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  • 4 HDMI 2 entries.1 (4k/120fps)
  • HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision IQ
  • Google Assistant, Alexa and Thinq
  • Smart TV Webos (Ethernet/WiFi)
  • Double simultaneous Bluetooth connection



The LG OLED42C2 TV inaugurates a new OLED EVO 4K UHD 42 “(107 cm) slab size (107 cm). Among the new features adopted by this LG OLED42C2, there is an increased brightness of 20% compared to the conventional OLED slabs of the previous generation. What further optimize the display of HDR content, which is also enhanced by exclusive Dolby Vision IQ Precail technology developed in partnership with Dolby. The LG α9 Gen5ai Processor 4K video processor (fifth generation) is still there on this 2022 vintage OLED TV TV, to optimize not only image quality but also sound. Also new, the smart tv webos 22 interface is even more user -friendly and gives access to many streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+or even Canal+, to satisfy moviegoers. Players are not forgotten since this TV is HDMI 2 compatible.1 (4K 120 Hz), VRR (G-Sync and Freesync) and Allm. It can also access Cloud Gaming GeForce Now and Stadia and supports Dolby Vision Gaming 4K at 120 Hz. Finally, in addition to being Apple Airplay 2 compatible and joining the LG Thinq AI Virtual Assistant, this OLED LG 2022 TV adopts Alexa and Google Assistant, and can therefore be controlled vocally via its directly integrated microphone.

LG OLED42C2: Society

The lines of the LG OLED42C2 TV allow it to be easily integrated into all interiors, regardless of the decoration.

LG OLED42C2: the image


The OLED42C2 LG TV is an ultra high definition 4K model of 107 cm diagonal which operates an OLED technology slab. This does not use a backlight system like LED and Qled televisions since its pixels are self-emissive: they thus each produce their own light. As each pixel can be turned on or off individually, the LG OLED42C2 TV is able to produce images with real blacks and striking contrasts. This LG OLED C2 TV has the brand new generation of OLED EVO panel and operates Brightness Booster technology. Thanks to the ultra precise management of the brightness of the pixels, ensured by the α9 Gen 5 AI 4K processor, this LG OLED42C2 TV offers up to 20 % more light than the previous generation TVs. This increased brightness allows it to display even more vibrant HDR images.

LG OLED42C2: Brightness Booster

The LG OLED42C2 TV adopts an OLED EVO slab and operates Brightness Booster technology to offer perfect blacks and a high brightness peak. The images are bright, rich and very contrasting.

α9 Gen5a Processor 4K

It is the LG α9 Gen5ai Processor 4K processor which provides video processing of the LG OLED42C2 TV TV. Doped with artificial intelligence, he produces UHD 4K upscaling (AI Upscaling), improves the image according to the content (AI picture) and the ambient light (Ai Brightness), ensures the mapping of colors in real time ( HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro), manages the brightness of the pixels (Brightness Booster) very precisely and adapts the image mode according to the content (Auto Genre Selection and Scene Detection). Thanks to the work of the video processor α9 Gen5a Processor 4K, the image is richer, more precise and more realistic.

Dolby Vision IQ Precision Detail

The LG OLED42C2 TV panel benefits from an extended color space (Billion Rich Color) which allows it to display more than a billion nuances. The depth of blacks and high luminance also guarantee the management of HDR video content, with images at the very wide dynamic range. The OLED LG OLED42C2 TV is compatible with HDR10, HLG, HGIG and Dolby Vision IQ Precail standards. Fruit of the joint work of LG and Dolby engineers, it optimizes the visual rendering on Dolby Vision content by making the best use of the new OLED slab. Here again, it is the α9 gen5ai processor processor 4K that is maneuvering. In real time, it adjusts the brightness, the color, the contrast and the level of details on the scenes with wide dynamic beach. Image quality is optimized according to the type of content viewed and room lighting conditions to make the most of the qualities of the new LG OLED EVO slab.

Dolby Vision IQ Precision Detail

Dolby Vision IQ Precision Detail technology allows you to fully exploit new light capabilities in the LG OLED EVO slab. The HDR images are only more beautiful, whatever the conditions of ambient brightness.

The LG OLED42C2 TV also ensures standard images UPSCALING to extend the dynamic range. Whatever the TV program or the film watched, the dark scenes remain readable, the light scenes are brilliant and nuanced, the images are surprisingly realism.

Filmmaker Mode

Like these predecessors, the LG OLED42C2 TV is compatible with FilmMaker mode. This guarantees spectators a viewing of films in accordance with the vision of the director and his technical team. This mode automatically selects the best image settings for each film labeled Filmmaker Mode. No need to search in TV settings to get a perfect image adjustment. The images seen by viewers in this mode are thus faithful to the images calibrated by the filmmakers in the Mastering studios.

LG OLED42C2: Filmmaker Mode compatible

The LG OLED42C2 TV is compatible Filmmaker Mode: the film certified with this label are broadcast in optimal conditions to offer a cinematographic experience faithful to the director’s vision.

Ideal for video games

The LG OLED42C2 TV is particularly suitable for video games, on PlayStation 5 or Xbox x Series consoles as on PC. It is indeed capable of displaying 4K images up to 120 Hz with a variable refresh rate (VRR). This OLED LG 2022 TV is notably compatible with VRR G-SYNC (NVIDIA) and FREESYNC (AMD) technologies. Completed, therefore, image tears when the television is perfectly synchronized with the graphical processor of the console or the pc graphics card. In addition, all the HDMI ports of the LG OLED42C2 are at standard HDMI 2.1. The image fluidity is therefore perfect up to 4K 120 fps, without jerk or tearing.

Cloud gaming followers will be delighted to learn that they can access their GeForce Now and Stadia subscription directly from the interface of this LG OLED42C2 TV. They will be able to play their favorite titles without any further accessory than a game controller and/or a mouse and a keyboard. Finally, LG also offers on this television the management of Dolby Vision Gaming 4K at 120 Hz.

LG OLED42C2: NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible

The OLED42C2 LG TV is compatible with VRR NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FREESYNC technologies. It is perfect for new generation consoles, including Xbox Series X.

Of course, this LG OLED42C2 TV offers Allm (AUTO LOW LETENCY MODE – Low automatic latency mode) which turns the TV in game mode directly as soon as it detects a compatible flow. Finally, the Game Optimizer menu gives you access very quickly to all the parameters of the essential TV for gaming: image according to the type of game, sound, audio output.

LG OLED42C2: Cloud Gaming

The LG OLED42C2 TV can directly access Cloud Gaming GeForce NOW and Stadia services. You no longer need a console or PC to play your favorite games !

LG OLED42C2: sound

Dolby Atmos, sound virtual 7.1.2

The audio section of the OLED42C2 LG TV has an amplification totalizing 20 W of power and has an automatic calibration system. The sound of the speakers is thus optimized according to the acoustic properties of the room and the placement of the TV, whether fixed to the wall with a TV support or placed on a TV cabinet. She is also able to simulate virtual surround sound of up to 7.1.2 channels to wrap the spectators in an immersive sound bubble. What dive more intensely in the atmosphere of movies and video games with an audio track encoded in Dolby Atmos.

LG OLED42C2: sound surround

The OLED42C2 LG TV is capable of simulating virtual surround sound on 7.1.2 channels to create an immersive sound bubble around spectators.

Bluetooth Audio and Surround

Like the vast majority of 4K market TVs on the market, the LG OLED42C2 can be associated with a Bluetooth helmet or a pair of Bluetooth speakers that will broadcast the sound of the program watched. This OLED LG 2022 TV, however, offers new use of this Bluetooth connectivity. We can indeed associate her wirelessly two Bluetooth speakers so that she broadcast the surround effects of video games, movies and TV series. What easily enjoy a real spatialized sound, wireless.

LG OLED42C2: Connected TV

Webos 22

The OLED42C2 LG TV incorporates the brand new version of the Smart TV LGOS interface. In addition to broadcasting TNT channels and videos of the devices that are connected to it, it therefore offers many multimedia functions. Once connected to the Internet, this OLED LG TV accesses the majority of available streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Canal+…

LG OLED42C2: Streaming

The LG OLED42C2 TV access to the main streaming services: Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Appletv+.

Its home menu can be personalized to display favorite channels and applications, which can be downloaded from the LG Content Store (online application catalog). This TV also has an internet browser, an audio player (Music Player) and a photo display (gallery mode) to transform it into a real table or photo framework. Finally, the LG OLED42C2 TV is compatible with Miracast and AirPlay 2 to duplicate wirelessly on its screen the image of a smartphone or a compatible tablet.

LG OLED42C2: Smart TV with webos interface

The LG OLED42C2 TV adopts the webos interface which gives access to many services once the TV has been connected to the local network and to the Internet.

Voice control

The OLED42C2 LG TV has a microphone intended for voice recognition and voice control. This can go through one of the three integrated assistants: LG Thinq, Google Assistant or Alexa. Control of this OLED LG TV can of course take place from the remote control LG Magic Remote which also serves as a universal remote control. It is compatible with many audio-video devices of many brands.

Alert sport, multimedia player

Thanks to the alert sport function of the LG OLED42C2 TV, you can follow your favorite teams while watching another program. To do this, the television discreetly displays, in overprinting on the image being broadcast, the scoring of the match. The LG OLED42C2 TV also adopts multimedia functions and can thus browse and read the audio and video files shared on the local network. Navigation is facilitated by the possibility of connecting keyboard and mouse to its USB ports. These can also accommodate a USB key or an external hard disk for reading (audio-video), but also for recording TV programs and even direct control (Timeshift function of direct break to resume the Diffusion with a few minutes of lag).

LG OLED42C2: Connectors

HDMI 2.1, USB, Canal Ready/Fransat

Apart from the mini-jack headphone output and the line output, the LG Oled42C2 TV connection is focused only on digital links. It thus has four HDMI 2 ports.1 (HDCP2.2) including an ARC/EARC compatible, three USB ports and an optical digital audio output. The TV reception provided by TNT, cable and satellite tunes benefits from two antennas (tnt cable/sat) and a port Ci+ 1.4 Certified Fransat and Canal Ready. Connection to the home box can be done via an ethernet cable or wifi and Bluetooth version 5 connectivity.0 is compatible with.

LG OLED42C2: In summary

The OLED42C2 LG TV has a new, very bright OLED EVO slab and has the powerful LG α9 Gen5ai processor 4K 4K image processor. Compatible Dolby Vision IQ Precision Detail, it thus offers the best possible image quality for all 4K HDR content which benefit from a reinforced contrast and brightness. Standard quality contents are used in 4K resolution and HDR to be magnified. Its effective audio section is compatible with Dolby Atmos and allows you to use Bluetooth speakers as wireless surround speakers. Finally, its Smart TV functions are accessible to the voice and its customizable webos interface is very easy to understand.

The OLED42C2 LG TV also benefits from an advanced integration of artificial intelligence, applied both to image processing and home management and vocal assistance (Google Assistant and Alexa). Finally, its functions dedicated to video games (Allm, VR, Cloud Gaming, Dolby Vision Gaming) and its 4K 120 Hz compatibility will delight players, on console as on PC.

Once again, LG offers with the LG OLED42C2 TV a high performance model, ideal for moviegoers as for gamers who will enjoy a very good image quality.

Category: OLED EVO 4K UHD
Screen size in inches (cm): 42 ” (107 cm)
Definition: 3840*2160 (4k UHD)
Video signal management: up to 120 images / dry
Slab response time: less than 1 ms
Screen technology: OLED EVO
Light management: self-emissive pixels
Video processor: α9 Gen5 Ai Processor 4K
Ai upscaling
Image processing: AI picture pro
Brightness light sensor
Auto genre selection/scene Detection (SDR/HDR/Dolby HDR)
Black depth: absolute black
Billion Rich Color
Filmmaker Mode
HDR: Cinema HDR
HDR – HDR10 compatibility
HDR – HDR10 PRO compatibility
HDR – HDR HLG compatibility
HDR – HDR Dolby Vision IQ compatibility
HDR – HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro
HDR – Motion Pro: Oled Motion

Video games characteristics
VRR (Variable Refresh Rate)
Allm (Auto Low Latency Mode)
4K HFR (120 IPS): HDMI & USB & RF
Game optimizer

Design: Light gray
Frame: Cinema Screen 4 sides
Foot type: central foot
Gallery Stand compatible: no
4Stand compatible: Yes

Smart TV
Smart TV platform: Webos 22
Smart TV processor: Quad
Artificial intelligence
– LG Thinq
– Integrated google assistant
– Integrated Amazon Alexa
– Homekit compatibility
– Home Dashboard
– Apple AirPlay2 compatibility
– Miracast compatibility
– Web browser
– 360 VR
– Quick Access (remote control shortcut)
– Music Player
– Gallery mode
– Magic Remote via smartphone
– LG Channels
– Alert sport
– LG “Applications” catalog
– My profile (my profile)
– Always ready (Always Ready)
– Multi-view (PIP)
– Natural language recognition
– Main voice control
– Universal remote control function

Multimedia functions
Network File Browser
Simplink compatibility (HDMI CEC)
Keyboard/mouse compatibility/USB controller
Recording via external HDD
Timeshift (direct control)
Simplified hotel mode

Tuner: DVB-T2/T, C, S2/S

Recognized formats
Audio: AC4, AC3 (Dolby Digital), EAC3, HE-AAC, AAC, MP2, MP3, PCM, WMA, APT-X (see Manuel)
Videos: VC-1 Advanced Profile (Except WMVA); VC-1 simple and hand profiles; XVID (Exception 3 Warp-Point GMC), H.264/AVC, Motion JPEG, HEVC, VP8, VP9, ​​AV1, MPEG-1-4-4
HEVC compatibility: 4K@120p, 10bit
VP9 compatibility (4k@60p, 10bit)
AV1 compatibility (4k@60p, 10bit)

Parental locking
Electronic Programs Guide (EPG)
Teletext (2000 / pages)

Number of HDMI ports: 4 (1 rear + 3 side)
HDMI compatibility: 2.1 (48gb/s)
Arc (Audio Return Channel) on HDMI port n ° 2
ARC standard: EARC
USB port (rear/side): 3 (2 rear + 1 side)
Port CI+: CI+ 1.4
Antenna socket: 2 (side, RF/Sat)
Optical digital audio output
Helmet outlet / Jack 3.5 mm
Bluetooth (V5.0)
Ethernet RJ45 port (LAN)
Wifi (802.11ac)

Audio characteristics
Audio power 20W (2 x 10w)
Speaker system: 2.0 CH
Virtual audio conversion 7.1.2
Bluetooth speaker and helmet compatible: double simultaneous bluetooth connection
LG Sound Sync Wireless
Bluetooth Audio Playback
Bluetooth surround
Automatic audio setting (self-calibration)
Its simultaneous TV/Bluetooth helmet
Dolby Atmos decoder
Ai Sound (Ai Sound Pro)
Auto adjustment of sound
Amplification of votes (Clear Voice): Clear Voice Pro

MR22 remote control
NFC (Magic Tap)
VESA compatible: 300/200

Consumption in standby mode: 0.5 W
Consumption /1000h SDR En Marche: 52 kWh /1000h
Consumption /1000h HDR En Marche: 94 kWh /1000h
AC 100 ~ 240V 50-60Hz power supply
SDR mode energy class (from A to G): G
HDR mode energy class (from A to G): G
Quantity of mercury: 0 mg

TV weight without foot: 9 kg
TV weight with foot: 9.3 kg
TV weight in cardboard: 11.9 kg
TV dimensions without foot (LXLXH): 932 / 41.1 / 540 mm
TV dimensions with foot (lxlxh): 932/170/577 mm
Cardboard dimensions (LXLXH): 1060/152/660 mm

Availability of spare parts
8 years from the first date of marketing.


OLED EVO 4K UHD 42 “TV (107 cm) – 120 HZ – Dolby Vision IQ – Wi -Fi/Bluetooth/Airplay 2 – G -SYNC/FREESYNC Premium – 4X HDMI 2.1 – Google Assistant/Alexa – Son 2.0 20W Dolby Atmos

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OLEDC2 TV with OLED EVO slab

Savor an impressive show with your OLED42C2 LG TV, Whether for the game or for movies with the OLED EVO slab. Superior image quality 4K HDR Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos compatible stereo audio system, optimal gaming features and connected system webos 22, all ingredients are there for unforgettable entertainment.

OLED EVO: brighter, more immersive

There OLED EVO slab Equipped with Brightness Booster technology delivers a Image 20% brighter than a classic oled slab. Thus, the models of the OLEDC2 series reveal deep blacks, rich and natural colors as well as a 4K Ultra HD quality optimal to enhance your different contents. This model, powered by the Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor, offers an exceptional image well helped by AI Picture Pro technology.

For a real cinematographic moment, Filmmaker Mode Ideally transcribed the director’s vision by eliminating in particular the smoothing of movements. Finally, the OLED Motion Pro function assures you a show without vague effect for perfect moments each time !

Cinema experience

Thanks to Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro, HDR is more radiant with the management of 5000 zones per image. An incredible and immersive result. Formats Dolby Vision IQ and HDR10 Pro are compatible on this LG TV. The best of your films will come out with parameters that automatically adjust according to the content displayed and the ambient brightness. Result: the best settings each time !

On the sound side, the immersion will be complete with a Dolby Atmos compatibility and one 20 Watts stereo sound system. Take full advantage of all the dialogues thanks to the Clear Voice Proice function, discover a sound virtual surround 7.1.2 with Ai Sound Pro and automatic sound adjustment.

A paradise for gamers

Conquer the summits and experience unforgettable parts. LG OLEDC2 TV with 100 Hz slab has a response time of 1 ms, with 4 HDMI 2 connectors.1 with care 4K/120FPS, functions VRR (variable refresh rate), Allm (low automatic latency mode) and an EARC port (improved audio return channel).

Certified NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FREESYNC Premium, The OLEDC2 TV provides fluid parts with reduced jerks for optimal gaming experience. In addition, this model has a immersive HDR gaming mode (HGIG) and Optimizer game mode. The latter brings together the game settings in a dedicated menu to easily adjust your preferences.

Smart TV Webos 22

Equipped with the webos 22 system, the OLEDC2 Smart TV gives access to a large application catalog including Netflix, Disney+ or Apple TV+. This model also has Thinq AI, allows you to centralize your connected objects with Home Dashboard and use the potential of Integrated voice assistants (Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant). Also benefit from Miracast, Airplay 2 and Apple Homekit compatibility.

Main Features :

  • Resolution : 4K Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • Screen : 42 “(107 cm) OLED EVO / 120 Hz slab
  • Technologies : Α9 gen 5 ai processor, cinema hdr (dolby vision iq, hlg, hdr10 pro), director mode, ai picture pro/brightness/upscaling,
  • Gaming : HDMI 2.1, Hgig, 4k/120fps, G-Sync/Freesync Premium compatibility, 1 ms, VRR, Allm, Game Optimizer, Cloud Gaming
  • Network : Wi-Fi AC, Bluetooth 5.0, Airplay 2, Smart TV Webos 22, 360 VR, Miracast, Ethernet
  • Intelligence : LG Thinq ai, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Home Dashboard, Vocal Control Libres
  • Sound power : System 2.0 20 watts (2x 10w) / Dolby Atmos / AI Sound Pro 7.1.2 / Clear Voice Pro / Sound Auto Adjustment
  • Energy class : G
  • Dimensions : 932 x 577 x 170 mm
  • Weight : 9.3 kg
  • Design : Light gray / side feet / cinema screen

Logistics information: This product is available in the following locations: France (metropolitan), Italy, Spain, Belgium, Monaco.

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Intelligence behind beauty. Following the progress of in-depth learning, the AI ​​α9 Gen 5 processor of LG improves leading and background objects to add a natural depth, making the colors spectacularly vibrant but precise.

Deep shadows, light lights

Without backlighting to alleviate their impact, drunk pixels receive the deepest black colors for a net contrast in each light. The visual elements are more defined, which makes it possible to bring out the subtle details that you usually do not see.

The details set the tone

The brand new Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro goes further to improve the image. Previously, only the executives were upgraded. From now on, the technique focuses on 5000 blocks on the screen for a radiant HDR until the smallest detail.

It looks like you are in the scene

The AI ​​α9 Gen 5 processor mixes 2 -channel audio in its virtual 7.1.2 channels. Feel the action and chaos around you, as if you were the main character in the film.

A minimalist design

With such narrow frames, immerse yourself completely in the image without an element distracting your view3. The incredibly thin design integrates perfectly into your house with the elegant foot gallery and support foot.

Television just for you

Need inspiration for a cinema evening ? Thinq gives recommendations according to your tastes. Configure profiles for everyone at home to quickly plunge back into their favorite television shows and obtain personalized sports news and updates.

All your favorites in the same place

Ready for the cinema evening. Everything is ready for a cinema evening. Find almost everything to look at the available streaming applications. With Netflix5, Disney+6, Amazon Prime7, Apple TV+8 and HBO Max9, in addition to the LG10 channels, there is always something exciting to see.

Find your size

If you need a display for your ‘game cellar’ or for your home cinema, with sizes ranging from 42 to 83 inches, here is the perfect solution.

Now you are the protagonist

Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos combine for a sensational immersion. Using the LG AI α9 Gen 5 processor, Dolby Vision IQ with precision Detail adds an extraordinary depth and highlights subtle textures.

Powerful winning machine

Play even better with the first televisions in the sector compatible with Dolby Vision Gaming 4K at 100 Hz for more fluid and more realistic games. With a response time of 1 ms, the nvidia g-sync, AMD freesync premium compatibility and VRR management, even ultra-fast actions are clear and fluid.

The new game league

Thanks to the fluid addition of GeForce Now and Stadia, a whole cloud of games awaits you. Rediscover the games you like and find new favorites directly from your TV.