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Date of experience: August 01, 2023

Coyote Up test: the best driving aid boxes go to voice control

Faced with competition from actors as powerful as Waze or his mother house Google and its maps, French Coyote is faced with a simple problem: innovate to exist. After predictive security, make way for voice command with a new case to embody it, the coyote up.


  • + The voice command
  • + The quality of alerts
  • + The ideal format
  • – The price of the service

Writing note

Note published on 01/29/2020

Technical sheet

Slower area warning Yes

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“Hey Coyote”, this is how it will now have to contact its case to point out a chassed narrow. The voice command arrives on the driving aid system, at least on its latest product, Coyote Up. Located between the “mini” biker and the “nav+” with navigation, this newcomer in the catalog intends to offer the service of the Coyote community, with an additional security dose.

Ignore navigation to target the essentials

Coyote had chosen the Nav+box, its largest model, to inaugurate its predictive safety functionality. It is on the UP, the intermediate housing, that he decides to offer his most ambitious novelty: the voice command. The small alarm with a 3.5 -inch screen therefore includes most of the known features of the Coyote community (danger signaling, display of speed limitation or even real -time traffic indications) thanks to a 4G connection. Unlike the NAV+, it does not include navigation, but is satisfied with a forecast over the next 30 kilometers. Given the poor navigation performance of the largest of Coyote boxes, this choice seems the most suitable. Even if it is necessary to double the warning with a GPS application, the relevance of the information gave up by the community justifies (still) the use of this service for large rollers or road professionals. For the rest, the UP does not particularly innovate, apart from this vocal order option on which we will dwell on, it takes up functions already known in a format to say the least controlled.

Vocal assistance: as evidence

It only takes a few kilometers to understand the interest of the voice command on driving aid devices. Whether on a dedicated case or on a Waze-type smartphone application, the need to focus, if only a few seconds, on the terminal and removing your hand from the steering wheel to report or confirm a danger necessarily implies a decrease. The voice command precisely avoids looking away from the road or raising your hands from the steering wheel. There are of course a few failures when the music is too strong or the conversation comes alive between the different passengers, but overall the device manages to capture the driver’s voice rather easily and understand it, most of the time.

There is also a slight drop in attention insofar as the assistant has understood the indications given, but it is without measure with the seconds lost on conventional manipulation. The benefit is such that it is even difficult to return to a classic coyote or smartphone box once the voice command has been adopted. In fact, it seems likely that in the coming months, Google Maps, Apple Plans and obviously Waze integrate this mode of interaction between the driver and their service.

To discover also on video:

Talk to the coyote ?

During the announcement of the new Coyote Up in the fall, the French brand mentioned the possibility of addressing the case in natural language, without having to anticipate its formulation. In fact, the initial ambition is faced with a much more earth to earth. Because if Coyote is capable of understanding sentences such as “there is a cap” or “report a radar”, which he translates into “slowdown” and “temporary danger”, it is otherwise precise suggestions. So when you want to prevent the community from the presence of a thunderstorm, the “Hey Coyote, it’s raining” or “Hey Coyote, reports to the rain”, turns into “reduced visibility” for the warning.

As for the spoken language, which can most of the time be understood by the most relevant vocal assistants, such as Assistant, Alexa or Siri, he confronts himself quite regularly with a sentence that comes down in a few words: “I do not have including your request “. Despite everything, over the kilometers, the user learns to speak Coyote language makes “permanent danger zones” and other “arrested vehicles”, but that would be too much to advance than to conclude that it is about ‘Any natural language.

Technical sheet

Slower area warning Yes

See the full file

  • + The voice command
  • + The quality of alerts
  • + The ideal format
  • – The price of the service

The verdict of the test

Already well installed on the driving aid market and with an invested and reactive community, Coyote already offered an interesting quality of service. The addition of the voice command is a small revolution that should soon be taken up by all the players in the sector. And for good reason, the gain in comfort and safety is such, when one interacts with your voice box, that it is difficult to consider a return to the touchdown when you try to voice control. But in the race between Google Maps and Waze, Coyote may carry its price like a cross. At 199 euros (one month of subscription offered) to which must be added 12.99 euros monthly, the cost of the service, however remarkable, seems prohibitive to us.


Subscriber for over 4 years with COYOTE S + MENSUALITIES.
I just realized that the window of my case was taken off, and that in fact it came from the battery that inflated.
I contacted Coyote, in order to ask them or I could buy a battery, the answer was: this case is no longer done, and no pieces detached. I was only offered a new box at a higher price at 200 € with a small loyalty discount.
For the time being I find myself paying a subscription linked to a case that no longer works.
Coyote did not even offer to terminate my subscription.
I will now turn to Waze, free warning.

Date of experience: September 23, 2022

Our 2022 transparency report is available

I have been a customer for a very long time and ..

I have been a customer for a very long time and my nav+ a 5 -year -old box it started to dysfunction I contacted Coyote and without discussing they agreed to gain as warranty I have been boxed, I therefore sent it and less than a week later I had received a new box.
Thank you to the after -sales service

Date of experience: September 07, 2023

very disappointed

Hello, being a Coyote user for almost 7 years, my new box has just released me, in short I bought it at LE LURE GREEN and they answer me that they can do nothing on the warranty, so I called at Coyote who answers me to send them and they will send me another so a week without box at 5,500 km per week, they offered to download the application on my phone .
Why download a paid application ?
Waze is free !

Date of experience: August 25, 2023

Pricing policy

I have been a coyote subscriber for several years, but I have just stopped, because the service is not at the level. Indeed, the Carplay application is subject to exaggerated pricing. I went to Wase, free and on Carplay. Can be less reliable, but remains effective, with the GPS speed display.

Date of experience: August 13, 2023

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Mixed review on new coyote up box

Long -time Coyote Customer, I followed the advice of a commercial TV to go to the Coyote Up box to replace my old 8 -year Coyote S box, which has some battery concerns.
Fast delivery, fast commissioning, but impossible use with my vehicle equipped with an athermic windshield, while it worked very well with the coyote s.
The after -sales service is reactive and confirms to me that this problem is known and that they are awaiting resolution. In the meantime I asked to reactivate my old coyote S box which works very well when it is connected with a USB power supply.
My first impressions on this new Up box are mixed, but I could not test it in normal operation.
More integrated dashcam .
Smaller touch screen .

Date of experience: August 01, 2023

Updated on August 30, 2023

Often in harbor

I am starting to be tired of this app on iPhone … In June 23, after an update, alerts no longer worked and now in the early August the GPS and the alerts are offset by more than 250 m.
No updates all August, certainly developers on leave.

Date of experience: August 28, 2023

Subscription termination

Subscription terminated at the end of June 2023, I am asked to settle July. What I do for having peace; after having contacted Coyote by phone (be very patient).Coyote continues to claim me August.In short, impossible to get rid of.

Date of experience: August 27, 2022

Unusable subscription

Unusable subscription, despite a request made directly to customer service because the subscription does not work (coyote lit in the foreground in permance) I have 0 km in total.
I explain all this to customer service and the latter confirm that the subscription cannot be terminated.

I advise you widely Waze, free, reliable.

Date of experience: August 16, 2023


I took a subscription to go on vacation and well safety level, a big zero.
As soon as I plan an itinerary, I receive every 10 min, a security advertisement, like a trait = danger, etc. And automatically ONME asks if I continue the route, so I say “yes” and there I have an obligation to choose one of the three courses offered so obliged to touch the screen, then level road safety a huge zero.
Coyote response, it’s not possible, it’s every two hours and not ten.
So, I will make a video and share it via social networks, YouTube etc. Beautiful advertising.

Date of experience: July 21, 2023

I have been using the coyote for about 2…

I have been using the coyote for about 2 weeks and the feeling is very mixed see catastrophic limit! The speeds are often not fair, there or waze, makes almost a faultless ! Radar section not informed, zone 30 sometimes nonexistent. I signal the change every time but no change. I do not think continued with this system ultimately unreliable and paying! Waze is much more precise and free!

Date of experience: July 30, 2023

Inadmissible after 17 years of coyote in boxes !

17 years of coyote in the case (€ 2500 of total invoices), today I want to go to an app to take advantage of Carplay in my new car and on my iPhone 13, impossible to operate the application, 2 hours spent online with Apple (ras) 3 weeks of exchange with Coyote (Tel and Mail) They do nothing, I am not reminded, he does not care, they undertake to recall but never nothing, and the invoice, she, she, she, she is well taken. Treating such faithful customers that way is unacceptable.
I would have put 0 star well but the minimum is 1.

Date of experience: August 03, 2023

No respect for his customers !

Loyal customer for over 10 years !

I am unfortunately forced not to be able to use my vehicle for 3 months.
I then ask for the suspension of my subscription for this period.

Return of customer service:
I am committed when I did not subscribe anything, I paid for my subscription monthly like a good sheep and there the customer service asks me to pay to cancel my subscription !

A big joke !
No respect for its customers..
After spending a fortune in a subscription and box (which fall in harbor quickly thanks to their planned obsolescence)
I am waiting for the end of my “subscription” and I retire from this company not respectful of its most loyal customers ..

Date of experience: August 01, 2023

A more than disappointed fan .

Client for over 10 years I was an unconditional fan . But things have changed since this year . No more communication, I learned by internet, worrying about my rehabilitation that it was done on its own . So without my being aware they kept my cb codes . A manager always very caring . Before . had to remind me . I’ve been waiting for 2 days now . When to the case changed last year, he sets out on his own or does not answer . Finally it becomes zero . a super box it has become .

Date of experience: July 17, 2023

Unacceptable business practices

Automatic renewal of my subscription without having been informed a few days before as it is customary with other organizations and refusal of reimbursement. It’s theft, it will definitely be Waze for me.

Date of experience: August 04, 2023

Subscriber since 2010

Subscribed since 2010, the price has gone from 10 euros monthly to 13 euros (the advisor argues an increase in energy …) I have a 2014 case, impossible to update however sold by Coyote at a high price at the time but supposedly too old (the same advisor offers me a new box sold at gold prices which will also be obsolete in 2 years .))
The limitations at 80 were not there, the radars sites however that I reported are still not there but the monthly price is there ��
So I terminated my subscription . Waze is much better and free .
It’s boundary of the scam .

Date of experience: June 02, 2023

Abusive practice

Abusive practice: subscription renewed by tacit renewal with increase in price (+15% per year) without informing the end customer. No consideration for resilization before the next deadline (no refund)

Date of experience: August 01, 2023

Impossible to renew my subscription ..

Impossible to renew my subscription to the promised rate of € 75.99 annual. And nothing to expect from customer service apart from the soothing comments. The price has not stopped increasing in the past two years and hunting has been launched after the old subscribers who still benefit from an attractive rate. If the service was improved, which is not the case.
To flee ! Go to Waze, free with a growing number of users and more and more efficient.

Date of experience: May 15, 2023

Tacit renewal subscription

Subscription without tacit renewal, Coyote used MTA CB coordinates to take me without my consent, Coyote therefore keeps CB info, but illegally keeps three CB cryptogram figures despite that this is not allowed.
Many promises of reimbursement not held, they must not be trusted.
I had planned to take apli, but I will use Waze free.

Date of experience: March 03, 2023

Being possessor of the coyote dash cam

Being possessor of the coyote dash cam. He began to inflate at the battery level after five years of use no acceptable commercial offer apart from the promotions of the moment, nor any even paid repair proposal was offered to me . Customer service advised me to buy a new device.
Being a commercial, I was able to compare the paid coyote system and a free waze system, Waze has a much larger community and is also effective, or even more complete Coyote

Date of experience: May 09, 2023

unattainable customer service and loyalty

unattainable customer service: a shame when you have just spent around 250 euros
Unable to access my yesterday invoice

With the cash they give off they would do well if they want to survive to really put means on customer service and also to reward the loyalty of their good customers better than what they do .
Shame !

Date of experience: February 12, 2023

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