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The best of online confidentiality

Regarding the security part, Brave Wallet does not require any extension or additional download. You will only have to enter a password to protect your assets. This is to be defined in the “portfolio” section of the browser. In order to avoid any attempted fraud, the tool even offers a 12 -words recovery sentence. The latter will help you access your account if you have ever forgotten your password, but it is just as useful in the event of theft or loss of your device.


Say goodbye to integrated advertisements with brave, the secure, fast and free web browser !

Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS

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Three times faster than Chrome, Brave is a web browser that provides better protection of your personal data and safer navigation. With this tool, you will no longer be disturbed by unwanted advertisements on the web pages you consult. Compatible with almost all operating systems.

  • Why use brave ?
  • How to use brave ?
  • What are the alternatives to brave ?

Why use brave ?

Launched in 2016, Brave is a browser that offers new user browsing experience by changing the operation of online advertising. It will above all block integrated or native advertisements which sometimes hide trackers or malicious software. This browser, in addition to being quick at loading speed, is less bulky. Indeed, it is only 1.24 MB, against 1.8 MB for Chrome.

A more careful interface

Like its main competitors such as Chrome, DDG, Edge, Safari or Firefox, Brave seduces mainly for its aesthetics. In addition, whatever the platform you use, the dark mode can always be activated. In terms of personalization, you even have the possibility of choosing a wallpaper by going to the brave Web Store.

Earn money using brave !

This browser has brave wallet, a wallet you can accumulate cryptocurrencies (BAT: BASIC CAPE TOKEN) monthly when you sail on the web. Admittedly, this browser blocks unwanted advertisements, but it also wants to offer another image of the operation of online advertising. This is why he offers users a reward system on visualization of advertisements. In general, platforms broadcasting advertisements such as Facebook Business take all the income generated by advertising. Brave, for its part, will only keep 30 % of the income provided by advertisements and it will redistribute the remaining 70 % to its users.

Regarding the security part, Brave Wallet does not require any extension or additional download. You will only have to enter a password to protect your assets. This is to be defined in the “portfolio” section of the browser. In order to avoid any attempted fraud, the tool even offers a 12 -words recovery sentence. The latter will help you access your account if you have ever forgotten your password, but it is just as useful in the event of theft or loss of your device.

How to use brave ?

Brave works on all operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Fedora and Debian. You can download it for free from the brand’s official website. On mobile, this browser requires at least Android 4.1 or iOS 12.0. Not only does it integrate an advertising blocker, but it is also fast and secure, while optimizing your mobile data. The mobile version can be directly downloaded from Google Play or AppStore.

What are the alternatives to brave ?

Brave is particularly appreciated for its speed and the level of security it offers to its users. It is three times faster than the Google browser and has some similarities with Firefox, especially in the process of blocking advertising monitoring devices. In terms of personalization, Brave has nothing to envy its competitor Safari from Apple.

The best of online confidentiality

Navigate in private. Do private research. Free yourself from web giants.

Three times faster than Chrome. Better protection against Google and web giants.

Brave Browser Screenshot

No longer be followed online

By default, Brave blocks trackers and unpleasant advertisements on all the websites you visit. And these advertisements that follow you on the whole canvas ? We also block them.

Simplified online confidentiality

All the advantages of advertising blocking, incognito windows, private research and even a VPN. All in one download.

Online Privacy Illustration

Change in 60 seconds

Quickly import your favorites, extensions and even your recorded passwords. The best of your old browser, but more secure. A few seconds are enough to change.

Switch to private browsing illustration

The new super application

Brave offers truly independent searches, free video calls, offline reading lists and even a customizable news feed. All in complete confidentiality and directly in your super navigation application.

Private Browser App Illustration

Confidentiality that is no doubt

The absence of unpleasant advertisements and trackers means a fewer (visible or hidden) elements on the sites you consult. This also results in a faster loading of pages, greater autonomy of your battery and even a reduction in mobile data consumed.

Fastest Browser Illustration

Default online confidentiality: Brave compared to other browsers

Blocked invasive advertisements

Blocked intersitis tracers

Fail by unique digital imprint (tracers without cookies)

Protection against malware and phishing*

Protections in the face of the follow -up of rebounds

Anonymized network routing (TOR mode)

* Secure navigation on Google + Protection against malware and phishing thanks to lists enriched by users. The table describes the default browser configurations.

Advanced features

All that interests you is confidentiality ? No problem. Just download and enjoy
You are looking for a tailor -made experience ? Brave also offers excellent personalization features:

    Secure Browsing Illustration

Advanced security

Brave Rewards Illustration

Integration of integrated IPFS, onion routing with TOR, personalized filter lists and other safety features.

Brave awards

Crypto Wallet Illustration

Accumulate cryptocurrency to thank you for your attention by opting for direct advertisements that preserve your confidentiality.


More than 50 million people (a constantly increasing figure) trust Brave to navigate the web faster and more secure: join them !

Import the favorites and extensions of your old browser in one click.

Is the Brave browser secure ?

Brave is one of the most secure browsers on the market today. It blocks advertisements and trackers that invade your privacy, prevents third parties from keeping your data, protects your browser against digital tracing and forces the use of a secure HTTPS connection on each web page. And all these features are activated by default. It is also based on the Open Source Chromium engine, which is at the heart of the browsers used by billions of people worldwide. We can say that this source code has been verified by more security experts than that of any other browser. To sum up: brave is secure, and it is even much more than almost all other browsers. Learn more.

How to download and install brave ?

Brave is available on almost all computers (Windows, MacOS and Linux) and almost all mobile devices (Android and iOS). To start, simply download the BRAVE browser for computer, for Android or for iOS.

Brave does he offer a VPN ?

Yes ! Brave Firewall + VPN protects all your activities online throughout your device, Even outside the browser brave. This feature is already available on Android and iOS mobile devices, and will arrive very soon on computer.

In what brave languages ​​is it available ?

The Brave browser is available in nearly 160 languages ​​in total, including four different Chinese dialects. Brave research is currently available in English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish, and many other languages ​​will soon be taken care of.

Brave ?

The Brave browser, brave research and all their features are manufactured by Brave Software Inc, an independent and private company. Brave is not liable for any other technological enterprise and works every day to combat the terrible abuses of Big Tech in terms of confidentiality. Brave exists to help real people, not a faceless technological society.

Is brave open source ?

Yes. The Brave browser is based on the Open Source Chromium engine, and our own customer code is published under the Mozilla Public License License 2.0.

How brave is he in relation to Chrome ?

It’s simple: the Brave browser is three times faster than Google Chrome. As the advertisements and trackers that invade your privacy are all blocked by default, there are fewer elements to load each time you consult a web page. The pages are therefore loaded more quickly, which saves you time, money and battery. Your online activities are also much more secure. Learn more.

Brave is it free ?

Yes, brave is completely free. Just download the browser brave for computer, Android or for iOS to get started. You can also use the search for free from any browser by accessing, or defining it as default search engine. Brave also offers powerful features on subscription, such as Brave Talk Premium and Brave Firewall + VPN.

What is the bat and how to get it ?

Bat is an acronym that means basic attention token. The Bat is a cryptocurrency (entirely optional) which plays a key role in the Brave Rewards ecosystem. Here’s how it works: Brave Rewards offers you the possibility of visualizing advertisements respectful of your privacy when you browse the web (these advertisements are not disseminated by third parties, but by the network of private advertisements Brave). If you choose to activate them, you will win BATs through the Brave Rewards program. You can keep your bats like any other cryptocurrency, or use them to send contributions to content creators you enjoy. Brave even offers a secure way to store your bats (and all your other cryptos) with the brave wallet. We would like to emphasize the fact that the Brave Rewards program is entirely optional. Other companies in the web sector steal your data to sell advertisements: for them, YOU are the product. Brave is different. We think your attention is precious (and private !), and that you should recover a reasonable part of the income generated by the advertisements you choose to see. This reasonable part is donated to you in the form of Bat.