40 Best photo editing applications for iOS and Android in 2023 (free and paid), the best photo editing apps on Android and iOS smartphone

The best photo editing apps on Android and iOS smartphone


Free photo editing app available on iOS and Android

40 Best photo editing applications for iOS and Android in 2023 (free and paid)

Here is our sorted list of the best photo editing apps for iPhone and Android to help you get professional results when traveling.

Photographers are always looking to capture perfect moments. The best photo editing applications will help improve high quality images and make superb masterpieces ! So, whether you are a beginner or professional photographer, it is essential that you master the art of retouching your photos on your mobile application or your browser before highlighting your online portfolio site. There are a ton of free and paid goods Photo retouching applications Available now, from the basic camera and sharing tools to complete photo editing applications that allow you to better take, edit and organize images on your iPhone or Android phone. The question is – which photo editing applications are worth it and can help you save time and give excellent results when traveling.

Here are our 12 best photo editing applications for 2023

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  1. VSCO
  2. Instasize
  3. Movavi Picverse
  4. Google Snapseed
  5. Adobe Lightroom for Mobile
  6. Adobe Photoshop camera
  7. Facetune 2
  8. Prisma
  9. Camera +
  10. Pixlr
  11. Adobe Photoshop Express
  12. Enlight and more

What are the best photo editing applications for 2023 ?


Instasize is the best friend of the photo publishing you never thought. With as many features combined in one, it is not surprising that Instasize has been invented as the photo retouching application “all in one”. Available for iOS and Android, this photo retouching application is equipped with a robust filter library, resizing options, edge/photo frame packs, retouching tools, a text editor, capacities video editing, and more.

Intuitive design, instasize as a photo editing is easy to navigate. Whether you are a photo editor for the first time or a full -time beauty blogger – beautiful modifications are at hand.

Main characteristics of Instasize:

  • More than 100 filters that will instantly improve any image.
  • Resizing options for instant reframing – stories, banners, etc.
  • More than 10 photo adjustment tools (brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc.))
  • 6 Retouching tools (whitening tool, anti-imperfections, shine booster, etc.))
  • Over 30 borders packs for further customization of your modifications
  • Video editing, color your video content before downloading it on social networks
  • Grid planner, mix your modified images before downloading them to Instagram, plan your flow !
  • Text editor, choose from more than 20 fonts to add your voice to any modification
  • Movement and static overlays
  • Web stories functionality
  • Access to UNSPLASH images directly from the application


Free version available with advertisements. Premium packages range from 4.99 USD at 55.99 USD.
Download Instasize For the iOS or Android.

3. Movavi Picverse

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8. Prisma

More characteristic camera

If you are an iPhone user, you have probably heard Camera+. Or maybe you are using it now and you are addicted.

This is not surprising because Camera+ is one of the best photography applications for iPhone and has impressive features and capacities:

  • Camera+ is intended to help users to film like pros. This cool image editing application is equipped with a touch exhibition, single controls, stabilizer to ensure stable shooting, grids for composition and more.
  • In addition to the usual publishing tools (for example, cropping, borders and legends), camera + offers advanced tools, such as the tones adjustment tool, the abolition of red eyes, the sticker, the recovery and the balance of whites.
  • You can share all the photos you have captured and modified on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.


No free package, 4.99 USD required to buy camera+. You can also buy additional filter packs for 0.99 USD
Download Camera+ for iOS.

10. Pixlr

Touchretouch photo editing

This is the ultimate photography application in terms of “healing” and “cloning” functionality for your photos. Touchretouch can effectively remove dust brands, telephone wires and practically any other object or brand that you do not want in your photo. Better yet, this photo application is incredibly easy to use. Simply touch the object or area of ​​your image that you want to correct with the tip of your finger, and the photo application will immediately start to analyze the image and determine the best way to smooth the unwanted part to create a clear image and natural. .

BENEFITS Inconveniences
– Easy removal of unwanted objects
– Suitable for novice users
– Precise selection tools
– Background gum at a touch
– Occasional image distortion
– No automatic correction settings
– Limited range of photo effects
– The user interface can be confusing

Price: $ 1.99
Download Touchretouch for
Android or iOS.

14. Instagram

When more than a billion people use it, there must be something special, no ? The Instagram photography application started with simple filters and fun photo frames and quickly turned into one of the best photo applications that allows you to edit photos and create “stories” of photos that can be shared with friends and subscribers. He meets the same social needs as Facebook. But this free photo editor focuses on sharing your daily life in the form of photos and what others share on your flow. Instagram also allows direct messaging with other users for private conversations or photo sharing. The possibility for a user to update in different creative ways such as Stories, Live, Text, is fantastic.

The filters provided by Instagram for the editing of photos are intuitive and simple. The publishing tools are not as complete as Snapseed or Afterlight 2. If you are looking for a free photo editing application with essential publishing tools, but you attach more importance to sharing features and a good community, this free image editor is for you. .

BENEFITS Inconveniences
– Variety of photo effects and filters
– Visual content stimulates engagement
– Possibility to share stories and messages
– Ideal for reaching new audiences
– Advertisements can be intrusive
– Limited personalization options
– Fewer features on the web
– Algorithm changes affecting the scope

Price: free
Download Instagram for
Android or iOS.

15. Neue filtrerstorm

This superb photo application allows you to accomplish advanced editing tasks on your images. Naked filterstorm offers advanced and interactive features such as adjustments on curves, tone and levels as well as channel mixers. The cloning function of this photo application for iPhone is exceptional and allows you to easily delete unwanted objects.

You can also easily apply sharpness, watermark, noise reduction and clarity effects using this application. The drawback is that this paid application is only available for iPhones.

BENEFITS Inconveniences
– Variety of photo effects and filters
– Curved, HSL and tone tools
– Complete edition of layers
– Local adjustments with masks
– Complicated user interface
– Expensive subscription plans
– Limited sharing options
– Slow exports for large files

Price: $ 3.99
Download Naked FiltersTorm for

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You will find below some other photo applications with integrated editing features for creatives that offer a simple but powerful option to capture, edit and share photos.

16. Mextures

Mexture is a photo editing application for iPhone adapted to the addition of gradients, textures, light leaks, dust and grains. This photo editor allows you to create an unlimited number of layers that you can merge later. These layers can also be modified individually for texture, fusion mode or rotation. There are more than 150 texture presets in the photo retouching application Mexture. In addition to the 12 fusion modes, the possibilities of creating something creative.

BENEFITS Inconveniences
– Wide range of texture options
– Easy to use interface
– Possibility to superimpose and mix the textures
– Customizable presets
– Limited sharing options
– No support for the brush tool
– High price for premium features
– Not available on Android devices

Price: $ 1.99
Download Mextures for

17. Google Photos

The Google Photos Application is designed to record and share photos and includes an integrated publishing function. The images are saved automatically and are accessible from anywhere via any connected device. The advantage of this application is that you can free up space on your mobile. Editing tools can change light, color, brightness, etc. in this gallery application itself.

BENEFITS Inconveniences
– Free with generous storage limits
– Easy photo and video backup
– Simple and easy to use interface
– Automatic organizational tools
– Bad integration of the platform
– No basic editing tools
– Limited advanced features
– Very long treatment deadlines

18. Photo laboratory image editor

Editor D

Photo Lab provides one of the larger collections of stylish and fun photo effects: almost 1000 effects to date. The 40 categories of the application offer superb montage of face photos, photo frames, animated effects, overlays, sketches and paintings, as well as photo filters that can be applied to your photos in a few clicks. Any model can be used alone or combined with different effects to obtain a entirely new one (called “combos”). Photos can be saved in the gallery, shared in the “Applications” flow or on any messenger or social network. In addition, Photo Lab is an answer with one click for any problem in your image. Whether it’s a color correction, a background replacement or simply a simple touch-up, the application is there to guide you ! There is more than that more, but we will let you explore each corner of photo lab by yourself.

BENEFITS Inconveniences
– Easy to use interface
– Possibility to save personalized filters
– Regularly updated with new features
– Tutorials and support integrated into the application
– Plantages and occasional problems
– Complicated user interface
– Limited sharing options
– High price for premium features

Price: Free with integrated purchases.

19. Afterlight 2

Afterlight 2 is an image editor who has a large collection of natural filters, and the publishing tools are designed for the sake of simplicity. These editing tools give you total control over the editing process. Afterlight 2 also allows you to import photos in RAW format and export can also be carried out in Heic format. A user can create filters using their fusion function and save them to give consistency to the publishing if necessary. The photo retouching application has advanced tools such as curves in which you can change the brightness, color and contrast of the image, which makes the best photo editing application for iPhone.

BENEFITS Inconveniences
– Robust editing tools
– Wide range of filters and effects
– Simple and friendly interface
– Management of raw images
– No sharing functionality
– Limited free features
– Casual bugs and planting
– High price for premium features

Price: Single price of 2.$ 99 Platform: iOS

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20. Postbuilder


Nocturnal photographers and night sky will find this incredibly useful night photography application to be able to take pictures of star formations without having to worry about long streaks of stars. By connecting the type of camera and the focal length of your lens in the Dark Skies application, the photo application will calculate the amount of exposure you will need to get the best image. The application also has a “night mode” parameter which will decrease the light of the application so that you do not lose your night vision during a shooting.

BENEFITS Inconveniences
– Complete camera controls
– Powerful photo editing tools
– Variety of manual settings
– Compatible with most mobile devices
– Bugs and occasional problems
– Limited export options
– High prices for additional features
– No integrated sharing functionality

Price: free
Download Dark Skies for Android

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28. Yr.no

From the Norwegian Meteorological Institute comes this high -tech weather application which will keep you informed of possible precipitation so that you can plan your photo sessions outdoors with confidence. Despite the Norwegian construction and foundation of YR.no, the application is available in full English and covers more than 10 million sites around the world. Better yet, the integrated GPS functionality of the application will help you follow your position with more precision than type the name of a region or a city. A photographer can plan an outdoor shooting depending on the weather, and precision is what matters.

BENEFITS Inconveniences
– Precise forecasts
– Range of interactive visualizations
– Free access to radar data
– Detailed graphics and cartography
– Limited personalization options
– Bad graphic design interface
– No offline access
– Limited cartographic features

Price: free
Download YR.no for
Android or iOS.

29. Pocket light counter

Before even considering taking out your camera, this useful application will allow you to take a quick reading of the quality of the light in your neighborhood so that you can enter your photo shoot with a clear idea of ​​the parameters (etc.) that you will need to use for the best image. This application works as well as a more traditional photometer, but like other photo applications, it can be part of the overall toolbox of your smartphone which holds comfortably in your pocket.

This photography application can also keep a light reader journal so that you can follow the different variations in the quality of light in an area throughout the day. When you prepare to do a photo session in this region, you will have a practical newspaper that will work as a quick and easy to use reference guide.

BENEFITS Inconveniences
– Precise readings
– Variety of exhibition parameters
– Clear graphical interface
– Full set of features
– No cloud storage option
– Bugs and minor problems
– Limited manual settings
– No integrated sharing functionality

Price: $ 12.62
Download Pocket Luximeter for

30. Google photo scanning

Cortex camera application for best night photos

Night photography applications are the perfect tool for excellent night photos. The application allows you to take photos in low light and obtain clear and captivating images. Cortex Camera is also delivered with an integrated electronic image stabilization function which makes the tripods unnecessary to obtain a stable image, which is essential for night photo sessions in particular.

To obtain this effect, Cortex Camera takes several photos in a very short time and mixes them in the possibility that you have moved slightly during the shooting. By making the average of the overall image with its duplicates, Cortex Camera can effectively create a clear photo without grain or artifact.

BENEFITS Inconveniences
– HDR capacities
– Noise reduction options
– Low light photography settings
– Automatic exposure compensation
– Supported limited file formats
– No zoom control or manual focus
– Occasional compatibility problems
– Expensive compared to other applications

32. Press

This professional photography application is a necessary tool for professional photographers who need rapid access to an authorization form for photo sessions that can involve private property or models. The versions include almost all the standard models of the industry you may need, including Snapwire, ASMP, Getty Images and Shutterstock. Simply pull the discharge form you need, have your customer sign with your finger on the touch screen of your smartphone, then download the PDF file that is automatically generated. Not only will this keep your release forms more organized since you don’t have to worry about losing physical forms, but it is a practical tool that can be used anytime and at any time.

BENEFITS Inconveniences
– Clean and easy to use user interface
– Large editing and retouching tools
– Automation functions to save time
– Cloud storage and backup options
– Limited sharing functions
– Can be slow on older devices
– Occasional crash problems
– No integration of social media

Price: free
Download the versions for

33. Sun Surveyor

This useful application follows the passage and the location of the sun throughout the day so that you can always have a good idea of ​​what your light situation will look like in the outdoor sessions outdoors. Sun Surveyor is also delivered with a digital sun that will show you in real time how the sun moves in the sky and how its light will interact with your environment. Always have a clear idea of ​​the sun position and plan your photo shoot accordingly to get the best lighting results.

BENEFITS Inconveniences
– Detailed superposition of augmented reality
– Precise monitoring of the sun and the moon
– Easy navigation with interactive cards
– Possibility to record personalized locations
– Occasional inaccurate data readings
– Limited range of visual tools
– Can be slow on older devices
– Expensive compared to other applications

Price: $ 8.99
Download Sun Surveyor for
Android or iOS.

34. Gorillecam

This photo application is an original idea of ​​Joby, one of the main manufacturers of cameras for cameras. Gorillacam includes several useful and exciting features such as Time-Laps capabilities, taking out delaying photos and a quick-shooting photo function. As long as your smartphone can take photos, you can use Gorillacam to take photos faster with better overall quality. The accelerated function requires that the phone will work permanently and be awake to function properly, which can cause a faster battery discharge from your phone. When you use this function, be sure to deactivate the automatic watch function of your phone and use all battery saving features that you can.

BENEFITS Inconveniences
– Easy to install and use
– Excellent stabilization and monitoring tools
– Professional level camera orders
– Detailed publishing options of chronology
– Limited support for video formats
– Occasional crash problems
– Expensive compared to other applications
– Slow on older devices

35. Light

To give you an essential helping hand when it comes to configuring lighting for various shooting places, Sylights offers a very useful and easy -to -use lighting diagram that will allow you to carefully record the way you configure a lighting situation for the future. the reproduction. This can be particularly useful if you work with a recurring customer who requires the same lighting scheme as a previous photo shoot. When you configure a lighting system for your photo shoot, simply save the configuration on Sylight and save the diagram forever. The professional photography application is delivered with a wide range of different icons which closely represent your equipment for an easy visual reference.

BENEFITS Inconveniences
– Complete equipment database
– Easy creation of filming lists
– Clear display of the shooting calendar
– Excellent collaboration tools
– Limited 3D modeling features
– Limited customer service options
– Casual bugs and planting
– Complex user interface

Price: free
Download Sylights for iOS.

The best photo editing apps on Android and iOS smartphone

With all the photos we take with our smartphones, it is practical to touch them directly on your phone. So we have selected the best photo editing apps on iPhone and Android.

Photo retouching

There are many applications on the Google Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iPhone and iPad) which allow you to enhance the photos taken with your smartphone. An adjustment of the brightness and the contrast here, a magic wand to erase an annoying passerby there and you are with a perfect shot to share on Instagram or to show your friends. We have selected the best of them for you.

Google Photos: Photo retouching at the simplest

We no longer present Google Photos which is mainly used to store your images in the cloud To find them on several devices with your Google account. However, we must mention the interesting retouching functions of this application.

Perfect for neophytes in the matter, Google Photos offers a large number of tools that are easy to handle to give a stroke of pep To your shots, crop, adjust the brightness, the contrast, the vague … You also have a nice catalog of filters to discover.

In addition, Google provides its algorithms and immediately offers automatic touch-ups to improve your image with one click or to remove inappropriate elements such as passers-by in the background or poorly placed electric pylons. As efficient as fast.

Google Photos

Google Snapseed: the essential free application

Although the application has not been updated since 2020, Snapseed is one of the essentials for any self -respecting mobile photographer, since it offers many very easy options for use. It is full of sharp settings, but also automatic retouching, allows you to crop the shots, turn them over, add effects with a brush on small areas of an image and play with many filters.

Small bonus increasingly interesting, since high -end smartphones are generally often compatible with this format: RAW management (DNG) is part. And it is not nothing, especially since the parameters of modification of a snapshot can be saved to be applied to another image. Snapseed also allows you to easily add stylized text to the photos. For us, it’s a crush.

Adobe Lightroom: the mastodon

Unsurprisingly, the well -known Adobe also offers its mobile services with Lightroom, well known on PC by photographers, amateurs and professionals. The free tool allows you to touch up photographs through predefined parameters or to much finer adjustments.

Compared to Snapseed, Lightroom allows in particular a finer adjustment of the color of your photographs, allowing for example to perfection the Teal & Orange style which was very popular in 2019 on Instagram.

The software obviously targets premium smartphones users, since Lightroom takes up its interest when used to retouch photos in RAW format. And besides, the application allows shoot directly in RAW without going through another application, with a professional mode available to play with many settings.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Free photo editing: the 20 best applications for 2023

You need a free photo touch -up application ? Photo publishing is an essential skill to capture attention. A free photo editing application can help you. The exercise is increasingly difficult, especially in the era of social networks, where the attention time is reduced to eight seconds. You may use the best hashtags on Instagram, if your photo does not attract attention, you are not going to generate likes or engagement.

A photo mounting application or free photo touch -up may save you the. If you prefer to make your touch -ups on your computer, you can discover our special article photo retouching photo and online tools.

Because nothing like a nice image to challenge a potential customer if you start your online store yourself. This is why visual marketing is a full -fledged discipline. And the competition being fierce, it is better to put all the odds on your side, thanks to a free photo editing tool or an online photo editor.

Changing an online photo allows you to boost the quality of your images to a sometimes professional level. Some photo montage software and software use the most efficient software functionalities in photo mounting and help you restructure and modify your photo online entirely. Others are dedicated to photo publishing or collage photo.

But what application free photo assembly application use ? What is the most efficient free photo editing ? How to do a free and easy photo montage ? And which free photo editing application is available on mobile ?

There are many free online photo editing applications, but also a wide choice of free photo mounting applications.

It remains to test and choose from the best free photo montage apps, listed for you in this article with all the useful information !

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Free photo retouching, best iPhone and Android applications

1. Snapseed, free and precise photo editing application

Free photo retouching application available on iOS and Android | Free

Ideal for : Advanced photo editing on a smartphone.

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Snapseed photo retouching application

With a lot of features and an intuitive interface, Google Snapseed competes with the best online photo retouching software such as Photoshop.

As you can expect, this free online online photo montage application and photo editor has a selection of pre-published filters. However, you can change these filters and even fully create yours to touch up a photo.

It also offers all the classic tools of a photo retouching application: scoring, recovery, frames, text, stickers etc. As for the sharpness tool, it allows you to touch up a photo and refine the image without giving it this unwelcome grainy appearance.

The Snapseed photo mounting application also includes a precision mask, which allows you to adjust the depth of field. A prized technique of photographers to obtain this blurred effect in the background.

A selective adjustment tool also gives you the opportunity to isolate part of the image to correct it.

Finally, this free photo editing app records your publishing history so that you can resume your job at any time.

2. VSCO, a good photo retouching app for filters

Free photo retouching application available on iOS and Android | Free

Ideal for : Beautiful classic filters.

Like Instagram, the VSCO photo editor combines a camera, a free photo editing tool and an online community. That said, its success is due to its filters which make it one of the best free photo retouching apps.

He offers a wide selection, all more aesthetic than the other. These give your images a really elegant silver appearance compared to certain a little too worked filters of Instagram. Retouching a photo has never been easier !

Each VSCO filters can be modified via a simple cursor.

You of course access all the basic tools of free online photo editing software: reframing, decorative frames or stickers. You can also set the exposure, contrast, temperature and skins tones.

Once your photo is retouched, you can share it with the VSCO community or on another social network like … Instagram !

3. Prisma Application Mounting Photo to transform your shots into work of art

Photo retouching application available on iOS and Android | Free

Ideal for : Transform your photos into paintings or drawings.

Application-Prisma Retouching Photo

This type of effect is not unanimous. Prisma deserves to be tested and you might be surprised. It really allows you to do a free and easy online photo montage. But also super beautiful that you can share on your feed ! And why not use this application to enhance your product niche market from a different angle if you are an e-commerce entrepreneur ?

This free photo editing application uses an artificial neural network (it’s a bit vague for us too). This “allows users to take photos that seem to have been taken by Picasso, Munch or even Salvator Dali himself”. Just that.

The app offers a generous selection of filters, but you can get other paid options to touch up a photo as you wish.

Like Instagram, Prisma has its own community. Once your photo is published, you can share it on the prisma feed, save it on your phone, share it on any social network or send it by email or instant messaging.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express: Editor, Photoshop online photo editor

Free photo editing app available on iOS and Android

Ideal for : Photoshop familiar people, free and complete photo editing tool.

Photoshop photo montage app

Adobe Photoshop Express: Editor takes most of the best Photoshop editing tools. Photoshop online retouching features are gathered in this free iphone and Android free photo assembly application. Despite its complexity, it is easy to use on a small screen. As such, it is clearly one of the best free photo montage software ! You could even say that this is free and professional image editing software

Just download a photo from your device, take a new one or use an image taken on Adobe Creative Cloud. You can then give free rein to your creativity and totally touch up a photo. This is very complete photo montage software but may be a little difficult to use if you don’t know Photoshop at all.

The photo mounting app has all the features expected for this online photo mounting software: scrape, red eyes correction, brightness, contrast, saturation, filters, frames etc.

However, the interest lies in the selection of smart filters that help better modify an online photo. They automatically correct common problems such as color temperature or exposure concerns. Although being a free photo editing app, Adobe Photoshop Express requires an Adobe user account.

When you have finished retouching a photo, record it on your mobile or share it on other marketing or social applications.

5. Foodie – Camera, the free photo editing app for Instagrammable dishes

Special photo montage app. Good food available on iOS and Android | Free

Ideal for : Improve your culinary photos.

Culinary photo retouching

Who has never shared the contents of his plate on the networks ? The photo editor Foodie takes advantage of this trend foodporn a little guilty and helps us at least do something presentable.

This photo montage application is quite similar to Instagram, but the thirty available filters have been optimized for gourmet photo.

It also allows you to take photos vertically from your dishes and bring out vibrant colors.

In short, if you like to photograph your meals, you need this free photo montage application.

6. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC, Free photo editing application for pros

Free online photo montage available on iOS and Android | Free

Ideal for : Professionals wishing to touch up a photo and make quick but quality adjustments.

Free photo retouching software Adobe

If you want to play in the big leagues, test Adobe Lightroom CC which is considered by many as one of the best free photo retouching applications

This photo retouching application is the mobile version of the famous software and gives you access to its pro tools. It also works with RAW formats, a popular image format, popular with photographers.

By allowing Photoshop online photo editing, this photo mounting software provides a selection of advanced adjustment tools, in the form of sliders. You can dose the light, the details, the color, the distortion and the grain of your photos. You must already know the basics to touch up a photo like a pro in order to best use the features of this photo montage application.

If you decide to register on the Creative Cloud of Adobe, you will get additional features. These include in particular Adobe Sensei, an artificial intelligence system that tagged your images based on their content.

7. Collage Maker, the best photo appl collage

Available on iOS only | Free

Ideal for : Create perfect collage photo montages.

Photo mounting application

Many free photo mounting software allow you to create simple collages, such as Photoshop Express. Nevertheless, Collage Maker is the best free online photo montage application for iPhone in this field. This photo collage creation tool has thousands of layouts to modify photo online. It offers a wide selection of interesting styles and backgrounds. In addition, you can add text and customize the fonts, colors and dimensions. This is really the tool to have for a free and simple montage photo !

The photo montage app also offers basic free photo touch -up tools. So you will not need to switch from one environment to another to create the perfect photo collage.

8. Adobe Photoshop Fix, free face photo editing

Available on iOS and Android | Free

Ideal for : Retouch a portrait photo

face photo retouching

Adobe Photoshop Fix is ​​not made to add filters or effects to your photos, but to correct them or to remove elements.

You can use this free, simple and intuitive Photoshop online photohop photo app to bring a professional touch to your portraits. Thanks to its basics, you can adjust the lights, shadows, colors and much more. The fluidity tool is also impressive.

When you download a portrait, this free photo editing app automatically identifies all the facial features of the subject. You are free to adjust the size, shape, and the position of each of them.

If you are a user of the Creative Cloud, you can also transfer your editions directly to Photoshop to your computer, for more advanced touch -ups.

9. Lab face, another face -to -face application face face

Photo retouching application available on iOS and Android | Free

Ideal for : Selfies face photo retouching

face photo retouching application

First of all, remember that there is nothing serious with the pimples, dark circles or teeth that are not perfectly white. That said, in case our vanity takes over, the face -to -face photo app is at hand.

This free photo touch -up application allows you to easily and quickly correct your portraits. Concretely, you can blur a photo, smooth the skin, reduce the shine effects, whiten the teeth, apply makeup and much more. The app also offers an interesting selection of rear-plans and effects. Perfect for retouching a photo and sweeping your complexes !

Namely, the free version displays many advertisements and your published photos will include an advertising hashtag. However, you can download the paid version to avoid these small drawbacks (€ 4.99 per month or € 9.99 per year).

10. PhotoFox, Application Photo Mounting for Artists

Photo mounting app available on iOS only | Free

Ideal for : Free and artistic photo editing.

Free photo editing software -photofox

Photofox online photo editor is the ultimate free photo editing tool, which has also won the Apple Design Prize in 2017. An excellent solution for a free and easy mounting photo !

One of its most spectacular features consists in mixing photos together.

Photofox offers many tools similar to Photoshop, such as layers, but it remains above all a free and easy -to -use photo application application. You will probably need to look at some of their tutorials to get the best of Photofox and make the best artistic shots.

The free version only allows you to use two layers at a time. If you really want to give free rein to your imagination and touch up a photo to make it a real artistic creation, sign for the paid version, at € 6.99 per month or 64, € 99 per year.

11. Airbrush, a photo editing application for selfies

Available on iOS and Android | Free

Ideal for : delete imperfections on photos

Airbrush photo retouching

Airbrush presents itself as a free photo editing application for selfies allowing to erase imperfections in the blink of an eye like redness and buttons. With Airbrush, you can smooth the skin to make marks and stains disappear, whiten the teeth and lighten the eyes for example.

The application also offers a large number of filters to enhance your photos. If the application has been designed for selfies, nothing prevents you from using it with other types of photo. The editor is quite easy to use. Note: Airbrush offers a paid pro version that unlocks more features.

12. Picsart Photo & Video Mounting: For artistic photo montages

Available on iOS and Android | Free

Ideal for : photos with an artistic aspect

Free photo editing application

As its name suggests, Picsart claims an artistic approach ! This application is a complete solution for photo editing which even allows the editing of videos. There are many features: corrections, filters, effects, collages or even superposition of stickers. You will also have access to drawing and paint tools with layers for sophisticated photo retouching.

You will understand, with Picsart you can give free rein to your creativity and your arty side. What create memorable photos that will make an impression. Like other applications, Picsart offers a paid pro version. Note Picsart is also available in the form of free photo retouching software PC (to download).

13. On1 photo raw for mobile, an instant photo editing app !

Available on iOS and Android | Free

Ideal for : a photo retouching in real time

Photo retouching app

On1 photo raw for mobile is a free photo editing application a little different from the others since it allows you to work on your photo while you take it. She incorporates all the tools of a professional camera to help you take the best photo, with good light, good contrast, etc. All this to avoid you having to spend a lot of time retouching afterwards !

With on1 photo RAW, you can enjoy the rendering in real time and change the settings of your photo. We bet you will no longer be able to do without this free professional photo editing app !

14. Instagram, also a photo montage app !

Available on iOS and Android | Free

Ideal for : share your photos and develop an online community.

Instagram application

It goes without saying that if you take photos, Instagram remains the platform to share them. The site is the third largest social network in the world, after Facebook and YouTube. According to the latest Instagram figures, the app has more than a billion users.

The platform also offers all the features of a photo montage photo editing photo: filters, effects, text, stickers or layers. So you can do a free online photo montage without download other than your Instagram !

It also has other tools to help you develop your online visibility.

You can for example study Instagram insights to understand how your audience reacts to your posts. Instagram Live helps you connect with your followers in a more interactive way.

Whatever the app or software you use to touch up your photos, you will soon or later want to share them on Instagram.

The best paid photo editing apps

15. Afterlight 2, a very powerful photo montage application

Available on iOS and Android (afterlight) | € 3.49

Ideal for : a complete online photo modification and arty layers

Afterlight application

Afterlight 2 presents itself as “the most complete and powerful photographic retouching experience”. Which is a rather realistic definition.

This photo retouching application has all basic features, including tools to adjust exposure, colors and saturation, contrast and tone. In addition, the options to add and personalize text are very numerous.

There is also a choice of more than 128 frames and dozens of original filters to personalize according to your needs.

As a bonus, the application offers a selection of textures including prism effects, light leakage or dust effects. These effects allow you to create unique images that mark the spirits.

The app also works with RAW format on iOS and Android.

In summary, afterlight 2 is well worth its price of € 3.49, especially since there are no hidden fees or registration.

16. SKRWT, a photo montage application dedicated to the perspective

Available on iOS and Android | € 2.29

Ideal for : Set the perspectives of your photos.

Skrwt photo retouching application

Who has never taken a magnificent photo but completely ? Maybe a little perspective problem ?

The SKRWT photo retouching application corrects this type of error.

This photo editing photo allows you to adjust the perspective of your images so that everything aligns perfectly. It has an automatic crop correction and perspective. If you prefer, you can also use the four correction points to retouch your image manually.

The free photo assembly application also corrects lens distortions, a common problem on smartphones cameras.

17. Facetune, App Retouching Photo Face

Available on iOS and Android | € 4.49

Ideal for : Professional retouching of selfies.

Photo mounting application

You love taking selfies ? Facetune is another face -to -face face photo edited to make you appear in your best light.

It allows you to quickly make very pro photo edits. You can smooth the skin, whiten the teeth, remove redness and even adjust the position of the facial features in a few movements.

You can also modify the background of your selfies by drawing in their selection of fun visuals.

Facetune, however, remains to be used in moderation because if you abuse it, you will quickly look like a wax doll.

To avoid this result, you can press the blue button at the bottom of your screen to go from the original photo to your edited version. So, you will easily realize your excesses.

18. Touchretouch, a sharp photo mounting application

Available on iOS and Android | € 2.29

Ideal for : touch up a photo with precision by removing superfluous elements

Photo retouching app

You have taken a sublime photo but there is a ugly object in the middle that spoils your work ? This is where you need a photo assembly app such as Touchretouch.

Precisely, this Android or iPhone photo application allows you to remove unwanted elements such as telephone lines, postal boxes, electric cables, traffic signs or even bins.

You can also remove redness, buttons, or even annoying photobombers.

In addition, the application is very easy to use to modify photo online. In fact, you can remove objects from a single gesture. In case you need help, the app includes tutorials that will teach you to get the most out of it.

19. PixelMator, a very complete photo mounting application

Available on iOS only | € 5.99

Ideal for : a huge selection of photo retouching features.

Application-pixelmator photo retouching

Pixelmator covers all your needs.

It brings together in a single mobile app all the tools necessary both to the photographer and the graphic designer, to modify photo online.

This photo assembly application based on the layer principle overflows with features. You can use it to improve the quality of a photo, add graphic elements, text, or create complex artistic compositions. In addition, the app is presented with pre-collating of collages and effects.

The best in all of this ? The interface is really very easy to use.

The app also works in direct connection with PixelMator software (€ 32.99), which allows you to touch up your photos when and where you want it.

20. Mextures for editions by professional layers

Available on iOS only | € 3.49

Ideal for : editions by fast and professional layers.

retouch a photo

Mextures is an iPhone photo application based on the principal of layers, which produces complex photo touch -ups, while remaining easy to use. You can work each of the layers individually and stack them. It is possible to record your manipulations and thus create your own filters. It is also an equivalent of photo editing online Photoshop.

The photo retouching application is delivered with many very aesthetic filters and a wide variety of effects to apply dust, photo grain, different textures, gradients or leaks of light.


You can quickly feel overwhelmed by the number of free photo editing software available today. We hope that this article will have helped you identify the best free photo retouching software and which free photo mounting software is the most suitable for your needs.

However, for best results, limit yourself to an online photo editor (software or free). It is better to have big skills on a single app than to be a means on many. This is how you can learn how to better touch up a photo.

Below, the summary of the best applications and retouching software and photo assembly available in 2023:

  1. Snapseed: ideal for advanced photo editing on a smartphone.
  2. VSCO: Ideal for classic look filters.
  3. Prisma Photo Editor: Ideal to transform your photos into paintings or drawings.
  4. Adobe Photoshop Express: Ideal for Complete Free Photo Retouching.
  5. Foodie: ideal for passing your culinary photos to the upper level.
  6. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC: Ideal for making quick professional settings.
  7. Photo collage: Ideal for creating a perfect collage photo montage.
  8. Adobe Photoshop Fix: Ideal for retouching portraits.
  9. Lab face: ideal for retouching selfies.
  10. Photofox: ideal for artistic photo retouching.
  11. Airbrush: Ideal for eating imperfections
  12. Picsart Photo & Video Mounting: Ideal for an artistic aspect
  13. On1 photo raw for mobile: ideal for a photo editing in real time
  14. Instagram: ideal for sharing your photos and developing an online community.
  15. Afterlight 2: Ideal for a complete touch -up and arty layers
  16. Skrwt: ideal for adjusting the perspectives of your photos
  17. Facetune: Ideal for a professional retouching of selfies
  18. Touchretouch: ideal for removing superfluous elements from your photos
  19. Pixelmator: ideal for a huge selection of photo editing features
  20. Mextures: ideal for editions by fast and professional layers.

Discover yet another list of application montage application in this list on Shopify.

Here you have all the keys to taking a photo montage photo online, free and easy ! Have we forgotten free free photo montage software ? Do you know online software ? Which photo mounting application do you use ? Tell us in the comments !

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