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Outlook Google Calendar Sync: Synchronize your online appointments

Click Import/Export to open the file import and export assistant and settings.

Show your Google calendar in Outlook

By important an instantaneous of your Google calendar in Outlook, you can see it with other calendars in the Outlook calendar display. To keep up to date the imported calendar, subscribe to the Google calendar in Outlook. If you are not subscribed, the only way to update it will be to import another more recent snare.

Advice : If you no longer plan to use Google Calendar, but you want to keep your events, you can import your Google calendar into Outlook so that all your appointments are integrated into a single outlook ‘Displayer Calendar.

Subscribe to a Google agenda

An Ical subscription (Internet calendar) keeps your Outlook copy of your up -to -date Google calendar.

  1. Connect to your Google Agenda account.
  2. In the left column, click on My calendars To develop it, then point to the calendar you want to add to Outlook as an internet calendar subscription. Select the three points to the right of the calendar name, then select Settings and sharing :: Select Settings in your Google calendar
  3. At the bottom of the page, under Integrate the calendar, Look for the area Secret address in Ical format, Then select the button Copy button in the clipboardCopy in the Clipboard .
  4. In Outlook, select Account settings file >> Account settings.
  5. Under the tab Internet calendars, click on New. New Internet calendar
  6. Paste the address you copied in step 3, by pressing CTRL+V, then click on Add. Internet calendar subscription
  7. In the zone File name , Type the name of the calendar as it must appear in Outlook, then click on OK. Subscription options for an internet calendar

When you start outlook, he is looking for the updates of Google Calendar and download the modifications. Although Outlook is open, he searches and regularly downloads updates. (Google Calendar indicates Outlook frequency to which to search for updates.))

Noticed : The changes you make in Outlook are not sent to your Google calendar. To update it, you must open it in a browser.

Import a calendar from Google Agenda

Important : The imported calendar is a static snapshot; It does not update automatically. To update it, you must subscribe to it (as described above) or repeat this procedure later to import a copy of the most recent version of your calendar in Google Calendar.

  1. Connect to your Google Agenda account.
  2. In the left column, click on My calendars To develop it, then point to the calendar you want to import from Google Calendar.
  3. Select the three points to the right of the calendar name, then select Settings and sharing :: Select Settings in your Google calendar
  4. Below Calendar parameters, select Export the calendar. The Internet calendar file (.ICS) is immediately saved in the form of a compressed file (.zip) in your downloads folder.
  5. In file explorer, right -click the compressed file, then select Extract everything. (This option deletes compression and saves the file .Ics; You can then import it into Outlook.))
  6. In Outlook, select File >Open & export >Import/export.
  7. In the import and export assistant, select Import an Icalendar file (.ICS) or vcalendar (.VCS), Then select Following.
  8. In the window Browse , Access the file .Ics that you saved in step 5, select it, then Select OK.
  9. Select New as a new. The elements are automatically imported into your calendar. The calendar opens in side by side in the Outlook calendar. It is also added to the navigation pane in the calendar display, under Other calendars. Google calendar imported side by side in Outlook

Following steps

Here are other things you can do to configure outlook:

  • Import Gmail e -mail in Outlook
  • Import the Google Agenda to Outlook
  • Importing contacts in Outlook for Windows: imports relating to the importation of Gmail contacts are available here.
  • Configure Office 365 on a mobile device: Configure email or Office applications on a phone or tablet.

To find out more about the use of Microsoft 365, see the Office 365 learning center.

Synchronize Agenda Outlook and Gmail

Google calendar settings: Import & Export

You just have to decompress the exported file using the appropriate software (for example Winrar) in order to import it into Outlook.

Shared export file Google Calendar

Import Google calendars with Office Office Customer

In order to import your Google agenda via the Outlook office application, start it in the first step. Go to the “File” tab and select “Open and export”.

Click Import/Export to open the file import and export assistant and settings.

Select ” Import an Icalendar (ICS) or Vcalendar (VCS) file “And click on” Next “.

After importing, you will find the Google agenda in the section ” Other calendars », Where you can access it and consult it at any time.

How can I import the Google Agenda into the Outlook web application (OWA) ?

Of course, you can also import the Google agenda exported to the Outlook web application. Initially, call the Outlook page Application Web: Connection page and connect with your connection data as usual. Then go to the calendar display by clicking on The small calendar icon at the bottom left.

App App Outlook: Call of the calendar

In order to insert the Google Agenda exported file, click on ” Add a calendar “And select” From a file »In the menu that appears.

In the Import menu, select the Google Agenda file exported using the Browse function. Here you can also specify in which Outlook calendar your google calendar should be imported If you have different calendars in your outlook. Confirm the import process by clicking on “Save” to import the calendar.

Subscribe to Google Agenda with Outlook

To provide your own Outlook calendar with The latest data on your Google calendar, You can just subscribe to the Google calendar. If you have the individual address of another person’s calendar, you can also register for his calendar. In this way, you can, for example, integrate the calendar of your partner, your work colleagues or an association of which you are a member. So you have all the appointments at a glance and don’t miss any meeting or event.

If you subscribe to a calendar, it will be linked to your calendar. Basically, it’s like subscribing to social networks. As soon as the owner of a calendar to which you are subscribed modifies or adds something to its calendar, it is also displayed in your calendar.

How to subscribe to the Google agenda with the Outlook Desktop application ?

To subscribe to your own Google Agenda from your Outlook account, you need The Ical address appropriate. As you will find in the preferences of Google Agenda, you will first need to access the Google application and open the preference menu by clicking on ” Preferences and sharing »».

Google calendar:

Under the section ” Integrate the calendar “, You will find the URL address required in ilcal format. If you want to export the calendar to private purposes only, copy the URL under the name ” Private address in Ical format »». If you have returned your public calendar, you can also select and copy the public address.

Google calendar: Settings

Now go to your Outlook account. After setting the calendar display (1.), select ” Add a calendar ” And ” From the internet… ”.

Outlook: Add the calendar from the Internet

The window ” New Internet Calendar Subscription »Appears. You can now stick the URL Ical previously copied from your Google calendar before clicking on “OK”.

Outlook Desktop client: Add a new subscription to an internet calendar

Before confirming the outlook request, if you want to subscribe to the calendar, you can configure the calendar (folder name, download limit, etc.)). Just click on ” Advance »». However, this is not necessary to register for a calendar.

Microsoft Outlook subscription verification request

The Google agenda was Subscribed with your Outlook account. You should now be able to see all the current and future meetings of your Google agenda in Outlook.

Recover the Google agenda from your Outlook calendar

Subscribe to Google Calendar with the Outlook web client

To subscribe to the Google agenda with the Outlook web application is basically very similar to subscribe to the Desktop application: first of all, of course, you must know The necessary Ical address Google agenda before connecting to your Outlook account. There, you go to the calendar display as with the office customer and click on ” Add a calendar »».

Select “From the internet” in options.

In the next field, Insert the Ical URL from your Google calendar and indicate the desired name.

You can now Access the Google agenda at any time to which you subscribe and consult the meetings seized in Outlook. However, you cannot enter your own appointments in a subscribed calendar.

You can share your Outlook calendar, so that it is visible by your friends and colleagues.

Synchronize the Google calendar with Outlook thanks to third -party applications

To synchronize Outlook and Google calendars between them, you can also access a separate program. For this, there are free programs such as open source software Outlook Google Calendar Sync as well as several paid solutions such as Sync2. We will show you an example of the synchronization of these two elements.

How synchronization works with Outlook Google Calendar Sync

Step 1 : Download Outlook Google Calendar Sync from the Outlook Google Calendar Sync Page Official Project site.

Website of the Outlook Google Calendar Sync synchronization tool

2nd step : You can open the synchronization wizard directly by double-clicking on the downloaded file. However, before you can launch the synchronization process, you must first specify your Outlook and Google accounts in the settings. Go to the tab ” Settings “, Where you first enter the address to link to the Microsoft messaging service under” Outlook »». Then, under “Google”, establish a connection to your Google account by clicking on “Recover the calendars” and by connecting to your account.

Finally, you can use ” Sync Options To define the synchronization parameters, for example the intervals to which the calendars must be updated or the colors which must be used for each category. These settings can be modified at any time afterwards.

Outlook Google Calendar Sync: synchronization options

Step 3: Save the settings and go back to the “Sync” boot tab. Click on “Start synchronization” to finally merge the meetings of the selected Outlook and Google calendars:

Outlook Google Calendar Sync: Synchronization of the calendar

To synchronize Google and Outlook calendars with SYNC2

Step 1 : Download the program from the official Sync2 Website tool.

Sync2-Website: download space

2nd step : Install and start the program on your PC. The synchronization configuration assistant will then offer various options depending on the accounts you want to synchronize. To link Outlook and Google calendars, select the option ” Google Services »».

Step 3: After selecting the “Google Services” option, the Google connection window appears. Here you log as usual with your access data.

Step 4: Once connected, Sync2 automatically synchronizes your Google account to your Outlook agenda.

Step 5: If you now open your Outlook calendar, you will find a new tab called “Caldav Synchronizer” in the display bar:

Click on ” Synchronization profiles To add a calendar. A new window (“options”) opens. You can then click on the greener sign in the upper left corner.

Sync2: Add the Google calendar to Outlook

Step 6: A new window appears. Select here the portal in which your calendar is located. In this way, you can connect all your messaging and calendar accounts between them.

Sync2: selection of the link component

Step 7: Then fill the “Name”, “email address” and “synchronization interval” fields in the Options window. Use the interval to specify the intervals to which calendar votes must be updated. You can change these settings at any time afterwards.

Sync2 synchronization parameters in Outlook

Your Google agenda is now connected to your Outlook agenda. To test it, take an appointment in your Google agenda. This meeting should also appear in your Outlook calendar shortly after. Be careful at the time you have entered the “Synchronization interval” field.

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