage. Just a bootable USB key and fill out a form to download the file. If you are not sure that the system will work well on your machine, Google has published a Compatible certified computers list.

On the other hand, unlike Chromeos, Chrome OS Flex does not support Android applications or virtual machines (VM). However, it has an integrated safety module.


Last update July 15, 2022
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Operating systems Windows, MacOS
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How to install Chrome OS Flex today to bring an old PC to life ?

Google has just unveiled Chrome OS Flex, a version of chrome OS installed on any PC or Mac. For the time being available in preversion, Chrome Os Flex can already be installed. here’s how.

You can now officially install Chrome OS on any PC. Google unveiled a few days ago Chrome Os Flex, a modified version of Chrome OS based on Cloudready. This operating system developed by Neverware (which has belonged to Google since December 2020) is based on Chromium OS.

To put it simply, Google used all the development work carried out on Cloudready by the Neverware teams to develop Chrome OS Flex. This new OS, which can be installed on any PC or Mac, is a new alternative to bring an old machine back to life.

Ultimately, Chrome OS Flex is led to replace Cloudready. Current users of the Neverware OS, however, have no problem doing: Google has clearly indicated that they will be offered to migrate to Chrome Os Flex as soon as the operating system is available in stable version.

Always under development, Chrome Os Flex is already available in pre-driver. You can install it today on your machine, provided, however, accept the risks involved, in particular to undergo bugs and other instability.

To do this, you need a machine equipped with an Intel or AMD 64 -bit processor, at least 4 GB of RAM and with at least 16 GB of storage space. You will also need a USB key of at least 8 GB to create the startable installation medium.

To discover also on video:

1. Install Chromebook Recovery Utility

To be able to create a USB installation key Chrome OS Flex, You must go through the web browser Google Chrome. If not already done, download and install it on your machine.

You will then need to install Chromebook Recovery Utility In Google Chrome. This utility runs from Chrome and allows you to create an installation (or catering) USB key for Chromebookbook. Here in this case, it will serve us to create a USB installation keystone of Chrome Os Flex.

2. Launch Chromebook Recovery Utility

Launch Chrome then click the extensions access button represented by a part of puzzle, At the top right of the window. At the bottom of the menu that is displayed, click on Chromebook Recovery Utility.

3. Create the installation USB key

In principle, a new window for Create a recovery medium For your Chromebook should have opened on your machine. Click on the button To start.

In the next window, the tool asks you toIdentify your Chromebook. The installation USB key is not here for a Chromebook but intended to Install Chrome OS FLEX On a PC or Mac, click on Select a model from a list.

Click on the drop -down menu Select a manufacturer, Then select Chrome OS Flex.

In the drop -down menu Select a product, Only one choice is offered: Chrome OS Flex (Developer-Unstable). Choose this option and click on Continue.

Then insert a USB key from at least 8 GB in your computer, click on the drop -down menu Select And choose your USB key. Finally click on Continue.

You are now about to delete all data stored on your USB key. Click on the button Create To launch the creation of the Installation USB Starting of Chrome OS Flex.

Take your pain in patience, the process can take more than fifteen minutes.

4. Start your machine on the USB key

To be able to install Chrome OS Flex On a PC, you must enter the BIOS/UEFI to modify the order of Boot of this. Manipulation, which differs on each machine, is sometimes indicated when the computer starts. It is very often necessary to use the ESCHAP, Delete, F1, F2, F8 or F10 keys. Refer to the manual of your computer, or go to the manufacturer’s website to try to find the exact handling in the support pages.

If you plan to install Chrome OS Flex on an old man Mac, You only have to keep the key Alt at start -ups to select the disk you want to start on.

5. Install Chrome OS FLEX

Once your machine has booted the installation USB key Chrome OS Flex, You should arrive on the home installation assistant page.

You will obviously have to change the language and select the keyboard arrangement corresponding to your machine before clicking on the button First step.

Chrome OS Flex, or rather Cloudready 2.0, can be installed directly (button Install Cloudready 2.0), or executed live from the USB key (Try first)).

Opt first for this option to discover the interface and familiarize yourself with if you have never used Chrome OS.

When you are ready to install it, you will only have to follow the detailed indications in the installation assistant to properly configure your machine. You will have to connect it to your Wi-Fi network, and identify yourself using your Google account to finalize the configuration.