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How to find an ass plan

Generally, this quickly leads to a most naughty meeting or a more serious relationship, according to the desire. As far as I’m concerned, I use it as an ass plan and it works very well ! Note, however, that the majority of girls on Tinder are not there for sex. However there is so much user that, even if they are not in the majority, girls looking for an ass are indeed present in quantity.

Top 5 applications ass plan to find a sexfriend quickly

You don’t have the possibility or just not the desire to devote time to a serious relationship ? You are the sexual act that interests you and not the feelings or the planning of a life for two ? So opt for ass shots is undoubtedly An ideal solution. However, finding an ass can take time, especially if you only get through this task from your computer at home. There are ass plan applications, specially designed to allow you to find sexfriends quickly, but, contrary to what one might think, they are not necessarily the best. Some more general applications offer much better results When it comes to finding a sex partner ! If at the base, they are not necessarily designed only to find ass plans, these applications work as well as a naughty dating site for a naughty meeting. To help you, here are our top 5 ass plan applications, which combine fun and efficiency !

Our ranking of the best applications ass plan

1 – Becoquin

Becoquin, this is a bit of the reference site for the Globe Trotters of Sex ! Present in more than 20 countries, you can make naughty encounters During each of your trips. Here we position ourselves on an application that gives pride of place to sexual meetings. This is a site and an application of completely uninhibited ass plans where you can easily meet your next duvet plans. On Becoquin, all the members are there for the same thing, it makes your task easier you !

Becoquin elected Best application plan ass

Indeed, the profiles that are registered here are only there with the aim of finding an ass plan on the application, and they are used not to turn around the pot. Discussions take a very hot turn quickly and we have sexy meetings in no time. Unlike applications like Tinder or Happn, the members present are only looking for sex and you do not need to sort.

Becoquin is the number 1 of the naughty meeting and he enjoys a deserved prestige. Its global community is colossal and no matter where you are, you will have profiles in the surroundings. It is A serious site, To formidable efficiency and without taboo. Sex is the main subject and no one will be shocked ! You can, in addition to sexy meetings, use the site to watch Liveshow by webcam and even rent hot videos .. !

For lovers of fast asses, Becoquin is the reference. Find our opinion on Becoquin.

2 – Jacquie and Michel Contact

Jacquie and Michel Contact is a naughty dating site that is getting more and more about him, and it is easy to understand why: registration is free, fast and simple: find an ass in his region, or start a live cat video discussion is also very simple.

Jacquie and Michel Contact is a fairly classic dating site, leaning on libertinism. You will find there for all tastes: in terms of age and also what we are looking for in a relationship, there is everything. It is also interesting to note the presence of many real women in comparison with other naughty sites with many false profiles, with models of models.

Jacquie and Michel attracts 6.2 million visitors per month in 2021, which is not negligible at all. On the other hand, there are only 43% of women compared to 57% of men, which could be to improve. But we know it, On ass applications, there are always more men than women.

The 7 -day discovery test for only 1.€ 95 is a big asset: you will have access to the entire site for 3 days, to decide whether or not you want to pay a subscription.

3 – Xflirt

Xflirt is a practical naughty dating site to find an ass quickly. which offers its members to find an open and quickly available partner. If the registration on XFlirt is free, like many other naughty sites, you need a subscription to take advantage of the features. There are two subscriptions: club access to only 1 euro, or the GOLD pack billed 97 euros for 2 months.

Club access is simply used to check that you are very major and to maintain your active profile. You cannot use the different features of the site with club access. On the other hand, with the Gold pack, you will be able to have fun: with this one, you have access to all the functionalities of the XFLIT SIT, such as live cat, messaging, and again.

To make quality meetings on Xflirt, remember to build an interesting profile that stands out: look at the quality of the photos, and talk about what you are looking for: your expectations, your fetishes and fantasies ..

Xflirt is a quality site with many members, you will probably not have long waiting before making a quality meeting.

For a more detailed review, see our review on Xflirt.

4 – Tinder

The Tinder app is undoubtedly the best known of dating applications, and it’s not for nothing !

When it was released in 2012, the Tinder application offered An innovative concept which made its success immediately: the match. From your smartphone, you have access to a database of immense profiles and you just need to scroll them; You like a profile ? You drag the screen to the right (we call it a switch) to report your interest; The profile does not meet your criteria ? A switch on the left and you will not see it again. If you match With a profile, that is to say if you are interested in reciprocally, then bingo, you can start a discussion via cat.

Generally, this quickly leads to a most naughty meeting or a more serious relationship, according to the desire. As far as I’m concerned, I use it as an ass plan and it works very well ! Note, however, that the majority of girls on Tinder are not there for sex. However there is so much user that, even if they are not in the majority, girls looking for an ass are indeed present in quantity.

Tinder has been criticized for several reasons: moral questions, which denounce the superficiality of this kind of selection, since we are only based on photos (and a few words of description). In addition, initially 100% free, the application is now partly paid. You can no longer like In infinity of profiles within the same day. Prices vary according to users and their result.

But Tinder, despite these few downsides, remains an ass application that offers excellent results. It’s for me number 1 And she takes care of me during my bus journeys !

Tinder application

5 – Happn

Happn is an ass and romantic meeting application launched in 2014 and which has been growing as a growing success. His concept ? Meeting thanks to geolocation.

It’s very simple, since Happn allows you to find people you meet in your daily life. Let’s admit that you are quietly sitting on the terrace of a coffee when a very pretty brunette passes. She gives you a quick look, your eyes meet and … that’s all ! This is generally how the street meetings take place. But with Happn, you can find all your crush a moment.

On the screen, the application displays The profiles available in your area And you can see where you met. You can like the profile and if the person opposite does the same, you are put in contact. Otherwise, as on Tinder, the other is not notified of your interest. Guaranteed confidentiality and great efficiency are there on this ass application and serious relationships. The user community is growing every day and the discussions are very easy, since you have all found discussions:

“” Hey, we met in front of the XXXX restaurant, you work in the neighborhood ? »»

“” We miss each other every day, it’s surely a sign … �� »»

Because in addition to telling you or you crossed, Happn tells you how many times you have crossed !

Generally, the application is frequented by young people who only want fun, And who take the meetings like a game. The discussion scheme> Funny> Part of the leg in the air is often the norm with Happn ! If she does not yet have the same community as Tinder, this ass plan ass deserves the fourth place of this top 5. And for the most romantic, it is quite possible to find love on Happn, so if you have love at first sight in the street, do not make the timid !

find a sexfriend

6 – Hard

The last ass plan ass that I want you are called is called Hasten. A very strange name for an application intended to find a sexfriend is not it ? And this is what makes all the charm of this platform.

On hater, THE matches are done according to what you hate in common ! Take a simple example: many people liked the film Amelie Poulain. For you, it is a M **** film that does not even deserve to dwell 5 seconds. On hater, you can find a person who will have a similar opinion and thus easily break the ice ! This is the whole point of the application: starting to talk quickly and in a fun way with profiles that share your same rejection of something. After that ? Few are those looking for love on this application, and agree for an ass will be fast.

This is an application that I appreciate because the sexfriends found here are nice, and sometimes become Regular ass plans. And yes, the disgust can create links ! A little precision all the same, the application Hasten to a charter of respect and certain subjects are prohibited. We are there to find a sexual partner and not to make hate speech.

The point of opting for an ass application

One can wonder Why do you have such magnitude And what are their main attractions. It must be said that before, the online meeting was done only from your computer, well installed at home. This was due to the fact that meeting a partner on the internet was almost taboo.

This era is over and that made it possible to bring the meeting outside your home. Now, thanks to smartphones, it is possible to Stay connected at any time and thus not to miss any opportunity for discussion, meeting and therefore of ass plan ! The times of public transport trips can be used to scroll through profiles, the waiting hours at La Poste, at the cashier of a store or at the doctor become moments of potential cruising and you are expanding your chances of meeting an ass quickly.

And with The top 5 application plan ass that I have concocted you, you may spend naughty moments more often than expected !

Ass application

The ass shots, the anti headache relationship

As we have seen in recent years, The ass plan has become an art of living, A new form of relationship which is now appreciated without taboo.

The youngest appreciate this freedom And this frivolity in the relationships, which allows them to varge right and to the left to take the best of the relationship: sex. Previous generations discover or rediscover a different form of pleasure, in which feelings are secondary or non -existent. We meet to share pleasure, and it stops there.

The interest of the ass plan is to be able to change your partner when you wish. For my part, I took taste for this practice after a painful break, which made me want to no longer take the head. Since that day, I alternate the partners, Sometimes juggling several sexfriends. And without guilt, since the girls are aware and certainly do the same on their side ! We see each other, we sleep together, and the next ! You will take a taste for you too, especially when the meetings are quickly.

Strong of their success, dating sites and ass plan applications have multiplied In recent times, and we have selected the 5 best applications of the moment to allow you to choose quickly and start your quest for ass as soon as possible.

Application ass or sexy dating site ?

If you are wondering what to turn to easily find an ass plan, I will answer you that ephemeral applications and dating sites can be used in parallel.

When I’m outside, I admit to being very often on Tinder or Happn, For example, for their fun and fun side and to occupy my free time. The meetings I make on these applications are always very nice, with some young, cool users, who are looking to share a moment of pleasure without taking the head.

But when I have a little more time and especially that I have specific expectations, It is on a sexy dating site that I go. The choice is larger, and the more many features. If you are looking for a small blonde with a high chest who likes SM games, you could wait a long time before seeing her pass on Tinder !

At every everyday moment his method ! As long as it works, nothing prevents multiplying meetings !

How to find an ass plan ?


In English, it is called “casual sex”. In French, it can be one evening, a regular q plan or an adventure without obligation … Queen Camille asked women to share their experiences and their vision of sex for the pleasure.

In partnership with Pure (our manifesto) Hello little brass cats ! This week, I gathered editorial girls to Talking openly about q plan, sex with no future, one evening blows .. In short, talk about the ass outside the couple relationship.

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You yourself know, recreational sex is far from always valued when you are a girl. Women are often judged and guilty when they choose to have sex just for pleasure. To break the back of taboos and received ideas, I therefore organized this open and sincere discussion, In partnership with the Pure Meeting App.

Pure, the meeting app to find a sexual partner

Pure is an app that is aimed at people who wish Find a sex partner, and not get into a couple. To launch a search, just open a session by adding only a self -photo. From the moment you connect, you have an hour to discover the profiles of other connected members around, tell them that you like it and discuss the cat.

Test the pure app !

Everyone is there for the same thing: find in joy a partner with whom to have fun ! Will therefore take a look at Pure Instagram, you can see the cool illustrations that put in images of dating stories.

Sex without tomorrow as a woman

If this kind of app facilitates purely sexual encounters, many prejudices continue to surround female sexuality. To talk about it, I gathered around me Clémence Bodoc, Mymy, Manu and Kalindi, four women with very different experiences and feelings about the question. Sex casual Is it different from sex as a couple ? How to live your sexuality by emancipating yourself from the gaze of others and your own judgment on oneself ? Do we necessarily get attached to the people we sleep with ? So many exciting questions on which we have exchanged with outspokenness and a lot of laughter ! If you want to test the pure app, it’s here ! And you, how you are in relation to sex without a future ? Read also : Girls love sex less than boys ?!

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