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And if you think you are unbeatable on French music or that of the 80s, test your knowledge with blind tests (the premium subscription gives the right to more blind tests) to do solo or multiplayer mode (in the same place or distance). Each player has 30 seconds and 4 response proposals, to find the title of a song and more, he answers quickly and more, he earns points. Note that the Premium subscription allows you to create your own blind tests.



Listen to the titles, albums and artists you want, or you want and when you want with Deezer.

The French musical streaming platform has several million titles to listen to you or on the go. Take advantage of all this for free or subscribe to the premium account to get rid of advertising and random mode and download your songs for offline listening.

With Deezer Flow, discover the music that suits you, also browse the recommendations and mix to deepen your discoveries. Leave your old library for unlimited music and discoveries !

But Deezer, it’s not just streaming music, it’s also podcasts, radios, blind tests and links to purchasing platforms for concerts.

How to work Deezer ?

One of the main advantages of Deezer is its impressive musical catalog. With millions of titles available, you can find practically all the songs you are looking for. Deezer covers a wide range of musical genres, ranging from pop to rock, including hip-hop, jazz, classical music and much more. Whether you are a fan of the latest hits or prefer less known nuggets, Deezer has everything to satisfy your musical tastes.

Whether you are on the mobile application or the online service, the interface remains sober, functional, perfectly understandable and navigable for any user. In addition, to simplify uses, most musical streaming applications arise in the same way, for the main listening features.

When you connect to Deezer, you arrive on the home page. This is where you will find personalized recommendations based on your musical tastes, popular playlists and the latest outings, provided you have created a free account. You will also find the flow there and some themes according to your mood of the moment (the Moods): motivation, evening, chill, you & me, focus, etc.

Interface and page D

Then use the search bar to find artists, albums or specific songs. You can also filter results by gender or popularity. At the bottom of the screen are the reading controls (play, break, go to the next title or return to the previous one, time slider, heart to add this title to your favorites, see the words, the settings audio quality, reading mode, etc.)).

In the left column, you will find the music menu which allows you to return to the home page, the Podcasts menu to access the catalog of podcasts sorted by categories, on the radio menu to find all the radios and webradios (a menu Unroll allows you to filter by: recommended, general practitioners, pop, rock, rap & hip-hop, jazz or classic), the concerts menu to find concerts near you and links to the purchase platforms of tickets, the Menu Browse List all categories, genres and podcasts by category, and finally the favorite menu replaces the old library menu.

Since this specific section which is dedicated to you, you can find your “favorites”, that is to say all the music, artists, albums, playlists and any content for which you clicked on the icon of the heart. The other menus in the left column (playlists, albums, artists and podcasts) are shortcuts to tabs of favorites.

Favorite section in Deezer

In the Playlist section, you can create and manage your own playlists. You can also explore the playlists created by other users and add them to your collection. Click on the + button Create a playlist, give a name and possibly a description to your reading list, an illustration image. By default, any reading list is public, unless you specify in the configuration options that it is private (that you alone can see). Note that it is also possible to activate the collaborative option, allowing you to invite friends to visualize and add titles.

Create your own playlists to share with Deezer

Among the other interesting features, we can cite the transcription tool for the words of the songs that you can activate with the micro icon, displayed on the same line as the title. Note that if it is not displayed, it is that the lyrics are not available.

Deezer is also a community platform where users can share their playlists and discover those of others. You can follow your friends (following) and be followed (followers), favorite artists and musical influencers to stay up to date with their latest discoveries. You can also share your favorite songs and playlists on social networks and invite your friends to listen to them.

And if you think you are unbeatable on French music or that of the 80s, test your knowledge with blind tests (the premium subscription gives the right to more blind tests) to do solo or multiplayer mode (in the same place or distance). Each player has 30 seconds and 4 response proposals, to find the title of a song and more, he answers quickly and more, he earns points. Note that the Premium subscription allows you to create your own blind tests.

A novelty, recently added, invites you to replace and delete a title of your reading list, when it is no longer “available” in your country. Click on the inverted double arrows icon to view the securities offered to replace.

Replace titles that are no longer available in your Deezer playlist

With which OS Deezer is compatible ?

Deezer is available on a variety of operating systems, which allows you to access your favorite music from any device. Whether you use a Windows computer, a Mac, an Android smartphone or an iPhone, you can take advantage of Deez by downloading the corresponding application or by accessing online service via your web browser.

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Deezer is a musical streaming platform. This is a service launched in France in 2007, the growth of the latter was impressive to the point that it raised 160 million euros in 2018. That same year, the company therefore joined the very closed club of unicorns, these startups valued at more than a billion dollars which are not listed on the stock market. Note that the company finally made its IPO during 2022.

In 2022, Deeezer has more than 90 million titles, which placed the streaming platform alongside Musical Streaming Giant like Prime Music or Spotify.

90 million titles in 2022. Deezer editorializes its content by establishing playlists as well as his algorithm Flow, which recommends new songs according to the musical tastes of the user.

Deezer operation

Download Deezer is simple. To start, the best is to choose a paid offer so as not to have to undergo advertising and to take advantage of all the features, you have the possibility to take one of the three available subscriptions, we will detail these afterwards. To do this, you have to create an account and connect to the platform.

From then on, Deezer gives you access to all his catalog, that is many musical pieces, radios as well as podcasts. Like its competitors, it has some exclusives which are sometimes available on the platform before arriving at competitors also. You have the possibility of creating playlists and adding songs by genre, theme or others, you are free to create as many playlists as you want.

When you launch a song, Deezer also displays the lyrics, it’s perfect for following a title as if to use the service in karaoke mode when you have an evening with friends, for example.

Deezer also allows you to enjoy an offline mode. With this one, you can download songs directly on the platform to find them on it even when you do not have a network or wifi. It is particularly effective when you are in public transport, but also by train or by plane, for example.

Deezer’s other advantage is the Flow functionality that launches a random playlist made up of musical pieces appreciated by the user and recommended titles. The algorithm is based on user tastes, like his research, his favorite songs or the musical genres listened to by the latter.

With Deezer’s Songcatcher functionality, you can also identify a song instantly by humming, singing or whistling.


It is possible to download Deezer from the device of your choice. Indeed, you can take advantage of the desktop application on your computer provided that it has the Windows 7 and MacOS 10 operating system.10 or a more recent version. For its part, the mobile application is available on Android and iOS.

On the other hand, Deezer also accessible accessible via an internet browser from the operating system of your choice (Windows, MacOS, Linux). That’s not all, because we also find the musical streaming platform on several connected objects such as Apple Watch, Fibtit, Garmin or those equipped with Wear Os. It is the same for smart TVs or cars using Android Auto, BMW, Apple Carplay and others systems.


You can download Deezer and enjoy the free version, but several features will not be available. As we have said, the musical songs will be interspersed with advertising while you will not be able to download songs to listen to them with the out -of -connection. The best is therefore to take a monthly subscription to the streaming platform. Here is the details of the offers and prices at present.

  • 10.99 euros per month
  • An account
  • 17.99 euros per month
  • Six accounts
  • 0.99 euros for six months then 5.99 euros per month
  • An account

All Deezer’s offers are no timelessness, you can terminate when you want. It is also possible to take a formula for the year to benefit from a discount on the overall subscription. Sometimes know that you also benefit from a three -month -old test.

Alternatives to Deezer

Deezer is a great musical streaming platform. Of French origin, it brings together many musical pieces as well as various podcasts which allow users to find all their favorite titles thanks to simple and effective features. Nevertheless, there are some effective alternatives to the service, such as Prime Music.

Rather than downloading Deezer, you can choose Prime Music, this is the platform launched by the Amazon giant a few years ago now. The operation is the same, namely that you must take a subscription to benefit from all the qualities of the service. The nuance lies in the fact that you must subscribe to the Prime program to access music and podcasts, it also includes fast and free delivery if you order on the eCommerce site as well as the Prime Video streaming platform. The price is 6.99 euros per month or 69.90 euros per year.

With Amazon Prime Music, you benefit from fairly similar features to Deezer, be able to listen to many pieces, add them in favorite or make playlists that you can modify and rename. With the subscription, you listen to music without advertising and you have an offline mode.

Otherwise, Deezer’s other rival is Spotify. Of Swedish origin, the platform has been number 1 in the world for several years thanks to a simple and effective interface. It is also found in the form of a mobile or desktop application for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS, you must also choose between different subscriptions which are quite similar to those of its counterpart of French origin.

With Spotify, you will find tons of pieces and podcasts that you can store in playlists to listen to them later. We also find the offline mode and many playlists designed by the platform to highlight the most listened to France or elsewhere, these are regularly updated.